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Evaluation of the six week training program
Introduction: in this piece of work I will be evaluating my progress of the six week training program and will be including the strengths and weaknesses of it and will also be saying if there is any room for improvement. At the start of the fitness training, I was just getting back into sport after recovering from a back injury that I have had since July and previously I had not done any proper fitness previously since then. We had our induction to the fitness training by doing a fitness test which tested our fitness before we started our fitness program to see where we were at fitness wise and for the test I did it in 19.30 minutes which wasn’t that good at the time. So we started the program and firstly in our group we started doing upper body work which was fine, it did get tough in some of the exercises we did mainly because we tried to do much but luckily we didn’t get any injuries so we carried on with it and with that I noticed improvements in my upper body strength within that period of two weeks. Also I was working at that time so I would have gone in the gym more times but I could due to that but also because of where I work and the department I work in, you’re having to constantly take out cages and pallets, the cages can weigh up to 500kg and the pallets can weigh to 1000kg and above and that also helped as well with improving my body strength and fitness as well so that also helped. The strengths of this was that my upper body strength has improved and that I am able to do the same exercises quicker. And that I have got a better muscle definition now to my arms and shoulders now. The weaknesses of this was that I wasn’t able to come in any more due to engagements with work and also course work and rugby training. Also I was getting very fatigued with my upper body and I was getting the occasional strain which affected my performance at work and college. Improvements and changes to the fitness program:...
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