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  • Typefaces - 363 Words
    Name=Baskerville Old Face Category=Serif Characteristics= Baskerville Old Face is a Serif (Antiqua) Modern Style font. Baskerville Old Face Standard font attributes include 1700s, roman serif, Baskerville, Didone, elegant, English, formal, modern style, legible, neutral, sensible, static, feminine, valuable. Original Use= Baskerville Old Face Standard Font was designed by Isaac Moore, (John Baskerville) in 1768. The original designs for Baskerville type were rediscovered in 1953 and...
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  • Typeface and Question - 664 Words
    Word Count: 1500 words (+ / - 10%). References are not included in the calculation of the total. Referencing Style: Sydney Business School (Harvard) Format: A simple font (eg. Times New Roman 12, Arial 11). At least 1.5 spacing. Numbered pages. I am worried that my answer might be wrong. Or, similar: I am worried that my answer will reveal that I am unitarist / radical / pluralist: We are not here to judge your work in terms of whether or not we agree with your point of view. Our job is...
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  • The Bodoni Typeface - 1151 Words
     The Bodoni Typeface Krystal Bradbury DES113 December 13, 2013 Pia Bergholtz The Bodoni Typeface The Bodoni typeface represents the Modern typeface family, which is noted for being the first movement toward visual expression in type. By discovering information about who created this typeface, the inspiration behind the design, the visual aspects, and the varied uses of it since its creation, a greater understanding of the Modern Typeface, Bodoni, can...
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  • Typeface and Max - 412 Words
    BMS532 ASSIGNMENT (JUNE 2014) Name : ID: Note: Type your answers on this sheet, using Arial, font size 10, line spacing 1 ½ Read the article given, understand it and write your answer. DO NOT merely copy and paste. Copying word-by-word is plagiarism, and disciplinary action may be taken against you. This assignment will contribute = 10% of the carry over marks You will need to print and submit the assignment (hard copy) to my office (Room A528, Block A). The purpose of this...
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  • Typeface and Mark Scheme - 521 Words
    BIU3013 General English Semester 1, Session 2013/2014 COURSEWORK OUTLINE 60% 1 Online Forum 20% By week 10 (8 December 2013) 2 Assignment 1 (Video-Recorded Speech Presentation) 20% Handout: Week 2 (16 September) Deadline: Week 8 (3 November 2013) 3 Assignment 2 (Essay Writing) 20% Handout: Week 4 (30 September 2013) Deadline: Week 10 (24 November 2013) 1) Online Forum (20%) Students will discuss TEN topics given online via MyGuru. Each topic carries a 2%...
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  • Typeface: The Design or Interpretation of Characters
    Design History Typefaces of the 20th Century Thomas Wimbish Instructor Mary Skrenta 3819-WA 26 November 2013 Design History: Typefaces of the 20th Century A typeface is the design or interpretation of characters; it is the way the type looks. There are many different styles of typefaces floating around, and each of them have different twist or interpretation to them; thus making them different and special. A commonly mistaken term is typeface, and it’s frequently confused with...
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  • Typography & Typeface Design - 3240 Words
    INTRODUCTION Design is everywhere. It may be a bit of cliché, but it is definitely true. We live in an age of mass consumption and mass communication, and everywhere we look we can find examples of design. As an industrial design student I, naturally, tend to focus at product design, but there are of course many other design disciplines. However, there is one design discipline that I for some reason never perceived as design, until I was scribbling in my notepad one day. I was bored...
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  • Typeface and Completely Different Person
    500 words essay Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence. It was a fine windy day, with a glimpse of the smell of sourness of the weather.. I feel that something bad was going to happen, and it did. That day was the day that I will never be able to forget,my mother had told me that I have changed, in a bad way. My mother has influenced me in many ways. She taught me to change for the better and to never give up. Those are the two traits that...
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  • Typeface and Business Plan - 1291 Words
    K0LEJ TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS STUDIES ABDM 3313 ENTREPRENEURSHIP 2DBF, 2DBU, 2DEM, 2DFI, 2DHR, 2DIN, 2DLM, 2DMK & 2DRM (Semester 3) SEMESTER 6 2012/2013 WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT Assignment Requirements A) Topic of presentation This is the sole coursework for this module and is weighted at 40% of the entire course. It is a Group assignment, 60 marks is allotted for the individual...
