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  • Wish and Paw - 295 Words
    My eassy Introduction: Sometimes people ask for wishes without thinking in the future…and terrible things could happen. Here we have two interesting stories about it. Which stories are we going to talk about? The point-by-point method: Aunty Misery and the monkey´s paw. In the Aunty misery we can see, the death climbed the tree like the other children did, and he got stocked like them..And we can look in the monkey´s paw all of them asked wishes in the same way. Aunty misery has a...
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  • The Power of a Wish - 1001 Words
    The Power of a Wish Posted by FrozenArctic on March 22nd, 2012 Views: 5996 Some say wishes are futile. They say that a wish is a waste of time, something that is beyond our grasps, a dish feasted upon by the weak and the poor. A wish is nothing more than a farfetched idea that is manipulated inside our dreams and lived out in our imagination. It’s easy to believe this when life catches up and swamps us with an unbearable workload of troubles, stress and sleepless nights. Sometimes, when the...
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  • I Wish - 1315 Words
    Jane Doe ENC 1102 Professor XXXX 1 August 2013 I wish… Looking back on my childhood and at all of the dreams I had, I have to realize that my life today is far from what I had dreamed of. Growing up without a mother and raised by an absentee father, I had to learn at an early age to take care of myself and to depend on myself for my basic needs. I spent most of my days daydreaming about the mother I did not have. In my dream world, she was well and alive: a beautiful, loving and...
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  • Wish and Pen Grants Wishes
    Deztiny Menyhart Honors 1/27/13 It was almost getting dark. I was cold, scared, and hungry. I couldn’t believe that I did this. How could I be so stupid and get lost in the woods? I’ve always went hiking and this is the first time I have ever got completely lost. I mean sure, once in a while I’ll get lost but I would always find my way back. I started to realize that the more I tried to walk...
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  • Beauty: Wish and Jane Martin
    “Beauty” By: Jane Martin The play “Beauty” by Jane Martin was a great play as in it tells you of how there are some people out there that are not satisfied with whom or what they have. And wish to be someone else or have what someone else has. And the magic a Genie can bring to give them their wishes and let them see how it feels to change places with the person you admire most. Like the saying “the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence.” The conflict that was...
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  • Beauty: Wish and Carla - 339 Words
    This funny witty story “Beauty” by Jane Martin is about two girls who argue about the facets each one has. Carla is the definition of beauty, and Bethany who is the opposite carries something Carla wishes she had: brains, personality, and a college degree. The play relies mostly on wit and wordplay with only two characters and a genie lamp. Both Carla and Bethany envy one another; wishing they had each other’s looks or persona. When Bethany has the power to change what she has and get what she...
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  • Wishes: Wish and Good Education
    My three wishes for my life Wishes are magical thoughts that everybody has had in their lives. Some are unlikely and impossible while some just may come true. Some people wish upon things like having a million dollars which is a highly unlikely wish since very few people are millionaires. Other people wish about their future. Sometimes wishes about the future come true because the person who made the wish worked for it. Wishes are wonderful things to fantasize about. If I were to be...
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  • Beauty: Wish and Bethany - 563 Words
    The play Beauty written by Jane Martin is about jealousy of the two main characters. Carla and Bethany are the complete opposite of each other. Carla is beautiful but has neither brains nor personality. On the other hand, Bethany is an accountant with a high income and very successful in writing short stories but is not satisfied with her appearance. Both girls envy one another wanting what each other have, Carla wants to be successful and smart and Bethany wishes to be beautiful. Bethany...
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  • Wish You Well - 538 Words
    Character development is an important part of all novels. A character's mindset can change throughout the story as they go through events that may change there mindset. In Wish You Well by David Baldacci, Oz's personality and attitude change from the beginning to the end of the novel. His point of view alone effects the story. As the book starts off Oz is a little immature boy. He is not self efficient and relies completely on his mother Amanda and his older sister Lou. “Fortunately, his...
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  • Bedazzled: Wish and Alison - 658 Words
    Meghan Perrone English 102 03/05/2013 A Critical Review of the movie “Bedazzled” The movie “Bedazzled”, based upon a screenplay written by Peter Cook and directed by Harold Ramis, is the story of hopelessly desperate Elliot Richards. Richards is in love with his co-worker, Alison Gardner, and makes a deal with the devil for his soul in exchange for seven wishes. Elliot uses his wishes to become a man that Alison would find attractive. But the pursuit of the audience that wishes granted...
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  • Report: Homeopathy and Wish - 870 Words
    LITTLE PILLS FOR LITTLE ONES Date: 1st December , 2013, Time : 9:30 am to 12:00 pm My child is hyperactive, jumps and runs about all the time My child is having problems in concentrating at studies. My child gets violent, destructive and obstinate!! How do I improve my child’s immunity and enhance his growth? My child keeps falling sick. What do I do? PEDIATRICIAN HOMOEOPATH PSYCOLOGIST COMPLETE CHILD CARE INTRODUCING TO YOU FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF CHILD CARE...
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  • Something I Wish I Had
    Narrative Essay Something I Wish I Had Each person in this wonderful world surely had a wish that they want to achieve in their life. That is normal in human being life. Wishing to have something can be described in many ways. Maybe they want to have a latest gadget, a modern lifestyle, a big house at a peaceful place, and many more. Same goes with me. I have something I wish to have too. I wished to have a good life until the last breath of my life. There are many things that I wish I could...
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  • Wishes: Thought and Highly Unlikely Wish
     Wishes, what it would be, for you, for someone else or the world. Is there anything a person wouldn’t do to have three wishes? Think about it! One person has a set of goals for their whole life, they long for a desire that is out of reach, but upon utterance of a few words in that instance that fantasy becomes reality. If I were to have the opportunity of having three wishes, the first thought that will come to my mind will be myself, myself and myself, but if I will stop and think...
