Lab on Silver Nitrate

Topics: Halogen, Periodic table, Chemical element Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Families of elements—Nonmetals
1.Chemical properties of the halogen family are that the halogens are located in Group VIIA of the periodic table, and are a class of nonmetals. The halogen elements are fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, astatine, and ununseptium. These nonmetals are reactive and have seven valence electrons. 2.Halogens are located in Group VIIA which means they have seven valance electrons. One short from an octet. 3.Similarities with almost all solutions except for Test tube C were that the precipitate always formed in the middle of the surface. 4.In Test tube A you saw the precipitate forming right away. Test tube B the precipitate did not form right away and the solution looked like milk. Test tube C did not mix well with the silver nitrate. The Iodine stayed at the bottom while the silver nitrate collected at the top. Test tube D did absolutely nothing, but get a little cloudy 5.Conclusion:

The purpose of this lab was to see how silver nitrate affects the reactive Halogens and to see if it formed a precipitate. Most results were the same where a precipitate formed. Some took longer than others to form where as others had no effect to the silver nitrate. Two ways to improve the lab would be to have a measured dropper, and to set up more trials of each solution. I believe if we had a measured dropper we could measure how much liquid actually came out. I think this theory could be valuable because the size of the droplets varied each time. Also since the variation of the size in droplets of silver nitrate, I also believe we should have tested the experiment once more for accuracy.
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