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  • Format: Typeface and Science Investigatory Project
    SCIENCE INVESTIGATORY PROJECT Research Proposal Outline By: Enumerate Names Year and Section Date Submitted: Project Adviser(s) : Teacher 1 Teacher 2 Title The title should be able to catch the attention of the reader. It should be concise, descriptive, and self-explanatory. It should indicate clearly what the project is about. The phrase “ A Study to Show…” should be avoided, because in research you do not seek to prove something but rather to impartially find...
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  • Steinway & Sons case study
    BUS4006W Module: Change Consulting Assignment 1 – To be handed in on 13 May 2014. Please read Application 5-1 (STEINWAY’S STRATEGIC ORIENTATION). The CEO of Steinway & Sons has contacted you. He invited you for an initial conversation to see if you would be able to assist him with the challenges he is currently facing in the organisation. You had an hour meeting with him. During this time he elaborated on the following: The fact that he is really passionate about the work...
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  • Starbucks - 14028 Words
    Print and Electronic Media in Pakistan By Commoner on February 8, 2009 in Current Affairs “NO one should take journalists too seriously, especially journalists themselves because what they write in the morning is used to wrap fish in the same evening. Maulana Chiragh Hasan Hasrat .” But you should take bloggers seriously, because after all what they blog remains there online all the way through and cannot be used by the people to wrap fish or potatoes or sundries. In Pakistan, journalism...
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  • poop - 305 Words
    You should research information regarding the use of surveillance in public spaces, particularly in urban areas of the United States and especially within Los Angeles County area. There have been many published articles relating to the use of surveillance and its effects of the public. Research the information regarding Wikileaks and Edward Snowden. In your understanding of space, what are the works of these artists providing you with a new view of your relation to personal and public...
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  • Max Miedinger - 899 Words
    Max Miedinger was born December 24, 1910 in Zurich Switzerland. His career as a typeface designer spanned some 54 years. He began studying at the Kuntsgewerbeschule after training as a typesetter from 1926 until 1930. He worked at several positions until 1956 when he became a freelance graphic designer. About a year later, he developed Helvetica in collaboration with Edouard Hoffman. The creation made by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann was originally titled Neue Haas Grotesk, but this title...
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  • Asgt - 366 Words
    INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (MGMT 308) Assignment Launch date: 21/03/ 2015 Last date of submission: 05/04/2015 The BoD (Board of Directors) of a MNC (Multi National Corporation) organization has shown interest in overseas expansion and they wish to start their expansion process by launching their operations in UAE. You are asked to conduct a feasibility study and give recommendations to your Board of Directors for further planning. In this context conduct a PESTEL analysis of UAE Business...
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  • How to write report - 13791 Words
    How to write a report, essay, or thesis at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies HOW TO WRITE A REPORT, ESSAY, OR THESIS AT THE INSTITUTE OF TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS STUDIES Requirements and guidelines for structure, layout, attachments, binding, referencing, and the issue of plagiarism JOHN ROSE Professor The Institute Of Transport and Logistics Studies The University of Sydney AND PETER STOPHER, Professor The Institute Of Transport and Logistics Studies The...
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  • Narrative Essay Prompt - 427 Words
    Narrative Essay Prompt DUE: Saturday, September 165h Choose a story from your life that you would consider a significant event that impacted you or transformed you in your actions, your thinking etc. Describe the story, then spend some time reflecting on its impact on you; think about how you reacted then and how you would react now; what you learned and how that affects they way you do things now. Do you have any regrets; would you change anything? You may use what you wrote for the...
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  • Typography - 486 Words
    Typography CGD 218 Visual Literacy in Business Instructor: Erika McCulloch Pamela Smith October 20, 2011 Communication has always played an important role in human culture all over the globe. At the heart of communication is the use of typography. Typography gives people a way to communicate through various forms of type and can connect students, family, friends, businesses and governments all while supporting local and global commerce. Berger(2008) states “typography is a highly skilled...
