Primary Cause of Second Great Awakening

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Christine Marzan, Tam Nguyen, Adrienne Rodriguez, Claire Adams, Dedipya Bhamidipati read and complete:

"Key Question"
"The Need to Know"
"The Dilemma" (Opening, Perspective 1, Perspective 2, Closing

Write a brief response to What was the primary cause of the Second Great Awakening? * The Industrial Revolution transformed the ways people worked, and it created an important separation between public and private life. * While the forces of the market may have created tremendous anxiety for some, others used the market to advertise upcoming revivals and church meetings. * Noteworthy religious innovations helped lay the groundwork for the Second Great Awakening, including circuit riding, voluntary associations, and the mobilization of Protestant denominations.

* Historians are not sure what the primary cause was. It is probable that The Second Great Awakening was caused by a isolationism in frontier lands and the heightened industrial awareness. * With westward expansion, there was a need for religion to change. People needed a meaningful faith and sense of belonging. Thus, sometimes religions needed to look gentler and owners of factories hastened moral reform. * Second Great Awakening was largely a response to a need for important ideological and institutional changes in religious experience. It had changed the religious face of America. This happened because Methodists, Baptists, and other evangelicals were able to get the news of ways to personal salvation and had managed to create a network that would fulfill the needs of the quickly expanding nation. * Whole series of religious revivals and the establishment of moral and religious reform societies spanning the early American republic east to west, not one of the societies had dominated over the others

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"Investigate" and complete the Discussion Questions (1-3)

1. Read the colonial religion essay that you will find in the list of related entries...
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