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Topics: Massage, Acupressure Pages: 4 (1055 words) Published: October 13, 2013
COMM 101
September 24, 2013

Topic/Title: How to Massage One’s Neck to Relieve Common Tension. General purpose: To inform
Specific purpose: To inform my audience how to perform a neck massage on oneself to relieve muscle and headache tension. Central idea (Thesis): Learning how to perform a neck massage on oneself can reduce muscle tension and headache pressure. INTRODUCTION

A. Has anyone ever experienced a headache or a migraine from loud environments or a household FULL of children? Please raise your hands, keep them up… •Has anyone ever had tension in their neck, from sleeping awkwardly on the couch the night before? •Keep hands raised, make crab claw with hands, reach across your opposing shoulder, and grasp that muscle and push. Notice anything?

B. For ALL of us who have experienced most or some of these metaphors, I have suffered headaches and migraines to a pain level that I believed I was suffering an aneurysm. I can now identify the triggers and symptoms, then follow through with a routine to release the pain or pressure in my head.

C. As a Certified Massage Therapist since 2007, I have encountered clients asking to relieve pain in neck & release of headache tension. In Hendrickson’s publication of Massage for Orthopedic Conditions in 2002, Hendrickson states, “Neck pain is one of the most common complaints presented to a massage therapist”. Preview of speech: Muscle tension affects everyone differently on a day to day basis with life activities from work to leisure time. The most common areas affected are the neck and shoulders which, are affected by stress and may cause symptoms such as headaches or migraines. The benefits of massage are to release toxins and increase circulation. Learning how to perform a neck massage on oneself can reduce muscle tension and headache pressure. First, let’s move on to what causes muscle tension. BODY

A. Muscle Tension is buildup of waste or toxins known as lactic acid which causes tightness...
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