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  • Internet field trip - 292 Words
    Assignment #2: Internet Field Trip Research: Research at least six (6) information sources on forecasting methods; take notes and record and interpret significant facts, meaningful graphics, accurate sounds and evaluated alternative points of view. Preparation: Produce as storyboard with thumbnails of at least ten (10) slides. Include the following elements: Title of slide, text, background color, placement & size of graphic, fonts - color, size, type for text and headings...
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  • P4: Evaluate the External Corporate Communications of an Existing Product or Service.
    P4: Evaluate the external corporate communications of an existing product or service. Task 4: Evaluate the external corporate communications of an existing product or service. External business communication is the exchange of information and messages between an organization and its external customers outside its formal structure. One way McDonald’s communicates to its external customers is their website. There are many different methods used by the company’s website and these are: the use of...
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  • Essay prompts John Steinbeck s The Pea
    Response to Literature Essay Prompt 1: Using the prewriting you have completed in class (reading journals) and the skills you have developed finding textual evidence, write a personal response to John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, sharing your interpretation of the books theme(s). Your Response to Prompt 1 should: ● ● ● ● ● Include an introduction that names the book/author and clearly states your overall response to it (thesis). ...
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  • Consumer Behaviour Reflection Journal Report Instructions and Marking Guide 1
    Consumer Behaviour 2201 Consumer Behaviour Journal and Report Brief Individual Assessment Report length: 1,500 words maximum (approx 3 pages - Times New Roman Font; 11pt font size; 1.5 line spacing; normal margin size). Assessment Weight: This Assessment is worth 100 marks with a weight of 30% Related Learning Outcomes: ULO1, ULO2 & ULO3 Submission Details: Hard copy of final report to be submitted to lecturer at the beginning of class in week 10 and an electronic copy to be also...
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  • Every Organisation Has Its Own Unique Culture Based on the Values of People Who Direct That Organisation. Overtime It Changes According to Their Preferences or the Changing Market Place Conditions. Eventually This
    Learning Outcomes You should be able to: • Identify and understand of the Social environment changes and challenges to organizations in the present and in the future. • Identify and understand of the Technological environment changes and challenges to organizations in the present and in the future. • Identify and understand of the Economic environment changes and challenges to organizations in the present and in the future. Assignment Description This...
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  • John Baskerville - 407 Words
    Writing Assignment: Famous Type Designer Christopher Benson September 25th, 2010 John Baskerville January 28th 1706 – January 8th 1775 John Baskerville was born January 28th in 1706, in the village of Wolverley. Wolverley is located near Kidderminster in Worcestershire. He was a printer in Birmingham, England. By the year of 1723 he had became a skilled engraver of tombstones and was teaching writing. In 1726 he set up a school for teaching writing and book-keeping, as well as maintaining...
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  • Important Design Concepts - 1124 Words
    4 Important Design Concepts If you pay attention to these four concepts as you put the visuals together, the end products will be effective. 1) Make it BIG! Naturally, you'd like everyone in the audience to be able to actually see the visual you plan to use. This is complicated by not always knowing the size of the audience you'll speak to, or the size of the room you'll use. As a rule of thumb, if it looks right on the computer screen, it's probably too small. If it looks big, it's still...
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  • Elements Unifying a Report - 998 Words
    Writing reports comes easy to most people, but the trick is to make the report easy and inviting for others to read. It is difficult to pick up and read a report that is dull and boring. I am not talking about the subject of the report but rather the look of it. A report may be chocked full of useful, important, and exciting information; but it may never get read in its¡¦ entirety because it looks uninteresting. One way to make a report more inviting to read is the use of eye catchers. An eye...
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  • Bvvvvvvvv - 396 Words
    HST 3364 Fundamental Marketing for the Hospitality Industry Group Project AY12/13 “Marketing Analysis Report” Objective: Choose an EXISTING organization from one of the following hospitality sectors: hotel/leisure/tourism/airline/MICE/food and beverage. Accomplish a marketing analysis report through discussion and application of marketing principles. Choose your company: Select and study a different organization on a first-come, firstserved basis (Submission Deadline 8th February, 2013,...
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  • How to Bs Your Way Through a College Paper
    If you're a slacker, this is a familiar situation: it's literally the 11th hour. A paper upon which your entire grade depends is due in a few hours and you haven't even started yet. Not to fear! Follow these easy steps and you'll be well on your way to academic survival! edit Steps 1. 1 Do not panic! Remember that all college papers and most high school papers require double spacing, so take the number of pages required and divide it by two: that's the amount of work that...
