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  • Web Servers - 647 Words
    Web servers – are computer systems that serve or deliver web pages in response to requests from browsers using software applications based on: Client/server model – a computational architecture that involves client processes requesting service from server processes Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) – an application protocol which defines how files are transferred on the world wide web. These applications differ mostly in “server side” features such as authentication and access control...
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  • Web Server Application Attacks
    Running Head: Web Server Application Attacks Web Server Application Attacks Assignment # 1 Mariz Cebron Common web application vulnerabilities and attacks, and recommend mitigation strategies The World Wide Web has evolved into a critical delivery pipeline for institutions to interact with customers, partners and employees. Via browsers, people use web sites to send and receive information via Hypertext Markup...
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  • how web server works
    � Let's say that you are sitting at your computer, surfing the Web, and you get a call from a friend who says, "I just read a great article! Type in this URL and check it out. It's at http://computer.howstuffworks.com/web-server.htm." So you type that URL into your browser and press return. And magically, no matter where in the world that URL lives, the page pops up on your screen. At the most basic level possible, the following diagram shows the steps that brought that page to your screen:...
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  • Web Server Administration - 2959 Words
    Table of Contents Introduction………………………………………02 Overview of HTTP 1.1…………………………... 02 Existing Implementations……………………….. 03 Apache……………………………………………... 03 Lighttpd…………………………………………..... 03 Jigsaw…………………………………………….... 03 Web server……………………………………….. 04 Web administration…………………………….... 04 How a Web server works………………………... 04 Administering the Web Server………………….. 06 Logging…………………………………………….. 06 Web Server Backup Procedures…………………. 06 Recovering From a...
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  • Web Server and Intranet Website
    Lab 12 Configuring and Maintaining Network Security This lab contains the following exercises and activities: Exercise 12.1 Installing Internet Information Server Exercise 12.2 Testing IIS Connectivity Exercise 12.3 Allowing a Program Through the Firewall Lab Challenge Creating Windows Firewall Rules Exercise 12.1 Installing Internet Information Server Overview Because this is only a test deployment, you will be using a Windows 8 computer to function as the web server. In...
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  • Web Server and Basic Hardware Terminology
    Disadvantages: 1. It can have negative effects on your social life and interactions with other people if you do not maintain the balance between time online and offline. 2. It may have a negative effect on your eyesight due to radiation. 3. It may cause pimples and wrinkles. 4. It may distract you from your studies. 5. Too much time in front of monitor may adversely affect your eyesight. 6. Sitting in front of a computer for too long without exercise can cause a weight gain. ...
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  • Web Hosting - 1387 Words
    Web Hosting Web hosting is one of the foremost step to start our website as to make your website visible to the world is needs to be hosted on a WEB SERVER but before hosting a website it needs to answer some of the tricky question which each one of us should know Questions like given below always comes to our mind when we look to hosting a website. How does the Internet work? How can I have my own Web Site? What is a Web Host? What is an Internet Service Provider? A web is simply a...
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  • Web development - 266 Words
     Web Development eBusiness September 16, 2013 Web Development This website was created to improve the visibility of 392 Caffé as it expands internationally. The 392 Caffé is going to place its homepage on GoDaddy. GoDaddy will walk through the process of setting up and maintaining the site for a $149/month fee. This will keep all services within one site. The company will also use Salesforce to maintain customer relationships. This will allow the company the...
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  • Web Services - 691 Words
    What are Web Services Web service is any piece of software that makes itself available over the internet and uses a standardized XML messaging system. Because all communication is in XML, web services are not tied to any one operating system or programming language--Java can talk with Perl; Windows applications can talk with Unix applications. Here are the benefits of using Web Services Web Services allows you to expose the functionality of your existing code over the network. Once it...
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  • web forms - 615 Words
    About web forms When a visitor enters information into a web form displayed in a web browser and clicks the submit button, the information is sent to a server where a server-side script or application processes it. The server responds by sending the processed information back to the user (or client), or by performing some other action based on the form’s contents. You can create forms that submit data to most application servers, including PHP, ASP, and ColdFusion. If you use ColdFusion, you...
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  • Client Server Architecture: Questionnaire
    Question 1. Define what is thin, fat/thick client. Thin-client is a technology whereby it refers to a computer that has multi-tier client server architecture which the end user (client) do not use any hard disk and the programs run and display via browser. The program is actual execute from main server and not from desktop pc. The client which operates as terminal needs to continuously communicate with the server. Thick or Fat client is a technology whereby it also refers to a computer with...
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  • Server Side Programming - 969 Words
    3/3/2013 Introduction  Client-side applications require additional support in the case of  Heavy processing.  Serving dynamic requests from users.  Data available on multiple databases.  Communication with other clients. The request is sent to the server and processed at server-side. Results are dynamically generated documents based on requests made. 3/3/2013 Server Side Programming   © Sowmya Kamath S., Dept of I.T, NITK Surathkal 3/3/2013 Dept of I.T, NITK...
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  • Article: Java Server Pages
    Java Server Pages combined with servlets in action We want to create a small web application (library), that illustrates the usage of JavaServer Pages combined with Java Servlets. We use the JavaServer Pages to display data (presentation) and the servlets to control and call the business logic of the web application. First we shortly explain the characteristics of these two technologies. Generals Author: Sascha Wolski http://www.laliluna.de/tutorials.html Tutorials for Struts, EJB,...
