Cardinal Marazin Notes

Topics: Louis XIV of France, Cardinal Richelieu, Thirty Years' War Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: May 14, 2013
(French Revolution/Napoleon) Enlightenment Salon
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Cardinal Mazarin

I am Cardinal Jules Mazarin of France; I was French cardinal and diplomat who served as chief minister of France from 1642 to the year of my death 1661. I first came involved with church when I joined the Jesuit order after attending the Jesuit college of Rome. During my service with the papal forces I came into favor with many important figures such as Pope Urban VIII for excellent diplomatic skills. I later entered the French court and studied my mentor and predecessor, chief minister cardinal Richelieu, who saw me as a valuable asset for my diplomatic skills and used me to solve many of political issues of King Louis XIII. After resolving countless disputes I was promoted to the rank of cardinal in 1641and was quickly given rank of chief minister a year later. Alongside the de facto French monarch at the time, Anne of Austria; I effectively directed the French policy. As chief minister, I continued Richelieu’s anti-Hapsburg policies and set the foundation for King Louis XIV’s expansionist beliefs. In the conclusion of Thirty Years’ War with Peace of Westphalia, I maintained more French than Catholic policies to ensure France new land such as Alsace and Roussillon. Though I clearly put country ahead of fate I also tried to prevent the spread of new faith through France by making false promises of new rights to Huguenots coupled with delays to those promises. I also had great disdain for Jansenism and its beliefs. When dealing with the French nobility, I tried to ensure that their power was strictly limited so the monarch could maintain control. I also rejected many reformary demands made by parliament in order to preserve absolute power for the monarchy; such demands I refused included reducing taxation, forbidding all new taxes without the consent of the parliament, no imprisonment without trial, and limiting the creation of new offices of state. Conclusively my actions...
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