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  • Writing Styles - 659 Words
    Writing Styles In this essay I will be going into detail about three different writing styles used in health and social care. I will also be comparing the writing styles against each other. Persuasive Writing – Persuasive writing is all about trying to get someone’s attention on something. Persuasive writing use’s specific features which help the information used to become persuasive towards the audience. This could include using present tense, using emotive language, using rhetorical...
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  • My Writing Style - 331 Words
    Jake Kimball 8-26-2010 EN 100-753 My Writing Style My writing style is really just basic. I write clearly and make my writing easy for everyone to read who reads my paper, from a student to a teacher, whoever reads my paper will know its simple and easy and can be creative at time, and other times might not be as good as I want it to be. Basic is my writing style. I use a personal writing process, which to me is a mixture of a lot of things. It usually consists of brainstorming, which I...
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  • The Writing Style of The Moonstone - 427 Words
    The Writing Style of The Moonstone The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins has a very unique writing style, creating an overall effect on the reading experience. In this story, Collins decided to write his story by having his characters mark down their own experiences with the Moonstone. The audience is able to read different points of views from varying characters such as Gabriel Betteredge, Ezra Jennings, Miss Drusilla Clack and a few others. Each written narrative differed in writing style,...
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  • My Writing Style - 539 Words
    After taking several opportunities to study the different images provided in the assignment, I came to the realization that I didn’t fully understand what my writing process consisted of. When I look at the actual “writing” that I have done over the course of the last several years, it mainly contains Facebook status updates, letters to teachers, emails, blog posts, and product reviews for several online marketing companies. I haven’t written essays, journal entries or any kind of “story” in a...
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  • Writing Style and Light Wine
    Different writing styles appeal to different audiences. In an excerpt from, The Life of Samuel Johnson, by James Boswell, Boswell distinguishes between the two very different writing styles of Joseph Addison and Samuel Johnson. Boswell believes both are very esteemed writers but it is evident Boswell favors Johnson’s style over Addison’s. Boswell conveys his perspective on both styles with diction and devices, namely similes and metaphors. At first Boswell defends Addison against claims...
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  • My writing Style - 305 Words
    When approaching a writing assignment, my style varies from each piece of paper that I write, depending on the topic. I feel that I have to be in a mood to write, even if it is the first stages of writing. I normally do a lot of prewriting, and get my ideas down on a piece of paper. My paper usually ends up with ideas all over the place, but I feel that as long as I am getting these ideas down on paper, I will at least have a picture of what I am working with. The next step that I do that is...
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  • Perspectives on: Writing Style, Time Management, and Writing References
    Perspectives on: Writing Style, Time Management, and Writing References Hamza Alghamdi CSU Perspectives on: Writing Style, Time Management, and Writing References I recently completed a course on scientific writing, wondering is there a significant differences between writing in the scientific fields and other academic fields of study. Taking in regard my professional field of study as a pediatric physician and my future career as an entrepreneur, I need to know the answer for this...
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  • Writing - 6767 Words
    * Academy ol Management Review 2012. Vol. 37. No. 4. 490-501. hltp*dx.doi.org/10.M65/amr.2012.0165 EDITOR'S COMMENTS: REFLECTIONS ON THE CRAFT OF CLEAR WRITING Writing is hard work. A clear sentence is no accident. Very few sentences come out right the first time, or even the third time. Remember this in moments of despair. If you find that writing is hard, it's because it is hard (Zinsser, 2006: 9). Most of us struggle with our writing. We thrash and hack our way through paragraphs,...
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  • Compared Writing Styles of Rowlandson, Bradford, and Byrd
    The writing styles of Rowlandson and Bradford are very similar, while Byrd's writing style is different from the other two. Rowlandson's journal is a narraritive of her captivity, and Bradfords journal is a narrative of his journey to and arrival at his destination in the New World. Byrd's journal was was written as a satire, to essentially make fun of Rowlandson and Bradford's religious views. Mary Rowlandson kept the journal of her captivity to inform future generations of her experiences...
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  • Unique Writing Styles Illuminated Through an Unrequited Love Story
    Every author has his or her own distinctive manner of writing. In the two short stories, “Araby” by James Joyce and “Interpreter of Maladies” by Jhumpa Lahiri, unique writing styles are showcased while relaying similar story lines. Both stories tell the narrative of men who fall for a woman and through a series of hopeful interpretations of interactions with the woman; they end up disappointed and alone. Although both stories have parallel themes of unrequited love, the way in which the authors...
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  • So This Was Adolescence, by Annie Dillard: Author Writing Style
    So This Was Adolescence, by Annie Dillard: Author Writing Style Different authors use different styles of writing to express the ideas. The style of writing is what paints the picture of the story. In the story So This Was Adolescence, by Annie Dillard, there are two major traditional writing styles exhibited. The first style Illustrated in So This Was Adolescence is comparison/contrast. In this style, the author compares or contrast the character with specific mannerisms of others. The...
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  • Compare and contrast the writing styles of William Byrd to William Bradford based on style, tone, and purpose.
    Writers are characterized by three factors. These factors are style, tone, and purpose. William Byrd and William Bradford were two colonial writers however they took completely opposite approaches toward writing. During these times, journals, diaries, and sermons made up the literature. Byrd and Bradford were no exceptions with their works of A History of the Dividing Line and Of Plymouth Plantation respectively. Whether it was the difference in writing styles, the different purposes for writing...
