negotiation skills assignment

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My topic is about personal negotiation that I experienced in 2008. I am a student representative of the first year in economics department. In Korea, university students go on a trip for membership training every semester. It has been a long-standing tradition to make students have a strong bond each other. As a student representative, I am in charge of organizing the trip even though I am just one of freshmen. Furthermore, there isn’t the student union in the department of economics which might be able to help me how to organize it. Anyway, first of all, I announced the trip to students that we will go on a trip in beginning of April weekend. After announcing the trip to my classmates, 40 students were interested and replied to me. In my hometown, There is one area where is appropriate place for a trip. Not only it is located in near beach, but also there are many cheap accommodations to attract travelers. Many university students often go there for membership training. To be aware of the accommodation fee, I gathered some information from my acquaintances and friends. Here is the information that I gathered. At the beginning of April is the low- demand season because the mid-term exam is about to come.(March is usually the high-demand season) In high-demand season, the accommodation fee is generally 500$ for 40 students.(1night/2days) In low-demand season, the accommodation fee is generally 350$ for 40 students.(1night/2days) The owner of accommodation may play high-low positional negotiation game to make more profit. There are 5 accommodations where can accept 40 students in that area. Few days ago, I went that area before making a reservation to see the inside of accommodations as well as to check the accommodation fees. Among 5 places, I found one fine accommodation. It have three bed room, one living room and the kitchen. The quality of facility is fine too. Most of all, it is the closest one to the beach compare to the other accommodations. The...
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