Overview of Education in Health Care

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Overview of Education in Health Care

Historical Foundations for the Teaching Role of Nurses:

Patient education has long been considered a major component of standard care given by nurses. The role of the nurse as educator is deeply entrenched in the growth and development of the profession.

mid-1800s, when nursing was first acknowledged as a unique discipline, the responsibility for teaching has been recognized as an important role of nurses as caregivers.

Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing, was the ultimate educator.
- developed the first school of nursing
- devoted her career to teaching nurses, physicians, and health officials (about the importance of proper conditions in hospitals and home to improve the health of the people.)
- she emphasized the importance of teaching patients of the need for adequate nutrition, fresh air, exercise, and personal hygiene to improve their well-being.

Early 1900s – public health nurses clearly understood the significance of the role of the nurse as teacher in preventing disease and in maintaining the health of society.

For decades, patient teaching has been recognized as an independent nursing function. Nurses have always educated others – patients, families, and colleagues.

Organizations and Agencies promulgating Standards:

Philippine Board of Nursing is an administrative body under the Professional Regulation Commission that regulates the practice of nursing in the Philippines.

Its three primary purposes is to:
1. Provide regulatory standards in the practice of Nursing by implementing the Nurse Practice Act and by lobbying to Congress any proposed amendment to any laws with direct relationship to the practice of nursing.

2. Ensure public safety by administering the Philippine Nursing Licensure Exam (PNLE) to graduates of nursing schools prior to practice of Registered nursing in the Philippines.
3. Maintain high standards of nursing education by auditing the performance of Philippine Nursing Schools.

Republic Act 9173 (Phil. Nursing Act of 2002), Article VI, Nursing Practice, states the duties of the nurse as follows:
(a) Provide nursing care through the utilization of the nursing process;
(b) Establish linkage with community resources and coordination with the health team;
(c) Provide health education to individuals, families, and communities;
(d) Teach, guide, and supervise students in nursing education programs including the administration of nursing services in varied settings such as hospitals and clinics;
(e) Undertake nursing and health human resource development training and research, which shall include but not limited to, the development of advanced nursing practice.

Philippine Nurses Association
Founded in September 2, 1922 as Filipino Nurses Association (FNA) in a meeting of 150 nurses presided by then Anastacia Giron (Mrs. Tupas), the FNA was incorporated in 1924. The International Council of Nurses accepted the FNA as one of the member organizations during the congress held in Montreal, Canada on July 8-13, 1929. The FNA became the PNA (Philippine Nurses Association) in 1966, which was the same year that the office at 1663 F.T. Benitez Street, Malate, Manila was inaugurated.

Purpose or Aim:
To promote professional growth towards the attainment of highest standards of nursing.

Social, Economic, and Political Trends Affecting Health Care
- have led to increased attention to the role of the nurse as a teacher and to the importance of client and staff education.
The following are significant forces influencing nursing practice: * Healthcare providers are recognizing the economic and social values of reaching out to communities, schools, and workplaces to provide education for disease prevention and health promotion. * Politicians and healthcare administrators alike recognize the importance of health education to accomplish the economic goal of reducing the high costs of...
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