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  • Creative Writing - 1236 Words
    A definition is an explanation of a thing that sets it apart from all others. The name of the thing or idea precedes the definition but cannot be a part of it. You cannot explain a term by simply repeating it. You must find other words. The formal definition contains the following parts: 1. The term that names the thing or idea. 2. The class or category to which the term belongs (for instance, copper can be grouped with “metals”) 3. The characteristics of the term that set...
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  • Collaborative Writing - 618 Words
    “Tips for successful collaborative writing” by Stephen Wilbers If you ever have worked on a committee, task force, or project development team, you probably know the frustration of group work. If you’re lucky, you also know the joy.The nature of your experience depends on two factors: whether the individual participants share common, clearly defined goals and whether they know how to work together.All of this, of course, applies to collaborative writing, a collective activity that – perhaps...
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  • Writing Inventory - 468 Words
    English Writing Inventory 1-16-11 1. The only writing I really do on a regular basis would be texting, Facebook, making household lists and journaling at this point in my life. I am writing a memoir for my daughter but it is coming along slower than I was hoping and time seems to fly by without getting as much done as I had hoped for. 2. My favorite kind of reading right now is really just newspapers, although I stick to the positive things, magazines and news websites. I like...
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  • Writing Center - 322 Words
    The Writing Center The Writing Center is a place that students can go for help if they need it in writing. The Writing Center is located in room 308 of the D.F. Lowry building. The Center is open on Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. On Sunday through Tuesday students can also visit the Mary Livermore Library from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. for extra help from the tutors. Students who don’t think they are good at writing or students who just need help...
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  • Writing Information - 3896 Words
    The writing process begins the minute you get a writing assignment—whether you are writing a book, an essay, or a single paragraph. It involves all the activities you do, from choosing a topic to turning in a final draft. The phases, or stages, of the writing process are prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. Prewriting Prewriting refers to all activities that help you explore a subject, generate ideas about it, choose a specific topic, establish a purpose, and analyze the audience for...
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  • Technical Writing - 12062 Words
    Improving your technical writing skills Version 4.1 25 September 2003 Norman Fenton Computer Science Department Queen Mary (University of London) London E1 4NS norman@dcs.qmul.ac.uk www.dcs.qmul.ac.uk/~norman/ Tel: 020 7882 7860 Abstract This document describes the basic principles of good writing. It is primarily targeted at students and researchers writing technical and business reports, but the principles are relevant to any form of writing, including letters and memos. Therefore, the...
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  • The Writing Process - 361 Words
    The Writing Process The Writing Process The Five Steps of the Writing Process The Five Steps of the Writing Process * * The Five Steps of Writing There are five steps to the writing process. They are as follows: pre-writing, outlining, rough draft, revising, and editing. Pre- writing Pre- writing is the first step of the writing process. Pre-writing has four strategies to writing, using experiences and observations, reading, freewriting, and asking questions. Normally...
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  • Writing Process - 763 Words
     Eng 111- 02 February 23, 2012 The Writing Process Do you know what it takes to write a well written paper? If not, I am going to describe to you what it takes to have a good paper. From all levels of education I am one hundred percent positive that papers will be involved in your life. There are four different stages of the writing process. These stages are the guidelines to helping you in writing a successful paper. The four stages of the writing process include invention and research,...
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  • Tecchnical Writing - 2569 Words
    Technical writing involves the creation of useful documents that can be clearly understood by readers. Good technical writing clarifiesjargon, presenting useful information that is clear and easy to understand for the intended audience; poor technical writing may increase confusion by creating unnecessary jargon or failing to explain it. While grammar, spelling and punctuation are of the utmost importance to technical writing, style is not; it can be sacrificed if doing so increases clarity,...
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  • Creative Writing - 23937 Words
    16 writers on writing creative writing course study guide with 48 tasksheets 1 2 3 4 5 6 Beginnings – Inspiration – The role of the writer Writing from personal experience – Subjects Methods – Drafting – Research Character – Setting – Plot Form – Genre Language – Audience British edition of the Writers on Writing study guide first published MCMLXXXVIII by Pergamon Educational Productions, an Imprint of Wheaton Publishers Limited, Maxwell Pergamon Publishing Corporation New American edition...
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  • Event Planning and Writing - 1633 Words
    Writers Profile Two: Taking the “Write” Path to Plan Lesley Gore once sang the infamous song lyrics “Its My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want To”, and when I hear this song I often find myself wondering, “why would you ever want to cry at a party?” The reason behind this feeling is because I am currently on a journey to achieve my goal of being an Event Planner, and with the mind set of an Event Planner; I truly would not want anyone crying at their party. For the past couple of years I have...
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  • The Oxford Essential Guide To Writing
    Thomas S. Kane If you purchased this book without a cover, you should be aware that this book is stolen property. It was reported as "unsold and destroyed" to the publisher, and neither the author nor the publisher has received any payments for this "stripped book." Acknowledgments This book is based on The Oxford Guide to Writing: A Rhetoric and Handbook for College Students, and thanks are due once more to those who contributed to that book: my friend and colleague Leonard...
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  • Academic Writing Speech - 366 Words
    Greenwich School of Management (GSM) Proforma for Work Assignment Semester: June - September 2013 Validating University: University of Plymouth Programme: Bachelor’s Degree Extended Programme – Level 0 Module Title: Academic Writing Lecturer: Anna Zimmerman Assessment Task: You are to write and deliver a speech (between 750 and 1000 word) as if you were either David Cameron, or Barack Obama. This can be on any topic, real or imagined, but you must write as if you were...
