Attitudes of Political Identity

Topics: Parliamentary system, Presidential system, Prime minister Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: May 16, 2014
Define Politics
Politics may be defined as the process by which groups of people make collective decisions especially in the governing of a political entity such as a nation. According Political participation is defined as the extent to which citizens use their rights Explain the attitudes of political identity

Political identity maybe defined as the movement based on catering to the cultural, ethnic, gender, racial, religious, or social interests that characterises a group identity. The attitudes of political identity are based on the way in which people define themselves, the extent of attachment to national identity and the basis of that attachment. People define themselves based on how they see themselves; this is because of the different aspects of our identity such as our gender, ethnic or racial background and geographic location which is significant in how we identify each other. As Jamaicans we are defined based on our language, our vibrant culture and how we associate ourselves with national identity. Some people are identified based on their religion, such as Muslims because they see their religious affiliation as their primary self-definition. Secondly, the extent of attachment to national identity in the Caribbean can be categorized into two main arguments; which are the fact no there is a strong attachment to Caribbean and the extent to which they emigrate. Usually when they migrate they tend to try to preserve their identity in food, music, dance and language. With every opportunity granted Caribbean people tend to visit their home land very frequently because of their strong attachment. In Jamaica the extent to which persons migrate to other countries is vast, however every year statistics have shown that every year over 100,000 out of the millon tourists that travel are Jamaicans. a large amount of them after years overseas come back to retire in their home land, some before retire before the age of retirement and others even come back...
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