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  • Pathogenic Parasite and Waterborne Diseases in Three Stations of Davao River
    Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Rivers are the bodies of water bearing an immense biological importance. Though they contain only about 0.0001% of the total amount of water in the world at any given time, rivers are vital carriers of water and nutrients to areas all around the earth, they are essential components of the hydrological cycle, for they act as drainage channels for surface water and they serve as habitat for various organisms (Hebert, 2011). With rapid...
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  • Water Borne Diseases - 301 Words
    Waterborne Diseases and Climate Change Waterborne illness results when pathogens enter the water supply without detection and are then consumed, either directly through drinking water or indirectly from contaminated food, by unsuspecting humans. Waterborne diseases are caused by a variety of microorganisms, biotoxins, and toxic contaminants, which lead to devastating illnesses such as cholera, schistosomiasis and other gastrointestinal problems [4]. Outbreaks of waterborne diseases often...
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  • Diarrheol Disease in Haiti - 1042 Words
    RE: DIARRHOEAL DISEASE AND MALNUTRION IN HAITI Haiti has the highest child mortality rate in the world, largely due to diarrhoeal disease and malnutrition that stems from poor water quality. Children in Haiti are so susceptible to early death because of the poor economic and political state of our country. Further, the lack of education and access to proper health care has accentuated this problem. As a country, we must find proven, cost-effective methods of prevention to combat this...
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  • Water Diseases Introduction - 2139 Words
    Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease. Every single day, women spend 200 million hours collecting water. Every week, 3 million students miss school because they lack access to clean water or sanitation, and every year, inadequate sanitation costs India $53.8 billion, or 6.4 percent of its GDP. Water consumption - sources and methods The data on water consumption in the world is provided by the United Nations (UN, UNESCO, and FAO, see list of publications below)....
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  • Operating Genesis Water Technologies in Thailand: Water Crisis
    Operating Genesis Water Technologies in Thailand International Marketing Midterm By: Ashley Helgans Jessica Taylor Bianca Sanchez Thailand is a country located at the center of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia. This constitutional monarchy, lead by King Rama IX, houses 67,091,980 people that are made up of 75% Thai, 14% Chinese and 11% other various ethnicities. Thailand is a destination spot for thousands of tourists during low and high seasons. People travel from all...
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  • Access to Water - 1171 Words
     Access to Water HCM350-History of Healthcare Worldwide Access to Water Introduction Water is a vital source of survival where everyone needs a sufficient, clean amount. People use it for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing for good hygiene. Access to water has a direct correlation with health and hygiene. The greater the access is to a population the better overall health and better hygiene the group or region will have. Access to water...
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  • Cameroon Water Filters - 1385 Words
    Sam Das 9th Grade Projects: Moorefield Final Draft March 13, 2010 What is being done to improve water-related problems in Cameroon? Plan of Investigation: The country of Cameroon is facing an increasing number of problems related to water and water contamination. Its poorly maintained water network system is becoming less and less efficient, and a high percentage of Cameroon’s residents don’t have access to safe drinking water. Fortunately, several organizations are working with...
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  • Term Report - 1191 Words
    INTRODUCTION This report discusses a number of effects of water borne diseases in different aspects. Besides, it tries to suggest some methods that could be helpful in solving this phenomena or even stop the actions and habits that drive to it. The main purpose of this report is to cover some causes of water borne diseases. Detailed diseases that occur because of bad water quality also will be mentioned. This report will focus on some diseases that are related to water such as...
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  • Pollution Air Pollution - 514 Words
    Air Pollution Air pollution is defined as any contamination of the atmosphere that disturbs the natural composition and chemistry of the air. This can be in the form of particulate matter such as dust or excessive gases like carbon dioxide. Causes of Air pollution Exhaust from vehicles or manufacturing plant Forest fires, volcanic eruptions, dry soil erosion, and other natural sources Building construction or demolition Effects of Air Pollution Smog, acid rain Crop depletion from...
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  • Water Safety - 873 Words
    Water Safety Community and Public Health HCA 415 Instructor Rikkisha Gilmore-Byrd May 13, 2013 Water Safety Clean water supply is essential for the safety of all humans, plants, and animals. The disruption of clean water would endanger public health and safety risks, as well as the economy. There have been many cases about the outbreak of waterborne disease that have caused damaged to water supply and the public's health. Protecting the water supply from...
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  • India’s Dilemna: Lack of Infrastructure and Its Impact on the Population and Environment
    Jai Batth & Mehtab Dhaliwal 5/26/13 Sustainability & Development India’s Dilemna: Lack of Infrastructure and Its Impact on the Population and Environment India has long been a center of learning, culture, civilization, and above all else; wealth. Beginning with the Indus Valley civilization, which began around 3300 BCE, the subcontinent of India has played host to a long line of might civilizations that were created on the wealth of the natural resources found on the subcontinent....
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  • Microbiological Aspects of Biofilms and Drinking Water
    Microbiological Aspects of Biofilms and Drinking Water This book is about the development of biofilms and their role in public health, especially drinking water. This is great for anyone interested in water related issues, where Microbiological Aspects of Biofilms and Drinking Water presents an overview of the public health effects associated with drinking water. It highlights the microbiological aspects relating to the development of biofilms. The first couple of chapters focus on the state...
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  • Crisis in Haiti - 1794 Words
    Every region of the world faces some form of serious environmental issues. Whether it be pollution, overpopulation, wildlife extinction, or the many other issues we are faced with; it is time for us to make a plan towards a future for our planet. With living in the United States, we often do not have exposure to the issues affecting many parts of the world except through television. However, we need to personally expose ourselves to other regions as their problems can lead to everyone’s...