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  • Writing English Paper - 42896 Words
    cover next page > title: author: publisher: isbn10 | asin: print isbn13: ebook isbn13: language: subject publication date: lcc: ddc: subject: cover next page > < previous page page_i next page > Page i Writing American Style An ESL/EFL Handbook Sydney L. Langosch, M.A. < previous page page_i next page > cover next page > title: author: publisher: isbn10 | asin: print isbn13: ebook isbn13: language: subject publication date: lcc: ddc: subject: cover...
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  • Why Expository Writing? - 2098 Words
    Introduction: I have always known I wanted to become a teacher. I can remember the first day I walked into my own second grade classroom. There were no students there. The room was bare. Even the windows were bare. The only thing there was an old, battered rug rolled up in a corner. I saw so many possibilities. I saw the area that would house my library. I could picture my little donated bean bags all arranged in a circle in one corner of the room. I pictured my white rocker, my...
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  • The Purpose of Technical Writing - 430 Words
    The Purpose of Technical Writing Every type of writing has a goal. There are some forms of writing that are geared to telling a story and there are other forms of writing that are geared to expressing opinions. The main purpose of technical writing is to provide sometimes complex information. Oftentimes, this is the type of writing that will assist a person with understanding more about a particular item, such as a computer or a new drug or a new piece of technology. Technical writing is also...
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  • Academic-Writing-Guide - 40936 Words
    Student Learning Development Services Academic Writing 0800 MASSEY (627 739) www.massey.ac.nz Academic Writing: A Guide to Tertiary Level Writing Edited by Dr Natilene Bowker 2007 Academic Writing: A Guide to Tertiary Level Writing | i Welcome to Academic Writing! This resource has been designed for Massey University students who are new to the conventions of academic writing. Many students, including extramural, internal, and both domestic and international, may find...
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  • Student Guide to Report Writing
    STUDENT GUIDE TO REPORT WRITING (J.A. McComb, E.I. Paling and H.T. Kobryn) Relative importance of the report Environmental science involves more than doing lots of experimental work, field work or library research. You must be able to communicate your results and ideas to other people. If you cannot communicate the results of your work to others, there is little point in starting the work in the first place! Much of your practical work will be assessed from your written reports, so it is...
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  • 5 Steps of the Writing Process
    The 5 Steps of the Writing Process 1. Prewriting : Prewriting is the first step in writing. When you are prewriting you are writing freely without worrying about grammar and spelling. You are just getting all of your thoughts down on paper. 2. Outlining the structure of ideas: This step is taking all of your thoughts and sorting them into a more organized idea. It helps you develop a topic sentence. 3. Drafting: This is your first version of a complete paper or writing. 4....
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  • Writing and New Cash Registers
    Training for new cash registers ENG/221 Technical Writing Fundamentals Training for new cash registers After evaluating Kudler Fine Foods: Training for New Cash Registers Memo I will discuss the organization, clarity, tone, writing style, and my reaction to the memo. The organization of the memo good, I did not understand whom it was from or whom it was going to without the proper titles. The memo was missing a few items such as the heading and date. The body of the memo,...
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  • Technical Writing Examples - 7555 Words
    Technical Writing Examples Technical writing refers to a type of writing where the author outlines the details and operations of administrative, technical, mechanical, or scientific systems. The main goal of technical writing is to educate, direct, and give others the ability to use a certain system. Types of Technical Writing There are three main types of technical writing: End-user documentation: This type of writing includes documents where the writer explains a topic to a novice so that...
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  • The Importance of Writing for Food Writer
    1 The Importance of Writing for Food Writer By Siti Zabedah Mohd Shariff 1.1 NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE The world of culinary has gone beyond cooking and garnishing and is now opening new avenues to develop the creativity of the food professionals. Food writing is one of them. Being a food writer requires more than flair of the written word and an interest in food. Thus, the food writing field needs people with a strong grasp of culinary principles and familiarity with trends in the...
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  • What Is Academic Writing?
    What is Academic Writing? To write at an Academic level there are factors and rules to follow, to gain the formality you are expected to write in. Most people are introduced to writing at an academic level when attending University. When at University, students are expected to write in a formal style, covering a lot of information and backing up with arguments and references. There are many factors to take into account when writing at an academic level. As a student you are gradually taught...
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  • Pre Writing Strategies - 867 Words
    TITLE: Pre Writing Strategies Abstract In many setting including the academic setting, it is important for people to be aware of the rules which govern writing in order to ensure that they do not make mistakes. Rules which govern the use of first and second person pronouns should be adhered to when writing academic papers. As one goes through the university he/she is bound to learn more about writing academic papers. In the process of writing, it is important for one to use the proper...
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  • How to Write a Proposal: Layout and Style
    INTERNATIONAL HOUSE LA SPEZIA & SARZANA CAE Writing A Proposal In Paper 2 (Writing) you may be asked to write a proposal. Here is an example question, which has been adapted from Complete CAE (C.U.P.) You are asked by the Principal of a college in Australia where you are studying to write a proposal for how to improve the college’s website. The suggestions given include the classrooms, library, language laboratory, canteen and sports field, and you are asked to choose two of these in...
