Erikson’s Psychosocial Development Theory

Topics: Developmental psychology, Erik Erikson, Mother Pages: 3 (1121 words) Published: October 28, 2013
The adolescent stage has been one of the greatest and most significant changes in the developmental stages of a person’s life. It is a period of transition of major physiological changes as well as the behavioural changes on a child due to the hormonal levels and the perception shift from childhood to adulthood. This usually happens from the age of 12 to 19 years old where maturity stage happens in a child. Ng Jin Sheng is a typical Chinese teenager boy of age 15 in a secondary 3 Normal Academic stream but he has several issues that are rather seriously affecting his studies and well-being. In order to get to know him better than just a student, he comes from a broken family background. He is living with his dad and 9-year-old younger brother while his mother chose to be separated from his father due to his father bad drinking habits and lack of work due to the economic downturn which led to his father to be retrenched from work. Thus, living without his mother in the house, he has to do most of the household chores while his dad tries to find work outside. He has a small number of friends limited to his church cell group members whom he met once a week and as a result, he learnt to play the guitar with the support of his friends. However, he can’t go along well with his classmates in school due to his emotional problems at home and he has little motivation to study in school because he is an introvert person. In addition to that, he has a difficulty in identifying his sex-role identity. Firstly, the social context of development of Jin Sheng is dependent on his historical, economical and social factors. Being from a low-income family coupled with his father’s retrenchment, he has to depend on some little pocket money from any part time job that his dad and mum are working from. He is also forced to work part time also during the weekends ever since his dad was retrenched. This pressures him emotionally as he looks down on himself when he compares himself and...
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