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  • Greed: Wish and Current Land Holdings
    Making bad decisions is a part of life and unfortunately bad choices can lead to very poor outcomes. In the Stories How Much Does a Man Need, Contents in the Dead Mans Pockets, and The Monkeys Paw, Tom Beneke, Pahom, and Mr. White all make really poor choices , unfortunately because of deaths relating to bad decisions, two of the characters will never learn from their mistakes. Pahom was a hard working farmer, who just wasn’t happy with his current land holdings. He became too greedy with...
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  • One Wish in Life: a Brief Reflection
    It is very clear that everyone has wants, desires and wishes. Their wishes might be to obtain things, that which is very common; or to be with a special person, for the helpless romantics; or for unbelievable stuffs which include time travelling gadgets, special powers and the Elixir of Life. Wishing for these things is not bad; though wishing for bad things to happen is bad, wishing in itself is not. In fact, wishing adds more spice in life. Isn't it exciting to know that there is a possibility...
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  • Wishes: Wish and Sergeant-major Morris
    3-30-12 Wishes The stories “The Third Wish,” and “The Monkey’s Paws” demonstrate a twist in fate. What can three wish do to a normal guy? Can it change his life forever? “The Third Wish,” and “The Monkey’s Paws” are more similar than different because they both involve three wishes. These three wishes brings along tragic accidents, great sadness, and many regrets. In “The Third wish,” Mr. Peters help saves the King of the Forest, who later grants Mr. Peters three wishes. In “The Monkey’s...
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  • A Moment in My Life: a Wish Comes True
    Nozdrina 1 A Wish Comes True. How often do we make a wish and really believe that the wish will come true? As adults we are more grounded in reality and we do...
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  • Be careful what you wish for you might just get it
     Themes: change Sponsor This Essay 316 Be careful what you wish for. You might not like what you get. Some people wish for things without thinking about the challenges that await them ahead. Such as, wishing for a promotion and then getting more tasks then they can do. Or they wish to have children when they end up with twins, which they can barely handle. Or winning the lottery and spending all the money at once and not having it when they need it the most. I made a wish; I wish my father...
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  • The Monkeys Paw by W.W. Jacobs and The Third Wish by Joan Aiken: The Effects of Wishing For Something and its Consequences
    rastCompare and Contrast Essay Mary Whipple Period 6 December 12 Wishes can be good, and wishes can be a huge disaster. The story of “The Monkeys Paw” by W.W. Jacobs and the story of “The Third Wish” by Joan Aiken tell us the effects of wishing for something and everything that comes afterwards. In the rising action of both stories they both have a lot in common. The main characters use their second wish to make their wife’s happy. The themes for both stories teach that wishes or other...
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  • Monkey Paw - 718 Words
    David Phillips Mrs. Spencer AE English 10A, Period 2 17 September 2012 Twisted Fate Throughout history people have attempted to change fate to fulfill their future. In the story “The Monkeys Paw”, by W.W. Jacobs, the Whites family simple life is dramatically changed when they do not listen to wise advice about the magical monkeys paw. With the hope of making their lives better by wishing for money, the White family quickly learns that the gains do not weigh out the repercussions. The...
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  • Monkeys paw - 690 Words
    It was a man and son playing checkers on a cold night when a man comes to the door. It was sergeant major Morris. He brought a monkeys ow that he got from a fakir. The monkey's paw allowed three different people three wishes. Sergeant Morris wanted to get rid of the monkeys paw but Mr.White refused. Mr. white wanted the wishes. He wished for two-thousand pounds. He got what he wanted but it had a consequence with it. His son Herbert got caught in the machinery at work and was killed. Mrs. White...
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  • Wishes Essay - 400 Words
    Let’s say, one day, you’re granted three wishes. Your first two wishes were used wisely, but you killed yourself using the third one. Or, let’s say you get three wishes, and you died before you could use the third one. Well, in the stories, “These Three Wishes”, and, “The Third Wish”, both of these things happened. And as you can see, they have similarities and differences. One of the main differences between these two stories is how both characters died. In “Those...
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  • The Monkey's Paw by W.W. Jacobs
    “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W. Jacobs Setting: The main setting of “The Monkey’s Paw” would be stationed around the Laburnam Villa, the White family home. We enter the story by the weather being dark and stormy, but as soon as we walk into the Villa, it’s immediately warm and comfortable. As the story progresses deeper, the Villa becomes more haunting and progressively darker. After Herbert dies, the house is completely thick with silence. Point of view: This story is told in third person...
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  • Theme Essay on the Monkey's Paw
    Project #1 – Theme Essay on The Monkey’s Paw The Monkey’s Paw, written by W.W. Jacobs, is a short story about the consequences of messing with fate. Mr. White is a simple man living with his wife, Mrs. White, and his grown son, Herbert. One evening Sergeant-Major Morris, a family friend back from India, visits them and shows them a monkey’s paw he had gotten there, saying that it will grant a man three wishes, but that it was made to prove that when you mess with fate, bad things happen. Even...
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  • Compair and Contrast - 476 Words
    Nick Abraham Compare/Contrast Paper English 8-2 March 6, 2013 There are lots of stories out there and lots of stories or movies have it where a character has the power to make wishes for whatever they want. It is usually hard for the character to decide what to wish for. In this paper I will tell you how the books,“ The Monkeys Paw,”and,“The Fisherman and his Wife,” are alike and different. In the fishermans wife story the wife was never settled with what she had. Every time she got...
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  • Monkey's Paw - 2280 Words
    wAnalytical Reading Quiz. 1. What is the title of your book ? Outside, the night is cold and wet. Inside, the White family sits and waits. Where is their visitor? There is a knock at the door. A man is standing outside in the dark. Their visitor has arrived. The visitor waits. He has been india for many years. What has he got? He has brought the hand of a small, dead animal-a monkey’s paw. Outside, in the dark, the visitor smiles and waits for the door to open. 2. Describe the...
