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Compensation Mapping





Topic: Compensation Mapping of BATB

Subject: Compensation Management

Faculty: Farhana Rahid

Asst. Professor, School of Business Studies and Economics

Sec- A

Submission Date: 26th August, 2012.

Group Profile

Group Name: CATALYST

Letter of transmittal

Date: 26th August, 2012.


Farhana Rashid,

Asst. Professor,

School of Business and Economics,

United International University.

Subject: Submission of report on compensation system of British American Tobacco Bangladesh.


I have the pleasure to submit herewith the final report on compensation system of British American Tobacco Bangladesh for your kind perusal.

Based on discussions and survey, I have incorporated the necessary materials to finalize the draft assignment.

We also acknowledge our gratitude to those persons who have helped us and passed their valuable comments on the draft assignment.

Thanking you for your cooperation.


Tazeen Ishmam Upoma

(On behalf of group)

Table of content


All Praise to Allah

This study is the outcome of the assignment writing program under taken by the Compensation Management course instructed by “Farhana Rashid”, Asst. professor of school of business and Economics, United International University for the ‘Summer 2012’ student to supplement the experience and research skills gather from a particular field.

We are indebted to them, who have directly and indirectly assisted us in conducting the study. Specially, we are thankful to our honorable teacher because she helped us to start our research paper promptly.

First, we are thankful to the general people for showing their kind cooperation to collecting information about compensation system.

We are indebted to the website that indirectly helped us in completing our assignment. We are also indebted to those people, who showed their friendly behavior to complete our questions.

Finally, we owe a profound intellectual debt to our seniors for their part time help, assistance and valuable advices in thinking and developing of this assignment.

Executive summery

British American Tobacco Bangladesh is one of the oldest and largest multinational companies operating in Bangladesh. The UK-based British American Tobacco Group holds 65.91% share in the company. The Government of Bangladesh owns 28.7% through several of its agencies, while 5.39% is owned by other shareholders. British American Tobacco Bangladesh began its operations in the sub-continent in the year 1910 as Imperial Tobacco Company Ltd. Post 1947 after independence, in 1972, Bangladesh Tobacco Company (BTC) was formed with British American Tobacco holding majority of the shares. In March 1998, Bangladesh Tobacco Company changed its corporate name into British American Tobacco Bangladesh proclaiming its common identity with other operating companies in the British American Tobacco Group. At British American Tobacco Bangladesh, the key factor to their sustainable growth is human resource. Therefore, they have always been committed to good employment practices and have set out the framework of our Employment Principles on providing best compensation and benefits, workplace practices, employee relations and employee human rights. The report includes the theoretical framework of various concepts of Compensation Management in the eye of Human Resource and also contains the practices of Compensation management in British American Tobacco Bangladesh for the purpose of relating the theoretical concepts with the relevant areas of an established organization.

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