Environmental Science I Syllabus

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Environmental Science I Syllabus
Teacher: Ms. ThompsonRoom: M1 Email:

Textbook: Environmental Science,

Course Description: The purpose of this course is to explore and inquire how humans interact with their environment from their own ecological footprint to world impact. This exploration will provide students with a wider spectrum of their place on the biosphere.

Units of Study:

Chapter 1—Science and The Environment
Chapter 2—Tools of Environmental Science
Chapter 3—The Dynamic Earth
Chapter 4—The Organization of Life Chapter
Chapter 5—How Ecosystems Work Chapter
Chapter 6—Biomes
Chapter 7—Aquatic Ecosystems
Chapter 8—Understanding Populations
Chapter 9—The Human Population
Chapter 10—Biodiversity

Needed Materials:

Pencils and pens (blue or black ink)
Flash Drive (may use same one for all classes)
Index cards (1 pack)
Science Notebook will be supplied by teacher and kept in class

Assessments/Evaluation Procedures:

Do It Now (Bell Ringers)
Science Notebook/Portfolio (checked regularly)
Classwork (includes homework, lab assignments, and in-class assignments) Quizzes and Tests
Science Fair Project
Class Participation
Exit Tickets

Grading Scale:

Below 59%F

Classroom Expectations:

1.Respect the learning and safety of others:
Be punctual.
Be safe.
Be thoughtful.

Exploration of science through trial and error and testing hypotheses will be fostered in this class, so an environment of respect and safety is key. •Treat others the way you want to be treated, with thoughtfulness and courtesy. •Be prompt: early or on time. No one’s time is more important that the next person. We must use the time we have to learn together wisely. •Respect every member of the classroom’s personal space, belongings, and ideas. All students are to take care of the materials and lab environment created in our class. Leave it as it was when you got there or in better condition. •Derogatory comments (including profanity) will not be tolerated. •Science is learned through experiment, so you will be taught and tested over the safety of our science lab space, to ensure safety. You are expected to follow these science lab procedures and policies. oNote: Due to safety considerations, all bags and belongings will be placed in the teacher-designated area. This will be strictly enforced for our safety.

2.Strive for excellence each day.
Be prepared.
Be engaged.
Be responsible.
Do your best!

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence." Vince Lombardi •Everyone must be prepared, so we do not waste time. Have your all your materials for class with you in your seat when the bell rings. •Actively participate and engage in class activities and discussions. •Always do your best work. I expect quality in every assignment, no matter how small or large. •Students are responsible for assignment due dates, Late Work Policy, and Make-up Work Policy on next page.

Students are expected to follow all Little Rock School District policies, which are outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook (SRRH).

See Ms. Thompson’s Rituals and Procedures document for specific daily classroom rituals.

Consequences for Poor Decisions:

All decisions in life have equal consequences. Below are the disciplinary steps taken if you choose to not follow the classroom expectations, rituals, and procedures.

1.Verbal Warning
2.Parent Phone Call
3.Referral to Assistant Principal
4.Referral with ISS Recommendation
5.Referral with OSS Recommendation & Parent Conference

The teacher reserves the right to send any student out of the classroom or to the office on referral for extremely disruptive, inappropriate, or severe behavior. Under no circumstance should the teacher...
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