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  • Village - 1329 Words
    The Village by The Sea by Anita Desai. Avin Gunewardene. 3270. American National College. About the Author. ------------------------------------------------- Anita Desai was born in 1935 in Delhi to a German mother and a Bengali father. She grew up speaking German at home and Bengali, Urdu, Hindi and English at school and in the city streets. She has said that she grew up surrounded by Western literature...
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  • The Village - 544 Words
    The Village Bing West’s The Village is a book about the life of a small unit level squad of Marines during the Vietnam War. Accurately and meticulously portrayed the book covers over 17 months of the struggles the Combined Arms Platoon (CAP’s) of Marines had with the PF’s (Popular Forces) and villagers. On June 10, 1966 Twelve Marines had volunteered for this assignment to live among six-thousand Vietnamese in the Village of Binh Nghia, thinking it would serve as a break from the war itself,...
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  • The Village by the Sea - 530 Words
    The Village by the Sea The Village By The Sea (1982) is a novel written by the popular Indian American writer Anita Desai. It is based on the poverty, hardships and sorrow faced by a small rural community in India. {text:bookmark-start} {text:bookmark-end} Plot The Village by the Sea is set in a small village called Thul, which is 14 km (8.7 mi) from Bombay. Lila, the eldest child among the four siblings, is thirteen years old. Her twelve-year-old brother Hari is the only person with...
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    BY: KILKI Pareek The sun begins to rise gradually, spilling golden rays of light over the soaring mountains. A gentle breeze drifts through the lush forest as flocks of birds emerge from its depths, performing spectacular aerial displays in the dazzling morning sky. Down below, the sleeping village, tucked away inside the green valley, awakens to the sound of thundering church bells. Suddenly it is teeming with life as the villagers appear, welcoming the new day and attending to their daily...
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  • Village Life - 572 Words
    India is a land of villages. About 70 percent of our population lives in the villages. However, they present a very unusual image of village life. Hard work, simplicity and plain thinking is a charm of life there. Villages are the main supply line of cities but hey evoke an image of a mass living in problems and difficulties. The life depicts a state of deprivation, dependence and below physical and social set up. Inspire of reforms and change in structural set up villages continue to suffer on...
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  • Village and City - 341 Words
    Small village vs. City You rather live in a city or small village? Most people see this as tricky question. There are different reasons to live in a city however than the village. Then again there are some people that would rather stay in a village however than a city. A small village and a city got three similar attractions to a better life in ones view: location, utilities, and climate. First, every state has a city. Every city has a specific location. Most cities are located near a suburb...
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  • The Village That Could - 15496 Words
    The Village That Could An inspirational tale of resilience in challenging times Ralph McKechnie Brown Download free books at Ralph McKechnie Brown The Village That Could An inspirational tale of resilience in challenging times Download free eBooks at 2 The Village That Could: An inspirational tale of resilience in challenging times 1st edition © 2013 Ralph McKechnie Brown & ISBN 978-87-403-0392-6 Download free eBooks at 3 The Village That Could...
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  • Village Uplift - 353 Words
    India is an agricultural country. So, it is a country of villages. Most of the Indians live in the villages. India cannot improve if her villages do not improve. The present condition of villages: The present condition of the Indian villages is very bad. The Indian villagers are ignorant. That do not know how to read and write. They do not know hygiene. They rest upon the superstition and the blind faith. Hence, they fall easy prey to the epidemics. Their health is also very bad. They are...
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  • Village or Town? - 427 Words
    Olesia Tararai Instructor Izmentinov Writing for Academic Purposes Section 2 1 March 2010 Some people enjoy living in a big city, while others like living in a small village. Discuss both choices and defend your preference. A Small Village or A Big City? Our society is observing a village decline and a fast development of large cities. Some people have the idea that the best place for living is in a big city. However, many others disagree with this point of view, considering a...
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  • A Village Fair - 445 Words
    A village fair A village fair is a gathering of men, women and children of villages at a central and convenient place either on the banks of the river or at the market place. Generally during Hindu festivals fair are held near the Hindu temples. Fairs are held on Eid days, on the 10th day of Muharram and also on the last and first day of the Bengal New Year. The children, the old and the young wait eagerly for such a day. This gives a sudden change in the monotonous life of the village. A...
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  • Global Village - 692 Words
    Global Village Today the term global village is common the world becomes approximate day after day via technology which has been making our life style faster. The relationship with each other more consolidated. Also, an industry deems one of the important reasons to make the world become a small village. Although a existence of many agents to make the world as a small village, I believe there are three main reasons of that. The first and most important reason that helps the world to...
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  • Village and Fiesta - 312 Words
    The month of May is the month of fiestas in Bohol. This is the time most Boholano's try to return home from wherever on the world they are, to celebrate with their relatives. Hardly a day passes by without a fiesta in one or another town, starting with the fiesta of Tagbilaran City on the first of May. In Bohol, every town and barangay (village or neighbourhood) has its own Fiesta in celebration of the patron saint. Once a year, the entire town is decorated for the annual feast, in which...
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  • A village fair - 430 Words
    A Village Fair Introduction: A village fair is a large gathering of men, women and children on a particular occasion. It is a hilarious annual meeting place of the village people. It is like a mirror that reflects the emblem of rural life. It brings a chance in the monotonous life of the villagers. People of all ages specially the children eagerly wait for this happy occasion. Place and Occasion: A village fair is usually held once or twice a year either on the first or the last day of...