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  • three wishes - 854 Words
    Three wishes are upon me and three wishes are my lead into achieve what I want. These wishes can or cannot grant what I want but they will surely help me think what the most important things in my life are. I got these three wishes for my great personality and my positiveness. I have three wishes that I would like to wish for, even though if they can’t be granted at least the most important thing is to try it by my own. These wishes are the lead to my happiness and they are, wishing to visit...
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  • monkeys paw - 298 Words
    Sergeant-Major Morris Is Innocent!!! Many may believe that Sergeant-Major Morris is an evil man; a man who has come to the house of Mr. and Mrs. White to spread chaos and misfortune; but I would have to disagree. There are many places the author tries to prove Sergeant Morris' innocence. For example when Major Morris is explaining to the Whites what he wants to do with the Monkey's paw, the sergeant said "I did have some idea of selling it, but I do not think I will. It's done enough...
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  • The Monkey's Paw - 1254 Words
    “The Monkey’s Paw” – Understanding Plot Assignment Zoe Frost 1. a) Character vs. Character: Mr. White vs. Mrs. White. Mrs. White forces Mr. White to wish for their son, Herbert, to come alive again, but Mr. White knows there will be a consequence (Herbert will come back a zombie, or such thing) and does not want to make the wish. 2. Character vs. Unknown: Mr. White vs. the knocking on the door. Mr. White doesn’t want to help Mrs. White open the door because he is afraid of what is on the...
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  • The Monkey's Paw, by W. W. Jacobs: Understanding Theme of The Story
    "The Monkey's Paw" is set in 19th century England. The story takes place in a cabin in a deserted suburban area. The majority of the story's scenes happen at night, leaving only a few scenes in daylight. During the night, the weather is never pleasant and often unsettling, but during the day the weather is decent. The author purposely sets the suspenseful scenes during the nighttime leaving the reader to expect something horrible to happen. The scenes that take place during the day are not as...
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  • The King of the Fishes - 320 Words
    KING OF THE FISHES TITLE: THE KING OF THE FISHES AUTHOR: Ivy O. Eastwick PLACE AND DATE OF PUBLISHER: Torbay, United Kingdom October 10, 2011 NUMBER OF PAGES: Two (2) pages BRIEF SUMMARY: There lived a little farm girl named Rose who took the horses down to the pond to drink. while the horses were drinking, Rose put her hands in the water and pulled out a large gold fish Rose was thinking what it was then later on the large gold fish talked and...
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  • Monkey Paw Quiz - 926 Words
    The Monkey’s Paw Quiz Name: Mirella Montejano Score: __/25 A. Summary Instructions: Complete the summary of the story below by filling in the missing works. (10) The White family—mother, father, and son Herbert—are spending a cozy evening at (1)____________ when the father's friend Sergeant Major Morris drops by for a visit. In the course of telling stories about his travels to (2) ____________, Morris reveals that he has a magical (3) ____________that will give its...
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  • State of the Mother's Mind in “the Monkey's Paw”
    To a mother, nothing can break her heart terribly than losing her children forever. Mrs. White, the mother in the story “The Monkey’s Paw” has experienced this sorrow even more badly because her curiosity and greediness are the factors contributing to the death of her son. By using short sentences, the technique foreshadowing, the author not only makes his readers palpitate with fear but also leads them to Mrs. White’s state of mind to understand and sympathize with her in such pain. This...
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  • The Monkey's Paw: the Light Footprint of British History
    The Monkey's Paw: The Light Footprint of British History by M. Lutfi / 1104391 Written in 1906, "The Monkey's Paw" is a story about Whites' family who received a dried "monkey's paw", dubbed as a magical item which will grant their three wishes, from one of their friend, Sergeant-Major Morris. Taking it as a joke, they wished for two hundred pounds, which they later get in the expense of the death of their son, Herbert. Hopeless, they then wished for their son to come back into life, only to...
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  • The Alternate Ending to the Monkeys Paw
    The monkeys paw The old delusional lady snatched the paw away from his grasp, mumbling excitedly to herself she held the paw tight and said fiercely ‘I wish my son alive again.’ She frequently repeated it over and over until it became a jumbled chant; when suddenly a slow but insistent knock rang through the desolate house. Mrs White leapt up at the first sluggish rap, ‘My boy, my boy is finally here!’ she cried repeatedly fixing her dishevelled hair combing her hands through the straggle and...
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  • 3 wishes - 561 Words
    “The Three Wishes” One calm and cold winter morning, I awoke to the sound of knocking on my front door. I rushed downstairs to open it. I turned the knob and was aghast at who I saw on the other side. Cameras flashed as Oprah Winfrey told me that I had won the “Fall Kick Off ‘3 Wishes’ Give-A-Way.” The three wishes that I desired was to become a wrestling state champion, to be with the perfect girl, and to have unlimited gas for my car. The first wish that was granted to me was to become...
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  • Monkey Paw - 932 Words
    BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR A suspenseful and horrific piece of literature, “The Monkey Paw” is written by W.W Jacobs. A quaint family of three receives an unusual monkey paw that is capable of making any three wishes come true. Despite the caveat of a curse attached to the paw, the family chooses to make a wish, evoking from the story a suspenseful attitude as the reader becomes wrapped up in finding out the Smiths’ fated ends. With the combination of W.W Jacobs’ settings, characters, and...
