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Quality awards are prizes awarded for some aspect of quality performance which has been demonstrated to an organisation which normally has no responsibility for the recipient's performance. All quality awards are made on the basis of an assessment of the applicant's performance against certain criteria. Some awards measure the result of quality activities (such as customer satisfaction), some assess the effort involved in ensuring consistency of output and others assess conformity of output to customer requirements. Most are awarded in some kind of competition among companies, but a few are not competitive - being assessments of an organisation's performance with no limit to the number of winners. As well as those describing themselves as quality awards, there are other similar awards for customer satisfaction and best practice. Some of the awards given in India are given below Golden Peacock National Quality Award (GPNQA)

The Golden Peacock National Quality Award, named after India's national bird the "Peacock", is awarded every year. Each category has two awards - the Winner and the Runners up. Each winner and runners up receives a trophy together with a certificate. The award winners may use the Golden Peacock National Quality Award logo on their printed and promotional material. Selected organisations may be given a commendation card. The Golden Peacock National Quality Award would be given separately for manufacturing and service sector organisations, under the following categories: Normal Categories

• Large Enterprises (LE) --> 251 and above Employees
• Medium Enterprises (ME) --> 51 to 250 Employees
• Small Enterprises (SE) --> upto 50 employees
Special Categories
1. Education, Training, Research and development, Testing & Inspection 2. Service Sector covering Tourism, Transport, Couriers, Hotels & Hospitality, Healthcare, Telecommunication, Professional consultancies, Financial Institutions. 3. Government Organisations, Undertakings & Services.

Manufacturing or Service organizations or parts of organisations (self-accounting profit centres) in the private and public sector operating in India may participate in the Golden Peacock National Quality Award. The decisive factor for eligibility is that the operations of the applicant must reasonably correspond to all the Award criteria and which can be verified in India at the time of evaluation. The operations of the applicant must be carried out independently, meaning that responsibilities, authorities, results, etc. are clearly defined. This must be documented, for example, in the annual report, organisation plan or equivalent. Golden Peacock Award Evaluation Process

GPA Framework Golden Peacock Awards Framework is designed to help explore organizational beliefs and strategy, to look for linkages and measurable activity to test results for long-term success. The GPA Framework is based on IOD Business Excellence Model and is comparable with similar frameworks around the globe (including the Baldrige and European models) and contains all of the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard series. Leading Indian and India based multinational organizations use the Framework to assess themselves and build those results into their strategic planning process. It improves the bottom-line across financial and non-financial performance indicators. The vision of the GPA Secretariat, which has responsibility for administering the Awards program, is to create world-class organizations and to bring a better quality of life.

Guidelines: Each award guideline is designed as a guide for management system excellence through self-assessment and external evaluation. It contains the Criteria that organizations can use to assess themselves against management best practices. In addition, the evaluators in the GPA process use these Criteria and the associated Assessment Matrix to evaluate the applicants applications for these Awards. Evaluators:...

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