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  • OB Assignment briefing - 1343 Words
     PENYERAHAN DAN PENILAIAN TUGASAN ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION AND ASSESSMENT _________________________________________________________________________ SDOB 3103 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR/ GELAGAT ORGANISASI SEPTEMBER 2014 _________________________________________________________________________ ARAHAN KEPADA PELAJAR / INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS 1. Tugasan ini mengandungi DUA (2) soalan sahaja yang disediakan dalam bahasa modul bercetak kursus ini. / This assignment contains only TWO (2)...
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  • Its About Bs - 758 Words
    UCSI University Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Logistics Management BL104 Elements of Logistics and Transportation January 2011 Semester GROUP ASSIGNMENT THE ISSUE Logistics operations and management varies from one location to another. Reasons could be due to geographical, culture, economy, status of nation (developed or developing). Choose any one of logistics activities in your respective country and discuss the their current modus operandi. Determine the strong points and...
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  • Literature Review on Online Voting System
    DCOMP220 ● Report Writing Skills For IT Department: Faculty of Information & Communication Technology Course Name : B Sc (Hons) in Information Technology B Sc (Hons) in Software Engineering with Multimedia B Sc (Hons) in Software Engineering B Sc (Hons) in E-Commerce B Sc (Hons) in Mobile Computing Semester : 4 Commence Date : Week 6 Deadline Date : Week 8 () Principal Lecturer : Mr. G. Mlambo Contact Number : REQUIREMENT OF THE ASSIGNMENT: In order to...
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  • AMT assignment - 683 Words
    EMM5702 ASSIGNMENT1 Your group has to select a product. Please write and discuss the detail of manufacturing processes which may include: a. Available Tech/advanced technology used/comparison b. Flow Charts Marks are given based on: a. presentation 10% b. format 10% c. content 10% Presentation will be held in week 11 and slide/report has to be submitted before week14 Content of report: 1. Title and group members 2. Introduction 3. Detail processes and technology...
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  • Case Study Guide 1
    Department of History Florida A&M University Prof. Reginald K. Ellis AFA 3104 Instructions for QEP Case Studies When preparing to write your case studies, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First, you have to read both issues of the study before you can begin writing your case study. Secondly, when you begin your case study, the first page and a half should summarize both articles. The second page and a half should then explain which side you agree with and why. Do...
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  • Advanced Managerial Accounting - 552 Words
    Ministry of Higher Education Rustaq College of Applied Sciences Department of International Business Administration Advanced Managerial Accounting (ACCT3402) Fall Semester, (2012 – 2013) This assessment counts for 20% of your final marks. Submission Date: Saturday, 22nd December, 2012, through Black Board and a Hard Copy to Instructor (Add a copy of plagiarism report with your hard copy) Note: Late submissions will be penalised by 5% per day. Group Assignment –...
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  • Word Activity - 3969 Words
    Activity No. 1 Direction: 1. Type the document below. 2. Save your file and name it “Activity1” COMPUTER TERMS 1. CU (Control Unit) – it is the central nervous system of the computer and it determines what data to send to the ALU for processing. It is also called a SUPERVISOR. 2. MAINFRAME – the largest, fastest, and most expensive computers. The mightiest of the mainframe are so called SUPERCOMPUTERS. 3. PROCESSING – includes arithmetic operation and it can perform...
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  • FP037 CLIL Eng TrabajoEx
    SUBJECT ASSIGNMENT: CONTENT & LANGUAGE INTEGRATED LEARNING GENERAL INFORMATION: This assignment must be done in pairs and has to fulfil the following conditions: Length: between 6 and 8 pages (without including cover, index or appendices –if there are any-). Type of font: Arial or Times New Roman. Size: 11. Line height: 1.5. Alignment: Justified. If for some reason you cannot do the assignment in pairs, you will have to do it individually (notice that individual assignments will be...