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  • If I Could Have 3 Wishes
    Keishla Diaz C Block, Mr. Willard Sept 16, 2010 “ IF I COULD ONLY HAVE THREE WISHES”…. If I could find something/someone who could grant me three wishes I would have many thoughts going through my mind. It would be a great, yet very indecisive moment. I would have to think of what that wish can do to my future, if it would make it better or make it a bad future that no one would like to have. My 1st wish would be to have a great future not only me but my family as well, because I know that...
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  • 3 wishes paper - 461 Words
     You Don’t Always Get What You Want One day I was making my usual trips around town, the video store, the grocery store, then back home. Unusually, on my way there was a mysterious man. This man had seemed to be homeless, wearing a trench coat, old boots, and a tattered shirt. The man had presented to me a silver box, it wasn’t rusted but was dirty to the point of looking like it. “Take this,” said the man “and make three wishes, it contains a magical genie.” Being skeptical I looked at...
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  • Essey Of The Monkey S Paw
    Tatiana Lisovaya Prof. E. Davis ENG 0309 June, 27, 2014 Three alternative choices Mr. White One of the great things about reading is that it encourages thinking and imagination. It inspires readers to wonder “what if” about the characters and plot, to consider how things might have been different in the end. Three alternative choices Mr. White could have made include avoiding a third wish altogether, wishing for Herbert to come back fully healthy, or wishing that none of the misfortunes had...
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  • The Monkey's Paw Overview - 1197 Words
    1. Compare and contrast the elements found in the short stories using a graphic organizer. Analysis of the elements are done occording to the criteria listed below: * Plot * Characters * Theme(s) * Setting * Moral values PLOT Short storyElements | BEQUESTS OF LOVE | THE MONKEY’S PAW | Exposition | At the beginning of the story the writer tells the audience about Karim, that bornhandicapped. He also tells us about the happiness of the family. They also havetwins,...
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  • An Analysis of the Monkey's Paw - 606 Words
    Joseph Gudino The Monkey's Paw Literary Response The short story , The Monkey's Paw , was a chilling novel about the White family (Mr. White , Mrs. White , Herbert )and how they used a talisman to change there fate , but not for what they had hoped for . The author introduces this story on a cold , wet night which gives a suspensful feeling to the novel at first hand . While the White's are spending time together in a small parlor , they get a visit from Mr. White's old friend , sergeant...
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  • Monkey's Paw - 295 Words
    Marun-Batista Ms. Oleksyshyn ENG2D1 15 October 2013 The Monkey's Paw W.W Jacob's the Monkey's Paw has some very distinctive differences when placed in direct comparison with the film adaptation. In the short film, it seems that various aspects of the story do no hold true to the original story. A few of the more noticeable changes include the scenes, dialog, and the addition of the occasional slips humour from the characters. The story according to W.W Jacobs begins in the parlour of...
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  • the monkey's paw - 2434 Words
    introduction "The Monkey's Paw" is W.W. Jacobs' most famous story and is considered to be a classic of horror fiction. It first appeared in Harper's Monthly magazine in 1902, and was reprinted in his third collection of short stories, The Lady of the Barge, also published in 1902. The story has since been published in many anthologies, adapted for the stage, and made into films. "The Monkey's Paw" was well received when Jacobs first published it; the story garnered rave reviews from some of...
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  • The Monkeys Paw - 406 Words
    Molly Cantor “The Monkey’s Paw” and “The Third Wish” are very alike in many ways. They both have three wishes. There are both good things that happen and bad things that happen. Also they can be very different. The people, place and how the wishes are given. The mood, theme and resolution can be different and that’s what I am going to tell you about. The mood in “The Monkey’s Paw” is very different from the mood in “The Third Wish”. “The Monkey’s Paw” is scary because of page 99. “A rush of...
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  • creative essay - 1176 Words
    Three Wishes Caleb Matthews sat on the stoop of his brown stone house in Harlem holding his basketball close by his waist. “Where is Amar?” he thought to himself. Amar was Caleb’s older brother who was supposed to be home a half hour ago to play basketball with him, as he had promised the day before. Disappointed, Caleb grabbed his ball and proceeded to open his front door, only stopping when he heard footsteps pounding on the pavement accompanied by someone shouting his name. He...
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  • The Monkeys Paw Summeriazatoin Essay
    Mindy Marsingill Professor D’Angelo English Summarization Essay August, 27th 2012 Summary of “The Monkey’s Paw,” by W.W. Jacobs “The Monkey’s Paw,” by W.W. Jacobs, is a chilling macabre short story written in third-person narrative. This is a heart wrenching story that examines the unrelenting depth of a mothers love while teaching the reader, that trying to get things in life that weren’t meant to be, can have unexpected and tragic consequences. The...
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  • A Day I Spend on Bed
    A day spend on bed I am a healthy person and never fall ill, whereas my sister is often ill. My father, mother, grand mother, all are very careful about her health and look to all her wishes. When she is not well we all have to slow down the TV, switch off the fan, and keep our voice low. One day when my mother work me, I did not feel like getting up. I had slight headache. Mother touched my forehead and said I had temperature. How happy I was! Now everybody would have to do what I wish. My...
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  • The Monkey's Paw - 798 Words
    W.W. Jacobs’ The Monkey Paw was a pretty chilling short story. And by short story, I mean probably 5-10 pages long. But even though it was super short, it was super disturbing! The story gave the reader something serious to think about and was left with an open ending, to leave you to your imagination. It didn’t have a lot of words in the story, but the words were enough to really create some thought and ask the question, what would I do in that situation? Like the tag line says, "Be...
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  • The Wishing Tree - 1295 Words
    Observation Essay (Final Draft) February 27, 2013 It was the beginning of fall and the wind carried the aroma of fresh fallen leaves. The day was calm; children were playing outside, bikers were riding in the wind and homes were content with fall joy. Things seemed to be going well for everyone, everyone except Samantha Lewinski and her mother. Even the most amazing weather in the world couldn’t stop them from arguing. Samantha was growing into a young woman and she felt she knew...