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  • Ubuntu Nas Server - 3738 Words
    现在市场上有很多家用NAS产品,例如:Synology, Qnap, LinkStation等。它们性能并不好,而且价格不便宜。不过,在低能耗方面做得较好,因此,我家里有不止1个品牌的这类产品。 Recently, I bought a VIA PC-1 PC2500E motherboard, which has VIA C7-D 1.5GHz CPU on board. It is cheap in price and use less power too. The maximum amount of RAM is 2 GB. 最近,我买了1块VIA PC-1 PC2500E主板,板上带有VIA C7-D 1.5GHz CPU。价格便宜,也节能。最大可装2G内存。 Testing it with Ubuntu 8.04.1 Desktop version for a while, I am very satisfied with the performance of the CPU, although it is not quite fast indeed. I decided...
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  • Server and Belmont State Bank
    ITN 100 ASSIGNMENT 4 LAST NAME(capitals) F NAME Chapter 10 Mini-Cases Belmont State Bank Perform a risk assessment. Fill out the control table for Belmont State Bank | Fire | Flood | Power loss | Circuit failure | Virus | External intruder | Internal intruder | (70) Client computers at branches | | | | | | | | (60) ATMs at branches | | | | | | | | (90) Servers at branches | | | | | | | | (80) Dedicated circuits to...
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  • Installing Windows Server Networking
    Installing Windows Server Networking POS:421 In Windows Server 2008 R2, there are various responsibilities that have to be taken care of. These roles arevital in ensuring the success of how a server performs in its essential functions. The roles are a primary duty in which the server will executesand the secondary responsibilities are called role services. These roles within Windows Server 2008 can include: Active Directory, Hyper-V, Web Server (IIS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol...
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  • Client Server Script - 950 Words
    Client-side Scripting Client-side scripting generally refers to the class of computer programs on the web that are executed client-side, by the user’s web browser, instead of server-side (on the web server).[1] This type of computer programming is an important part of the Dynamic HTML (DHTML) concept, enabling web pages to be scripted; that is, to have different and changing content depending on user input, environmental conditions (such as the time of day), or other variables. Client-side...
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  • Client-server and Human Resource
    CHAPTER II The proponents have found the following studies and literature as relevant to the system being proposed. The review of related literature and studies will serve as an overview of the presentation in the analysis of the system. INTRODUCTION Human Resource Information System (HRIS) improves information and communication between the company and the employees; it becomes an important strategic tool since it collect, manages and reports information for decision making. Modern HRIS needs...
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  • Web Usage Mining - 5208 Words
    Web Usage Mining: A Survey on Pattern Extraction from Web Logs Web Usage Mining: A Survey on Pattern Extraction from Web Logs S. K. Pani, , 2L. Panigrahy, 2V.H.Sankar, 3Bikram Keshari Ratha, 2A.K.Mandal, 2S.K.Padhi 1 P.G. Department Of Computer Science, RCMA; Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India 2 Department of Computer Science and Engineering; Konark Institute of Science and Technology; Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India 3 P.G. Department Of Computer Science, Utkal University,Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India...
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  • Web Site Navigation Paper
    Individual Paper Week 3 WEB/236 University of Phoenix Instructor: Chris Miserendino Navigation Navigation is probably the single most important piece of a website and if it is not done well, the cascading effects can be disastrous. Navigational menus are not only beneficial for your visitors but search engines and spiders utilize the navigation on your site to create a road map for others within search results. Navigation is...
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  • Web Services an Emerging Technology.
    Web Services an emerging technology. INTRODUCTION In this report we shall attempt to discuss on of the emerging technology in the field of Information Technology which is Web Services. We will take into account the importance of web service, its basic framework and objective and also about the technological tools involved in the implementation and use of web services. This report also consists of a brief individual explanation of the components of web services such...
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  • web based for NSTP - 1845 Words
    Technical Background This section discusses section discusses the hardware and software products that will be used to developed the project. This will serve as a reference for technical details of the software programming tools that will be used in the project. Hypertext Mark-up Language Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) is the main mark-up language for creating web pages and other information that can be displayed in a web browser. HTML is written in the form of HTML...
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  • The Importance of Web Services – an Overview
    The importance of web services – an overview Definition A Web service is defined by the W3C as "a software system designed to support interoperable Machine to Machine interaction over a network." Web services are frequently just Web APIs that can be accessed over a network, such as the Internet, and executed on a remote system hosting the requested services (source: Wikipedia) • Web services are application components • Web services communicate using open protocols • Web services are...
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  • Report on Web Programming - 2709 Words
    INTRODUCTION TO HTML What is HTML? The explosive growth of the World Wide Web is relatively unprecedented, although it resembles the desktop publishing revolution of the early and mid-1980s. As personal computers became more common in homes and offices, people began to learn to use them for document creation and page layout. Although early word processing programs were not terribly intuitive and often required memorizing bizarre codes, people still picked them up fairly easily and managed to...
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  • comparing web applications - 411 Words
     Comparing Web Applications NT2670 Julio Vasquez Week 2 Research 3 Common gateway Interface (CGI) Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI) Server Side Includes (SSI) Active Server Pages (ASP) ASP.NET CGI: It’s the technology used for how web browsers submit forms and interact with programs on the server. It’s used for simple interactive applications and can be used with any programming language. CGI applications are often called...