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  • Village by the Sea - 568 Words
    Anyone who knows India knows how strong the vitality of spirit is here even under the worst circumstances. Continuing in this spirit, Anita Desai narrates, "I did not hide the pain, but I also wanted to communicate this capacity for enjoyment”. And this is what gives us 'The Village By The Sea beautifully narrated by Anita Desai. It is the exemplary story of Thul, a small village north of Bombay along the coast where for centuries and centuries, life has been punctuated by the rhythms of...
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  • Indian Villages - 961 Words
    Scattered throughout India are approximately 500,000 villages. The Census of India regards most settlements of fewer than 5,000 as a village. These settlements range from tiny hamlets of thatched huts to larger settlements of tile-roofed stone and brick houses. Most Indian villages are small; nearly 80 percent have fewer than 1,000 inhabitants, according to the 1991 census. Most are nucleated settlements, while others are more dispersed. It is in villages that India's most basic...
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  • Cities and Village - 454 Words
    Village is smaller than a town. There are some small group houses in a rural area in the village. A village is a small group of settlements while a city is a large group of settlements.There are some advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, at the village there are green areas, animals, friendly people. When someone go to a village, the village people give warm welcome. People in villages are very helpful. The village people always try to protect their traditional habits and culture. You...
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  • The Village by the Sea - 1001 Words
    Daiana E. Field 5º1º The village by the sea By Anita Desai Analysis of the novel This story takes place in a small fishing village, called Thul, which is ¨only fourteen kilometres away from Bombay¨ (Chapter 4), one of the biggest cities on the western coast of India, on the Arabian Sea. Although the author does not specify the year in which the story is set, we can deduce it takes place in the early twentieth century. We reach to this conclusion through the description of Bombay,...
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  • global village - 1038 Words
    Most texts explore the search for the balance between the individual/local/community and the global village the global village disrupts the balance and some individuals struggle to cope with these challenges while others cope with it. Castle: Impersonal broad approach of the global village to the individual can cause them to have a close minded attitude which deters them from embracing the global village In the Film the Castle During the scene at the administrative appeals tribunal where...
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  • Visit to a Village - 430 Words
    A personal insight on visit to Dhodani and Neere villages The visit to the two villages in Panvel district was highly enriching and enlightening. Located just few kilometres away from a well-developed district, these two villages are stark contrasts from life as we know it and live. We witnessed the barest minimum necessities that people live with. Neere is more developed than Dhodani by virtue of being easily accessible by road from Panvel. The double edged sword affecting this area is that...
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  • Village Life - 1854 Words
    Raipur Tourist Information in depth - Why come to Sirpur Raipur -Introduction: Sirpur (Lal-2l ° 25'N, Long 82° II'E) in district Mahasamund of Chattisgarh state, India, a small village on the right bank of Mahanadi was once a large town of considerable importance. In fifth-eigth centuries A.D. Sirpur was the capital of Sarabhapuriyas and Panduvamsis of South Kosla. It's ancient name was 'Sripura'. As it contained a great number of dwelling houses, for all classes, king's palace, numerous temples...
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  • A Village Doctor - 372 Words
    A Village Doctor Introduction: A village doctor is an important person in the village. A village doctor is known to us. He is more expert in killing than in healing নিরাময়. He is not highly educated. He gets some knowledge in druggists shop. Then he becomes a quack হাতুড়ে. A town has many qualified doctors. Some of them are even specialists, বিশেষজ্ঞদের but it is a matter of regret দু:খ প্রকাশ that there is no qualified doctor in a village. His Dispensary: A village doctor has a...
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  • The Village on the Sea - 1657 Words
    Anita Desai's wonderful novel tells the story of a family living in the small fishing village of Thul, 14 kilometres from Bombay, India. It is more precisely the story of two young people, Hari, a boy of 14, and Lila, a girl of 13, with a will to survive. Their task is not easy. Lila has to look after their mother who is very ill with fever and requires constant care. She is also in charge of all the household chores and has to look after their two younger sisters, Bela and Kamal. Hari on the...
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  • Village life - 606 Words
    The village people are very hard-working. Early in the morning when most people in the cities and towns are asleep, village is awake and full of activity. The farmers are seen going to their fields with the plough and bullocks to till the land. The women tend to their cows and buffaloes and milk them. When free from this work they cook food and take it to the fields for their husbands to eat. They also come to the village well or the river bank to get water. They also tend to their...
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  • Village Profile - 892 Words
     Kadhurkhil, standing on the bank of the river Karnafully, is a medium sized village near Chittagong city. It has a population of approximately 15,000; large portion of which is constituted by the Muslim and the rest by the Hindu. However, religious or political views have never been a problem in the peaceful coexistence of the villagers. The village has two huts, Chowdhuri hut and Munshi hut, each of which sits at alternate two days per week. Many educated and well- qualified villagers have...
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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in Villages
    | | | There is a tendency in the modern society to abandon the village and to migrate to the city. More and more people, especially young and well educated, decide to live in large cities rather than in villages. A village is a quiet place where the influence of the city is not felt much. It is indeed a very good place for rest and relaxation. I was born and brought up in the village. In fact, almost all of my childhood I had spent in the village. Mainly the people of the village live in...