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  • My Writing Experience in English 102
    990991572 English 102 April 28, 2012 My Writing Experience in English 102 In the following essay , I will reflect on how my writing has improved and the affect of English 102 on my writing. Then I will touch on how I have attempted to overcome my weaknesses with my writing and my research project. The biggest thing I have learned from English 102 is how to become a better writer. Writing is a difficult process for me. Originally starting the writing process...
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  • Effects of Integrating Drawing to the Writing Process
    Abstract: This study was conducted over an 8- week period with 20 first graders in an urban school setting. Students simply wrote on self-selected topics without drawing. During the first week students were limited to writing in a 30 minute time frame. Two weeks later students were timed for 30 minutes again and they were asked to draw and then write. Results showed that when students draw and then write their stories, their writing performance increased. Changes to their writing center...
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  • 3 Step Writing Process with Wiki
    Kristin Hainline Professor Temple Business Writing 3100 5 Oct 2010 Applying the Three-Step Writing Process to Wiki Whether you are creating a new wiki, adding material to an existing one, or revising one, applying the three-step writing process is effective and adaptable. While wikis don’t require that you have much technical or writing expertise, it is still important for you to apply the three-step process to assure that your contributions are credible and reliable. When writing a wiki,...
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  • Of Mice And Men Creative Writing Assignment
    Of Mice and Men Creative Writing Final Assessment You may choose one of the final creative writing assessments below. We have read the novel and you should be able to decide if you would like to work with the ending John Steinbeck wrote for us or if you would like to change it drastically. If an alternate ending or extension of the book does not interest you, you may want to change the point of view and try to write the story from one of the characters’ ...
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  • Information: Writing and Harvard Business School
     Signature Assignment: My Northcentral University Success Guide BTM7101-8-8 Mary F. Stokes Dr. Michael Voris Northcentral University . (2013). Library . Retrieved from NCU Library : http://library.ncu.edu/ The library is one of my most precious resources. It’s a valuable assets especially when it comes to writing dissertation and essay. I will be using it very offer to research information for my future course. It have a tutorial that’s very...
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  • Autoethnography: Writing and Talk Aloud Method
    Running Head: AUTOETHNOGRAPHY My Autoethnography Amanda Harris Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Abstract The purpose of this experiment is to help inexperienced writers discover their writing styles and techniques. Each student has their own routine used to compose a paper. Most students do not know what that routine is. To help students find their routine writing style, research was conducted by having inexperienced writers record themselves writing...
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  • A Collection of My Works During the Class of Business Writing
    Portfolio | Advanced English | | A collection of my works during the class of Business Writing | | Yao Ping-hung | 2010 | | ------------------------------------------------- The Software of Business Writing Program Writing process: 1. stage 2. think about reader 3. structure Something important 1.“Style” is a choice of language (formal, informal) 2.Make at least two drafts 3.Proofread when your mind is fresh 4.“layout” is all-important in producing an...
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  • What have you learned about the writing
    What have you learned about the writing process? What were your major accomplishments during this course? (Did you achieve the goal you set for yourself in your Success Plan? Do you think your writing skills have improved since the beginning of the course?) Which of the skills you learned in this course will most improve your personal and professional communication? How has this course prepared you for Composition II? What parts of the writing process do you need to continue to work on to...
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  • COM 600 Graduate Level Writing Paper Week 1 Individual Assignment
     Graduate Level Writing Jennifer Harris COM/600 Graduate Level Writing Quality writing is considered a very important aspect of an academic setting, particularly when completing a graduate program. It is necessary to develop writing skills beyond the basic elements of writing that are considered acceptable in an undergraduate program. There are many aspects of writing that have the potential for development. Aside from the quality of writing regarding content and mechanics, it is...
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  • Effectively Writing Comparison and Contrast Essay (Db-Unit 5)
    Effectively writing Comparison and Contrast Essay (DB-Unit 5) Learning the patterns of writing was very helpful in this course. My preference was comparison and contrast. It gives you the chance to investigate both sides of a topic. By using this for writing, it gives you the ability to explain and research the likeness and differences between several different subjects. It allows you to make decision as to what subject or topic is the best choice and will help the reader to make a sound...
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  • Stylistic Vocabulary in the Creative Writing Compositions of 4th Year Ab English Students: a Galperin Approach
    STYLISTIC VOCABULARY IN THE CREATIVE WRITING COMPOSITIONS OF 4th YEAR AB ENGLISH STUDENTS: A GALPERIN APPROACH An Undergraduate Thesis Presented to the Department of English Institute of Arts and Sciences Far Eastern University CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the Study Aside from a perfect grammar, English majors are expected to have a wider range of vocabulary as compared with other students in the university since it is their field of study. This is manifested when a...
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  • International Students Usually Have Significant Difficulties Writing Effective Academic Essays in English Mainly Because of Their Low Grammar and Vocabulary Proficiency Levels. Discuss.
    Academic writing seems to be a huge challenge for most international students. Students usually suffer from many problems such as grammar, vocabulary, organization and so on. According to Harris’s(2010) study of argumentative essay writing, he found that there are many differences between native and non-native students in academic writing, while some people claim that writing styles and conventions are the biggest problem (Sondek,2008 cited in Linn, 2009). This text began with analysing some...