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  • Web Application Development - 3763 Words
    Introduction to Web Application Development Web Technology The growth of the World-Wide Web (WWW or simply Web) today is simply phenomenal. Each day, thousands more people gain access to the Internet (upwards of 6 million users at recent estimates). Easy retrieval of electronic information in conjunction with the multimedia capabilities of Web browsers (like Mosaic or Netscape) is what started this explosion. This document will provide some basic information behind some of this technology...
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  • Web Application Security - 1495 Words
    Web Application Security By: Darkvengance Date: November 25, 2011 Introduction Throughout the years many aspiring programmers and many amazing web applications have surfaced. Though these applications and websites had amazing functionality and were very user-friendly they all shared one common flaw: A lack of attention to security. Due to this reason many of them were rejected by the public community or were even taken offline by malicious attackers. Due to these reasons the creation of this...
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  • Web Services Today - 2274 Words
    1. How web services are being used in industry today Overview Web services technology seems to be moving so quickly. What's new today often seems to be replaced by something even newer and better tomorrow. However, at the same time, technological advances have opened up new opportunities for businesses. By using IT technology effectively, it's possible to do more with fewer resources and compete in a larger playing field. Businesses that shy away from technology find themselves at a...
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  • Comparing Web Applications - 489 Words
     Research 3: Comparing Web Applications Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is what enables an application to run on a web server and packages it into a website form that people can access. This is an older technology that has many flaws but served a purpose for a significant period of time. The major downside to CGI is that each individual person that logs on has a program ran just for them. This creates a lot of overhead and is not very efficient. The major security flaw is that you’re...
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  • Web Data Mining - 3139 Words
    A Recommender System Based On Web Data Mining for Personalized E-learning Jinhua Sun Department of Computer Science and Technology Xiamen University of Technology, XMUT Xiamen, China jhsun@xmut.edu.cn Yanqi Xie Department of Computer Science and Technology Xiamen University of Technology, XMUT Xiamen, China yqxie@xmut.edu.cn Abstract—In this paper, we introduce a web data mining solution to e-learning system to discover hidden patterns strategies from their learners and web data,...
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  • Web Security Issues - 911 Words
    This paper will discuss methods to address client security issues. It will include ways that a Website can be attacked by malicious users. It will discuss how Java script insertion, SQL insertion, hidden field manipulation, header manipulation, and cookies may be used by malicious users. It will discuss how worms and viruses can be introduced to a Website, and the most common method to ensure client security. SQL Insertion Attacks SQL injection is a type attack where harmful code is attached...
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  • The World Wide Web: Http
    The World Wide Web: HTTP 1. Introduction One of the major communication technologies that has changed the way people live and work is the Web. Perhaps what appeals the most users about the Web is that it is on demand. Users receive what they want, when they want it. This is unlike broadcast radio and television, which force users to "tune in" when the content provider makes the content available. In addition to being on demand, the Web has many other wonderful features that people love and...
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  • installing server roles with batch file
     Installing Server Roles with a Batch File Jason R Stacy ITT Technical Institute Email and Web Services NT2670 Mr. Abanilla September 24, 2014 Using a batch file: When you use this mode, it displays all the roles and features that the server can support. All the entries have a box next to them. A check mark in this box shows that you installed the role or feature on the system. When you supply the name of an XML file, this mode also places the...
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  • Internet and Linux-based Web Application
    I | Linux-Based Web Application Infrastructure | | Project Part 1: Task 3 Managing User Account Access | | Linux-Based Web Application Infrastructure | | Project Part 1: Task 3 Managing User Account Access | first world BANK SAVINGS and loan February 13, 2013 Authored by: Dominic Girolamo, Jack Alderson, Elrick Ray, Ian Caoili, Brandon Nash first world BANK SAVINGS and loan February 13, 2013 Authored by: Dominic Girolamo, Jack Alderson, Elrick Ray, Ian Caoili,...
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  • Web-Based Tools for Electronic Commerce
    CS160 Chapter 3: Web-based tools for Electronic Commerce 3-2 Chapter OutlineWeb Server Hardware and Performance Evaluation • Making Host or Not Host Decisions • Web Platform Choices • Web Server Performance EvaluationWeb Server Software Feature sets • Core Capabilities1. Security2. FTP3. Searching (Engines)4. Data Analysis • Site Management1. Application Construction2. Dynamic Content • Site Development • Electronic CommerceWeb Server Software and Tools • Apache HTTP Server • Microsoft...
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  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol and Web Application
    Lab #1: Evaluate Business World Transformation- Impact of the Internet and WWW Learning Objectives and Outcomes. 1. From the results of Lab #1- Business Application Impact Analysis Worksheet, what do you consider to be the greatest type of risk and why? a. The greatest will be 2. Why is it critical to perform periodic web application vulnerability assessments and penetration tests? a. To keep the system from getting hack 3. What kind of web application does Damn Vulnerable Web Application...
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  • CASE STUDY The CliptomaniaTM Web Store
     Case Study II-5: “The CliptomaniaTM Web Store” Overview Cliptomania, LLC is a web store that only sells clip-on earrings (which are also called non pierced earrings) throughout the United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. In late 1999, the Santo family – father Jim, mother Candy, and daughter Christy started their e-business with the name Cliptomania in New Jersey. Now Cliptomania is operated from the lower lever of their home in...
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  • World Wide Web and Correct Answer
    Microsoft: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Number: 70-480 Passing Score: 700 Time Limit: 120 min File Version: 1.0 This is my first contribution and this is valid dump. Good luck! Exam A QUESTION 1 You are validating user input by using JavaScript and regular expressions. A group of predefined regular expressions will validate two input fields: · An email address in a function named validateEmail · A nine-digit number that allows optional hyphens after the second and fifth...