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  • My Goal in Life - 276 Words
    Like all other human beings, it's a necessity to have a goal in life. A grand plan. The big picture of what you're wishing to have lying ahead of you in the future. The thing you wish to be involved in, breathe in, bathe in, sleep in, live in, under, over, next to. It varies. From one person to the next. But the tragedy (or Unlike most wandering souls, my wishes are fairly simple. Or so I thought up till now. It's not really something altruistic nor devoid of any intricacy. It's simple. As in...
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  • Three Wishes to Make the World Better
    Three Wishes To Make the World Better There are many things that could help make the world a better place. These are three wishes that would help out. These are world peace, no harmful drugs, and no criminals. If this happened the world would be a less dangerous place for everybody. Out of the three wishes the most important wish would be world peace. This would help in many different ways. One reason is there would be no more wars. Many people are injured or killed from wars that happen...
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  • How the Author Creates Tension and Suspense in the Monkey's Paw
    There are many techniques that are used to create tension and suspense in 'The Monkey's Paw'. From the very beginning we can see that the language used sets the scene and conveys the mood of the story; "the night was cold and wet". Pathetic fallacy immediately implies that the story will be based on evil and creates tension as it intrigues the reader. We can see that the language used helps the story to become fast paced which contributes to creating tension and suspense. We can also see that...
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  • The House on Mango Street - 405 Words
    People got different lifes but a negative thought change it all. Esperanza feels alone and she interprets herself as a lonely girl with bad luck. At the beginning of the book she doesn´t accept who she is. She says that because she got the same name as her grandma she would have the same future as her, waiting for someone who changes her life. Esperanza´s negative view of herself, knowing and accepting where we have come from is an important part of growing up and determining who we are....
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  • Leprechauns - 815 Words
    I. Introduction A. Thanks 1. Thank You Mr.Jones B. Salutation 1. Ladies and gentlemen C. Ethos 1. Have you ever wondered what you would wish for if you were given three wishes? 2. We are all members of cultures and subcultures. 3. Today I am going to be speaking about the Irish Myth of the leprechaun. 4. If you pay attention; you might learn something that could one day aid you in capturing a leprechaun. You could also have something relevant and interesting to say at...
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  • The mystic beatbox - 426 Words
    The mystic beat box Dasha Butler hour: 7th hr. 9/30/13 There once was a man named Tukin. He was walking through the forest for his daily morning routine. He was walking and tripped over a big pile of leaves. He found it awfully strange tripping over a pile of leaves. He started to dig up the pile of leaves. He saw a beat box and he picked it up and opened. A tape fell out and started talking. It said “you have three wishes, choose them wisely”. At first Tukin hesitated and...
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  • Comparison of Monkeys Paw - 563 Words
    Imagine you could wish for your heart's desire. It could be anything you wanted. However, someone would have to die for your wish to come true. Remember, be careful of what you wish for; the consequences may be horrific. The idea of fate and symbolism, when mixed together, can make a lethal pair. Dahl and Jacobs use fate and symbolism to paint an effective picture of death. The idea of fate is used in both "The Monkey's Paw" and Lamb to the Slaughter. In "Monkey's Paw", the paw manipulates...
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  • A little girls special coat
    A little girl’s special coat Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lucy. She had long golden hair and cute little blue eyes. One day she went shopping with her mum to buy a perfect coat, but not just any coat, a bright red sparkly coat. She searched and searched and carried on searching. But she found no luck. None of the shops had a bright red sparkly coat! So they just gave up and headed home. In the car on her way home, Lucy was staring out of the window, looking at the shops...
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  • Papers for Me - 470 Words
    3/6/13 My very big wishes “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world,” a quote by Harriet Tubman. When she said that it made me think about my wishes and my dreams and what they are. Whishes are dreams, something you want to work for, or something you want to make them happen like meeting my whole family, going to Ireland and having world peace. Last...
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  • being a superhero - 604 Words
    Most days I'd like to believe that I'm still young, hip, and cool. And while it may be true that I've just now become a twenty-something, it always surprises me how "out of tune" I can be at times. I had no idea who Carly Rae Jepsen was until a few months ago and even now I do not get the appeal of a certain popular pop star. I think it's safe to say that I have a few more years left before I become completely clueless. Though I am a bit nervous. How can I possibly write for kids when it seems...
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  • My Birthday - 502 Words
    . Flying papers , multi colours of balloon, delicated blossom, fantastic people, love and laughter. What it describes? Its Your HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2. MAY U B WOT U HOPE TO B, C ALL U WANT TO C... DO ALL WOT U WANT TO MAY YR EVERY WISH COMES TRUE... "A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U" 3. Kick off ur shoes,take a break,Crank the tunes,Dance & Shake,light the candles,cut the cake .Make ita a day,that's simply Great!!! Happy B'Day.... 4. A prayer: 2 bless ur way A wish : 2 lighten ur...
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  • Grant Me Three Wishes
    Grant Me Three Wishes! One Sunday evening while I’m cleaning up my bedroom, someone came and knocked on my door. I wondered who was that, suddenly a beautiful fairy appeared in front of me. I was so surprised. She told me that I can request anything from her and I reply “Grant me three wishes!” I told her the wishes that I want are: I want to be a rich woman; I wish I can go back to half a year ago and I want to operate a kindergarten. The first wish that I want is to be a rich woman. I...
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  • An Analysis of A Gesture Life by Chang-Rae Lee
    Chang-rae lee, in A Gesture Life, pictures a Japanese immigrant named Franklin Hata. Hata have been seeking assimilation into the American society. To become part of the society, Hata tries to become the perfect citizen in the society, a "mascot" who everyone knows and respects. To further his assimilation, he tries to complete the picture of a whole and healthy family as many ideal Americans. Through adapting Sunny, Hata wants to assimilate through a parental figure. Through parental figure...