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  • article critique - 666 Words
     ASSIGNMENT COVER Course code: PSY 311 Course name: Writing and critical thinking Assignment title: Reflection paper on a writing process Instructor’s name: Dr. Dawn Stevens Student’s name: Efstratios Boumpouras Date: April 15, 2013 Comments: Grade: Reflection paper on a writing process Efstratios Boumpouras City Unity College PSY 311 Writing and critical thinking Dawn Stevens April 15, 2013 Reflection...
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  • Compare/Contrast of Two Short Stories - River Nemunas & Things We'Ll Need for the Coming Difficulties
    The River Nemunas by Anthony Doerr and Things We’ll Need For The Coming Difficulties by Valerie Vogrin are primarily related by a common theme of isolation. Isolation is certainly the main link between the stories but there are other parallels that can be drawn as well. On the other hand, there are things that the two authors did differently while still staying with this common idea. Along with analyzing the theme of isolation, this paper will also serve to compare and contrast the writing style...
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  • The Weird Ways of Wideman - 1693 Words
    The Weird Ways of Wideman “Our Time” is an interesting story that displays many different styles of writing that not everyone is accustomed to. The author twists and turns the story many different directions throughout, which provides for an alluring read. The story “Our Time” by John Edgar Wideman attempts to tell the sad tale of Wideman’s brother, Robby. Robby is in jail at the time and Wideman is trying to piece together the parts of his younger brother’s life that landed him in prison....
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  • final project - 587 Words
    COMPOSING AND WRITING YOUR FINAL PROJECT For many students, writing a final project can be a bit daunting. Where to begin? What to say and in what order to present a topic? Here are some suggestions. Use these structures and tools as background for your paper, not for the visible, tangible structure of the paper! Once you’ve clearly and very specifically asked the question you hope to answer in your paper, find your sources and read them closely. Then begin to organize what you’re...
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  • SAM 3250J - 670 Words
    Book Review: HBR A Guide to Better Business Writing Garner’s Guide for Business Writing is an easy read for anyone who needs to tune-up their writing style. Garner defines bad writing and gives useful tools for great writing in business. This book is a good reference for anyone who needs writing tools. Garner walks you through the steps of writing and makes editing easy. Garner even reviews word usage and commonly overused words to eliminate. In this book you will find everything you...
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  • kiki_lam28 - 3770 Words
    Languages Discipline, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education Lesson 2: Introduction to Workplace Reports (2) Learning Objectives: By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:  define the readership and identify the purpose of workplace reports;  use a reader-oriented approach in report writing;  adopt appropriate style and tone for different kinds of workplace reports; and  write more concise sentences in reports. Task 1 Revision Task 1a Headings...
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  • Com156 Syllabus - 4336 Words
    C |[pic] |Course Syllabus | | |College of Humanities | | |COM/156 Version 5 | |...
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  • The Things They Carried - Dialogue and Materials
    Themes and Dialogue of O’Brien in The Things They Carried War has done many horrible things to many people throughout time all over the world. War experience filled with death, suspense, and constant fear has swept through millions and millions of people who are still scared by the horrific experience. To some so horrific that a normal life, post war, was almost unbearable. But some were able to take the experience and share it to the world. Tim O’Brien is a perfect example of this. O’Brien...
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  • Handbook for William - 2918 Words
    English paper Handbook for William Dhouda, a Frankish mother, was separated from her son when he was still an adolescent. Her love and concern for the well-being of her son, William, led her to create a manual for him that described the proper ways in which a respected man would live his life. This manual, Handbook for William, is the only substantial text written by a woman that survived the Carolingian period. Although her writings are precious, offering a view of the...
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  • Chapter 2 Summary - 587 Words
    Steven White Eng. 101 Omar Addi January 18, 2015 Chapter 2 Summary Writing a paper is no small feat. Many people may stress over the structure. Planning is an important step in writing a paper. Without planning, a paper will be disorganized, not have a definitive flow, may lack connecting with our audience and getting your point across. Planning allows you to develop needed skills to decide about your topic, purpose, thesis and audience. The first step in the planning process is to...
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  • Smithsonian - 749 Words
    Styles of Writing Writing style is the manner in which a writer chooses among different strategies to address an issue and an audience. A style reveals the writer's personality or voice, but it also shows how he or she sees the audience of the writing. The writing style reveals the choices the writer makes in syntactical structures, diction, and figures of thought. We are going to talk about four different types of writing styles, which are Outside Privileged, Inside Dramatized, Outside...
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  • Employability: Multiple Choice and Literature Review
    HMEMS80 2012 SEMESTER 1 ASSIGNMENT 01 INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING ASSIGNMENT 01 Note that there are two documents for this Assignment. 1) This INSTRUCTION document that provides the information that you need to correctly complete the assignment 2) A TEMPLATE FILE (that you must RENAME to indicate your own details) and on which you will complete your answers. This is the ONLY file that you will submit for this assignment. Please make sure that you have correctly named the file and that you have...
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  • Week 6 COM600 NWashington
     Graduate Level Writing Analysis and Development Plan Naomi Washington COM/600 February 16, 2015 Dr. Carol Rees Graduate Level Writing Analysis and Development Plan Graduate writing is not an easy task, throughout this course several assignments were given, each more challenging then the last. The assignments were designed to make one think and go beyond the boundaries one may be used to. In weeks, 1, 2, and 4 individual written assignments were given and critiqued. In...