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  • Web mining through cloud computing
    Abstract— In this paper I present the technology of cloud computing using web mining .Web mining include how to extract the useful information from the web and gain knowledge using data mining techniques. Here so many online resources are available i.e. web content mining and access through the web servers. Web mining techniques and applications are much needed in cloud computing .The implementation of these techniques through cloud computing will allow users to retrieve relevant...
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  • Most Common Internet Server Operating Systems
    Most Common Internet Server Operating Systems POS/355   Internet Servers (also commonly known as Web Servers), primarily function to deliver web pages on request to clients. When a user types a domain name into their browser, or clicks on a link, the request is first sent to a Domain Name Server (DNS). DNSs are servers that hold databases full of domain names and IP addresses. When a DNS receives a request, it matches the domain name (ie, www.CriketX.com) to the IP address of the server...
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  • Informative Speech Outline. Three Rules for Web Startups
    Three Rules For Web Startups Topic: Web Startups General purpose: to inform. Specific purpose: to inform my audience about the three rules for successful realization of the web startups. Thesis statement: Each great successful company once was just a little startup. INTRODUCTION Attention getter: One-well known, respected man, Larry Ellison, who is a American business magnet and co-founder Oracle, once said: ”See things in the present even if they are in future”. Credibility...
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  • Week 1 Dq Questions Web 431 Xml
    Week 1 DQ Questions Based on the Greiner (2010) article, how does Linux based IDE’s compare with Windows based IDE’s for the design and development websites based on XHTML? Every Linux distribution is highly customizable and typically less resource intensive than Windows. While most Linux interfaces are similar, look and function varies from distribution to distribution. Windows on the other hand has only one interface and is very resource intensive. Vista for example requires expensive, top...
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  • World Wide Web and Property. B. Value.
    4.02 Webpage Design Unit Exam Multimedia and Webpage Design 1. Which code properly nests tags? a. Howdy Partner b. Howdy Partner c. Howdy Partner d. Howdy Partner 2. In Figure 4.2a, which XHTML rule is the tag violating? a. All tags must be closed. b. All tags must be keyed in lowercase. c. All tags must be properly nested. d. All documents must have one root element. 3. Which code below is written INCORRECTLY? a. Howdy Partner! b. Howdy Partner...
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  • Email & Web Mid-term Study Guide
    Mid-Term Stud guide 1. Page 1 – 2 types of computers defined on an enterprise network – Clients & Servers 2. Page 10 – What do you call service where you can remotely connect – Remote Desktop Services or Terminal Services 3. Page 19 – What is the version of Windows Server that is stripped down – Windows Server Core 4. Page – 36 – Executable that you can run from Command Prompt that starts Server Manager – servermanagercmd.exe 5. Page 33 – Number of days you have to activate your server from...
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  • P2: Explain the user side and server side factors that influence the performance of a website.
    P2: Explain the user side and server side factors that influence the performance of a website. User side: Download Speed The download speed is the speed in which something can copy data from the internet to a computer system. The type of service you use can all depend on the download speed, here are some services that can be used: Dial-Up- Dial up is an old-fashioned way of computer connection. It uses the current analogue telephone line and it has continued to be a popular way of...
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  • Application Server Market Shares, Strategies, And Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 To 2020
    Next Generation Mission Critical Application Servers for the Cloud, Apps, Tablets, and Mobile Devices. The 2014 study has 577 pages, 267 tables and figures. Worldwide Application Server markets are poised to achieve significant growth as Internet of things and the mobile Internet further evolve, driving the market for apps into the trillions in the next few years. Browse Full Report With TOC:...
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  • It Latest Cms Tool
    ADOBE CUSTOMER BROWN BAG SERIES TODAY’S TOPIC: Optimizing the CQ Dispatcher Cache Andrew Khoury Customer Support Engineer, Adobe ü  For the best listening experience, we recommend using a headset © 2012 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Adobe Confidential. What’s Covered 1.  2.  3.  4.  Review of dispatcher basics Dispatcher cache flushing Tips and tricks for improving performance How to design your site so you get the most...
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  • Week 5 - 585 Words
    Week 5 Chapter readings: 2 (p.), 9 (p.), and 10 (p.) of Programming in Visual Basic 2010. Bringing Advanced Techniques Together Searches: JavaScript and databases and web services website design and techniques DQ 1 Does the use of CSS affect the ability to use the advanced web techniques that you have applied throughout the course? The ability to use CSS in advanced web will not alter the advanced web techniques since it is used in the look and formatting of a web page. CSS from...
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  • WAD 1 - 5379 Words
    Task 1 – Functions and Advantages of Web Applications Stuttard, 2008, states that the majority of websites online currently are actually in-fact applications, as they are dynamic and rely on a two-way flow of information and interactivity/interaction between the server and the client. This in stark contrast to the early days of the web, when websites mostly consisted of HTML pages containing static information. Many of the functions one might associate with the modern Internet are in-fact...
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  • Lot2 Task 1 - 719 Words
    LOT2 Task 1 Diagram Below is a diagram which illustrates how the attack overwhelmed the Web Server. Executive Summary The attack performed on the network had the intention of making the online services provided to students unusable during a critical time of need for those systems. The attack was first performed by acquiring the Administrator password for the systems and using each system to perform a large quantity of requests for service to the web servers. By...