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  • Balabhadrapur: Life in a Village - 943 Words
    The name of my village is Balabhadrapur. It is situated on the bank of the Brahmani. My village is separated from other villages by the main river on one side and by its tributary on two other sides. The village is very old and has a number of special features. Although it faces flood every year, the geographical feature of the village has not altered. It is believed that Lord Balabhadra who is the village deity protects this village in all kinds of disaster. Another specialty of this village...
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  • Living Ina City or in a Village
    Living in a city or in a village Our home is our choice. Everybody has possibility to make decision about his/her home. We can choose where we want to live: in a peace village or a teeming city. Before make this serious decision we have to investigate the main points of it. On the one hand neither living in a city nor living in a village does not seem very badly. Although, nowadays more and more people are choosing to live in city. Firstly, we know that there are plenty of opportunities as...
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  • Our Indian Villages - 2448 Words
    consider our country as a tree, then, cities are branches and villages are the root. Without roots tree can not grow. Cities may have all facilities but life is in cities going on mechanically on other hand life in villages holds more values of life Weakness. 1. The level of education in Indian villages is very low. 2. There are less number of job opportunities in villages. 3. As the whole word is technologically advance but Indian villages are still lacking in this area. Our Indian...
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  • Village by the Sea Anita Desai
    Name of the book; Village by the see By; Anita Desai Story; of an Indian family A story of an Indian family, staying in a village, called Thul, almost 14 miles away form Mumbai one of the most famous cities of India. This family consists of a mother who is very sick and lying in bed all the time, father who drinks all the time and is unable to work due to his hard drinking habit, three sisters and a brother, the two younger sisters who are studying at school, and an elder sister who has...
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  • Village by the Sea, Anita Desai
    Anita Desai's Village by the Sea is set in a small village called Thul, which is 14 kilometres from Bombay. Lila, the eldest child among four siblings, is but thirteen years of age, yet she already has the outlook and maturity of an adult. Her brother Hari, twelve is the only person with whom she can share her troubles . Their mother is an invalid and needs constant care and nursing. Nobody knows what exactly is wrong with her but she grows weaker and weaker with every passing day. Their...
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  • A Village by the Sea - Anita Desai
    Anita Desai?s novel, The Village by the Sea, is a vibrant narration of perseverance and hope in distress. It is a saga of changes and adaptation, a little of evil and more about the goodness of nature and human kindness. Based on true events, it is a story set in a small coastal village Thul near Bombay. The two main characters of the novel are a brother and sister duo, 13-year-old Lila and 12-year-old Hari. They have two young school-going sisters, Bela and Kamal, a chronically ill mother and...
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  • Free Village Movement - 359 Words
    PROVIDENCE GIRLS CATHOLIC SCHOOL CARIBBEAN STUDIES. THE FREE VILLAGE MOVEMENT The term ’free village’ is used to describe the communities set up by freed men and women after emancipation. These communities were set up in different areas- on old abandoned estates, on unused crown lands, and in the mountainous interior in various territories. Islands with Free Villages included: Jamaica Trinidad British Guiana Factors which enabled these territories to establish free villages included:...
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  • Urban Area and Village Life
    “Differences and Similarities between Villages and Cities” A village is composed of small population that is not advanced whereas a city is very advanced and has large population. Life in a village is completely different from life in a city. This difference is like distinction between earth and sky. These lifestyles are totally different from each other. It is hard to find similarities between persons of different characteristics and same as with life in villages and cities. Cities are...
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  • The Giver vs the village - 1201 Words
    The Giver vs. “The Village” Text-to-Text: The Giver and “The Village” are both utopian societies pecause the government makes everything perfect for tham to be controlled. . There are many differences and similarities between them that all range in the category of fear. The Giver and “The Village” both have an unknown fear that lurks on the outside of their communities. In both “the Village” and The Giver the people live in a very gloomy and sad environment, The Giver there is no color at...
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  • Village City Life - 364 Words
    A village is composed of small population that is not advanced whereas a city is very advanced and has large population. Life in a village is completely different from life in a city. This difference is like distinction between earth and sky. These lifestyles are totally different from each other. It is hard to find similarities between persons of different characteristics and same as with life in villages and cities. Cities are getting more advanced From Village Life To City 8000-3000B.C....
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  • Exploratory Study of Village Chaukhandiya
    INTRODUCTION This report consists of the study taken up during the two months1 of fieldwork. As a part of IRMA curriculum this report fulfils the fieldwork component of the report. The study is an attempt to explore and understand the village society and its functioning. Under this segment, we were sent to Madhya Pradesh and were hosted by Aga Khan Rural Support Program (I). The organisation is working for uplift of villages by means of conservation of soil and water resources. We were...
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  • Village vs Town - 266 Words
    Which do you prefer living in a town or a village? There are too many differences between live in a town and a village. So we have to choice our own position. If you like calm condition, villages are suits you. Although, if you want to improve yourself, towns are the most important place to learn so many things will need your future life. In life, people’s the best thing is of course “health”. If someone’s health is getting worse, he or she might be lost everything they had....
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  • Visit to Country Side Village
    I have a fast friend as my room-mate in the school boarding house. He hails from a village in Haryana. He had often been inviting me to his village. During this summer vacation once again he extended me an invitation. During the winter break my friend had to leave for his village early but before his departure he reminded me of my promise to visit his village. The schools broke up on the 23rd Dec. for the winter holidays. On the 25th, I packed up my things and boarded a bus bound for the...