    1,133 Words | 3 Pages
  • TFIOS PAPER - 1077 Words
    Ojeda 1 Rosa Ojeda Mrs. Currie English 1 ­ B2 10/7/14 The Fault in Our Stars I am not really a person who likes to read, mainly because I can never find a book that seems to interest me, until I found ​ The Fault in Our Stars. The Fault in Our Stars​ is a drama and romance book based on two teenagers that connect through their lives with cancer. ​ I was able to relate to this book with many aspects and themes it contained whether it was emotionally ...
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  • The Monkey's Paw - 2850 Words
    Unit 1 Title: The Monkey’s Paw by W. W. Jacobs1 Suggested Time: 4 - 5 days (45 minutes per day) Common Core ELA Standards: RL.8.1, RL.8.2, RL.8.4; W.8.1, W.8.3, W.8.4, W.8.9; SL.8.1; L.8.1, L.8.2, L.8.4, L.8.5 Teacher Instructions Preparing for Teaching 1. Read the Big Ideas and Key Understandings and the Synopsis. Please do not read this to the students. This is a description for teachers about the big ideas and key understanding that students should take away after completing this...
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  • Literary Analysis: Monkey's Paw
    What makes a scary story? Is it the death of an important character or a guy in a mask scaring people? W. W. Jacobs, the author of The Monkey’s Paw uses numerous amounts of literary devices to make this story interesting. In my essay I will be responding to the theme, mood/imagery/personification, and foreshadowing. In this story a sergeant major is in possession of a monkey’s paw that appears to be magic. The paw allows him to make wishes. But every time the man makes a wish, death takes...
    538 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Thoughts - 533 Words
    Aliah Rolland Mrs. Remington Creative Wrighting 5 December 2012 “The Thoughts” It was Christmas Day and I was dreading opening the gift from my Aunt Jenny. As always I planted a corny grin on my face expecting a cheesy present, but I’m not sure if it was cheesy or not. As I was opening my presents I come to my Aunts last and so I pick it up, it was just a small box in the same red wrapping paper with tiny cartoon Christmas trees and big yellow bow on it. I slowly rip the paper and while I’m...
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  • A Crime of Compassion - 529 Words
    A CRIME OF COMPASSION This woman is not a murderer. Barbara Huttmann is a long time nurse who gave a man named Mac his wish to just die and not continue to suffer. Mac had terminal cancer, was on loads of pain medication that wasn’t working and at a hospital where the policy was to resuscitate any patient that stopped breathing. But he begged her to stop them from resuscitating him and so she did. What Huttmann did was not wrong. Mac had the right to die with...
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  • The Mongol - 531 Words
    Compare and Contrast Essay Suspense a feeling of tension because the reader or viewer doesn’t know what’s going to happen. These two stories which I am going to talk about compare, good examples of suspense writing.The first story is “The Monkey’s Paw” written by W.W Jacob. The other story is “The Tell-Tale Heart” written by Edgar Allan Poe. In both stories the main characters have a hard time making the right decision. To...
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  • The Monkey's Paw - 1980 Words
    The Monkey’s Paw Of all the horror short stories I have read “The Monkey’s Paw” by W.W Jacobs is by far the best for creating a suspenseful atmosphere/mood. I intend to show how W.W Jacobs creates this suspenseful atmosphere/mood through the analysis of setting, narrative, dialogue and character in order to deepen my understanding. “The Monkey’s Paw” tells the story of a small but close family, the Whites who are visited by Sergeant-Major-Morris a friend of Mr Whites who brings with him the...
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  • the monkey paw - 718 Words
    The Monkey’s Paw” was written by William Wymark Jacobs, or W.W. Jacobs. Jacobs was a comedic writer, and his stories fascinated both his readers and listeners. It would be interesting to dissect the story of “The Monkey’s Paw” to reveal the use of symbolism and imagery. These two elements of literature could provide the reader with a deeper understanding of Jacob’s work. The Whites family had three people, namely Mr. White, Mrs. White, and their son Herbert White. They are a happy family with a...
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  • Birthday Wishes Letter - 256 Words
    Informal Letter Firdous Park, Lahore. 23rd December 2010. SUBJECT: LETTER OF BIRTHDAY WISHES Dear Aslam, Hope this letter finds you and your family in best of health. Let me remind you that you are going to be a year older on your birthday and I am writing to wish you millions of blessings and happiness. You are a remarkable buddy of mine and I remember the great time we spent together in school and college. On this very special day, I pray that your every wish will come true. I know...
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  • Superhero True - 431 Words
    Superhero True When I was a little boy, I never found interest in my toys, ‘Cus there you were across the street, Looking so pretty and soundin’ so sweet, And I knew that all I wanted to do, Was to be a superhero just for you. I would come to the rescue, Save the day, I’d always be there to push you outta harm’s way, And when I felt weak all you’d ever have to say, “Is I love you, my Superhero True.” Oh, we stuck together through the years, I held your hand through the struggles and the...
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  • The Presence of Horror and Fear in ‘the Monkey’s Paw’ Story
    The Presence of Horror and Fear in ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ Story This essay is an analysis of ‘The Monkey’s Paw’, a horror short story by William Wymark Jacobs. This story is about a talisman that shapes like monkey’s paw which has magical powers. It grants three wishes to its owner. It’s given to one family, husband, wife, and their son. They wish for some money, and that wish also become true, they get the money, the exact amount they wished for. But actually that money was the compensation for...