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  • Self Study - 3357 Words
    SELF-STUDY Q1. How to check contents of a file without extracting it? Explain diff. Ans tar –tf filename Note- diff command lists only the difference between two files. Syntax- diff first_filesecond_file Q2 What are the types of DNS records? Ans There are five types of DNS records- a) A records- Address(A) records direct a hostname to a numerical I.P address b) CNAME- CNAME allows a machine to be known by one or more hostnames.There must always be an A record first, and this is known...
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  • Hyperion Installation - 3758 Words
    [pic] Hyperion Installation Guide Provided By: BISP Created By: Rupam Majumdar bispsolutions.wordpress.com Reviewed By : Amit Sharma learnhyperion.wordpress.com bisp.consulting@gmail.com Installation of Hyperion and Its Pre-requisites Contents Title Page No. 1). Software and Hardware Requirements…………………………….……03 2). Installation of IIS……………………………………………………………..……06...
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  • theory for school scheduling system for thesis work
    Static Web Servers The scheduling success story that is perhaps the easiest to explain is that of web servers. If consider a web server that serves primarily static requests, its operation is very simple at a high level. Static requests are typically of the form “get me a file.” In order to fulfill such a request, the web server must retrieve the file and then send the file over the outgoing link. Typically the amount of bandwidth at the web server is the bottleneck device since purchasing...
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  • Project Part 2 Student Sccp
    NT2670 UNIT6 MIDTERM EXAM Name:_Date:_______________________________ 1. What are the phases to build Web Server and Exchange Server: * 7 phases are: * 1) proper and application server * 2) create domain users * 3)prepare a second application server * 4)deploy a web server * 5)configure iss * 6)deploy ftp sever * 7)deploy ms exchange server 2. What tools do you use to create domain and ADS? Group policy...
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  • IT302 assignment 5 - 356 Words
    1. Answer the following questions: a. How is vsftpd more secure than most other FTP servers? ● VSFTPD does not run with root privileges. b. What is the difference between passive and active FTP? ● The difference between a passive and an active FTP connection lies in whether the client or server initiates the data connection. In passive mode, the client initiates the connection to the server (port 20-default(; in active mode, the server initiates the connection. Neither is inherently more...
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  • Mis 589 11 & 12 Mini Cases
    CHAPTER 11 & 12 MINI-CASES I. Belmont State Bank Belmont State Bank is a large bank with hundreds of branches that are connected to a central computer system. Some branches are connected over dedicated circuits and others use the dial-up telephone network. Each branch has a variety of client computers and ATMs connected to a server. The server stores the branch’s daily transaction data and transmits it several times during the day to the central computer system. Tellers at each branch use...
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  • it 260 exam 1
    It is the type of server that the TS Gateway role service enables clients on the Internet to... Terminal Services 2 It is the File Server element that conserves disk space by eliminating duplicate copies of... Single Instance Store 3 Two of the three basic categories that the Add Roles Wizard provides are Directory Services... Infrastructure Services 4 These are the resources that an application utilizes when a...
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  • NT2670 Study Guide JT
     1: What are two basic types of computers on an enterprise network? Clients and networks 2: What are the 3 Roles categories? Directory services, application services, and infrastructure services 3: What is the Role for Remote Access? Terminal Services 4: What is the stripped down W2K8 version? Windows server core 5: What are the W2K8 activation requirements? You must activate within 30 days of installation 6: What is Command line for Server Manager called? ServerManagerCmd.exe 7: What is...
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  • Causes of Slow Internet and Solut
    UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI SCHOOL OF BUSINESS DIS 308: NETWORKS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS REG NO: D33/****/2007 Causes of a Slow Internet Connection 1. Faulty electrical connection near Internet modem/router Faulty electrical connections can be caused by bad cabling and loose connections. If it's a cable modem, the modem must be attached to the first cable split and preferably the connection with the greatest signal level. If it's a DSL circuit, no other cables should attach to the circuit...
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  • Double Guard - 13836 Words
    This article has been accepted for publication in a future issue of this journal, but has not been fully edited. Content may change prior to final publication. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON DEPEDABLE AND SECURE COMPUTING DoubleGuard: Detecting Intrusions In Multi-tier Web Applications Meixing Le George Mason University Angelos Stavrou George Mason University Brent ByungHoon Kang George Mason University Abstract—Internet services and applications have become an inextricable part of daily life,...
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  • Net Sec - 11860 Words
    1. Name at least five applications and tools pre-loaded on the TargetWindows01 server desktop, and identify whether that application starts as a service on the system or must be run manually. WINDOWS APPLICATION LOADEDSTARTS AS SERVICE Y/N 1. tftpd32 Starts as a service 2. FileZilla Server Interface- The interface does not start as a service and must be ran manually 3. Wireshark – Does not start as a service and must be ran manually 4. Nessus Server Manager – Does not start as a service and...
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  • NT2670 Week2 Research 3
     NT2670 Email and Web Services Week 2 Research 3: Frank Bavone 2-10-15 The common gateway interface (CGI) is a standard way for a Web server to pass a Web user's request to an application program and to receive data back to forward to the user. It is part of the Web's Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). A disadvantage of a CGI application (or "executable file," as it is sometimes called) is that each time it is run, it runs as a separate process...
