Power& Culture: An Anthropologist's View

Topics: Sociology, Anthropology, Marriage Pages: 3 (600 words) Published: October 27, 2013
Power& Culture: An Anthropologist's View

Society with power
Every society has power in one way or another. When we think society as a system; every system has its organs, links and issue. Power organizes the links beyond organs or sometimes it even influences the issue. By using power, the peace in society can be stabilized. It helps to organize economy, and it rules people. All of the societies; from last developed to high ones; power is always a significant part of organizing. Basically talking, power firstly occurs in families. It contains dominance between men& women and parents& children. Four purpose of power can exercised in families. For instance families work together for economic enterprises. Cooperation helps to keep safety and develop the economy.

Culture includes all the ways of living and things of life that are common to a society Culture does not refer to an individual's habits or behaviour. One culture can be completely different than another or they might have something in common. (subculture) Culture and society chained together.(they shape each other) Culture is learned from social agencies and transferred from one generation to another

Multiculturalism's aim is to protect cultural diversity. In theory, that is a very generous and kind idea. But in reality, that is a little bit impossible. For example Ottoman Empire has a lot of culture in it. But some of them are unintentionally integrated.

Symbols can be anything that has a special meaning for those who use it

Beliefs are ideas about what is true. Old wives' tale can also seen as beliefs.

Values are ideas about what is desirable. They can be related to beliefs. Every member of a society may not be shares the same values. It seems like kind an individual thing but society commonly considers same values

Norms can be defined as behaviours and action of an individual. (For example: When a young man gives his seat to an elder person.)

Religion is a remarkable...
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