Chapter 6 Homework

Topics: Communication, Message, Form of the Good Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: May 6, 2012
Chapter 6 MULTIPLE CHOICEName: Jared Senseman

1. C If you need to convey information that contains good- or neutral-news, you should a.use letters but not e-mail or voice mail. b. use e-mail but not letters or voice mail.
c.use e-mail and letters but not voice mail. d. use e-mail, memos, or voice mail.

2. A Business messages should be organized based on
a.a prediction of the receiver’s reaction to the main idea. b. the deductive sequence. c.the inductive sequence. d. a reflection of the writer’s mood and personality.

3. DThe strategies for structuring effective good- and neutral-news messages a.follow the inductive sequence. b. vary dramatically from one company to another.
c.can generally be applied to cultures around the world. d. are generally consistent among North American audiences.

4. CWhich listing presents the steps for the deductive sequence approach for a good-news message? a.Begin with the details, state the main idea, and end on a friendly thought. b. Begin with the main idea, provide details and explanation, and end on a future-oriented closing thought. c.Start with a friendly thought, provide details, and end with the main idea. d. None of the above

5. DMary has a neutral message to deliver to a co-worker. What delivery options would be the most effective? a.Letter, e-mail, or telephone
b. Memo, instant messaging, or voice mail c.Letter, web site, or in person d. Memo, e-mail, or telephone
6. DWhich of the following is NOT an advantage of the deductive sequence approach for a good- news message? a.The first sentence receives attention since it is in an emphatic position. b. The good news in the first sentence puts receivers in a good frame of mind. c.The organization is persuasive and calls for action. d....
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