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  • SCI207 final lab paper
     Week 5 – Final Lab Report Paper SCI207 Dependence of Man on the Environment, Marc Hnytka July 8, 2013 Week 5 Final Paper Abstract My report was based on the how ground water may be affected by myriad containments present in our experiment and in our everyday . Surprisingly when vinegar was filtered through dirt it came out fairly clean. This surprised me because I would never believed that vinegar had such a profound effect on water considering its...
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  • Implications for the Future - 2027 Words
     Implications for the Future Team A University of Phoenix Environmental Psychology PSY460 Implications for the Future Communities around the world face pollution problems on one level or another. Pollution exists in a number of forms, including noise, air, land, water, indoor, and outdoor. Humans are affected by pollution both physically and emotionally through the effect on the environment and physical health. The life blood of the community is the water source,...
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  • application letter - 347 Words
    Industry Trends The water supply or water utility industry’s trend is that how the water providers can serve their customers clean and potable water, and not only potable water but they should give their costumers a continuous water supply. Water utilities companies or water suppliers are satisfying their customers by the factors that is mentioned earlier because now a days there are still many places in the Philippines that has no access to a potable water. Another trend in the water...
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  • WK 2 Lab Reporting Form
    Lab 2 – Water Quality and Contamination Experiment 1: Effects of Groundwater Contamination Table 1: Water Observations (Smell, Color, Etc.) Beaker Observations 1 Clean and clear 2 Slightly tinted, odorless, oily 3 Colorless, strong odor 4 Greenish/blue, slight odor of detergent 5 Soiled, similar to well water 6 Very similar to #5 7 Similar to #5, w/ strong odor 8 Detergent odor, green in color POST LAB QUESTIONS 1. Develop hypotheses on the ability of oil, vinegar, and laundry detergent to...
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  • Mike Harris and the Ontario Conservative Party: Ceos of the Year?
    Private universities, private jails, private health-care and private water testing. What do all of these things have in common? They are all services the Tory government in Ontario has been trying to privatize with some disastrous results and possibly more to come. The Ontario government, lead by Progressive Conservative leader Mike Harris, has been slowly trying to do away with services that are currently administered by the province. The ideology in question, privatization, has been a hallmark...
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  • outline of the final lab report
     Outline of the Final Lab Report Flavyanyelly Colon SCI 207: Dependence of man on the environment Instructor Kirstin Skadberg April 28, 2014 *This template will provide you with the details necessary to begin a quality Final Lab Report. Utilize this template to complete the Week 3 Outline of the Final Lab Report and ensure that you are providing all of the necessary information and proper format for the assignment. Before you begin, please note the...
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  • Fracking: Water Supply Network and Hydraulic Fracturing
    “Fracking” Water is one of the most important and beautiful resources that were given to us by mother nature. We see water as not only a source for survival, but for entertainment and many more advantages as well. In summer there is nothing better than a glass of clean and refreshing water, and not to mention the fun that we have when running around the sprinklers and feeling the coolness of the water. So do you ever imagine this all not being there anymore? Do you...
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  • Unsafe Drinkingwater - 1294 Words
    “UNSAFE DRINKING WATER” An adequate supply of safe drinking water is one of the major prerequisites for a healthy life, but waterborne disease is still a major cause of death in many parts of the world, particularly in children, and it is also a significant economic constraint in many subsistence economies. The basis on which drinking water safety is judged is national standards or international guidelines. The most important of these are the WHO Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality. The...
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  • Labs Week 2 Professor Bostock
    Lab 2 – Water Quality and Contamination Experiment 1: Effects of Groundwater Contamination Table 1: Water Observations (Smell, Color, Etc.) Beaker Observations 1 Water is clear and uncontaminated. 2 All of the vegetable oil goes to the top of the beaker. 3 The water looks slightly cloudy but not too contaminated. 4 The water changed colors with the detergent and was clearly contaminated. 5 Water was murky from the dirt. 6 The water did not look as contaminated filtering with oil as it did...
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  • Sarma - 764 Words
    2. Village Life in Assam: Introduction: An English poet had once said that god made the villages and man made the towns. The general meaning of this statement is that village life is a life in peace and happiness unlike the life in a town. It is true that villages are free from a number of problems that are seen in towns. For example, pollution is a serious problem in towns -pollution caused by factories, automobiles and so on. Secondly, over crowdedness is another major problem in the towns...
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  • Oromia Water Research Project
    PROBLEM STATEMENT Water is life. Water is a basic need. Water makes up most of the world, in fact the planet is 75% water. Every living organism needs water to make food, therefore water is the most important gift that nature has given mankind. Water determines the quality of our lives because it is a component of good health. Availability of adequate water has positive effects in health, environment and social economic activities to any society. While a person can hardly stay for three...
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  • Natural Disasters: Is It Time to Take Our Heads Out of the Sand
    Natural Disasters: Is It Time for Us to Take Our Heads Out of the Sand? It is a common misconception that a natural disaster only happens to other people. People might be aware of the probable occurrence of hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes but think the actual damage is something that happens to other people: “Natural disasters are catastrophic events with atmospheric, geologic and hydrologic origins” (Watson 1). Watson delineates disasters to include “earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,...
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  • Jamestown - 1494 Words
    Jamestown was one of the first attempts to establish a colony by the English settlers. The key word in the previous sentence: attempts. This word implies that the feat attempted was not a success, and in this case, the implication is quite correct. Jamestown failed because of severely strained Indian relations over resource supplies, an almost absolute lack of planning, which is a result of insufficient leadership, and environmental issues including lack of reliable water sources. Jamestown...