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  • Life in a Village or a City? - 897 Words
    Well, there is no doubt that life in villages is so beautiful, and very interesting indeed, but at the same we find that there are people who prefer to live in metropolitan cities and this is due to their lust of living in a modernized lifestyle. Anyway, to understand how these two different lifestyles differ, I will start by defining each lifestyle, therefore as to make it easy to understand the differences between them. LIVING IN A VILLAGE Many people tend to like this kind of a living,...
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  • In a Native Village Essay by Louis Becke
    A Village of Hypocrites In Louis Becke’s short story, “In a Native Village”, tensions build between the native islanders and a white trader from Australia. Throughout the story, there are many incidents in which people are in constant search for ways to benefit their own selfish needs through financial gain. From the village elders to the young children, there are attempts to swindle the Australian trader by false accusations. A constant back-and-forth battle occurs between the trader and...
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  • Difference Between Life in City and Village
    Do you know differences between city life and village life? Also, you may think the city life is most comfortable. You know, there are so many differences between them. That is to say, people living in cities are different from people living in the city. There are five major differences between city and village (people) lifestyle. I’m going to write social activities or opportunities, people’s behaviour, most common events, safety and getting good education. First of all; there is big...
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  • Village Life vs City Life
    Village Life vs City Life It is a firm belief on the part of people that there is a big difference between village life and city life. It is absolutely true that the life in a village and that in a city varies so much that the difference is glaring at times. In fact it can very well be said that people living in cities are different from people living in villages. It is normal feeling amongst us that city life is more enjoyable than village life. It is only an assumption. City life is...
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  • village life is better than city
    when the research don't work it should be think by mind. Today's life has many difficulties and people are the victims, so they plan to make it easy as they canother. So they can reach a good position. They have more friends in the community since it is small. The village people always try to protect their traditional habits and culture. The village has clean air and the environment is very beautiful. The village has less noise and rush. So the pollution is less. The village has not lot of...
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  • Difference Between City, Town and Village
    Indian culture is rich and diverse. People give respect to their traditional values and hence its greatness was recognized all over the world. Lifestyle of people living in Village, town and city levels differs a lot. People in villages majorly depend on agriculture and their main source of income is cultivation. Their regular life cycle in terms of earning money is that cultivating two to three crops a year, transporting the cultivated food or other products to the nearby towns, selling the...
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  • Village Life vs. City Life in Spain
    |VILLAGE LIFE VS CITY LIFE IN SPAIN | |In the past Spain was a country mainly dedicated to agriculture for its livelyhood. Villages were full of families with | |many children, all and I mean all of them worked on the land. Families were big, five children upwards and although | |nearly all the villages had a village school, education was not high up in the agenda. Most offspring followed in their |...
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  • Going Back to the Villages to Make a Developed India
    India is a country of villages. Nearly five lakh villages exist in In a. While only about 28 per cent of the population lives in the cities, 72 per cent of the population lives in the villages. The villages thus occupy a place of great importance in the country. They are the base of India’s development in every sphere of life. There were many problems in the villages before Independence. There were no schools, hospitals, banks, etc., for the facilities of the villagers. There were no proper...
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  • Compare and Contrast about the Village Life and City Life
    Compare and Contrast about the Village Life and City Life Sometimes, I think about where my own future house should be; in a city or in a village. I like to live in the two areas because they have many different interesting aspects. Therefore, I can’t make up my mind. After I compare the air, the technology and the schools of the two areas, I finally make a decision to live in a city. The first thing I considered was the air. Both people from rural villages and city dwellers breathe the...
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  • Difference Between City Life and Village Life
    Do you know differences between city life and village life? Also, you may think the city life is most comfortable. You know, there are so many differences between them. That is to say, people living in cities are different from people living in the city. There are five major differences between city and village (people) lifestyle. I’m going to write social activities or opportunities, people’s behaviour, most common events, safety and getting good education. First of all; there is big...
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  • An Analysis of the Geography of Witchcraft: Salem Village, 1692
    Benjamin C. Ray wrote “The Geography of Witchcraft Accusation in 1692 Salam Village” in order to imply that geographic analysis of the witchcraft accusation, economic, religious as well as social status shows there was no significant east-west division within Salam Village. In the article, Ray points out that the map included in Salam Possessed is not only interpretive but also incomplete. He states that there was an inconsistency in giving a numerical count of accusers and accused in the...
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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of the Village Life and City Life
    Life in the village - advantages and disadvantages Life in the village is quite different than life in the town. On the plus side, the life in the village is silent and less stressful than life in the city. You can go to the nature or forest, or you can go cycling or you can run on the field. If you are boring you can work in garden or you may make a signs in the field, you can fire the field, you may shot with your friends or you can play golf. You can do everything what you want because...
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  • How Did Sohan Lal Effectively Manage Village Affairs
    1. How did Sohan Lal effectively manage village affairs, despite any formal education in management? Support your answers with specific situations from the case. How did Sohan Lal, the chairman of Sitara managed to become an important person in the village despite his lack of education? With creativity. Sohan Lal is a very creative person not only does he manage to resolve different kinds of situations but also manages to get the support of different entities, organisations and people with...
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  • Growing Up In A Big City And Growing Up In A Small Town Or Village
    Growing up in a big city and in a small town or village are different, both bring their own advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to say whether growing up in a big city has more advantages than growing up in a small town or village or vise versa. The first aspect that i am going to discuss is the difference in terms of population. The population in a big city is bigger and more diversity than in a small city or village. Children in a big city have more opportunities to interact with...