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  • HFM Performance Tuning Guide
    Oracle® Hyperion Financial Management, Fusion Edition March 2010 Performance Tuning Guide [Skip Navigation Links] How to Use this Guide ........................................................................................................... 3 Introduction .......................................................................................................................... 3 Performance Overview...
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  • E commerce Solution - 1179 Words
    E-Commerce Solution “Key Process” GROUP MEMBERS Deepak Subedi Pankaj Pokhrel Regan Shrestha Saurav Shrestha Roshan Magar Urmila Suwal Key Process Technology Requirement  Hardware  Software  Security  Maintenance  Back end system  Supply sources  Distribution channels Supply sources Supply sources •Integration of key business process from end user through original supplier that provide products, services and information that add value for customers. •Some of world class companies...
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  • assigment - 1915 Words
     BScIT PROGRAMME IV SEMESTER ASSIGNMENT Name :___________M A HAKEEM QURESHI___________ Registration No. : _521106056_____________________________ Learning Center : Bhargavi Institute of Management & Technology . Learning Center Code : ___00146_________________________ Course/Program : ___BSc IT _________________________ Semester : ______Four_________________________________ Subject Code : ___ BT0083_________________________ Subject Title : ___ Server Side Programming...
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  • Network Monitoring - 1375 Words
    CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY 3.1 Introduction Methodology is a model created to help project developers to plan and schedule their project so that it is more organized and systematic task. It is a method used to breakdown a large project into smaller and more manageable tasks. With methodology as a guideline, each stages of project development will be treated with its needs. It is important for project developers to keep track on the progress of their project. Project developers use...
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  • Website Migration Project - 3004 Words
    Website Migration Project Strayer University Introduction Tony’s Chips is a medium sized enterprise that aims to enhance its operations through e commerce. The company aims to migrate from its current externally hosted website to a new e commerce system that will be hosted internally. The new system will provide data storage, retrieval, security and recovery solutions for the enterprise. It will also enable the company to perform commercial transactions through the website. The new...
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  • Ewew - 379 Words
    Harinder Chauhan Address: # 1704, Phase-7 Mohali Mbl. +91-90232-96278 E-mail: pankajchauhan957@gmail.com Passport No-H7691226 Parmanent Account Number-AFVPC4210N Objective To pursue an excelling career in an organization that provides a challenging work environment and gives me a scope to upgrade my knowledge and skills and to be a part of a team that dynamically works towards the growth of the organization. Educational Qualification |Course...
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  • Ontology - 3785 Words
    Online Interactive Home Work Grading System John JENQ Department of Computer Science, Montclair State University Montclair, NJ 07039, USA Micheal ALEXISPONNIAH Citigroup, 250 West Street,6th FL, New York, NY 10013, USA Irina ASHKENAZI The Hertz Corporation, 225 Brae Boulevard, Park Ridge, NJ 07656, USA and Ramazan BURUS Bluestone Consulting Firm, 2001 Route 46 Suite 310 Parsippany NJ 07054, USA ABSTRACT In recent years, World Wide Web usage for teaching and learning has...
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  • Study Questions Chapter 4
    Chapter 4 Case Study Questions REI Climbs the Web Mountain 1. Create a simple logical design and physical design for REI.com A simple logical design for REI.com would include the following concepts: HTTP requests and other data from a customer’s client computer that travels to Web servers, application servers, and data servers which displays specific Web pages in response to those requests. When the customer’s order is submitted, it is then forward to an order-processing application database...
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  • Perform research 3 - 335 Words
    Question 1: What is Common gateway Interface? Answer1: Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a standard method used to generate dynamic content on Web pages and Web applications. CGI, when implemented on a Web server, provides an interface between the Web server and programs that generate the Web content. Question 2: What is Internet Server Application Programming Interface? Answer 2: The Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI) is an N-tier API of Internet Information Services...
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  • Saving File in Oracle Database
    Sometimes we have to save image, any type of multimedia file or text file in Oracle database from client. In web application client must upload the file in web server or any other machine. But web server can access that directory where the files are uploaded. To complete the operation we can use Oracle Blob data type, Oracle directory and with a procedure. Implementation: Suppose we have a table name ImageTable. The table should be like this. CREATE TABLE ImageTable ( ID NUMBER, FILENAME...
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  • Unit 3 - 680 Words
    1. Why is it critical to perform a penetration test on a Web application and a Web server prior to production implementation? Although many organizations have reduce significant number of design and coding defects through software development lifecycle; there still remains security holes that arise when an application is deployed and interacts with other processes and different operating systems (Cobb, 2014). Another reason that penetration test is critical is many Payment Card Industry Data...
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  • Hi Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - 516 Words
    8/14/13 mod_deflate - Apache HTTP Server Apache HTTP Server Version 2.0 Please note This document refers to the 2.0 version of Apache httpd, which is no longer maintained. Upgrade, and refer to the current version of httpd instead, documented at: Current release version of Apache HTTP Server documentation You may follow this link to go to the current version of this document. Apache Module mod_deflate Description: Status: Module Identifier: Source File: Compress content before it is...
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  • A 403 Forbidden Error Means That You Do
    A 403 Forbidden error means that you do not have permission to view the requested file or resource. While sometimes this is intentional, other times it is due to misconfigured permissions. If you see "client denied by server configuration" in your Error Logs, then this usually means bad file permissions and the account may have IP Deny rules and also you may have changed the Index Manager to No Indexing. 2)The starting or entry page to your website should always be named index.htm/index.html...