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  • Lab 2 Water Quality and ContaminationExperiment
    Lab 2 – Water Quality and Contamination Experiment 1: Effects of Groundwater Contamination Table 1: Water Observations (Smell, Color, Etc.) Beaker Observations 1 Tap Water 100ml– Water is clear and has no smell. 2 Veg. Oil water 110ml – Water has a cloudy yellow tint. Many bubbles of oil separated to atop the water. No odor. 3 Vinegar Water 110ml – Nearly clear water. Has a slight odor of vinegar. 4 Soap water 110ml – Green and cloudy but still partially translucent. Larger bubbles that stay on...
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  • Coursework3 - 1976 Words
    The aim of my investigation is see if the effect of open and vegetation microhabitats on the abundance of Mayfly Nymph (Latin name- Ephemeroptera). I conducted my investigation at Epping Forest field centre in Loughton, Essex. The grid reference is TQ412981. The Field centre is located in a Site of special scientific interest (SSSI) and a special area of conservation (SAC) [4]. There are many areas of isolated natural ponds however the pond I worked at was Lily pond which is a man made pond....
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  • Effects Of Water Pollution - 1180 Words
    Effects of Water Pollution On Human Health Water borne diseases produced by pathogen present n the pollluted water Increase incidence of cancer Dangerous effects on growing foetus in pregnant women Blue baby disease Increased incidence of skin disorders Type Diseases Cause Water borne (Disease causing vector carried in water) Cholera Typhoid Diarrhoea Dysentery  Water washed (Resulting from lack of water or improper use of water) Scabies Eye infections Diarrhoea Water Based...
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  • Global Water India Arsenic Dr Deb
    Removal of Arsenic from Village Drinking Water Supplies in West Bengal By Dr. Arun Deb Vice President (Retired), Weston Solutions, Inc. West Chester, Pennsylvania Introduction and Background West Bengal, a state in Eastern India is very rich in groundwater and more than 80 percent of its populations tap this source as drinking water. In West Bengal, and in the neighboring nation of Bangladesh, a health crisis of devastating proportions has been quietly unfolding over...
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  • Clean Safe Drinking Water Essay
    Clean safe drinking water Assessment: Many people living in poverty and not having much of anything like safe places to live let alone clean AND safe drinking water which also comes under good health due to drinking and washing in the polluted water it becomes even harder to stay healthy. More than 884 million people suffer from not having the basic clean water that is 3x the United States population. It is mainly places situated in Asia and especially Africa these water problems affect half...
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  • busn 5060 - 3073 Words
    Table of Contents Introduction 2 A Brief History of the Ground Water Well in British Columbia 3 Organizational strategic Analysis 4 Environmental scanning 5 Aligning HR Strategy to Organizational strategic Analysis 6 3-Year Financial Budget Summary 7 Human Resource Planning...
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  • Water Pollution - 2045 Words
    Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans and beaches. This occurs when large factories dump their waste products into the water. Water has the ability to carry many pathogens and bacteria. Because of this, water is responsible for many deaths and illnesses. This fact was discovered a long time ago when many people fell sick, and after tests, it was realized this was because of ...
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  • Accessibility to clean water - 782 Words
    Accessibility to clean water(Problems associated) Vietnam is considered as one of the world’s most populated country in the worth since ranked thirteenth in recent survey. Vietnam has a river count of about 2360 rivers in the country with its length of more than 10km. These rivers serve as important economic values and use. There have been very causes of water pollution which deprives most people in Vietnam access to clean water or even water at all. The ecosystem around Vietnam’s rivers is...
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  • Walkerton Water Tragedy - 808 Words
     The Walkerton Water Crisis Crisis struck Walkerton in late spring of 2000 when the small town of 5000 was struck by an outbreak of E. coli. People of the town were being sickened from their own water source. As time carried on seven people died. The problem that was on hand was a matter of ethics rivaled with Ontario drinking water quality standards. In examination of the problem it can be determined that the...
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  • Access to Clean Water Is a Life Changing Experience.
    es Access to clean water is a life changing experience INTRODUCTION 780 million people around the world don’t have access to clean water. 300,000 people die every week from unsafe water and insanitary living conditions, and 90 percent of them are children that are under five years old. So, why does it matter if people don’t have access to clean water? First, all humans need to drink clean water to survive. Water helps maintain our physical bodies, keeping us hydrated, clean and...
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  • Improvised Water Filter: a Way of Preventing Water Pollution and Promoting Water Conservation
    Improvised Water Filter: A Way of Preventing Water Pollution and Promoting Water Conservation Problem: Presence of Inorganic Materials in Water ( Water Pollution) Proposed Solution: Filtration of Water by natural means Introduction: Water is one of the magnificent gifts nature gave to mankind. Water is almost everywhere. And we need it in just about any activity we do. Water satisfies our thirst. Even our bodies are composed of about 75% of water. We need water in agriculture. And...
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  • Arsenic in Drinking Water - 4289 Words
    ARSENIC IN DRINKING WATER Arsenic in Drinking Water: Effect on Health ABSTRACT: Drinking water can be contaminated with arsenic through natural resources such as soils and rocks, but it also results from human activities. Long-term ingestion of arsenic exposure through drinking water can cause multiple adverse health effects including cardiovascular, pulmonary, immunological, neurological effects and endocrine problems such as diabetes. Ingestion of arsenic-rich water can increase the...
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  • Water Problem in Bangladesh - 8272 Words
    Acceptance and Use of Eight Arsenic-Safe Drinking Water Options in Bangladesh Jennifer Inauen1*, Mohammad Mojahidul Hossain1, Richard B. Johnston2, Hans-Joachim Mosler1 ¨ 1 Eawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science & Technology, Department of System Analysis, Integrated Assessment and Modelling, Dubendorf, Switzerland, ¨ 2 Eawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science & Technology, Department of Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries (Sandec), Dubendorf, Switzerland...
