How to Lead

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8 Principles of “LESS is MORE”



These chapters we are about to discuss will unfold step by step, eight disciplines for being a leader and still having a life. These disciplines are gleaned from Jesus example as a leader over a worldwide venture. The 8 core principles were each taught and modeled by Jesus and then reaffirmed in the leadership manual for the early church, and when they are followed, they lay a sure foundation for effective missionary leadership, as well as a balanced joyful life.

“These eight principles work because they are truth with a capital “T”. they transcend the ebb and flow of modern trends and fads. Modern leadership research often discovers and reinforces them. But never can begin to replace them. These principles empower effective leadership and be applied wherever you lead; at home, at work, or at church. Good leadership always involved these 8, and we’re going to discover how we can make them real in our lives. They will help you to lead effectively… and still have a life.

Ten facts of life for 21st l- Century Leaders
1. The rules have changed – living a time of transition (Peter Drucker) 2. Life is faster – the pace at which life is being lived today is brutal 3. Change is accelerating – rapid changes taking place at market place and in ministry 4. Expectations are higher – in business and in church in every segment of society 5. The culture is in moral decay – affects church, leaders impact felt by leaders 6. Servant-Leadership is stretching – Christians desire to follow challenge of Jesus to be servant leader 7. You are a limited resource l- only certain amount of time, energy, giftedness 8. Leadership is an draining experience – drained of limited resource 9. More is not the answer – moderation accept new ones to arrived 10. There is hope – God desires for us to have a healthy and growing ventures. I THE INNER RING – The...
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