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  • Assignment About Campier and Contrasts Between Village Life and City Life.
    Assignment about Campier and Contrasts Between Village Life and City Life. Life in a village is different in many ways than life in a city. Village life lacks in various public facilities which are available in cities and urban areas. Villages usually don't have good transportation system, public health care measures and most importantly we can’t have proper education staying in a village. The main livelihood of village people is generally farming. Around 80% of our total working populations...
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  • Question- What does Chapter 5 of "Village by the sea by Anita Desai" tell you about the community and how is this information presented?
    Chapter 5 is about the launching of Biju's boat and the community's reaction to this event. Chapter 5 begins with Anita Desai's description of the setting, where she uses many adjectives to show the colour and excitement of the villages, waiting to watch the magnificent display of the launching of Biju's boat. This sets the ton, mood, atmosphere of the Chapter. Anita Desai does many things to express how the community is. She uses a lot of skills and gives us a clear picture how the community...
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  • advantages and disadvantages of living in small community
    In the past, most people lived in small villages where everyone could know everyone else . However, along with social devepment, they tend to move to large cities. As a result, life changing affects people changing. In this essay, I would explore the advantages and disadvantages of living in a small community. In my view, Therese were many merits of living in a small town. Firstly, villager’s occupation was related to natural source such as farming and fishery. Take one example, inhabitant...
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  • Information Technology - 280 Words
    Until today, the extraordinary commune's portrayal has happened in small villages, where some people spent their childhood. However, due largely to the way people life turning into modern one, they tend to move to large cities. As a result, life changing affects people changing. In this essay, I would reveal the merits and demerits of living in a small village. My inclination is argued further. To begin with, some villagers live and work together in rice field during the day. Inevitably, this...
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  • The Effects of Urbanisation - 8937 Words
    6 THE EFFECTS OF URBANISATION ON LIVING CONDITIONS Urbanisation causes changes in the living conditions under which people live and work. Especially in developing countries, this often leads to adverse living conditions (see introductory remarks in Section 1.2.5). In the particular setting of urbanising villages, there are places where chaotic urbanisation and industrialisation causes hardship, particularly for local residents. This is not the whole story, however. There are also many...
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  • Holidays - 1194 Words
    Life in Village Better Than Life in City A village is clustered human settlement or community, larger than hamlet, but smaller than a town or city. Though generally located in rural areas, the term urban village may be applied to certain urban neighborhoods. Village are normally permanent, with fixed dwellings, however, transient village can occur. Further, the dwellings of a village are fairly close to one another, as against being scattered broadly over the landscape (dispersed settlement)....
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  • Picnic Spot Marketing - 924 Words
    SUBMITTED TO: Md. Iftekharul Amin Course Instructor SUBMITTED BY: BUSINESS IDEA FOR MAIZBHANDAR Hikmat Kabir Roll- ZR 99, Section B BBA 20th A Marketing Management Assignment Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka 22nd April,2014 Introduction The village of Maizbhandar is very old. Its roots can be traced as far back as the year 1425 with the earliest settlers in the village being migrants coming over from Saudia Arabia. It is a part of the Nanupur...
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  • Material Conditions of Family Life
    “Material Conditions of Family Life”, written by Raffaela Sarti, is a reading that examines the characteristics that differentiate one class from another at different time periods. Two of these, such as living conditions and eating, distinguishes what life was like for families who lived in rural villages in 1700 and for those living in cities in 1850. Clearly, in the short span of 150 years, what one might have seen as progression in a rural environment is completely different of what one...
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  • Discussion Topics - 517 Words
    Advantages and Disadvantages of the Village Life and City Life Sometime you may be think, the city life is better than village life. However there are so many advantages and disadvantages in city life and village life.Actually the city life is more comfortable. As well as there are more opportunities for people to progress in their lives. There are a lot of facilities for people in the city and they have more opportunities for making money. Children living in the city can get a good education,...
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  • Pacific Stories For UNFCCC IWD 7 March 2014
    Rural Women Light up their Villages in Fiji Women, girls, boys and men have different roles within their families and communities in Pacific Island Countries. Each of these groups is differently affected by, and has distinct ways of dealing with, the effects of climate change. Women’s separate role in communities, however, means that they can play an important part in supporting their families and communities to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Women have valuable knowledge and skills which...
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  • Kanthapura, a Cultural Study
    Kanthapura as a novel of village or rural sensibility: Raja rao’s Kanthapura is a tale of atypical south Indian village in the kara area of Mysore. The novel is a saga of village life with a political bias. There is no conventional hero or heroine in it. The village of Kanthapura itself; with its presiding deity Kanchamma, with its live giving river Himavath, with its rustic topography, crops, weeds and diseases, with its characteristics, superstitions and customs is one of the main character....
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  • The Gabbar Singh Case - 365 Words
    Gabbar Singh Case Strategic Management -I Opportunity: 1. Serve sentence & join politics 2. He can re band and Kill Thakur and Veeru 3. Escape from prison and continue to live as an outlaw (maybe in another village) Strengths: 1. Feeling of Revenge 2. Fear in the mind of people 3. Knows topography of village and surrounding area 4. Headstrong and precedented in his approach as a leader also he is very ambitious and driven in his career aspirations Weakness: 1. De-banding of his troops 2....
