Coral Reef

Topics: Coral reef, Species, Human Pages: 2 (799 words) Published: October 29, 2014

SangHoon Kang
Period 5
AP Environmental Science
Mr. KrupensHow Can We Preserve the World’s Coral Reefs Critical Thinking Questions and AnswersHow does the current state of the world’s coral reefs illustrate each of the six key themes of this book? Human population: With current state of coral reefs, we are definitely valuing the quality of life of a person living today because of the fact that coral reefs are indirectly, sometimes directly, destroyed by over fishing using the methods such as using dynamites or cyanides which causes corals to be destroyed and damaged. However we have to start thinking about the future generations. Sustainability: With current state of coral reefs, the persistence of these resources for future generations is more important because of the fact that coral reefs provide priceless economic benefits (worth $375 billion dollars) and it is slowly getting destroyed. Global Perspective: With current state of coral reefs, we have to value the environment of the entire planet otherwise numerous species of sea organisms, such as fishes, will lose their home which may cause other predators to eventually die out too. This will cause domino effect just by coral reefs getting destroyed around the world, which will bring huge economic and environmental effect on human. Urban World: Both human creativity and persistence of certain endangered species are important because for sure human creativity can be used to save the endangered species. For example, using art to advertise- giving awareness about endangered species. Using science to create medications for endangered species. This means we can help save coral reefs by using human creativity. People and Nature: If people have altered the environment for much of the time our species has been on earth, the word “natural” can be referred to as places where it is undeveloped by human kind. For example, very deep in the ocean bottom. Science and Values: We need knowledge about our environment so...
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