Historical Background of Ancient Greece

Topics: Christianity, Baptist, Holy Spirit Pages: 3 (532 words) Published: February 25, 2013
| |Historical Background |Beliefs |Religious Practice | |Latter Day Saints |Founded by Joseph Smith. He |1.Belief in modern-day |1. Families are encouraged to meet weekly for| | |began receiving visions at age |revelation through prophets, |prayer, gospel instruction, family planning, | | |14, in 1820, in which he was |beginning with Joseph Smith, Jr |and other enriching family activities, | | |told it was his mission to |2. Belief in the charismatic |typically on Monday nights. | | |restore the church of Jesus |gifts of healing, speaking in |2. Members regularly visit one another in | | |Christ on earth. |tongues, interpretation of |their homes to minister to others' needs and | | | |tongues, through the power of |to share uplifting spiritual messages. | | | |the restored priesthood. | | |Jehova’s Witnesses |Begun by Charles Taze Russell in|1.Rejection of the doctrine of |1.Jehovah's Witnesses usually meet three | | |1872. When Russell was 18, he |the Trinity and the existence of|times per week: once on Sunday and twice | | |organized a Bible class in |Hell. |during the week. | | |Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. | |2.Jehovah's Witnesses hold religious services| | |Bible could be only understood |2.Expecting the...
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