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  • SMART Goals - 278 Words
    My first goal it to earn an 85% or more for each of my classes by the end of the semester. I will be able to achieve this goal by doing my homework, projects and all the necessary work that is assigned to me. In addition, I will study and reviewing material on a daily basis for a higher grade on exams, tests and quizzes and paying attention and participating to receive a high grade for my classwork. Maintaining a good overall average in all of my classes throughout my school year will help me...
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  • Reflecting on my Own Development as a Writer
    Reflecting on my Own Development as a Writer EN101: English Composition I, was my first college class. With mixed emotions, both excited and nervous, I knew it was important for me to do well in the course as it would set the tone for all of my upcoming classes. So, with great determination to gain new writing and reading comprehension skills (and a little apprehension), I signed up. It is no secret, even as far back as my high school English days, I never liked anything dealing with...
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  • ENGL 105 Schedule 2014 Revised Draft
    Week Date Topics for Class Reading Assignment(s) Due Assignment(s) Due 1 8/28 Review Syllabus Academic Writing Style Ideas - abstract, concrete 2 9/2 Critical Thinking & Point of View Building a sentence 9/4 The Writing Process Purpose, generating ideas Paragraph Structure: Topic Sentences Paragraph Development The Writing Process pp. 12-45 Grammar Diagnostic Pre-Test (Mandatory)* Wednesday, 9/4: Add/Drop Deadline 3 9/9 MLA Citation Format Responses to Writing...
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  • Virginia Woolf - 1743 Words
    Virginia Woolf: Simplistic Vs. Innovator Virginia Woolf is recognized as one of the most adamant novelists’ and greatest innovators of modern fiction. Her expertise with point of view and her use of stream of consciousness have influenced many writers after her. Woolf based her literary traditions and writings on her education and upbringing. Her views of the gender roles in her Victorian childhood and her ideas in contemporary society influenced her writing greatly. Both Woolf’s novels and...
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  • How Do Volcanoes Arrupt?
    AS Language Unit Two – Creating Texts What to do: Candidates should choose their own writing focus to suit their individual skills and interests in consultation with their teacher(s). This should be led in centres by use of ‘style models’ to encourage candidates to experience a wide range of writing styles before the writing process begins. In preparation for this module candidates need to study: • the use of register and style • characteristics of genres and sub-genres • the impact of...
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  • To My Dear and Loving Husband Compare and Contrast Essay
    Spencer Barrett 4th November 3, 2013 Compare Contrast Essay In modern times, poetry is often considered a complicated and confusing art, incapable of being fathomed by an average person. Poetry is written in the vernacular which typically becomes outdated and therefore unfamiliar. With regards to Anne Bradstreet’s “To My Dear and Loving Husband” and Edward Taylor’s “Huswifery”, this is not the case. Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylor use two different writing styles to compare a similar...
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  • essay - 9119 Words
    Arina Nikitina Improve Your Writing Skills Download free eBooks at bookboon.com 2 Improve Your Writing Skills © 2012 Arina Nikitina & Ventus Publishing ApS ISBN 978-87-403-0138-0 Download free eBooks at bookboon.com 3 Improve Your Writing Skills Contents Contents Preface 6 1 Introduction 7 2  Reading Behaviors in the Real World vs Online 8 2.1 Introduction. 8 2.2 8 5 Major Differences Between Online Writing and Print 3 ...
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  • 2nd Grade Learning Plans Period 2 Week
    Unit of Study: Week 1 Learning Outcomes Monday TEKS: Reading: 2.3B: ask relevant questions, seek clarification, and locate facts and details 2.19C: write brief comments on informational texts Fig 19A: establish purpose for reading based upon content to enhance comprehension Fig 19F: make connections to self, text, and world Writing: 2.17 A-E Writing Process 2.19A: write brief compositions about topics of interest to the students 2.22C(ii): apostrophes and contractions Content/Concept:...
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  • Water for Elephants - 1049 Words
    The triumph of love over death and destruction is at once an inspiring and timeless theme. This theme is thoroughly examined in both Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns and Sarah Gruen’s Water for Elephants. Despite their subtle differences in writing style, both novels have protagonists who undergo similar experiences and have similar settings. The authors of both novels succeed in telling a moving story through their different writing styles. The writing in Water for Elephants is...
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  • Impression in Red Badge - 650 Words
    The Courage of Impressionism Literary impressionism is exemplified by the author Steven Crane through the novel, The Red Badge of Courage. In reference terms, impressionism means: "a literary style characterized by the use of details and mental associations to evoke subjective and sensory impressions rather than re-creation of objective reality" (dictionary.com). In the essay, Impressionism in The Red Badge of Courage, James Nagel suggests a focus on impressionism while reading the...
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  • A Gracious Plenty vs. the Firefly Cloak
    A Gracious Plenty VS. The Firefly Cloak “An experimental dip into magical realism…” (Matson) That is the perfect way to describe the novels, “A Gracious Plenty” and “The Firefly Cloak.” Sheri Reynolds has a very unique writing style in both of these stories that is admired by many. She uses different writing styles and elements to make her novels appealing to many diverse audiences. Reynolds uses the isolation of the main characters to set the tone and idea of the stories. Both of these...
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  • Looking for Alaska by John Green Critique Essay
    The novel, Looking for Alaska by John Green was written in 2005. By 2006, it won the Michael L. Printz award from the American Library Association and placed number ten on the New York Times bestseller list. In the chapters entitled “The Day After” and “Two Days After,” Green describes how Miles Halter and Alaska’s closest friends react to her sudden death. Throughout these chapters, Green’s style includes realism, literal imagery, diction, and voice in a hope to enable his audience to reach...
