Wuthering Heights


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1. Lockwood’s first journal entry is dated what year?

a) 1800

b) 1801

c) 1802

d) 1792

2. Joseph calls the dog when Lockwood takes his:

a) lantern

b) coat

c) staff

d) horse

3. Lockwood finds Catherine’s journal written:

a) on the wall

b) on the sheets

c) in the margin of a copy of the New Testament

d) in a work of early gothic fiction

4. What are Edgar and Isabella doing when Heathcliff and Catherine discover them through the window of their home?

a) playing a game together

b) fighting and crying over a dog

c) sleeping

d) eating dinner

5. Why do the Lintons take Catherine into their home?

a) They have always wanted her to come.

b) They want to hold her ransom.

c) They think she is someone else.

d) Their dog has bitten her.

6. What does Heathcliff do when Edgar tells him that his hair is too long?

a) He hurls a tureen of hot applesauce at his head.

b) He slaps his face.

c) He knocks him down and storms away.

d) He tells him his hair is too short.

7. Why does Heathcliff depart from Wuthering Heights?

a) He is ordered away.

b) He is drafted by the army.

c) He overhears Catherine say that she will never marry him.

d) He goes off to find his real father.

8. Who invites Heathcliff to stay upon his return to Wuthering Heights?

a) Joseph

b) Edgar Linton

c) Nelly

d) Hindley

9. Where does Edgar initially say that Catherine may entertain Heathcliff?

a) the kitchen

b) the parlor

c) Gimmerton

d) Wuthering Heights

10. Why does Isabella...

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