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150,000 Filipina women have been trafficked into prostitution in Japan. (Press Statement, Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association, “Open sale of little girls at Tanbaza brothel,” Daily Star, 2 July 1998)

150 Filipinas were sold into prostitution to night club operators in African countries, particularly Nigeria. The women were bought for $5,000 each by international syndicates. Four Filipinas were rescued by the Philippine Embassy in Lagos, Nigeria after they sought help from officials. (Bureau of Immigration, Lira S. Dalagin, “150 Pinays sold as sex slaves in Africa,” Manila Chronicle, 31 May 1995)

In 1991, Filipinas were being sold in Japan, often to the Yakuza, at $2,400 to $18,000 each. (CATW – Asia Pacific, Trafficking in Women and Prostitution in the Asia Pacific)

In 1996, 492 of 3,776 reported cases of child abuse involved pornography, prostitution, paedophilia and trafficking. There were 8,335 cases of child abuse from 1991-1996, 96% of the victims were females. (Department of Social Welfare and Development, “375,000 Filipino Women & Kids Are Into Prostitution,” PhilippineDaily Inquirer, 26 July 1997)

Philippine women are vulnerable to trafficking due to the Asian economic crisis. Requests for entertainer visas for Japan did not decline in the first six months of 1998. Travel to Japan increased 21% in the first half of this year compared with the same period in 1997. The label “entertainer” sometimes implies “sex worker.” The women are vulnerable in Japan, not because they lack skills, but because they are young, beautiful women in a hazardous or vulnerable occupation. Trafficking laws exists but are not enforced. (Supalak Ganjanakhundee, “Migrant workers booming as Asian economy declines,” Kyodo News, 23 September 1998)


Four Chinese women suspected of being prostitutes were arrested by the Manila Police in a karaoke bar. The club manager however, was not arrested. One of the arresting officers is accused of raping one of the apprehended women. These arrests brought the number to 23 Chinese women found to be working as prostitutes in Manila clubs alone. (Dona Z. Pazzibugan, “4 More Chinese Girsl Arrested in Karaoke Bars,” Phillippine Daily Inquirer, 29 August 1997)

Policy and Law

The Philippine government emphasis on labor export to support its balance of payment deficits has contributed to the trafficking of Filipinas to Japan. 3/4 of the trafficked Filipino women surveyed by IOM were repatriated to the Philippines after being help in prostitution, suffering from various health problems. (IOM, “Filipino Women in Japan Trapped in the Sex Business,” IOM, No. 792, 11 July 1997)

Official Response and Action

In 1995, the national government in Manila appointed a special prosecutor, Dorentino Floresta. In his first year, 181 people were prosecuted for sexually exploiting children. In 1996, 162 people were charged. Prior to that, trafficking in children went unchallenged by local officials. (Edward A. Gargan, “Traffic in children in Brisk (Legacy of the Navy?),” Olongapo Journal/ New York Times, 11 December 1997)

Bride Trafficking

There have been 5,000 Filipina mail order brides entering the United States every year since 1986, a total of 55,000 as of 1997. (Gabriela, Statistics and the State of the Philippines, 24 July 1997)

There are 20,000 Filipina mail order brides in Australia. (Gabriela, Statistics and the State of the Philippines, 24 July 1997)


The number of prostituted persons in the Philippines is about the size of the country’s manufacturing workforce, according to Rene Ofreneo, a former Philippine labor undersecretary and an expert on the sex trade. (Dario Agnote, “Sex trade key part of S.E. Asian economies, study says,” Kyodo News, 18 August 1998)

There are 400,000 to 500,000 prostituted persons in the Philippines. Prostituted persons are mainly adult women, but there are also male, transvestite and child prostitutes, both girls and boys....
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