Wuthering Heights


Chapter 25 to Chapter 30

Cathy grows weary of waiting for Linton to call. She turns 17, and her father, also unsure of what to do, is advised by Nelly to resign her to God. Edgar writes to Linton, asking him to visit. Linton replies with thanks but states that Heathcliff does not want him visiting the Grange. The letter expresses eagerness on Linton’s part to see Cathy, but as Nelly later learns, this eagerness is prompted by the threats of Heathcliff. Edgar states that in the summer months, the two could perhaps meet at some halfway point.

This chapter shows some caving on Edgar’s part. His mistrust of Heathcliff, however, keeps him from allowing Cathy to visit Wuthering Heights.

Chapter 26

The summer months pass, and finally Edgar gives his reluctant consent for Cathy to see her cousin. He asks them, however, to stay on the Grange property. A messenger from Linton compels them to go closer to Wuthering Heights, and Nelly immediately voices her displeasure.

When they see Linton, he is lying on the ground and does not raise himself to greet them until they are very near. Cathy sees that he is in bad shape, but he tries to put her off.

Linton is squirmy, constantly looking around for Heathcliff as though he expects to be beaten the moment he is seen. After a while, Linton falls asleep. Cathy cannot guess why he wanted to see her when he does not even seem to care that they have come.

Cathy tells Linton, when he wakes, that she has been disappointed with their visit. Linton tries to hush her lest Heathcliff should hear. Cathy states that she does not care what Heathcliff thinks—but it is evident that Linton does. The reason, of course, is that he must live with him. She must not.

Neither Cathy nor Nelly knows what to make of Linton’s strangeness, but Cathy, on the way home, softens to it and does not mention his oddities to her father when he inquires how the meeting went.

Chapter 27

They arrange another meeting one week later. Edgar seems to nurse...

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