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  • Supplying clean drinking water across rural India:
    1 Supplying clean drinking water across rural India: A case study on the Community RO Water Treatment Plants in Shadnagar Mandal; Mhabubnagar district Andhra Pradesh for providing Shadnagar district; Fluoride free potable water to the rural Community Dr.Rajesh Roy1*, A.V Suresh2, G.K.Reddy3 1,2 Eureka Forbes, B1/B2, 701, 7th Floor, Marathon Innova, Marathon NextGen, Off Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai 400 013, Maharashtra; India 3 World Vision of India, #13-195/1,...
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  • Sweetwater Case Analysis - 1073 Words
    Marilyn Pineda MS&E 266 Sweetwater Case Submitted January 14, 2013 Sweetwater Case Questions 1. From your point-of-view, what are the most important user needs in the water purification market? To save space, the entire list of important user needs is shown in the Table below along with Kano structure categories. The most important needs are designated “Must Haves” in Question 2: The two Water Quality criteria, the ability to pump through the unit directly into drinking water...
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  • India's resources - 480 Words
    INDIA’S WATER MANAGEMENT Nearly 90 percent of India’s diseases are caused by unsanitary water conditions. According to the World Bank, 88 percent of all diseases in India are caused by unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene. Annual, water-related problems are responsible for: 4 billion cases of diarrhea, resulting in the deaths of more than 6 million children, 300 million malaria sufferers, 6 million people who have been struck blind by trachoma, and 500 million people...
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  • Syllabus for Orissa Civil Services
    Syllabi for the Orissa Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination (Subject-wise) SYLLABUS FOR ORISSA CIVIL SERVICES (PRELIMINARY) EXAMINATION GENERAL STUDIES The nature and standard of questions in this paper will be such that a welleducated person will be able to answer them without any specialized study. The questions will be such as to test a candidate’s general awareness of a variety of subjects, which will have relevance for a career in Civil Services. General Science Current events...
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  • Primewater Csr - 1250 Words
    Primewater Infrastructure Corporation ABOUT US  PRIMEWATER – a “public service” oriented company  CUSTOMER SERVICE FRIENDLY  24-hour customer service  Primewatch  Payments • Over the counter • Electronic channels  Application on-line  State of the art water treatment technology Providing safe water for the people and the environment. Providing safe water for the people and the environment. Primewater Infrastructure Corporation ABOUT US PRIMEWATER Infrastructure...
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  • BUSA 3000 2nd draft
     Georgia BUSA 3000 Professor Dakhli October 25, 2014 Part I. Country Background: Georgia is a country located on the eastern part of the Black Sea, next to Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Russia. The size of the country is 69,799 square miles and holds a population of 4,935,880 (globalEDGE). The country's political system is a republic ran by both the President Giorgi Margvelashvili and the Prime Minister Irakli Aribashvili. The form of law in Georgia is civil law and...
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  • Water Quality and Contamination - 2001 Words
     Water Quality and Contamination Water Quality and Contamination Introduction Abstract My lab report was based on how ground water could be affected by contaminants that surround us everyday. “ Access to safe drinking water depends not only on the quality of water at source but also on contamination throughout it's way to the user and practices related to purification and sanitation” ( Mishra, S., & Nandeshwar, S. 2013).I was very surprised...
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  • Importance of Teaching Household Water Storage
    UNICEF PROMOTION OF HOUSEHOLD WATER TREATMENT AND SAFE STORAGE IN UNICEF WASH PROGRAMMES January 2008 PROMOTION OF HOUSEHOLD WATER TREATMENT AND SAFE STORAGE IN UNICEF WASH PROGRAMMES Why is household water treatment and safe storage an important intervention for preventing disease? Unsafe drinking water, along with poor sanitation and hygiene, are the main contributors to an estimated 4 billion cases of diarrhoeal disease annually, causing more than 1.5 million deaths, mostly among...
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  • Water Quality in Rural India
    WATER QUALITY IN RURAL INDIA The rural population of India comprises more than 700 million people residing in about 1.42 million habitations spread over 15 diverse ecological regions. It is true that providing drinking water to such a large population is an enormous challenge. Our country is also characterised by non-uniformity in level of awareness, socio-economic development, education, poverty, practices and rituals which add to the complexity of providing water. The health burden of...
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  • Syllabus on Environmental Sanitation - 4624 Words
    Introduction to fact sheets on water Contents • Presentation • Introduction to fact sheets on water • Introduction to fact sheets on sanitation • Introduction to fact sheets on hygiene education The quantity and quality of the water that we drink is directly linked to health. If the water is contaminated with germs or chemicals, health will be affected. Outbreaks of diseases transmitted by water have a major impact on human health. Examples of diseases which can be transmitted by...
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  • Water Problem - 2521 Words
    One of the World's great environmental problems - Water The water problem is today one of the greatest problems the world faces. The UN calculates that if the present development continues the 2/3 of the world population will live with serious water scarcity or nearly without water by the year 2025. The UN calculates that one should have 100 litres of water pr day to manage. This is for everything - home consumption, agriculture, industry, etc. Many people today have less than 50 litres, and...
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  • Lack of Sanitation in Developing Countries
    Lack of Sanitation in Developing Countries Water and sanitation is a key sector where much effort is needed in the world. Sanitation, an issue many overlook today, refers to the provision of facilities and services for the safe disposal of human waste and promoting hygienic conditions through services that improve water supplies. Today, over a third of the world's population lack access to adequate sanitation facilities (globalpovertyproject.com). This has been an underlying issue we have...
