Creative Writing of Rocks

Topics: Baseball, Sedimentary rock, Igneous rock Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: February 19, 2013
I. The Story of Baseball Player
A. Magma Mike
1. Magma Mike was a rookie just starting out in the Rocky League Baseball. 2. He played not too much and was mainly a bench warmer. 3. He cooled and hardened, improved on his skills and became known as Igneous Iggy. B. Igneous Iggy

1. Igneous Iggy was a shortstop playing for the Seattle Sedimentaries.. 2. He was a 10 year pro and hit 46 Rbi’s, and 15 Homeruns during his last season. 3. Over this time, Igneous Iggy experienced weathering and erosion, and compaction and cementation. 4. He also dramatically improved his batting and fielding skills and became known as Sedimentary Steve. C. Sedimentary Steve

1. He is now a 50 year pro now playing for the Miami Metamorphics. 2. During his whole career, he has hit 4675 Rbi’s and 1001 Homeruns. 3. He has reached the peak of his career.

4. He has been experiencing heat and pressure and is starting to age. 5. His amazing baseball attributes are beginning to fade as he begins to age and go through heat and pressure. 6. During this time, he was known as Metamorphic Miguel. D. Metamorphic Miguel

1. He is now a 100 year pro and has decided to retire. 2. His overall stats for his whole career is 8098 Rbi’s and 1845 Homeruns. 3. He is beginning to melt and because of this he is turning back to magma. E. The End

1. He is once again magma.
2. After he cools and hardens, he wants to begin a new life with a different career.
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