Contribute to Effective Workplace Relationships

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Contribute to effective workplace relationships


Q: Complete your presentation and choose four members of the health care team from the list.

A: The four members of the health care team that I chose were an Osteopath, Registered Nurse, Interpreter and Volunteer.


Q: Members of the health care team work together to provide quality care that meets the needs of the individuals in health care facilities and ensures positives outcomes. Write up one page to explain this statement.

Include these issues in your answer; communication and the sharing of information between team members, the importance of confidentiality in the team, encouraging trust and confidence between team members, patients and family members, following policies and procedures at work and maintaining positive relationships in the workplace.

A: The members of the health care team must first of all work together effectively and positively; working together is important because it builds a healthy working environment and trust between colleagues, this will ensure a positive outcome for patients and their health care works respectively.

While working in health care confidentiality is also very important because the public, patients, patient’s family and the health care team have to have trust and confidence in each other, their abilities and values in regards to privacy and confidentiality. It is also a good way to promote professionalism and understanding the bounds between privacy and confidentiality.

As professional health care workers, you must understand the difference between privacy and confidentiality – from this you can decide what information to share, who to share it with and reasons why. This is important for the patient to be comfortable in his or her surroundings with the health care team, it is also important because the health care team must not disclose any information they were not meant to, keeping the patients trust in them.

The health care team must encourage trust between the client, clients family and team members because that trust enables you to do your job correctly, as ones trust has been established it enables good communication between patient, the patients family and the health care workers. It also allows for better feedback between the patient and the carer because the patient will feel more comfortable communicating with them about common health problems – this also relates back to why confidentiality is so important.

The health care team must also trust eachother and feel confident and comfortable around each other, this is very important because they have to rely on eachother from time to time and share responsibilities, and may be asked at times to commit to unforseen events.

Confidence is important for the health care team as it promotes self-esteem and that reflects onto the care given and the patient’s well-being. This also reflects the patient having confidence in the care giver.

It is important to also gain the confidence and trust of the patient’s family members so that they are aware that their sick family member is being given the correct care, and a stable and safe working environment has also been created to promote their return to good health.

It would also promote the reputation of the hospital and its care workers.

It is important to follow hospital policies and procedures at work to maintain a safe working environment, both to the care workers and the patient. As well as displaying a duty of care, the organisation has procedures and policies in place to safeguard the patient, the public and the care workers.

You must maintain positive relationships in the working environment in order to maintain safety and promote the amount and quality of care given.

If the health care workers stick to all of the above then they will meet the needs of their patients and ensure positive outcomes for both the patients and the organisation.


Q: Conflict can...
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