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  • Enabling Object Managers For Siebel OpenUI
    Enabling Object Managers for Siebel Open UI You must enable the object manager to use Siebel Open UI before you can do any customization work. To enable object managers for Siebel Open UI 1 Enable the object manager for the Siebel Server: a Log in to the Siebel CRM client with administrator privileges. a Navigate to the Administration - Server Configuration screen, and then the Servers view. a In the Components list, query the Component field for the object manager where you must enable...
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  • It 260 Quiz 1-5
    Which of the following features provides UNIX clients with Microsoft Windows printing capabilities? • Internet Printing Client • MPIO • LPR Port Monitor feature (correct answer, your response) • Remote Assistance Which of the following roles must be installed with the Fax Server role on a Windows Server 2008 computer? • Active Directory Certificate Services • UDDI Services • Print Services (correct answer, your response) • Web Server (IIS) When a client runs...
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  • Virtual Host in Play Framework
    n play fr Set-up a front-end HTTP server You can easily deploy your application as a stand-alone server by setting the application HTTP port to 80: %production.http.port=80 But if you plan to host several applications in the same server or load balance several instances of your application for scalability or fault tolerance, you can use a front-end HTTP server. Note that using a front-end HTTP server will never give you better performance than using Play server directly! Set-up with...
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  • Cases of Mis - 1425 Words
    CASE- 2: JET AIRWAYS TAKES OFF WITH CITRIX 1) What problem does Jet Airways hope that Citrix technologies will solve? Ans. Jet Airways was set up in 1993 after the central government opened civil aviation to private investment. By 2005, Jet Airways had been listed on India’s main stock exchanges an had obtained permission to operate international flights. The company lacked in its Information System, they had installed various packages over the years. The systems weren’t able to interact with...
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  • Advanced System - 12812 Words
    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION The Project “Development of an Efficient and Secured System with Integrated Features of Chat, Email” deals with the Server maintenance for a company. The project consists of following modules: * File Transfer * E-mail * Resource Sharing * Chat * Web Page View File Transfer: File transfer is handled between client and the server. To share a file from Another client the requestor...
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  • NT2670 Midtern Questions - 842 Words
     What role enables users working at another computer on the company network, or on the internet, to establish a connection to a server and open an application or desktop session there? Terminal Services What Windows Server 2008 installation option is a stripped-down version of the operation system? Server Core When a client runs an application on a terminal server, what resources does the application utilize? The Terminal Server's resources A complete installation of an operating system...
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  • It 206 Midterm - 980 Words
    * Know the basic types of computers that can be on an enterprise network Clients and Servers * Know the role requirement trust relationships allowing users from network access to resources on other networks Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) * Know how to create and enforce storage quotas, generate reports, and specify allowable file types File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) * Know the difference between windows server standard and windows server core Windows Server Core...
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  • Champion Services, Inc. - Software Development Proposal
    Champion Services, Inc. - Software Development Proposal Eric Franklin POS/370 Programming Concepts Charlie Neuman August 21, 2006 Champion Services, Inc., like all other companies, desires to be the best. When it comes to delivering high quality programming and service to the people of the northwest United States, Champion Services, Inc. feels that there is no one better. Champion Services, Inc. currently provides a basic Internet portal for its customers. This portal provides...
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  • Lab #8 – Assessment Worksheet
    LAB #8 – Assessment Worksheet Course Name and Number: CIS333 Lab Due Date: May 26th, 2013 Introduction In this lab, you will verify and perform a cross-site scripting (XSS) exploit and an SQL injection attack on the test bed Web application and Web server using the Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA) found on the TargetUbuntu01 Linux VM server. You will use a Web browser and some simple command strings to identify the IP target host and its known vulnerabilities and exploits, and then...
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  • RFP Response - 8912 Words
    Direct Banking Solution [Response to RFP] Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction Company Information Background Staff Assigned Objective and Scope of the system Requirements Major Requirements Detailed Requirements Proposed Solution Architecture Security Network Efficiency Load Balancing Infrastructure Bench marking Interfaces Terms and Conditions Executive Summary Introduction:- Cyber Shastra is an organization that has worked on several development...
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  • Ways of Blablabla - 281 Words
    ------------------------------------------------- Top of Form | | 1. There ____________ several reasons why you should reconsider your decision. ARE IS You're right! 2. Howard and Vincent, who ____________ a copy center in town, have decided to expand their business. RUNS RUN You're right! 3. Both of the statues on the shelf ____________ broken. ARE IS You're right! 4. The fishing boat that has been tied up at the pier for three days ____________...
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  • Arena Multimediarm - 691 Words
    ARENA MULTIMEDIARM Firefox can't find the server at www.google.coheck the address for typing errors such asww.example.com instead ofwww.example.comf you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.if your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make surethat firefox is permitted to access the web. Firefox can't find the server at www.google.coheck the address for typing errors such asww.example.com instead ofwww.example.comf you are unable to load any...
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  • SRS format ieee - 604 Words
    < Project scenario name > Software Requirements Specification Version < X.0> < team Name > < Scenario Name > Software Requirements Specification Version < X.0> Team Guide:( Faculty Guide’s Name ) Members:(Team members name) College Name: Department: State: / Page 1 < Project scenario name > Software Requirements Specification Version Revision History Date Version 1.0 2.0 / Description Synopsis Synopsis Author Page 2...
