Occupied America chapter 2 notes

Topics: Spanish colonization of the Americas, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Smallpox Pages: 2 (954 words) Published: September 24, 2014
Ch. 2: The occupation of Midle America
What drove the Conquest
The Spain's occupation of Mesoamerica violently destroyed the Mesoamerica social instuition, religion and infrastructure. from 1519-1600 (80), the native population felt from at least 25 million to about a million. 300 years of colonial rules, accompanied by political and economy exploitation. Categorized people by color.

Africa begins at the pyrenees
The Rome laid the foundation of the Spanish language and culture. Iberians entered from North Africa to Spain (4000 -3500 BC). The celtics arrived through the pyrenees from 900 to 650 BC. In 711, the Muslins launched an invasion and occupied "La Peninsula Iberica" (spain). The Muslins brought irrigation methods, food strains (oranges, other food and vegetables). Under the control of the Muslims, Spain became the center of Art The Africans brought breeds of animals.

By the end of the reconquista, between 120,000 and 150,000 jews were expelled from La Peninsula Iberica. The Spanish Conquest:
Cristobal Colon:
In 1492, Colon landed in the Islands of the Caribbean.
When he could not find sufficient gold and wealth, he turned to trading slaves with the portugueses . In 1495, Colon sent 500 natives (Tainos) to spain; however, only 300 survived the trip. Sugar plantation emerged on the island.

in 1493, Colon introduced Sugar cane plants to the Carribeans. Cristobal Colon knew that sugar and slave were inseperable and that would bring tremendous profit (wealth) from sugar. By the early sexteen century, the sugar industry thrived on Santo Domingo, then Cuba and Puerto on Puerto Rico. As a result, the Spanish Conquistadors almost wiped out the native population through warefare, overwork (Slave) and disease that were brought by the Spanish conquistadors. The Pope condemned the Portugueses for having slaves; however, the Portugueses the the Spanish folks washed his brain by saying that natives have had to be slaves because they...
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