Case Study: Business Ethics

Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: December 12, 2012
BUA6309 MANAGERS AND THE LEGAL & ETHICAL ENVIRONMENT FINAL EXAM (100 points total) DUE THURSDAY DECEMBER 13th @ 11:50PM Instructions: It may help your own organization to copy the question and provide your answer below it; this is not a requirement, just a suggestion. Otherwise, please follow the instructions/format suggestions in parenthesis after each question. This is intended to be an INDIVIDUAL exercise in knowledge and understanding of the law and business ethics, please do not discuss the exam with your classmates. You are permitted to use outside material, however, you can receive full credit by using only the material from the book and class. *If I give you a legal conclusion, do not debate it and create additional facts (i.e. problem #1 “he accidentally saw”). However, if other facts in the fact pattern open up questions in related areas, then please do discuss. **Don’t judge a book by its cover; just because a character in a legal story has a funny name DOES NOT MEAN IT FORMS A LEGAL CONCLUSION. Caveats on the use of outside material: IF you choose to use outside material *YOU MUST CITE WELL ENOUGH FOR ME TO BE ABLE TO RETRIEVE IT (I am indifferent to cite formatting, just as long as I can access the information). Additionally, while I encourage advanced analysis, you do not want to get lost in your discussion and analysis by getting overly involved in outside material. That being said, successful use of outside legal* material to support a strong wellthought out argument or provide a unique legal point of view –may- result in bonus points. I. Re-Burger, Inc. has just developed a new method of preparing its products that greatly reduces the fat content and other medical problems associated with fast food. Although still in the developmental phase, Re-Burger has been very careful not to release any information regarding the process. The information is constantly under lock and key. Hamburgle, a competitor’s employee, took a public tour of Re-Burger...
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