Topics: Animal welfare, Suffering, Friendship Pages: 1 (542 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Case Analysis You are required to read the media report below. Consider that you are resident in a country where cockfighting is not illegal and is practiced by some members of your community and normally  includes gambling on the fight. A very good  friend has invited you to attend the cockfight with him next Saturday. You know your mother thinks that cockfighting is barbaric. Your friend loves it and thinks it is a sport.   1 .Use ethical theories, principles and the questions to determine if you will go to the fight with your good friend. 2. Why is the practice illegal in Australia?

Source: accessed 10/09/2012 Cockfighting ring smashed in Rockbank raid Date September 10, 2012   Men leave the Rockbank property yesterday during the raid by the RSPCA and police to break up a cockfighting ring. Photo: Justin McManus THE RSPCA and police have broken up a massive cockfighting ring and seized hundreds of birds and metal spurs in Melbourne's outer west. RSPCA senior inspector Daniel Bode said the raid at Rockbank was one of the biggest on cockfighting in Victoria. Police have confirmed they also stopped several men who tried to flee the scene yesterday afternoon. Dozens of cars with men covering their faces were seen fleeing from the property. Inspector Bode said he believed cockfighting was taking place when the raid began. About 100 people were at the property when it was raided. Advertisement The RSPCA, the lead agency in the investigation, issued court summonses to all the people found at the property. Police also seized $100,000 in cash. The RSPCA is expected to continue examining the property for several days. Inspector Bode said birds suffered ''extensive bleeding'' and abrasions in cockfights. ''It is barbaric. These birds suffer massively as a result of this. Obviously, the community and the RSPCA can't tolerate this.''   RSPCA photo of birds found in the...
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