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  • FP037 CLIL Eng TrabajoEx
    SUBJECT ASSIGNMENT: CONTENT & LANGUAGE INTEGRATED LEARNING GENERAL INFORMATION: This assignment must be done in pairs and has to fulfil the following conditions: Length: between 6 and 8 pages (without including cover, index or appendices –if there are any-). Type of font: Arial or Times New Roman. Size: 11. Line height: 1.5. Alignment: Justified. If for some reason you cannot do the assignment in pairs, you will have to do it individually (notice that individual assignments will be...
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  • BusinessNegotiationAssignment - 419 Words
     INSTRUCTIONS Select a negotiation of your choice, which must be approved by your lecturer. The negotiation must have commenced after January 1st 2004. This assignment consists 100% of the total in-course assignment 1. Chronology Prepare a brief chronology of the negotiation up to the date of submission, based on data collected. The chronology should be presented clearly and concisely. (Word limit – 400) (10 marks) 2. Issues Identify the substantive issues of the negotiation...
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  • University of Bedfordshire: Skills of Writing Assessment Questions
    University of Bedfordshire Department of Language & Communication Level 1 SKILLS OF WRITING LNG 011-1 ASSESSMENT Term 1, 2012– 2013 The assessment for this unit is in portfolio form: 5 pieces of writing and 1 presentation. It will be presented in two parts. ASSESSMENT 1 Contributes 50% of the overall grade and will be handed in by Thursday 22 November 2012. It should include: • A SHORT AUTOBIOGRAPHY This should be a reflective piece of writing with focus on your past...
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  • Guidance - 570 Words
    Recently, These mandatory guidelines are provided for preparation of short article or essay accepted for submission of assignment. These guidelines are issued to ensure standard and uniformity. To assure timely and efficient assessment of your submission, you must present your work in strict conformance with these guidelines. Any submission that does not conform to the specified requirements will be omitted. Your work will be accepted and marked provided they arrive by the due...
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  • Holy Spirit - 493 Words
    Spirit Empowered Living Fall 2011 Holy Spirit Project This paper will integrate Scripture, lecture themes, research materials and personal experience as related to the Holy Spirit. It is to be 5-6 pages in length (minimum 5 full pages) and should address the following questions: Who is the Holy Spirit? Use Scripture to characterize the person Holy Spirit. Discuss the Holy Spirit’s unique characteristics and personality. A minimum of 6 scripture references are required. This...
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  • crap - 706 Words
    ATGE1063 COMPUTER STUDIES ASSIGNMENT (2013/14) 1.0 General Information Objective: Apply the programming concepts and skills that you learnt from the subject unit ATGE1063 (Chapter 1 to Chapter 6) to design and develop a simple program. Task Summary: Design and develop Payroll Program that calculate net pay of a salesperson. Assessment Weight: This assignment contributes 30% of marks to the coursework component. Team Size: Group assignment (2 persons per group) Submission...
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  • organisation’s present and future information technology capability.
    Conduct a detailed investigation of the organisation’s present and future information technology requirements insofar as they will impact on document production processes. Write a report in which you set out details of your findings. Include details of any information which you were not able to access but which would have assisted you to evaluate the organisation’s present and future information technology capability. Overview The organization that I’m currently based at comprises of two...
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  • Counseling Report Guide - 315 Words
    Counseling Report Guide I. Counseling Process A. Time and Setting B. Client’s behavior C. Client’s problem D. Counseling goal (Note: This should be agreed upon by client and counselor prior to the session) E. Counselor’s strategies and techniques F. Result of the counseling session (Note: If you and the counselee achieved the therapeutic goal? Why or why not?) II. Analysis of the Session [Note: Include these questions in a question-and-answer format in the paper; use 12 font...
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  • FP037 CLIL Eng TrabajoEx
    SUBJECT ASSIGNMENT: CONTENT & LANGUAGE INTEGRATED LEARNING GENERAL INFORMATION: This assignment must be done in pairs and has to fulfil the following conditions: Length: between 6 and 8 pages (without including cover, index or appendices –if there are any-). Type of font: Arial or Times New Roman. Size: 11. Line height: 1.5. Alignment: Justified. If for some reason you cannot do the assignment in pairs, you will have to do it individually (notice that individual assignments will be...
