Beatles Exam 2

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Paul plays bass and keyboard on this song also featuring Alan Civil on French horn and lyrics describing lost love in a desolate fashion. It is... "Here, There and Everywhere"
"I'm Only Sleeping"
"Eleanor Rigby"
"For No One"
This '65 Beatles album, with U.S. advanced sales of $1 million, was transitional, featuring film songs and other recordings, more introspective lyrics, and the influence of Dylan and Folk Rock. It is... Help!

A Hard Day's Night
Beatles For Sale
Rubber Soul
In late '65, the Beatles released their second film, shot across the globe, which featured several new songs and first exposed them to East Indian music. It is... A Hard Day's Night
Yellow Submarine
Let It Be
Magical Mystery Tour
The instruments later added to the released version of this song include... trumpets
electric guitars
all of the above
This '64 John early ballad was autobiographical, featuring effective close vocal harmony and guitar harmonics by George. It is... "I Feel Fine"
"If I Fell"
"A Hard Day's Night"
"And I Love Her"
John borrowed the opening line of ____________ from the '55 Presley recording, "Baby, Let's Play House," now featuring George Martin on tambourine and threatening lyrics. "You're Going to Lose that Girl"

"Run For Your Life"
"Drive My Car"
"I'm Looking Through You"
"Nowhere Man"
The lead singer on this C&W cover is song is Beatle _________. John Lennon
Ringo Starr
Paul McCartney
George Harrison
Mal Evans
Over 300 cover versions have been made of this '64 McCartney ballad, which features Latin percussion and a key change for the guitar solo. It is... "If I Fell"
"And I Love Her"
"The Night Before"
"A Hard Day's Night"
This '63 #1 C&W hit for Buck Owens was chosen for Ringo to sing in Help!, and featured movie lyrics reflecting the group's recent activities. It is... "I'm Down"
"If You've Got Trouble"
"Act Naturally"
"Yes It Is"
"The Night Before"
One previously unreleased Lennon and McCartney '65 song featured Ringo singing lead, and a one take rhythm track and sub par guitar solo. It is... "If You've Got Trouble"
"That Means a Lot"
"Eight Days a Week"
"Leave My Kitten Alone"
"Baby's in Black"
This first version of "I'll Be Back" was later changed dramatically, as the _______________ was not comfortable for John to sing over. 3/4 waltz tempo
Latin percussion
block harmony
electric piano
John plays electric piano on this '65 Paul song also featuring call and response vocals, Latin drum rhythm at the bridge, and was performed in the Help! film. It is... "Ticket to Ride"
"The Night Before"
"I Feel Fine"
"You're Going to Lose that Girl"
"Act Naturally"
After John's unfortunate "Jesus" remarks in '66, citizens of ___________ burned Beatles records and photos in the streets. Liverpool, England
Miami, Florida
Birmingham, Alabama
New York City, New York
Wheeling, West Virginia
Paul's '66 #1 hit in 12 countries features great opening vocal harmonies, back-up vocals singing "Frere Jaques," and falsetto at the end. It is... "I'm a Loser"
"Paperback Writer"
"Nowhere Man"
The A-side of this '66 single is like "Day Tripper" with fuzz guitar as its basis, also featuring Paul on Rickenbacker bass and a promo film on BBC television. It is... "Paperback Writer"
"Nowhere Man"
"I'm Only Sleeping"
John's lyrics are somewhat autobiographical and introspective on this '65 song that features brilliant harmonies throughout and lyrics that offer help to the forlorn listener. It is... "You're Going to Lose that Girl"

"I'm Looking Through You"
"Drive My Car"
"Run For Your Life"
"Nowhere Man"
Though this song features a lopsided rhythm with syncopation likely conceived by Paul, __________ was the primary composer. John
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