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  • Rural Immersion program report
    Chaibasa Rural Immersion Programme Compiled By - BM – A 2013-2015 XLRI Jamshedpur B13037 Paritosh Pant B13047 Ritwick Rane B13039 Prateek Dudeja B13052 Sheena Jain B13054 Dr. Sneha Singh 16th Aug – 18th Aug, 2013 Contents OBJECTIVE OF THE TRIP ................................................................................................................................ 2 INTRODUCTION...
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  • Is It Good to Live in a Small Community?
    In the past, most people lived in small villages where everyone knew everyone else. Nowadays, most people live in large cities where they only know a few people in their area. What do you think were the advantages and disadvantages of living in a small community? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience. ---------------- Since the world...
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  • How successful has the regeneration of urban areas been given the variety of ways it has been undertaken? (40 marks)
    How successful has the regeneration of urban areas been given the variety of ways it has been undertaken (40 marks) Urban regeneration is defined as improving an area that has been experiencing a period of decline due to a variety of reasons, such as lack of employment, lack of investment in the CBD, suburbanisation etc. Ways that this can be resolved include property led regeneration, prestige project developments and partnership development schemes. These have all been carried out in the UK...
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  • Tornado Case Study - 605 Words
    Case Study Tornado In Barneveld, Wisconsin On June 8, 1984, at 12:50 a.m., a devastating tornado struck the small village of Barneveld, Wisconsin. Although a tornado watch was in effect, no warning was issued since the tornado originated near the town. The town, which had approximately 580 residents, was literally flattened by winds in excess of 200 miles an hour. Casualties made up about 11% of the population: 9 lives were lost and 57 persons were treated for injuries. The storm...
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  • Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids - Most Difficult Situation
    The boys in Oe’s novel are subjected to extreme difficult situations. Closely refer to the novel for a situation that to your mind is the most difficult. Comment on the manner by which the boys were able or unable to survive by focusing on the impossibility or possibility of the situation and the lessons from such difficulties. Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids Kenzaburo Oe ‘… Don’t forget that you’re vermin here. Even so, we’ll shelter and feed you. Always remember that in this village you’re...
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  • The Evolution of Self in Asian-American Women in the Us (Joy Luck Club)
    Essay 2-The Evolution of Self in Asian-American Women in the US The conflict of a typical mother/daughter relationship exists in many cultures. This conflict for many Asian-American women was further exasperated as these women were forced to also deal with adjusting as first, second, and third generation Americans in a sometimes unwelcome society. As a child, Japanese-American Janice Mirikitani, was interned, along with her mother, at a “work relocation camp” during 1941in Rohwer, Arkansas...
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  • Country of the Blind - 500 Words
    The Country of the Blind, H. G. Wells TITLE WRITER DATE OF PUBLICATION ⇒ 1904 SETTINGS ⇒ place Equador time doesn’t say CHARACTERS ⇒ major Nunez, a mountaineer Yacob, a villager minor Medina-Saroté, Yacob’s daughter PLOT While attempting to summit the unconquered crest of Parascotopetl, a mountain in Ecuador, Nunez falls down the far side of the mountain. At the end of his descent, he finds a valley cut off from the rest of the world. He has discovered the fabled Country...
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  • copper sun AOI - 1523 Words
    In the novel Copper Sun the viewpoints were taken from a 15-year-old slave girl named Amari, and a 17-year-old indentured servant Polly, Copper Sun is a story of the struggles in the face of human beings during slave times and a hope for freedom against all odds and circumstances. In the novel the AOI that it is portrayed is the area of Health and social education. I chose this AOI because both Amari and Polly had to adapt to their new surroundings and they also had to learn the routes around...
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  • The Lottery - 485 Words
    The story, "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson is about tradition. A word usually tied to happy events like anniversaries, family vacations, and holidays, Jackson presents the concept in a much more sinister light. While there are hints of what is to come, the events portrayed are similar to what one would expect to find in a small village's long standing custom. The first, misleading bit of evidence lies in the very first paragraph. The day is described as "clear and sunny", with...
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  • The Big Wave - 939 Words
    Summary Kino lives with his family on a farm on the side of a mountain in Japan while his friend, Jiya, lives in the fishing village below. Though everyone in the area has heard of the Tsunami no one suspects that when the next one comes, it will wipe out Jiya's entire family and fishing village below the mountain. Jiya soon must leave his family behind in order to keep the fisherman traditions alive. Jiya, now orphaned, struggles to overcome his sadness is adopted into Kino's family. He and...
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  • Hunter Essay - 503 Words
    Since my early years in middle school I have been a participant in or employed by various youth organizations. My first experience and longest tenure was with the Boys and Girls Club of America in Gainesville, Florida. Through this organization, with its diverse youth population and host of challenges, I developed a passion for the advocacy of underrepresented youth and have continued to seek out opportunities to further my interest. Whether working in an educational setting as I did with...
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  • "Timeless Tact Helps Sustain a Literary Traveller" by Geraldine Brooks
     "Timeless Tact Helps Sustain a Literary Traveller" (TTHSLT) by Geraldine Brooks should definitely be included in a booklet for year 12 students studying belonging. The text focuses on a plague-stricken Eyam who quarantine and sacrifice themselves for the wider community. It is suitable as it requires students to explore the ways in which the concept of belonging is represented in and through the text. TTHSLT relates to belonging as it explores the impact on an individuals life when...