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  • Birthday Messages - 358 Words
    special birthday sms ------------------------------------------------- posted in Birthday SMS ------------------------------------------------- Your way happy birthday I’m so blessed 2 have a friend like u This comes with many Loving thoughts & warm wishes I send 2 u, May ur day be filled with laughter On this ur special day & may the finest things In life always come Ur way happy birthday! ------------------------------------------------- posted in Birthday SMS...
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  • Internet: a Blessing or a Curse
    Birthday messages for someone special | Happy Birthday to the most special person in my life! May the most you wish for be the least you get. Hope you have a birthday that's as special as you are! Are you ready to party?! You are such a special blessing to me and I wish you a wonderful Birthday filled with love, joy and all good things you enjoy most! Only special people receive birthday messages from me. And you are that special one! Wishing you joy and love all year through!...
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  • A Heavy Price to Learn a Lesson in John-Jin
    John-Jin by Rose Tremain is a short story with two main characters. We have John-Jin himself, who was Chinese and born with a disease that held back his growth. He would only grow in minute little bursts. When John-Jin became older his adopted parents took him to Manchester to see a specialist who then started him on treatments of growth hormone shots. Things started to look up but after ten years when John-Jin was 12, the shots took a bad affect on him and he developed Creutzfeldt and Jacob...
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  • Deffiniton Essay - I Meant to Say Good Luck
    I meant to say good luck An AUBG teacher told a student: “Go break a leg” for good luck, and the student actually broke a leg during a performance. The teacher felt somewhat responsible as if he wished bad luck upon the student. I think the teacher was sorry for not using a simple “Good luck!” Furthermore there are a lot of phrases that are used to wish good luck but have a bad literal meaning as “Break a leg”. Most people use them without considering their literal meaning and history. The...
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  • The Significance of Desire in Our Lives
    Desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. To desire is to be in a certain state of mind. It is a state of mind familiar to everyone who has ever wanted to get a drink of water or desired to know what has happened to old friends. Desire is something that lives deep within a person, but can only be seen through objects one acquires or how hard a person works. This desire can be intense and passionate which helps to fuel the fire within someone....
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  • Friendship and Happy Birthday - 733 Words
    Birthday Wishes On your birthday, today, I wish you a year with loads of fun, excitement and beautiful memories. Happy Birthday. You are a good friend and an even better person. May God bless you with wonderful times ahead. Happy Birthday and thanks for the friendship we share. I wish you a very Happy and warm Birthday. Your friendship has touched all of us. May you get all you desire. With a new year of your journey, shall come more challenges, opportunities and greater success. May God bless...
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  • No Pain No Gain
    No pain no gain The monkey’s paw was written by W. W. Jacobs in 1902. It is a story about the Whites family who makes three wishes from the magic monkey’s paw, and the unexpected and dramatic consequences around them. The core moral of the story is to prove the saying “no pain, no gain.” If you are not willing to sacrifice something of yours, you will never gain what you want. No free meal is provided after all. From the text, we can find statement this idea of the author. For example, on...
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  • How is suspense created and maintained in The Monkey's Paw and The Red Room?
    In The Monkey's Paw written by W.W. Jacobs and The Red Room written by H.G. Wells, there are many similarities and differences in the ways the stories are written and suspense created. For example, both stories belong to the horror genre where the supernatural appears due to human interferences, and both have a fast and frantic climax where the characters' lives are put in jeopardy. However they do differ in places, one of the key differences being that The Monkey's Paw is written in third...
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  • Ethical - 341 Words
    For the past years, I have been influenced daily by the people I surround myself with. I am most influenced by my parents, which I consider great leaders. My parents are loving individuals who have helped me accomplish many things today by leading me on the right direction. Their hard work has made me see and understand that life should not be taken for granted; not to settle for just passing, but to be the best I can be by accomplishing my goals. They also remind me the importance of...
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  • How to spot a liar - 445 Words
    After listened to Pamela Meyer’s speech “How to spot a liar” I think this is an interesting topic and if people go deeper in this topic people can conclude more interesting things from it. Meyer first talk about the lying is a cooperative act. Sometimes we got lie to and at some other point we are agree to get lies. However, not all lies are harmful; sometimes lies can be friendly and acceptable. We were always wishing that we were better, more powerful, smarter, richer, and the list can goes on...
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  • Death By Scrabble - 294 Words
    A Turn in Death Charlie Fish describes a rather unfortunate turn of events for a man playing a simple game with his wife in “Death by Scrabble.” The first few paragraphs describe a very aggravated man who has much hatred built up towards his wife and the heat. While initially it is hard to figure out if the man is being sarcastic with his crude comments, Fish allows his seriousness to shine when our protagonist wishes death upon his wife. The events following come out of no where when in the...
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  • Speech on life Experiences - 1521 Words
    When I think of life’s journey, I imagine a long road, a long grubby road that at times is surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes, and at times is just layered through a hot dry desert. Sometimes, I just picture struggling people, as climbing up the mountains with their heavy bag packs. The abstract reality of life sometimes seem so vague as if whatever in front of me is just a reflection of another big reality. Make A Dream was a very influential phase of my life. I was working for...
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  • How Do the Poets Present the Range of Feelings Associated with Family Relationships?
    How Do The Poets Present The Range Of Feelings Associated With Family Relationships? Parents have their own way of showing their feelings towards their children, whether it’s by their actions or words, they all have a meaning behind them. Larkin and Scannell both show their affection towards their child in different ways, but both want to achieve the same goal for their child, happiness. In the poem Born Yesterday by Philip Larkin, there are a lot of techniques used to present the feelings...
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  • Monkey's Paw - 2328 Words
    Irony, Foreshadowing, Theme, and Conflict in “The Monkey’s Paw” Foreshadowing is a technique that authors use to drop hints or clues about what will happen later, thereby helping to build suspense and prepare readers for the outcome. Examples of Foreshadowing: 1. p. 143 - When Mr. White and Herbert are playing a game of chess, Mr. White puts his king into “sharp and unnecessary perils” and makes a “fatal mistake.” His reckless moves in the chess game foreshadow how Mr. White puts...