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  • Guidelines for Collection, Care and Control of Rainwater in Tanks
    F> GUIDELINES FOR THE COLLECTION, CARE AND CONTROL OF RAINWATER IN TANKS F A C T S H E E T Rainwater tanks can provide a supply of good quality potable water with proper management of the tank and roof catchment. The Tank & Reduction of Water Consumption Tanks are available in galvanised steel, zincalume, fibreglass and concrete and all are suitable for the storage of potable water. Rainwater tanks should protect water from contamination. Contaminants such as industrial pollutants,...
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  • Water Pollution Problems in Africa and India
    Gathering water for African villages is a job placed on the women. They spend countless hours carrying water from distant sources. These sources are often polluted and this continuous effort is an enormous waste of time that could be better used for childcare and education (Wanja). According to J.W.N. Riviere in a publication called "Threats to the Worlds Waters", women and girls in Africa spend 40 billion person hours a year hauling polluted water. Both natural and man-made pollutants have...
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  • EsHyDro reservoir - 513 Words
    Reservoir defined The word reservoir refers to a place where large amounts of water get stored. The word reservoir comes from the French réservoir, which further derives from the Old French reserver, meaning "to reserve." Reservoirs are those water bodies formed or modified by human activity for specific purposes, in order to provide a reliable and controllable resource. a water body contained by embankments or a dam, and subsequently managed in response to specific community needs; or any...
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  • Marketing Plan for Water Harvesting in Namibia
    Marketing Plan ProFunnel by ProAqua GmbH & Co. KG Product Management – Prof. Dr. Claudia Hensel Fachhochschule Mainz University of Applied Sciences Table of contents I. Marketing Plan Summary (Executive Summary)……………….……………………… 3 II. Corporate Connection..……………………………………………………..……………………. 4 III. Environmental Analysis and Forecasting…………………..…………………………….. 5 1. Major environmental factors……………………………..……………………………… 5 a. Social /...
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  • Commercialization of Education - 1424 Words
    BIOLOGICAL IMPURITIES: Bacteria, Virus, and Parasites -- Years ago, waterborne diseases accounted for millions of deaths. Even today in underdeveloped countries, an estimated 25,000 people will die daily from waterborne disease. Effects of waterborne microorganisms can be immediate and devastating. Therefore, microorganisms are the first and most important consideration in making water acceptable for human consumption. Generally speaking, modern municipal supplies are relatively free from...
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  • Water Filtration - 1698 Words
     Name: Affiliated Institution: Course: Date: Water Filtration The methods used in this experiment are simple filtration methods which are used by many water companies worldwide. In this experiment simple lab equipment was used, after contaminating water with various contaminants the water was filtered by using cheesecloth, sand, activated charcoal and alum. The contaminants used in the experiment are the most common and the most hazardous. They include;...
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  • India - 3019 Words
    Team C: Cole Kamish, Tara Gerkens,Virginia Froonjian Bambā: Water Purification System for Mumbai Metro Area Multinational Business 52:620:369:40 Table of Contents 1. Basic Information………………………………………………………………….3 2. Executive Summary……………………………………………………………….5 3. Mission Statement and Vision…………………………………………………….7 4. Company Overview……………………………………………………………….7 5. Product & Service Plan……………………………………………………………7 6. Management...
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  • AUDIT METHODOLOGY - 2416 Words
    AUDIT METHODOLOGY A systematic environmental audit consists of 3 main stages: Pre-Audit On-site Audit Post Audit All 3 stages need to be fulfil in order to complete the audit procedure on water quality management which to ensure clean water is to be preserved to be consumed by the end user. Pre-Audit Pre-audit is the first step in the audit procedure. During a pre-audit, a company or individual’s financial documents are examined to ensure that all information is correct before the company or...
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  • lol swag - 503 Words
    Water comes from the atmosphere to the Earth and continues to repeat the process. It uses energy from the sun and gravity to make the process happen. The sun creates atmospheric vapor to the atmosphere and returns it to the Earth through snow, ice and rain. Water is in form of atmospheric vapor for about 0.0001%. The Worlds water is in from of vapor at some point. Most of the evaporation happens from the ocean. This creates a cooling effect for the Earth’s climate. It recycles many times during...
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  • Water Conservation - 733 Words
    Water Conservation Will there be enough water for a more crowded world? The adult human uses on average about 100 gallons of water a day. Only about 2.5% of earth’s water is fresh and only 1% is actually attainable for usage. The available water on earth has not changed. The same water we have today has been recycled for millions of years, we are not gaining any more. The time to do something is now. In this essay I would like to remark on the past, present, and future of water...
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  • The Ghost Map - 1801 Words
    In the summer of 1854, London was coming out as one of the most modern cities in the world. With nearly 2.4 million people living in the area at the time, the city’s infrastructure itself was having a hard time providing for the basic needs of its residents. The biggest problem existing within the city at that time was its waste removal system, or for better terms, its lack of one. Human waste was piling up everywhere, from people houses to the rivers and drinking water. This situation was the...
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  • Clean Drinking Water - 1453 Words
    Name: Mary Humber Specific-purpose: To persuade the audience Central Idea: Drinking water shows many benefits when clean, dangers when polluted, and procedures to go through to maintain water clarity. Introduction I. How many of you have come in contact with water today? II. More than likely we have all seen water already, and throughout the day each of us will use around 80-100 gallons of water total. III. Knowing the impact that water has on our daily lives, research has allowed me...