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  • eassy - 1830 Words
    Struggle is the key of success The Village Rano Gujar is situated in north east direction from Badin and about 55 km away from Badin. The total population of Village Rano Gujar is about 450. Many people in the village are labor and to survive there life they do daily wages jobs in different city and few among them also possess 2 to 3 acres of land. All people are living in cluster and all are Muslim community. It was said that natural disaster came suddenly and soundlessly also in district...
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  • Whatever Happens Happens for the Best
    Whatever Happens, Happens for the Best Once upon a time there was an old man called Bob, who lived alone in a village. He would go about his business alone, even in his old age. He was a nice, friendly man who was liked by all the people in the village. Bob had only one son and he moved to a school far away from the village. Many people in the village always felt sorry for Bob, they knew he must be lonely. The villagers would always ask Bob if his son would ever return. To all of them, Bob...
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  • Dd101 Tma 01 - 758 Words
    I decided to observe my local High Street in Mansfield Woodhouse, for its the main shopping road in what is known as our village. On City Road there are numerous shops that cater for other ethnic members of the community, my local Hight Street doesn't as we have no such shops but we do have members of the community that would benefit from this service. We don't have as many takeaways on our street to choose from that is one big difference we see with City Road. But we do have similar things...
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  • I Heard The Owl Call My Name By Margare
    I Heard The Owl Call My Name By Margaret Craven Mark Brain, a young vicar sent to the Native American village Kingcome, in British Columbia, is suffering from a fatal disease, but doesn't know it. The bishop who sent him to Kingcome knows, but didn't tell him because the bishop wants him to live his life to the fullest and not worry about the future he'll never have. Mark struggles to gain acceptance from the natives in the village but pointing out the unit between their beliefs and his own. As...
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  • The Handsomest Drowned Man In The World
    The Transformation of a Fishing Village A drowned man is anything but handsome. In the film “Castaway” made in the year 2000, the main character played by Tom Hanks pulls a drowned man who was his pilot from the sea. He is bloated and his skin is green. He is definitely not a handsome man. Why then would Gabriel Garcia Marquez write a story about a handsome drowned man? Marquez writes a magical story of a man from a faraway land washing up on the shore of a remote village. Though he is dead,...
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  • The Doom Tree - 430 Words
    The Doum Tree of Wad Hamid by angelakm Angela Matthews The Doum Tree of Wad Hamid serves as a bridge between two worlds, the modern and the untouched. Unfortunately untouched is not be the correct word to use as it becomes apparent that this village has in fact had its fair share of visitors. The story begins itself with one of these visitors being led through the village by a wise old man. The man speaks in a sincere tone and with a voice of experience that gives the sense that this isn’t...
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  • Good and Bad Effects of Changes in Community
    I live in one of the biggest barangay here in the City. I am put aside to live here because this town really changes from the day I live here up until now. From a nameless barangay it became one of the most developing and improving barangays in the city. It is not very perfect or stunning town yet it offers all the good qualities and facilities such as education, medical treatment, and a peaceful community. There have been many changes taking place in our community over the past few years....
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  • Learing English - 702 Words
    So sánh : male and female friend There are many differences between a female friend and a male friend. Firstly, im going to mention the female friends, they are great to have especially when you are a girl. You can go shoping or learn cooking... with them. They understand you more than male friends but sometimes you cant trust them because its a proven fact that girl’s cant keep your secret a long time. About male friends they are good to have because sometimes you just need to...
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  • Project Reflection Cas - 566 Words
    CAS reflections CAS Project (23/03/13 – 24/03/13) Location: Bhogpur village, Dehra Dun district, India Introduction: The CAS project spanned two days in Bhogpur village. As a group of 32 students, we decided to combine creativity, action and service into one positive approach to work in the village in the short time we were there. Day 1 Total number of hours: 4 hours Total distance trekked: 4 km After lunch, our group decided that it was important for us to find out the problems of...
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  • Shooting an Elephant - 274 Words
    George Orwell writes of his experience in British-ruled India in the early Twentieth Century. At the time, he was a young, inexperienced soldier stationed there to help protect the Queen's interests. While he was there, he had to do something that had made some ethical conflicts within him. Orwell had to kill an elephant that had run rampant in lust throughout a village. In it's wake it destroyed a truck, a hut, and a villager. The villagers were obviously upset about the ordeal and he was...
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  • Provinces of the Philippines and Kara David
    Summary Ang Huling Prinsesa” (The Last Princess) is a documentary from Kara David shown in I-Witness back in 2004. It is a challenging feat for anyone who wants to see and explore a mysterious tradition preserved for decades among some of the mountains isolated communities. I-Witness travels to the Tapaz Mountain, considered the farthest in Capiz, located in the central Philippines island of Panay. Reporter Kara David reaches the community of Rizal Sur, a village that looks just like any other...
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  • Accessing Mineral Deposits and Resettling Communities
    Sometimes communities have to be resettled, with government sanction, in order for important mineral deposits to be accessed. This can cause controversy and divisions in the communities concerned. International best practice sets out a number of key stages in such a process including the need for structured consultation, fair compensation and the importance of restoring and enhancing the livelihoods of people in their new locations. Recently Anglo American has had to undertake two such...