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  • Diagnostic Essay - 457 Words
    Diagnostic Essay Megan Fox Writing is one of the greatest forms of creativity, allowing you to express your opinion and voice on anything you feel or any knowledge you want to share. It is also a vital learning skill to have in the workforce, as your writing skills can be reflected upon the way you communicate and present yourself. Everyone's different writing style shows their personality, allowing you to have an understanding of what the person is really like through their own words on...
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  • Facing Your Writting Problems
    Facing Your Writing Problems Oliver J Shields-Nordness University of North Dakota Facing Your Writing Problems John Edgar Wideman’s “Our Time” a chapter from Brother and Keepers is a very interesting essay explaining the hardships of living in a place like Homeland back in the 50’s. Wideman tells his story through his mother, his brother Robby, and himself bringing up throughout the story the troubles he faces as a writer. Wideman faces the issue of keeping out his own bias as he listens...
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  • Reflective writting - 285 Words
    Wade Owens English 50 Dr.LaPorte 10/3/2013 Reflective Writting Coming into preparing for my paragraph I had three goals; make a strong a valid point, answering all of the possible questions a reader may have, and having a structured well developed paragraph. I wanted to maitain these goals throughout the writing process. I had to do minimal research becasuse I was familiar with the topic. There are three reasons why I chose to write about the qualities it takes to be a firefighter....
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  • Shannon Liegh Wynne - 1818 Words
    Shannon Leigh Wynne Advanced Placement United States History Mr. Ed Forté 1 December 2010 To America: Personal Reflections of an Historian by Stephen Ambrose vs. Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong by James W. Loewen History can be interpreted in many different ways, and has been, by many different people, who all have different views on politics and economics. Some authors try to change the audience’s opinions, some try to enhance them. Authors...
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  • Business English - 383 Words
    What general factors would you take into account when introducing specific writing skills practice to pre-experienced business English learners at Upper Intermediate level? factors -> specific writing skills practice Step 1 - Selection of topic. Step 2 - Title selection. Step 3 - Effective format. Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily... Step 1 - Selection of topic: There are infinite opportunities to write upon, but it's best to choose a...
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  • Library Manual - 3753 Words
    University of Phoenix University Library User Manual [pic] [pic] Presented by: Team A, LLC. University of Phoenix Table of Contents University Library Extensive contents and services for research via Keyword and or Subject eBooks Online access to course textbooks: Business and Management Information Technology General Studies Center for Writing and Math...
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  • Ap Lang 11 22
    Logical fallacy (11/22) In the coming election you have a choice between voting for me or voting for fiscal irresponsibility. This is an either-or fallacy and it is faulty in that it only gives you two choices and you don’t know anything else about these choices other than what you read. Like the “me” in the sentence could be a very irresponsible person as well. Slip or Trip Thesis Statement (11/22) I believe that the girl is guilty because the way he feel, the burning of stuff on the...
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  • study guide - 14665 Words
    Study Unit The Writing Process Part 1 By Lisa Rowe Fraustino, Ph.D. About the Author Lisa Rowe Fraustino, Ph.D., received her doctorate in English from the State University of New York at Binghamton. She is a college instructor and a freelance writer and editor. She has published many stories and articles in national magazines, and she has written two young adult novels, Grass and Sky and Ash, both published by Orchard Books. All terms mentioned in this text that are known to...
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  • Qualities of a Book Review - 1050 Words
    Feature and Opinion, Assignment Qualities of a Book Review # Introduction – Definition A book review is a description, critical analysis, and an evaluation on the quality, meaning, and significance of a book, not a retelling. * It should focus on the book's purpose, content, and authority. * A critical book review is not a book report or a summary * It should include a statement of what the author has tried to do, evaluates how well (in the opinion of the reviewer) the...
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  • Ilm Leadership - 451 Words
    ASSIGNMENT TASK for Unit: Delegating authority in the workplace Centre Number:|Centre Name:| Learner Registration No:|Learner Name:| TASKThe purpose of this unit is to enable learners to delegate work effectively and empower others. note:An ILM Assessment Task provides an opportunity to relate your learning directly to your current organisation. It is recommended that you discuss the assignment with your line manager to explore and agree how the task could be used to support the needs of...
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  • Rubric - 1499 Words
    WRITTEN COMMUNICATION VALUE RUBRIC for more information, please contact value@aacu.org The VALUE rubrics were developed by teams of faculty experts representing colleges and universities across the United States through a process that examined many existing campus rubrics and related documents for each learning outcome and incorporated additional feedback from faculty. The rubrics articulate fundamental criteria for each learning outcome, with performance descriptors demonstrating...
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  • OBITUARIES/ 3rd Person - 484 Words
    English Language Arts and Reading, Grade 6 Patricia Avila Learning Standards: [Integrated] Writing/Literary Texts. Students write literary texts to express their ideas and feelings about real or imagined people, events, and ideas.[6.15] [Integrated] write using a variety of grade-appropriate sentence lengths, patterns, and connecting words to combine phrases, clauses, and sentences in increasingly accurate ways as more English is acquired.[ELP.5F] Lesson moved here from last Thursday,...