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  • Urban Ecology - 3769 Words
    DENR ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 26-A Series 1994 Subject: PHILIPPINE STANDARDS FOR DRINKING WATER 1993 UNDER THE PROVISION OF CHAPTER II, SECTION 9 OF PD 856, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE CODE ON SANITATION OF THE PHILIPPINES. To implement the provisions of section 9, otherwise known as the Prescribed Standards and Procedures of Chapter ll of the Code on Sanitation of the Philippines, PD 856, this Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water 1993 hereby revises and updates the 1978 National...
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  • SCI207 - 966 Words
    Lab 2 – Water Quality and Contamination Experiment 1: Effects of Groundwater Contamination Table 1: Water Observations (Smell, Color, Etc.) Beaker Observations 1 No smell, clear with no color, clean 2 Cloudy and greasy looking, no smell and no color 3 The smell was strong of vinegar and it was clear with no color 4 Smelt clean like flowers, clear green color, transparent 5 No smell, little dirty, and clear 6 Little oily, brownish clear color and cloudy 7 Still smelt of vinegar, clear, and...
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  • why do we fall ill
    Class IX Chapter 13 – Why Do We Fall Ill Science Question 1: State any two conditions essential for good health. Answer: The twoconditions essential for good health are: (i) An individual must have better health facilities and more professionals to deal with health problems. (ii) All basic necessary conditions to prevent diseases must be present. For example, proper garbage collection and disposal, clearing of drains, supply of healthy drinking water, etc. Question 2: State...
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  • ac where did students get their potable water
    Chapter 1 The Problem and its Background Environmental impact assessment will soon become a compulsory phase in future potable water production projects, especially, when alternative treatment processes such sedimentation, coagulation sand filtration and Disinfections are considered. An impact assessment tool is therefore developed for the environmental evaluation of potable water production in our study. The evaluation method used is the life cycle assessment (LCA) for the determination and...
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  • Ballast Systems Review from Abs 2011
    Ballast Water Treatment Advisory Our Mission The mission of ABS is to serve the public interest as well as the needs of our clients by promoting the security of life, property and the natural environment primarily through the development and verification of standards for the design, construction and operational maintenance of marine-related facilities. Quality & Environmental Policy It is the policy of ABS to be responsive to the individual and collective needs of our clients as well as...
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  • Water Scarcity and the Importance of Water
    Water Scarcity & the Importance of Water Introduction: This report has been written to inform you of the world water crisis which is getting worse every second. It has also been written to inform you about the water scarcity and importance. Water Scarcity and importance: Clean, safe drinking water is not easy to find any longer. Today, nearly 1 billion people in the developing world don't have access to it. Yet, we take it for granted, we waste it, and we even pay too much to drink it from...
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  • Oh My Siomai - 420 Words
    1.1 Statement of the problem General Problem How people make trust in the company and how the company gave their best for the costumers to trust them? Proponents found out that the clients of this company trust them because of their good service and their clean water. The company gave their best and keep their services good. Specific problems * What type of ownership does the company posses? The client says that their type of ownership is...
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  • Pollution in Vellore Essay - 2267 Words
    19 Indian Journal of Science and Technology Vol. 4 No. 1 (Jan 2011) ISSN: 0974- 6846 Groundwater pollution in the Palar Riverbed near Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India T. S. Dhiviyaa Pranavam1, T. Venkatesa Rao2, L. Punithavathi3, S. Karunanithi4 and A. Bhaskaran5 3 Dept. of Physics, Dravidian University, Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh, 2Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Tirupattur, C. Abdul Hakeem College of Engineering & Technology, Melvisharam, Arcot, 4BHEL Higher Sec School, Ranipet, TN, 5FICCE, Professor,...
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  • UV Disinfection Equipment Market Size, Share, Global Trends, Analysis, Research Report, Forecast, 2012 – 2020
    Reports and Intelligence adds a report titled “Global UV Disinfection Equipment Market (Applications, Geography) - Size, Share, Global Trends, Company Profiles, Demand, Insights, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2012 – 2020.” The report provides deep insights on the global UV disinfection equipment market, which helps the global players to have better understanding on the latest market trends, competitive landscape, etc. Get full report:...
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  • Integrated Bamboo Catchment and Filtration System
    Integrated Bamboo Catchment and Filtration System A Conceptual Design solution for the Tonle Sap Region, Cambodia Needra Wickramaratna Debbie To Christopher Barratt Paul Gresser Samuel King October 2009 14064824 14280566 14266139 12038323 14277267 Executive Summary The Integrated Bamboo Catchment and Filtration System is an economical and sustainable solution to the problem of water purification for the people of Tonle Sap. The people of the Tonle Sap region in Cambodia, many of whom...
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  • The Right to Clean Water - 1662 Words
    The Right to Access Clean Water Only 2% of earth’s water is available for human consumption because 98% of the earth’s water is frozen in ice caps, flowing in the ocean, and even in animal bodies, etc. More than a billion people have no decent water supply, adding to that about 2.4 billion people do not have proper sanitation; therefore more than 60% of global illness is linked to the lack of healthy water. Water is a natural source of nature and access to clean water should not be used as a...
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  • Research Paper on Water Pollution
    Comprising over seventy percent of the Earth's surface, water is undeniably the most valuable natural resource. Life on Earth would be non-existent without water because it is essential for everything on our planet to grow. The human body is composed of 50-80% water. Blood and muscles contain significant amounts, and approximately 95% of the brain is water. All body systems and organs need water to function properly, and will shut down without it. Most of the chemical reactions that take place...
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  • Water Pollution - 1368 Words
    I. Introduction According to the Columbia Encyclopedia, water pollution is defined as contamination of water resources by harmful wastes. In most cases this contamination is a result of people overloading the water environment with wastes. The scope of this problem covers any and all water sources including but not limited to streams, lakes, underground water, bays or oceans. II. Statement of Problem It is no misconception that water is a necessary compound to all life on Earth. Absolutely...
