Born into Brothels

Topics: Family, Anxiety Pages: 4 (1886 words) Published: November 5, 2014

Sara Seys
Ms. Ledvinka
Oct, 13, 2014
Born Into Brothels
In this comparative essay I will be comparing the lives of the children in the film, Born into Brothels, to the lives of the children who are born in Ingersoll, Ontario. Throughout this essay I will talk about the children who grew up in Calcutta, India and relate them to my life growing up in Ingersoll. The three main things I will be looking at and comparing in this essay will be, the importance of money, free will, and how they appreciate the little things in life. The importance of money in India is seen as a huge part that is a part of their everyday life. Tapasi states in the film that “..nobody here understands anything but money.” (57:28). This statement is also the same here in Canada or any other country. No matter where you go, money seems more important to man than anything. Everyone is so greedy, and only cares about what the easiest way to get money is. This importance of money is also causing corporations and people to have no morals because they are only focusing on what is the most efficient way to get money, no matter how illegal or wrong it may be. In my life money is very important, my parents work 6 days a week, 8 hours a day so we get to have the luxuries and get to participate in certain special activities. Working that often can harm the family a little bit because you don’t see them as often. In some people’s eyes they wouldn’t care so much because it’s earning money but family is more important than riches. Throughout Born Into Brothels the children are not given a lot of freewill, their parents decide everything for them even though they do not have the kids best interest in mind. This concept occurs a lot today in society, parents want what’s best for their kids but sometimes what the parents decide are not what the kids want to pursue. This can be shown through the decisions of schooling, and what occupations the kids have their minds set on becoming. This is...
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