Boudicca and Her Revolt

Topics: Boudica, Roman Britain, Roman Empire Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Evidence: S Ireland Roman Britain .A. Sources-Boudicca
Suetonius: he (Nero) even considered withdrawing from Britain. Suetonius: leaving pockets of potential trouble (client kingdoms) behind Roman lines had become only too clear. Suetonius: for many Britons escape only lay in rebellion.

Tacitus: while Suetonius was occupied with this (attack on druids at Mona- modern day Anglesey) he received reports of the sudden revolt of the province. Tacitus: Prasutagus made Caesar his heir together with his two daughters hoping this deference would save his family and kingdom from harm. Tacitus: the result of this outrage (Rome ignoring Prasutagus’s will) and fear of worse to come the Iceni took up arms. Tacitus: the Trinovantes too were roused to rebellion. Their Bitterest hatred was towards veteran soldiers at Camulodunum (Colchester) who forced the natives (Trinovantes) from their land. Tacitus: The temple dedicated to Claudius was looked upon as stronghold of eternal tyranny. Tacitus: (Trinovantes thought) it did not seem a difficult task to destroy a colony that was unprotected by fortifications. Dr Ibeji: The black earth of the destruction layer and mutilated tombstones attest to the ferocity of the British assault. Hingley: the tiled rooftops and the daub buildings would have prevented the spread of the fire, this therefore suggests the rebels set fire to each house one by one to ensure destruction of the whole town. Hingley: it is also clear that there was a later clearing up operation before the rebuilding of the town. (Colchester) Hingley: the fact that the remains of bodies are rare means either; the scale of conflagration was sufficient to incinerate the remains or that a clean-up operation was carried out afterwards. Hingley: As at Colchester quantities of burned grain were found in the Boudiccan destruction layer.
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