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  • Water Problem in Pakistan - 619 Words
    Ivona Stankovic Joice Marcano English 9th grade 16. 05. 2013 Position Paper – Pakistan Water contamination in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is an extremely severe problem. There is not enough clean water in the country and high percentage of the population has no access to the clean water. Because of disability to get clean water, many people are getting infected by different diseases and dying. According to the studies done by the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources...
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  • ajsjds - 496 Words
    Cholera Cholera is a deadly illness due to bacterial infections. Some sources that may cause you to come across this disease is if you drink water that has been contaminated with a person’s infected feces, or by eating food that has come into contact with the dirty water. For instance, if you eat raw or uncooked fruits and vegetables, especially if you eat seafood such as seashells; you want to make sure it is properly cooked because you can easily become infected. The first origination of...
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  • Water Refilling Station - 850 Words
    Water Refilling Station Business in the Philippines Not All Water Refilling Stations Are Created Equal ACCORDING to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 3.4 million people die annually from water-related diseases. About a million Filipinos get sick with water-borne diseases yearly. And these are diarrhea cases alone. They don’t include other water-borne disease like amoebiasis, crypto-sporidiosis and cholera. Water refilling stations can help address the water contamination problem....
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  • Baseline Study of Malunggay - 1448 Words
    Abstract However, because of the various changes that occurs in our society we can to misuse and abuse our waters leading to its deterioration or water pollution. Many factors contributed in the deterioration of the water and one of which are the oil spills and ground water pollution and these cause of water borne diseases, fish kills and total destruction of the water. On the other hand, Malunngay (Moringa Oliefera) is called “Miracle Tree” due to the numerous benefits that it can give....
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  • essay - 1858 Words
    Ralegan Siddhi (Marathi: राळेगण सिद्धी) is a village in Parner taluka of Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra state in western India. It is located at a distance of 87 km from Pune. The village has an area of 982.31 ha (1991). It is considered a model of environmental conservation. The village has carried out programs like tree planting, terracing to reduce soil erosion and digging canals to retain rainwater. For energy, the village uses solar power, biogas (some generated from the community...
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  • Pollution Caused by Urbanization and Its Solutions
    Pollution Caused by Urbanization and Its Solutions There are a large number of people who move to metropolitan areas in search of better job opportunities and living conditions. This process is called urbanization which is featured by a faster increase of urban population and economic development compared with rural areas. In spite of economic growth and improvement of basic facilities, cities, especially in developing countries, suffer from negative consequences of urbanization and...
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  • Water and Sanitation in Zambia - 19441 Words
    Draft for Comments. April, 2001 Water, Sanitation and Poverty Christophe Bosch, Kirsten Hommann, Gloria M. Rubio, Claudia Sadoff and Lee Travers Outline 1. Introduction 1.1. 1.2. Background Approach 2. Poverty, Water and Sanitation – Understanding the Links 2.1. 2.2. 2.3. 2.4. Health Effects Effects on Education Gender and Social Inclusion Effects Effects on Income and Consumption 3. Assessing the Problem and Defining Targets 3.1. 3.2. 3.3. 3.4. Taking Stock of Government Policies...
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  • Marketing Audit Siemens I&S Group
    Marketing Audit Siemens I&S Group: USFilter MKT 551 Marketing Management Donna Guevara Karen Yunker December 7, 2005 TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary 3 Environmental Aspects 6 Economics 6 Markets 7 Technology 8 Marketing 9 Objectives 9 Strategies 10 Tactics 11 4 P's 11 Product 11 Price 12 Place 13 Promotion 15 Organization 15 Executive Summary Siemens Industrial Services and Solutions (I&S) specializes in developing systems solutions for customers, who include...
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  • Illustration of Water Pollution - 1359 Words
    An Illustration of Water Pollution October 23rd, 2012 “Recently published data show that world-wide 2.4 billion people do not have access to improved sanitation.”(Cited in, “The Existing Urban Environmental Sanitation System in Hanoi and Problems Related”). The access to clean water is rapidly decreasing, and it is a global concern. Water pollution refers to the contamination of water sources from substances that are harmful to the environment and ecosystems. The issue of water pollution...
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  • Lifestraw - 759 Words
    LIFESTRAW 1. When most people see these pictures for the first time, one of the first things that they think is “what the heck are these people doing?” Whereas someone in one of these third world countries would instantly think “why the heck haven’t I gotten my hands on one of these”. What is being used to drink water out of these filthy streams and rivers in these pictures above is a lifestraw. The pictures are pretty graphic, but sometimes it takes a picture like this to get you to...
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  • Why are kids getting sick
    Why are Kids Getting Sick? Project Plan for Rapid Assessment Djibo is a small village in northern Burkina Faso located in West Africa. The United nations have named the country of Burkina Faso to be the fourth poorest in the World.(“Bukina Faso”) Djibo lacks and adequate amount of necessities need to maintain a healthy life style, and the resources they do have are now being shared with thousands of Malian refugees. The village has become a new home for Malian refugees seeking sanctuary and...
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  • Dog Rescue - 1076 Words
    I. INTRODUCTION OF THE LIFESTRAW WATER PURIFIER A. Product benefits for the consumers (IRIN, 2008; Frandsen, 2013) 1. The product can filter at least 264 gallons of water 2. Reduce water turbidity with 0.2 micros 3. Remove 99.9% waterborne bacteria 4. Remove 99.9% protozoan cysts 5. Remove 98.7% waterborne viruses 6. Easy to carry and use B. Production cost is $4 per unit (IRIN 2008) C. Product targeting consumers 1. The primary targeting group is poor to high middle class people who...
