Properties of Water

Topics: Water, Acid, Teaspoon Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: September 5, 2012
Properties of Water
Lab # 1
Biology 111
January 23, 2011

With surface tension it is made possible for items such as paper clips to float on water, because a molecule within the mass of a liquid encounters gravity to all adjacent molecules in all directions. When you use surfactant substances this creates hydrogen bonds. Purpose of experiment 1 will be to show that once the surfactant substances hits the hydrogen bond pulls down paper clips. Things that are less dense will tend to float on water. We will look at the properties of water along with usage of oil, water and salt. Water is a solvent that can be dissolve solutes. Solutes like salts (polar substance) need polar solvents in order to dissolve. Purpose of experiment 2 is to prove that non polar solutes need non polar solvents to dissolve and polar solutes need polar solvents to dissolve. Ph acidity of substances will be measured based on the scale of the solution. The solution can be an acidic, base or neutral ranging from 0 to 14. Purpose of the experiment 3 will show that with each level of ph concentration will have a different liquids based on there ph scale.

Procedure 1
In this procedure what as used was a round plastic bowl, cool tap water, blue colored dawn dish soap, 3 silver (metal) #1 smooth finish paper clips, metal tweezers, cork and paper towels. Take the cork and lay on the water, with your finger push the cork down to the bottom of the bowl of water and then let your go, record what happens. Remove the cork. Clamp the paper clip with the tweezers preferable in the middle and lay the paper clips on the surface of the water. Then tap the paper clips to the bottom of the bowl of water. Record what you observe. Take the paper clips out the water, dry them off. Place them back on the surface of the water like before, may take several more tries than before. Put a drop of the dawn dish soap on the...
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