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  • byrd is the word - 307 Words
    NOTES. One contrast in the writings of Byrd and Bradford is the purpose for which they are written. One reason Bradford writes his story is to inform the reader about the history of the pilgrims. Another reason for Bradford's writing is to inspire future generations to Puritan ideals alive.. On the other hand Byrd's writing was his own personal journal that was soon to be published. Byrd may have written his story to entertain his reader. For examples.. Although William Byrd's diary and...
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  • gygy - 3900 Words
    Report Writing – general notes The information below has been generated to assist students in writing business reports in an academic environment. Good businesses writing is succinct, evidenced based, underpinned by critical thinking, clear reasoning and sound logic. Academic writing is based on the same principles and in addition requires the evidence to be demonstrated through referencing which is generally not the case in business writing. In both business and academic writing the...
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  • The Great Escape - 675 Words
    C The Great Escape My best friend Ciara can easily be described as a dancing fool. Since I’ve known, her she has taken every dance class from Broadway tap to African tribal. Do you know that sometimes there isn’t even a hint of music to be heard for miles and she still manages to create some fancy shuffle out of the rhythm in her head? No matter where we are, she often just spontaneously brakes out in a complicated jig or body contortions that make it impossible to avoid the odd stares...
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  • How to write a paragraph - 582 Words
    THE PROCESS OF ACADEMIC WRITING Semestre 2014-2 A step-to-step Guide to Writing Academic Papers for TI3 students -The information contained in this handout has been taken from Writing Academic English by Alice Oshima and Ann Hogue- Handout N° 2 Worksheet N° 2 Topic: What makes a paragraph good? Learning goal: to write a paragraph using all the paragraph components and elements What makes a paragraph good? THE PROCESS OF ACADEMIC WRITING Semestre 2014-2 A step-to-step...
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  • Paragraph Writting - 268 Words
    Paragraph Writing Write a 150 to 200 word paragraph describing the steps of your current writing approach. For example, how do you approach writing an assignment for a class? In addition, outline the ways your process differs from or is similar to the writing process outlined in your texts. This paragraph should follow the structure of an effective paragraph. Underline the topic...
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  • Learning Experience - 2562 Words
    |[pic] |Syllabus | | |College of Humanities | | |COM/172 Version 3 | |...
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  • Literary Essay - 909 Words
    The Time I… My very first memory of beginning to write comes from when I was in Pre-School. I was four years old and I can remember coming home after my first day of school and telling my mother that I was going to quit school and never go back. Most would assume it was because I thought school was hard, but what is hard in Pre-K? My problem was that my teacher would not allow me to write my own name on my coloring papers. Sure, my hand writing was far from neat but the fact was that I could...
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  • The Importance of Revision - 370 Words
    Students will understand revision as part of the writing process, and they will learn how to implement revision comments and suggestions from others into their writing. Assessment/Deliverables: • Students will revise at least one substantive written assignment guided by rough draft comments created by their instructor and peers (instructors’ evaluations can be delivered via written comments, verbal comments, and/or conferencing). • Students will meet with their instructor at least once...
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  • NFL play 60 campaign
    Phil Collins Mr. Collum English 102 4 Mar 2014 English Midterm Assignment Part I: 1) I really felt that the ethos, pathos, and logos work that we did really elevated my writing and was probably the most helpful activity we have don’t this semester. It really helped me actually understand the different parts of writing and when to use which type of style. 2) I have learned that not all writing is just a research type paper or even a summary paper. We have written two different types of...
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  • Week 5 - 510 Words
    "Mid-course Reflection" Please respond to the following: Discuss your overall perceptions of the English Composition course thus far. Describe the course concepts that either have seemed familiar or have confused to you. Determine the one (1) or two (2) specific concepts that you would you like explore further. Assist your classmates by sharing your knowledge in relation to their responses. This research and writing course has helped me with brushing up on some much needed skills with my...
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  • Mrs. Dalloway - 277 Words
     Reading Journal October 17, 2013 Mrs. Dalloway pages 1-70 This reading to me, so far, has been the definition of complex. The author, Virginia Woolf, has such a different writing technique than I am accustomed to reading. She does not use any chapters in this writing, and often does not distinguish which character is speaking. The hardest part was for me to grow used to this. I am still trying to accomplish this. The different writing style though, makes the reader have to tune in more to...
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  • Compare and Contrast - 953 Words
    Comparison and Contrast Essay Analyzing literature can be achieved in many different ways and it should help the read gather a better understanding of the piece. The pieces of literature that I want to examine further are “The Swimmer” and “Prisoner on Hell Planet”. Both of these short stories contain similar and not so similar elements of literature. After reading these stories I gathered that it would be best to compare and contrast the following elements of literature; writing style, mood,...
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  • Reflection Assignment - 407 Words
    Marco Rivera Eng-111 Mr. Bowman 10 December, 2012 Reflection Assignment In this semester I feel my writing has improved in so many ways, one of my biggest accomplishments has been working on run-on sentences. I have learned to identify them and how to correct them. My writing has had a drastic increase, it has been improved in so many ways and it still is. The writing process I felt more confident about was the brainstorming. I liked it because this step gave me the option to...
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  • Personal Development Report - 373 Words
    : Personal Development Report • Please write a report exploring your own personal development goals in some detail, explaining both your identified needs and how your goals complement the strategic development of your organisation or the sector in which you work / wish to work. • You should respond to the feedback you received for the first assessment and make reference to the material studied throughout the module. • As we said on Saturday this is a fairly short report, 2000 words and...
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