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Topics: Terrorism, United Nations, Soviet Union Pages: 6 (1783 words) Published: April 23, 2014
Quote relevance (spivak) why? (Colonizer and colony)
Spivak speaks against intellectual colonialism = globalized world Theories that challenge “legacy of colonialism”
Problems of postcolonial subjectivity
Relevant due to the fact that there are many existing concepts related to IR and International Law that remain private “not part of open knowledge” to the nation Focus on debunking common assumptions of “IR” (i.e white vs colored people) White mans burden Western thinking is superior = WRONG

Everyone who does not think this was is irrational and backwards = WRONG Post- colonialism challenges the euro centrism of “IR”
Relevance to “IR” and International Law?
International Law is weak because it becomes hard to enforce on stronger nations, results in stronger nations invading weaker nations. Allows for the strong to be advantaged
International Society = exclusive Why? Dis regards anarchy ! Western countries are advocates on international criminal court (active members) = doing the most violent acts among the weaker nations, use their power for bad UN, IO= FAIL, they don’t help but continue to be funded? What is the purpose of their existence if their assumed purpose is to protect and avoided this behaviour. To what Extent does the experience of colonialism “cannot be part of official knowledge” in “IR”? Why? Because they western way is the logical way= WRONG

Goes against the entire notion of international law, they impose laws that they do not follow. Laws that only apply to the under dogs or weaker nations
4 myths of “IR”
1.) Sovereignty – supreme power or authority
a. Invaded Kuwait and impeded on their sovereignty
b. Iraq accused Kuwait of stealing petroleum
c. Kuwait’s over production of petroleum kept revenues down for Iraq d. August 2nd 1990- invasion of Kuwait , Saddam Hussein announced shortly after that it was the 19 province of Iraq. 2.) Balance of Power- MAD, Cuban missile crisis

a. There is a balance because everyone is equal if there were to be an equal playing field, the world would be a lot more peaceful if everyone had nuclear weapons (WALTZ) b. But this is not true there is a dominant = USA

c. Cuba and Soviet Union vs United States
d. Almost reached nuclear war (Soviets shot down a US plane) e. Resulted in missiles in Cuba being dismantled and sent back to soviet union f. USA would never invade Cuba (dismantled all nuclear war heads in turkey and Italy) 3.) Utility maximizing behaviour – the states will always want more a. Both powers tried to maximize and expand their power but it failed b. Rational Choice Theory – USSR ( cold war)

INTERSTATE RELATIONS- relationships among different countries and the roles of the government organizations within these relationships. 4.) The Free Market – “aid helps”
a. By encouraging corruption, creating dependency, fueling inflation, and creating debt, aid hurts more than it helps. b. Government to government aid programs fail to yield sustainable, long term growth c. International donors give governments the wrong incentives, drawing the attention from their own people d. This impedes private- sector growth, making it next to impossible for third world countries to pull themselves out of poverty QUESTION #3

Two Issues
Why are these important to Global Politics?
considered “normal” in politics -> most terrorists are normal people (well educated, from top of the line educational institutions, stable middle class or privileged families, typically no drug addictions or mental illnesses) Dealing with terrorism is not a new challenge

All Terrorism is political- all types of terrorism have the same objective effecting change within a political system through the use of violence Needs to instil fear in order to gain power
It effects a state in a violent, financial, developmental way. The pattern of whom and what terrorism has been established, so why are there still so many causalities...
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