Chapter 2 Test Political Science Pearson

Topics: Capitalism, Economic inequality, United States Pages: 6 (988 words) Published: September 1, 2013
1) The strength of the economy is directly tied to the monetary value of all goods and services produced in a nation each year, which is called the ________. Gina coefficients for the economy
Median household income
Gross domestic product
Poverty line
Mass production factor

2) The degree of ________in the United States is unusually high compared to other developed countries. Religiosity
Political idealism
Demographic homogeneity
Civil liberty

3) Belief in which of the following ideals is part of the core of American political culture? Government intervention
Allegiance to parental homeland
Caste system
Strength in diversity
Foreign diplomacy

4) Income inequality has increased significantly in recent generations. Despite this, _______ is controversial among Americans because it attempts to equalize economic outcomes rather than opportunities. The school improvement grants program

The school lunch program
Head Start
Federal student aid

5) Concerns about the level of_______ and its impact on regional politics and social cohesion from the 1920s to the 1950s resulted in many restrictions of ________ to the United States. Trade; economic growth

Health regulations; entry
Terrorism; travel
Immigration; entry
Education; immigration
6) What evidence validates the idea that the American Dream remains an unfulfilled dream? Steadily declining immigration rates as more people leave the country The underperformance of math and science sectors in the American education system The growing American debt and uncontrolled government spending The permanent existence of an underclass in the form of impoverished families The increasing lack of trust Americans have in their government

7) The term that refers to widely shared ideas about who should govern, toward what ends, and by what means is ________. Political culture

8) What is the natural outcome of the United States’ history of immigration? Substantial racial and ethnic diversity in the American population Domination by foreign countries
Substantial racism and anti-immigrant feelings in the majority of the American population The foreign-born form the majority of the U.S. population
A decline in diversity caused by the immigration rate

9) A belief in free markets, limited government, and self-reliance in economic affairs, combined with a belief in tradition, law, and morality in social affairs are values upheld by ________. Socialists

The Republican Party historically
Modern libertarianism
The modern Republican Party
The Communist Party historically

10) Which of the following is advocated by socialism, which emphasizes planned economies over free market economies? Government investment in large corporations
Private jobs over public programs
Financial rewards for productivity
Government ownership of key industries
Higher taxes for the poorest citizens

11) While the majority of the U.S. population used to be white, the ________ populations together constitute a majority. Asian and Muslim
Hispanic, black, and Asian
Caribbean and Asian
European and African

12) Voters sharing any particular political belief have the greatest chance of shaping policy when they are ________.inspired Canvassing

13) Capitalism in the United States has tended to ________.
Produce income and wealth inequalities
Promote shifting prices and product availability
Rely on government control
Lead to stronger civil rights
Emphasize the sale of products overseas

14) One factor that has helped reduce political conflict over economic inequality in the United States is the strong belief in ________. A strong work ethic creating equal rewards
Equality of personal opportunity and individualism
Strong government intervention
The promise of global competition for creating economic equality

15) In the United States poverty impacts social...
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