Car Rental Use Cases

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B. Use Case

Event| Trigger| Source| Use Case| Response| Destination| Request for car rental| Reservation call| Customer| Reserve vehicle| Vehicle availability status| Passengers| Pickup vehicle| Pickup date| Customer| Pickup vehicle| Car rental system update| Staff| Vehicle return| Due date for rental| Customer| Vehicle return| Car rental system update| Staff| Generate Bill| Vehicle Return| Operator| Bill| Update System| Customer| Payment Mode| Billing| Customer| Payment| Update System| Officer| Vehicle Rental Use Case Diagram

Use Case: Reserve vehicle:

Brief description:
When customer intend to vehicle, they have to check if there is any suitable vehicle available for them. After they found suitable vehicle, customer are required to offer personal information and make a deposit. In the end, car rental system is updated. Additionally, there would be an optional product for customers, car rental company provides insurance option, and customer can buy it or not.

Basic flow:
1. Customer phones to request vehicle rental.
2. Customer selects suitable date, rates and vehicle.
3. Customer provides personal information.
4. Customer selects insurance.
5. Customer offers credit card and make a deposit.
6. Reservation number is sent by system.

Alternative flow:
1. System is not available(maintenance)
2. No suitable date, rates or vehicle available for customer. 3. Customer cannot provide required personal information. 4. Customer does not select insurance
5. Credit card is not working.
6. Reservation number cannot be sent.

Reserve vehicle: Basic flow
Suitable car is not available: Basic flow, suitable car is not available. Credit card is not working: Basic flow, credit card is not working.

The list of vehicle and insurance offering for car reservation has been created and it’s available to reserve system. Customer personal information has been recorded.
Once customer reserved a particular car, this car status has to be updated.

Extension Points:
1. Reserve Vehicle.
2. Select Insurance.
3. Make a deposit

Special Requirement:
Each ID only can reserve one vehicle.
Car rental deposit must be 10% of rental fee.
Customer personal information must include name, license number, contact number and address.

Use Case: Pickup Vehicle

Brief scenarios:
Before customer pickup vehicle, reservation number and customer ID will be identified. Additionally, customer has to check the car’s condition, and in case problem occurred. After customer pickup car, rental system would be updated.

Basic flow:
1. Reservation number and customer ID is identified.
2. Customer signs agreement.
3. Customer checks car’s condition.
4. Customer pickups car.
5. Car rental system is updated.

Alternative flow:
1. Unidentified customer.
2. Disagree with agreement.
3. Car in bad condition.
4. Cancellation.
5. System is not working.

Pickup vehicle: Basic flow
Unidentified customer: Basic flow, unidentified customer.
Disagree with agreement: Basic flow, disagree with contract.

Reserved Vehicle has been available before customer coming to pick it up.

Vehicle system has been updated after customer collecting car.

Extension Points:
1. Pick up vehicle.

Special Requirement:
1. Late picking up need to be charge extra fee.
2. Driver personal information must be same with system.

Use Case: Return Vehicle

Brief description:

When customer drive car back to car rental franchise, the staff has to check car’s condition if there is any problem occurred and gas tank if it’s full. After that, Staff need to count the vehicle of mileage and check return date. When all of these inspections is finished, payment can be made and car rental system will be...
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