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  • Introduction and Description of Umuimeka - 714 Words
    Introduction and Description Of Umuimeka As written by Ugwuegbulam, J. Chibuike Umuimeka has its geographical location in formerly Oforola community but now in Olaukwu Community Owerri West local government area, Imo State eastern part of Nigeria It takes about 30 minutes to travel from Umuimeka to owerri town by bus. From Health center of Ola Ukwu where the google map stopped in the community,(During the time of this publication, 2011) it takes about 17 electric pole gap to umuimeka...
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  • House Robbery - 909 Words
    Life was a bed of roses for the villagers of Kampung Desa until a gang of robbers had fled from a police station near the village recently. They were on the most wanted list by the police since they had harmed victims before. Ever since their getaway, there had been abundant of reports involving robbery occurring in Kampung Desa. Most victims were unable to identify the culprits because they were wearing masks. The villagers of Kampung Desa had been warned by the police to stay on guard at...
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  • GRE writing - 865 Words
    GRE – Analytical Writing Dejan Mitrović, Đorđe Vuletić Computer Science department, Faculty of Mathematics University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia, Analysis of an Argument “Woven baskets characterized by a particular distinctive pattern have previously been found only in the immediate vicinity of the prehistoric village of Palea and therefore were believed to have been made only by the Palean people. Recently, however, archaeologists...
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  • Cholas - 458 Words
    Question 9: Write a note on the administration system of the Cholas. Answer: The inscription of the Chola Kings supply many interesting details about their system of administration. The kingdom was divided into a number of provinces, some of which were governed by princes of the royal blood, in addition, there were the principalities of the vassal chiefs, who paid tribute and rendered military services in times of war. The provinces (Mandalam) were sub-divided into divisions (Kottam or...
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  • A Long Way Gone Book Review
    I’m not the kind to read sad stories about someones life. I praise Ishmael Beah, the author of A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a boy solider. He put the unthinkable into words that were carefully crafted in order to make them perfectly flow from the text, to my head. The boy who was between the ages of 12 & 16 at the time, lost everything he thought would be his forever. His village was attacked by a notorious group, his parents were killed and his childhood was stolen from him. At his age, he...
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  • Animal Farm - 822 Words
     Once upon a time, long ago, there was a charming hamlet in the sweeping green country side of Europe, named the Kingdom of Zinn. The hamlet was the center of the kingdom, with other small towns and villages surrounding it, and was known as Morningsong. It was so named because its’ beloved rulers, King and Queen Zinn, were lovers of nature and artistic expression, and their intention was to create a land and community that encouraged the flourishing of the arts. From their union, a...
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  • A Character Schetch of Chief Matenge in Bessie Head's "When Rain Clouds Gather"
    Chief Matenge as an example of corrupt leadership in Bessie Head's "When Rain Clouds Gather" Character Sketch - Chief Matenge Chief Matenge is first revered to in the novel as Pamount Chief Sokoto's "troubIesome and unpopular younger brother". p.18) We has "an overwhelming avariciousness and unpleasant personality". p. 18) He is "intensely disliked by the villagers". (p. 18) Chief Sekoto 'wanted his brother [Matenge] destroyed for all the family feuds and intrigues he had instigated."...
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  • Neolithic Essay - 837 Words
    Neolithic Essay Sebastian Ortiz 10/3/11 Per.2 A Day in the Life of a Neolithic Caveman Village Leader I wake up on my nice, soft cot made of deerskin. ‘‘Ooga, wake up. You need to go to that hunt with the other men,’’ my wife says. ‘‘OK. Going,’’ I reply. As I grab my spear, I remember when I come back from the hunt , I will have to patch that one hole in my friend’s house. As the leader of the village, I have to be...
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  • When Rain Clouds Gather - Chief Matenje
    Semester 2: Assignment 2 Chief Matenje is an example of corrupt leadership – particularly, the corrupt and oppressive leadership seen on the African continent. He is the antagonist and villain of the novel “When Rain Clouds Gather”. When we are first introduced to Chief Matenje, he is referred to as the “troublesome and unpopular brother” of the “paramount chief named Sekoto” (Head 2008:18). Chief Sekoto appointed Chief Matenje as the subchief of Golema Mmidi, a small, rural village in...
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  • fdsafdsafdsafdsa - 636 Words
    Cry, The Beloved Country (City Vs. Village) In Undertaking a Journey, an elderly Zulu priest finds himself switching from one scenery to another in a short period of time. Coming from a small and peaceful village, Kumalo goes to Johannesburg and finds himself in a whole new place he is not use to; the city. There are many differences between a small village and a huge crowded city, but there are three ways to compare them that stand out. These three settings are: physically, socially, and...
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  • The Curse - 538 Words
    The novel that I have chosen is The Curse by Lee Su Ann. In this novel there are a few strong characters. Among these characters, the character that I think has strongly influenced the others in a negative way is Puan Normala. Puan Normala, one of the villagers, is described by Siti as a “slimy cobra with a three-forked tongue.” Nobody likes the gossips that she spreads. Branded as a rumour-monger, I find that she easily influences the narrow minded people of her village. As a “news...
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  • No Name Woman Commentary Essay
    Elia Rios English II Pre-DP Ms. Tami Davis December 6, 2012 “No Name Woman” Commentary Essay In this passage from “No Name Woman,” Maxine Hong Kingston imagines what old world China was like, and paints a picture of a repressive, strictly ordered society in which people were essentially unable to have private lives. Everything had to be done for the sake of the family’s or village’s well-being. In such a world, Kingston’s aunt represents the worst kind of transgressor, one whose private...
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