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  • Pollution in Bangladesh - 4791 Words
    Summaries of Newspaper Articles Article: 1 Action against Noise Pollution Overdue Shihab Ahmed The Financial Express Monday, January 18, 2010 The article reports that there is a draft for noise pollution control law that the government has not yet paid enough importance to in spite of its urgency. The law proposes a fine of Taka 10,000 and a maximum imprisonment of six months for producing noise higher than the permissible limits. The Society for Assistance of Hearing Impaired...
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  • science - 612 Words
    WATER QUALITY AND CONTINMINANTION Introduction I. Body Paragraph #1 – Background~ Water quality is decided by assessing three classes of attributes: biological, chemical, and physical. There are criteria of water quality set for each of these three categories of properties. The standards for drinking water are developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), World Health Organization (WHO) etc. All municipal (public) water supplies must be measured against these standards. Testing...
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  • Water Pollution in Pakistan - 13564 Words
    A Special Report Pakistan’s Waters at Risk Water & Health Related Issues in Pakistan & Key Recommendations Based on Information/Data drawn from Government Documents and NGOs / IGOs Publications February 2007 Endorsed by Report compiled by: Freshwater & Toxics Programme, WWF – Pakistan. Cover page design: Communications Division, WWF – Pakistan. Published 2007 by WWF – Pakistan, Ferozepur Road, Lahore – 54600, Pakistan. Opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily...
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  • Toxic Water - 800 Words
    Turn the tap on and drink a glass of water. Does it taste funny? Is it clear? The water you are drinking may be toxic without any such indicators. Water is all around us; it is essential for life. Over two thirds of earth’s surface is covered by water, ___________________but everyone only wants and need clean water. Each year, water pollution increases and continues to be responsible for harming our environment. According to Duhigg (2009) of the New York Times, more than 100 wells were...
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  • Water Bourne Illnesses Essay
    War against and for water and its infections Did you know that according to the http://www.wateraidamerica.org website around 783 million people in the world do not have access to safe water? This is around 11% of the world’s population. Also around 2.5 billion people in the world do not have access to proper sanitation this is about 35% of the world’s population. Did you know that around 700,000 children die every year from illnesses caused by unsafe water that’s almost 2,000 children in one...
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  • The Factors Affecting Safe Drinking-Water (Planning and Essay Basic)
    The factors affecting safe drinking water: Describe and explain the different factors effecting access to safe drinking water. (10 marks) Planning and Notes: * From 1996 – 2006 +/- 1.56 billion people gained access to improved drinking-water sources. * Today 87% people drink from improved water sources compared to 77% in 1990. Physical factors that affect safe drinking water: * Amount of precipitation * Seasonal distribution of precipitation * Physical ability of the...
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  • National Water Supply & Drainage Board
    Group 1 University of Colombo School of Computing Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology 2013 ICT2007 - Industrial Visits Group No: 01 Date Visited: 2nd of May 2013 Place Visited: National Water Supply & Drainage Board (NWSDB) ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Office Use On / before deadline Extension given Late submission Industrial visit to the NWSDB 1|Page Group 1 Marks given Comments Students’ statement I/ We certify that I/...
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  • super ceilling fan [ 2 fans]
    In awareness campaigns, policy makers and other interested groups aim for behavioral changes based on new social norms and attitudes towards water use. Water preservation and reading campaign combined The Water Awareness Campaign, UNDP/Palestinian Water Authorities (Palestine territories) joined efforts with a reading campaign of the Tamer Institute for Community Education. The reading campaign aimed to promote literacy and reading skills among young Palestinians. The following...
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  • Iraq for Sale - 2041 Words
    Vassil Doudov English 1302-7002 04/28/2012 Mss. Brown Iraq for Sale The first scenario shows how a young man gets killed because of lack of protection in his vehicle. Scotty had a two month contract in Iraq which also allowed him to make a lot more money working there. Blackwater security counseling is the name of the company he worked for. There were four American civilians killed and sadly Scotty was one of them. First his vehicle was not armored properly. Second there was no...
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  • Product Launch Paper - 2889 Words
    Product Launch Plan Süßwasser Water Filtration System 2011 Brown, L., Rayford, C., Ross, M., Smith, J., and Turner, V. Professor William David Hawkins 3/29/2011 Product Launch Plan Contents Executive 3 Product Launch Summary 3 Product Description 4 Product Positioning/Competition 6 Targeting 8 Marketing Needs 9 Market Potential and Growth 10 SWOT 12 Marketing Objectives and Strategy 14 Pricing 15 Marketing Communication 18 Distribution Strategy 19 Financial...
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  • Declining Portable Water - 647 Words
    “Water of life”. This is a famous Christianity word that reflects how important water is to our life. As we know, most drinkable water comes from the river, thus making river the main sources of potable water. However global warming is getting more and more serious nowadays causing a global rise in temperature and melt the ices at mountain’s peak. In the book ‘Pillar of Sand’ by Sandra Postel, Postel says that major Asia’s rivers like Ganges, Indus and Yellow river depends on the snowpack...
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  • Water Quality and Contamination - 1893 Words
     “Water Quality and Contamination” Shirley Tinsley SCI207: Dependence of Man on the Environment Instructor: Oleg Maksimov July 07, 2014 ABSTRACT: Experiments were done on the water quality and the contamination of groundwater. First, I observed the effects that different pollutants had on groundwater. I predicted that the experiments with the oil and vinegar would create the most contaminations to the water. When the laundry detergent were...
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