Persian Empire Notes

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Persian Empire may refer to:
* Achaemenid Empire (558–330 BC), also called "First Persian Empire" * Parthian Empire (247 BC–224 AD), adopted both Hellenistic and Iranian customs * Sassanid Empire (224–651 AD), also called "Neo-Persian Empire" and "Second Persian Empire" * Persia (1501-1979) under Safavid dynasty, Afsharid dynasty, Zand dynasty, Qajar dynasty and Pahlavi dynasty

The Achaemenid Persian Empire (c. 550–330 BCE), sometimes known as First Persian Empire, was an Iranian empire in Western Asia, founded in the 6th century BCE by Cyrus the Great who overthrew the Median confederation. It expanded to eventually rule over significant portions of the ancient world which at around 500 BCE stretched from the Indus Valley in the east, to Thrace and Macedon on the northeastern border of Greece making it the biggest empire the world had yet seen.  The Achaemenid Empire would eventually control Egypt as well. It was ruled by a series of monarchs who unified its disparate tribes and nationalities by constructing a complex network of roads. * Calling themselves the Pars after their original Aryan tribal name Parsa, Persians settled in a land which they named Parsua (Persis in Greek), bounded on the west by the Tigris River and on the south by the Persian Gulf. This became their heartland for the duration of the Achaemenid Empire.[4] It was from this region that eventually Cyrus the Great (Cyrus II of Persia) would advance to defeat the Median, the Lydian, and the Babylonian Empires, opening the way for subsequent conquests into Egypt and Asia minor. * At the height of its power after the conquest of Egypt, the empire encompassed approximately 8 million km spanning three continents: Asia, Africa and Europe. At its greatest extent, the empire included the modern territories of Iran, Turkey, parts of Central Asia, Pakistan,Thrace and Macedonia, much of the Black Sea coastal regions, Afghanistan, Iraq, northern Saudi...
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