Topics: Organizational structure, Structure, Strategic management Pages: 2 (290 words) Published: September 23, 2013
A social unit of people that is structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals. All Organizations are open systems--they affect and are affected by their environment. Division of Labor:

Narrow specialization of tasks within a production process so that each worker can become a specialist in doing one thing, especially on an assembly line. Hierarchy of authority:
Organization power structure. The amount of authority increases with each level higher a person or organization is in hierarchy. Organizational Structure:
The typically hierarchical arrangement of lines of authority, communications, rights and duties of an organization. Functional Structure:
The term organizational structure refers to how the people in an organization are grouped and to whom they report. Divisional Structure:
A type of organizational configuration that groups together those employees who are responsible for a particular product type or market service according to workflow. It tends to increase flexibility. Strategic Business Unit Structure:

An autonomous division or organizational unit, small enough to be flexible and large enough to exercise control over most of the factors affecting its long-term performance. Matrix Structure:
The matrix structure is an organizational design that groups employees by both function and product. The organizational structure is very flat, and the structure of the matrix if differentiated into whatever functions are needed to accomplish certain goals. Vertical Structure:

The vertical organization has a structure with power emanating from the top down. There's a well-defined chain of command with a vertical organization, and the person at the top of the organizational chart has the most power.

Horizontal Structure:
Horizontal organizational structure is a form of managing workers in which decision-making is spread among workers along horizontal lines, as opposed to a hierarchical or pyramidal management...
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