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  • RFYT Task 1 Memo
    Memo To: Private Investigators LLP From: xxx Date: xxx Re: Cyber Security Analysis This memorandum has been written to outline the current threats facing the XYZ Private Investigation LLP and possible mitigation steps for them. The Cyber Security Analysis was requested and approved by John Smith and the areas reviewed were the production server, client workstations and the web server. Each of these areas were carefully looked at, in some cases employee follow-ups were made to prior complaints...
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  • Using the Internet Time Management Software
    The CyberKlock server console is an easy to use interface that is very intuitive. The server console consists of only 4 tab sections namely: CLIENT ACTIVITIES, TICKETS, CLIENT OPTIONS AND ADMIN OPTIONS. CLIENT ACTIVITIES This section allows you to basically view all the activities taking place on the client systems. Client computers visible in this section can have the following status: ON STANDBY: This status means that the client computer is not currently in use. IN USE: This...
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  • Jsp Notes - 1435 Words
    JSP Tutorials - Writing First JSP Java Server Pages or JSP for short is Sun's solution for developing dynamic web sites. JSP provide excellent server side scripting support for creating database driven web applications. JSP enable the developers to directly insert java code into jsp file, this makes the development process very simple and its maintenance also becomes very easy. JSP pages are efficient, it loads into the web servers memory on receiving the request very first time and the...
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  • Correlation in Performance Testing - 1977 Words
    · S/W Environment: Minimum one Web Browser should be installed before PC installation, Use IE 5.5 or higher, Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security tab and click on Custom Level button and make sure that under the Scripting section the Active Scripting is set to “Enable”. · Application Type: · Project Type: Target readers: Performance Testers Keywords: Correlation, Performance Introduction While creating vuser script some data of object will be taken in to...
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  • ITNW421Lab5 Electro my cycle
    ITNW-421 Lab-5 27August2014 1. Explain why you think your design meets the needs of ElectroMyCycle? The design that ElectroMyCycle wanted to use was not a good idea so I removed the DMZ to secure my web server better. Instead of the DMZ we are going to use port forwarding to the DNS to give user’s access to the web server making it more secure. 2. List the major user communities for your design. Accounts payable, and receivable, Human recourses, sales, and management. 3. List the major...
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  • Scalability at Youtube - 1578 Words
    Scalability in Distributed Systems (10%) 09488987 David Kearns -Problems YouTube was facing A big problem YouTube were facing during its rise in popularity was that the number of developers went up by two but the number of videos being watched went up as Mike tells us in the YouTube vid ‘9 orders of magnitude’. In the video Mike also describes a fatal mistake he had made when coding the interface between the servlet and template layer he used a dictionary which is a bad idea. Like a lot...
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  • Pper - 255 Words
    STRATHMORE UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN TELECOMMUNICATION DATA NETWORKS DESIGN REPORT ON THE SERVER AND CLIENT SOCKETS Fr Machumilane Achilles 068104 SERVER AND CLIENT SOCKETS This program enables several clients to communicate with the server remotely. In this communication, the program enables the server to broadcast the message from one of the clients together with the IP address and the Port number of the...
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  • NT2670 Lab 3 - 275 Words
    Lab 3 1. The IIS7 web page appears. 2. The IIS7 web page appears. 3. The default web page for is set to be the IIS7 oage. 4. The detailed error 403.6 Forbidden is displayed. 5. The basic error 403.6 forbidden is displayed. 6. The IIS7 web page is displayed. 7. The error page remains. 8. This is because there is no DNS setup to establish the link between the local address and the address name. Computer Name IP Address Server05B 9. The IIS7 web page is displayed. 10. It will not...
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  • Bilaspur Secl - 4051 Words
    A Training Report On [pic] With special reference to the study institute of -Submitted to- As a Mini Training report for Master of Computer Application MCA (2nd year) Year : 2006-2007 -Submitted- Students of (Computer Department) Name: Guided By:...
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  • louis0623 - 1650 Words
    INx352 Network Planning Assignment Part 1: TCP/IP Communications via Socket Programming, Semester 2 2014 Distribution Date: Monday 04/08/14 (Week 3). Due Date: Friday 26/09/14 (Week 10). Submit your assignment via email to Meera at her email address meera.vasudevan@qut.edu.au 1. Introduction This assignment of TCP/IP communications is a group-of-two assignment worth 10%. It will require Socket Programming, which has been in Week 2 Lecture and Week 3 tutorial. Sections 1 through 3...
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  • Sending Sms Using Php
    | | PHP Examples to Send SMS, Receive SMS. | | Introduction | | This tutorial demostrates how it is possible to write PHP scripts/applications to send and receive SMS using VisualGSM Enterprise Server. We shall go through 2 methods which you can use to send SMS through VisualGSM Enterprise: 1). Execute an SQL statement to insert the new message into VisualGSM LOGLOG table. 2). Issue an HTTP GET to VisualGSM Enterprise CSEND web API. VisualGSM Enterprise can forward...
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  • Internet Development - 38231 Words
    THE INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF MANAGEMENT WINDHOEK-NAMIBIA STUDY MANUAL INTERNET DEVELOPMENT CODE: BIS - 3316 TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER PAGE NUMBER 1. HTML PART 1 and part 2…………………………………………… 7 2. CGI scripts……………………….……………………………………… 15 3. WEB SERVERS and management...……………………………… 28 4. ACTIVE SERVER PAGES……………………….. ……………………….40 5. JAVA & ACTIVE-X………………..………………..………………………73 6. E-commerce issues………………………. ………………………… 103 7....
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