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  • Bms Project Flow - 378 Words
    Flow of the project • Title Page • Declaration • Certificate • Acknowledgement • Executive Summary • Index with Page numbers o Introduction ▪ Objective of the study ▪ Sources of data and methodology o Primary data collected (Body-main text) o Summary of findings and conclusion o Appendix (Pie diagram, tables…) o Bibliography o Annexure...
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  • Ojt Documentation - 393 Words
    FINAL REQUIREMENTS A. FINAL REPORT This is carefully written ailed report and documentation of activities and accomplishments during the 486-hour immersion in the industry. It extensively discusses the link of IT education of the student and the future work or assignments he/she shall assume upon earning the degree. The student, when writing this report, must strive to do additional research to prove that the learning objectives of the subject were achieved. It should also...
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  • Helvetica: Typography and 20th Century
    Name: Shane Crudden 2A Module: Design Theory Title: 20th Century Visual Communication Date of submission: 13/12/10 Word Count: 1939 Typography: Helvetica. “The 20th century was a time of social, cultural and technological revolution and change. Inevitably this had an effect on visual communication of the time.” One of the key factors in typography that I believe to be central to the development and progression of visual communication in the 20th century is the typeface Helvetica. “The...
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  • Conference and Banqueting - 477 Words
    [pic] HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA IN HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT (LEISURE AND TOURISM) Food and Beverage Management Assignment Synopsis Objectives The individual assignment is to stimulate students to develop their analyzing skills as well as reinforce the learning on what they were taught in class which enable them to demonstrate problem solving skills on issues based on the case study. The total weighting of the three case...
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  • The Blind Side Instructions - 270 Words
    Instructions: To complete the film analysis assignment, you are to view and analyze the film, The Blind Side. After viewing the entire film, you must be able to recognize at least seven of the interpersonal communication concepts displayed within the movie that we have discussed throughout the course. You are not to just briefly mention the concepts; instead you must describe each concept in detail as it correlates to the film. In addition, when you name each communication concept, list the...
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  • Accounting for Business - 379 Words
    HI5001 Accounting for Business Decisions Due Date: 29 May 2012, 12 p.m. Total Mark: 20 points General Rules and Requirements: The report should be prepared in a group (minimum 3 students in a group and maximum 4). Reports must be confined to 2,500 words. A title page, table of contents (based on your report headings), introduction, body of the report, conclusion and list of the references actually cited should be included in your assignment paper. Font type should be...
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  • Organizing Power Company - 318 Words
    Mao ni sa atong grupo.. SHORT CASE STUDY: ORGANIZING THE POWER COMPANY “I do not believe in organization charts or position descriptions of any kind in this company,” declared Johnny Ramos, president and founder of the Power Company, manufacturer of men’s ready-to-wear (RTW) suits and jackets. “We are a successful and fast-rising company where I want all managers and labor to work as a team. Organization charts and descriptions make people believe they own position on a chart and want to...
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  • Hermann Zapf, a Typographer
    It was back in 1935 when Zapf started on his course to teaching himself to become one of this centurys most significant type designers and calligraphers. Hermann Zapf was born around the end of World War I, famine had struck the country and his mother had just enough money to send him to school in 1925. While he was in school, Zapf perferred technical subjects. But even though he was so young, Zapf was already getting involved with type, exchanging secret alphabets with messages only his...
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  • Management and Case Study - 427 Words
    CASE STUDY : INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT(10%) Instructions: 1. Answer all questions 2. The format of the paper should be as follows: * A cover page with your details – Name, Student ID and Sections ( as registered). * Font: Times New Roman, size 12 with 1.5 spacing, justified. 3. No more than TWO (2) number of pages (font 12, Arial, 1.5 spacing) 4. Email the answer to raemah@umtech.edu.my (kindly adhere to the deadlines given) CASE STUDY 1: ZIPCAR:...
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  • 12 Angry Men - 1185 Words
    SOLUTION OBJECTIVES TEST 1 1 [Multiple Choice] Question The "ROM" in "CD-ROM" stands for: Answer 1) Random-Order Memory 2) Real-Object Memory -3) Read-Only Memory 4) Raster-Output Memory 5) Red-Orange Memory [Multiple Choice] Question At one time, the technology that brought the greatest amount of multimedia to the classroom was the: Answer 1) Beta videotape 2) DVD 3) SmartMedia card 4) Broadband connection -5) Laserdisc 2 3 [Multiple Choice] Question A browser is used to view:...
