Plate Tectonics Chart

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Plate Tectonics Chart
Amanda Wright
GLG 150
February 24, 2013
Karen Hansen

Plate Tectonics Chart
1) How does the motion of the tectonic plates affect the climate?

Climate can be affected by many things. One of the biggest affects may be the motion of the tectonic plates. The Earths plates have been in motion approximately since its beginnings or shortly after, continuously causing climate to change. The Earth’s movement of plates as well as the apparent polar wandering can both play a role in this change. J. Adems thermodynamic meteorologic model traces the evolution of climate from the Triassic time period to the current time period. According to the results of this model “the gross changes of climate in the Northern Hemisphere can be fully explained by the strong cooling in high latitudes as continents moved poleward” (Donn, 2013). Today we continue to see climate changes around the world. There are many factors contributing to such changes however, the constant motion of the plates causing continents to drift is having a large impact on climate. Plate movement also contributes to increased volcanic activity. When a volcano erupts it releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which can cause global temperatures to rise. While this may not be a significant affect it is an example of how the motion of the tectonic plates can affect the climate.

2) How does the motion of the tectonic plates affect the geography? It is known that when the Earths plates move, then interact with one another. The movement of these plates known as plate tectonics and their interactions have great affects on the geography of the Earth. “Over millions of years, it has restructured and relocated continents, built mountain ranges, opened up new oceans where none were before, and closed oceans that were once the size of today's Atlantic Ocean” (Merali & Skinner, 2009). There are three different types of plate interactions known as plate...
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