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  • Havisham - 456 Words
    Carol Ann Duffy's poem 'Havisham' is a dramatic monologue written from the eyes of the infamous character Miss Havisham who is extracted from Dickens’s 'Great Expectations'. Miss Havisham is a very disturbing character for a number of different reasons conceived by the pain and hurt she has endured through out her life after being jilted at the altar many years before the poem is set. Through out Havisham we learn that there is more underlying problems to Havisham than what was once...
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  • My best Birthday ever
    Personal Narrative (My Best Birthday Ever) Birthday comes only once a year. This year my birthday was celebrated, the way i wanted it to be. It was the night of 25th August. I was in my bed waiting patiently and starring at the clock, hoping that when will the clock strike 12:00 am and the calendar will change its date. I waited and waited. After some while, it was 12:00am. I was so curious about the e surprise my parents promised me. But I found out that no one knocked at my door to wish me....
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  • Tears of a Tiger - 250 Words
    Justin Evans Goodbye to love This song goes along with the mood of the story because it is a sad song about losing a loved one. In the story after Rob and Andy pass away their families were very sad about losing them. This was a major plot point in the story. Eye of a Tiger Eye of a tiger relates to the story because Andy tells his brother multiple times in the story “it’s ok to put dragons in the jungle and tears on a tiger” the title of the story comes from this quote. Basketball...
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  • Something That Changed My Life
    Frank Tsiboe Ms. Brooks 9th Honors LA 21 November, 2011 A Word To The Wise Is Enough: Look at me now, you see a student but no one will have ever thought I was just someone adding up to the number of students at school. I was once the person who didn’t care about my education or future because I thought I would always have my parents, but I grew up and understood they won’t always be there for me. I remember I hardly had a B or an A until my mom told me what I didn’t know. I didn’t...
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  • Freshers Speech - 296 Words
    I would like to raise a toast to all the new faces in here. New faces that we don't know till now but would wish to know. The same new faces that once belonged to us an year ago. The same new faces that, over ashort period of time, will no more be, 'NEW' faces. But faces they are now to us, and yes 'new' faces. What I wish to express using all the 'adjectives'that I used is that these new faces in here, our juniors for the coming year, represent to us the same hope and challenge as new players...
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  • Critical Analysis of Emily Dickinsons My Triumph Lasted Till the Drums
    English 1102 2/20/13 A Characterization of the Narrator in My Triumph Lasted Till the Drums The speaker in Emily Dickenson’s “My Triumph Lasted Till the Drums” is very torn between rejoicing in the victory in the battlefield, and the regret they feel for the battles losers. The narrator feels pride at first, as shown in line 1 and the title’s use of the word “Triumph” yet that pride quickly turns into regret and disdain. The narrator laments what they feel are senseless acts of war and...
    445 Words | 2 Pages
  • Prom Night from Hell - Corsage
    The types of children that are in the story are not your typical high school kids, who like hang out and have fun. They are all so different, between being a vampire, a vampire slayer or just simply looking for love, and will do anything to get it. The girls are all about getting that perfect romantic boyfriend. Meanwhile, the boys do not even know where to start. The significance of the rose corsage was the fact that it was the piece that girls use for such events like prom, which is where...
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  • what would be one thing to make the world a better place
    Education and Humanity Promotion Are Main Keys to Make the World a Better Place to Live I have been thinking of the ideas which I would choose to make the world a better place to live. One would be to get rid of racism; without racism, the world would certainly be the better place. Donation basic essentials, volunteering time to share concerns and encouraging embrace toward people with disadvantage backgrounds are other ways to build a better world. The last but not least is ending wars....
    599 Words | 2 Pages
  • Debut Albums and Birthday - 507 Words
    Another year has come and gone, and it’s your birthday once again. So I’m sending you these wishes. Happy birthday, my dear friend, I am so glad you’re in my life. Because today's so special, it really wouldn't do to send one simple birthday wish to last the whole year through... So I wish you happy moments, a day when dreams come true, and a year that's filled with all the things that mean the most to you. All the moments we have shared, and even through the rough times, we knew the other...
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  • Cause and effect essay for "The Monkey's Paw"
    Cause and Effect Essay THE MONKEYS PAW The story, “The Monkey’s Paw,” is about a small family, a husband, Mr. White, his wife, Mrs. White, and their adult son, Herbert. The family is relaxing and enjoying each others company, while father and son play chess. They are expecting a visitor over later that evening; an old friend of Mr. Whites. When Sergeant-Major Morris arrived, and as the three men sat around drinking, reminiscing and exchanging stories, Morris told the family a tale of...
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  • Willy Loman Eulogy - 521 Words
    Giorgio Arnaboldi Professor Lindsey AML2020 February 26, 2014 Hardworking Salesman with Unfulfilled Dreams Hey Pops. I wish we could’ve had one more night out on the town, whistling at cute girls as they walked by. I’m getting married you know; I was going to settle down and fix everything while you were still here. We had so many great memories in that house from when Biff and I were younger, especially when you had that red Chevy. That day when Biff was scoring a touchdown in your honor...
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  • Happy Homes - 941 Words
    I am sending an attachment. Its my request to read with patience. A person by name Mr. Laxmaiah is a teacher, working in Zilla Parishad School in a village called Karepally, near Khammam in Andhra Pradesh. Laxmaiah garu stays with wife, mother, two kids, and with 50 HIV orphaned children. He is spending all his salary of Rs 25,000 /- per month by taking care of these HIV affected orphaned children. His wife Kalpana Rani, an Aeronautical Engineer, sacrificed her career and is doing a...
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