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  • Helvetica - 325 Words
    Helvetica Helvetica has received much acclaim over the 50 years since its conception. Much of this acclaim has been positive, but there has also been a reaction from some proposing its lack of personality and general over-use has tarnished its reputation as a beautiful, and timeless typeface. Helvetica has been received with open arms by nearly the entire developed world. Commercially, Helvetica is the undisputed champion of type, with companies like American Airlines, Microsoft, and Jeep...
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  • Cas Essay Format - 521 Words
    CAS Essay Format for the Class of 2007 Congratulations, you have now reached the final task to complete your IST and IB CAS requirements. The CAS Essay is the most formal CAS assignment to go in your records. It needs to be an honest reflection of your past two years of CAS experience. It must be completed to a high acceptable standard and will be sent with your final transcripts to universities. Please spell-check it carefully and have it proofread by a friend, parent or teacher. A copy...
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  • Bcoom Assgmnt - 361 Words
    Business Communication 2 (February 2013 Semester) Subject: Business Communication 2 Course Assignments Business Presentation and Report (20%) 1. You are required prepare a business presentation related to Business Trends (Local/International) OR Development in ________ (Education, IT, Hospitalitydepends your degree). Please confirm with your tutor by week 2 on the topic and title of your presentation. Due Date for presentation: According to Sections/Lecturer/Centre (On-going from Week 9 -...
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  • Eli Lilly in India: Rethinking the Joint Venture Strategy
    Individually-prepared case analysis of a two case, which will be selected by students from among those done in class. Students can select the cases of their choice, as suits their schedule and interest area(s). Case analyses will be handed-in at the beginning of class. The case write-up should be no more than ten pages (double-spaced, 12-point Arial font) in length, with a maximum of seven exhibits. The student should write the case assignment from the perspective of the main character in...
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  • Baskerville - 1398 Words
    The transitional Baskerville typeface is the result of years of formalization and innovation on the behalf of its designer John Baskerville. Baskerville appears to have been a man driven by a sense of perfectionism, and strongly influenced by his earlier careers in related industries. It was these unique qualities that drove the creation of the long-lasting Baskerville font, that is still widely used in the modern day. John Baskerville was born in England in 1706. Early in his life he was...
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  • week 3 reflection - 258 Words
     Reflection Milagros Bosse Eng. /147 September 1, 2014 Ann Wehrman When writing at the college level there are expectations for a student according to their Degree and Course number. In this class Eng147 falls under the Undergraduate degree with course numbers between 100-299. The expectations for the style are of a title page which is to contain paper title, student name, course, due date, and faculty name. The next style expectation is the...
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  • Siwes Report - 1060 Words
    GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR 6 MONTHS INDUSTRIAL TRAINING 1. Academic Tutor: Academic Tutor (Training Guide) will be assigned to each student from the respective departments of the college. The students are required to keep in contact with him/her and they can discuss their problems, which they face in the industry, with the academic tutor. Academic Tutor may visit the industry in which the student is undergoing industrial training 2. Confirmation Letter: Before joining the training in the...
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  • Instructional media - 1032 Words
    Media as an a presentation tool. Arlinah I.R Arlinah@petra.ac.id Petra Christian University August ‘ 2008 02/09/15 1 Contents 1. Instructional Media : what and why ? 2. Types of Media 3. Things to consider in Choosing Media for teaching 4. Design tips 5. Presentation tips 02/09/15 2 1. What is Presentation Media ? Media Messag e v V presentation Methods SOURCE: Heinich, Robert. Instructional Media. 02/09/15 3 Why using Media? convinced Study Results Memory 43 % (UNIV OF...
    1,032 Words | 16 Pages
  • Lucas de Groot - 563 Words
    Born on June 21st, 1963 Lucas de Groot was born in Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands. He is known as being an influential Dutch type designer and has worked with and for, many well-known companies and publications. Between 1982 and 1987 he studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague under Gerrit Noordzij. Between 1989 and 1993 he worked on corporate identity projects at the Dutch design group BRS Premsela Vonk. In 1993 he joined MetaDesign in Berlin where he worked with Erik Spiekermann on...
    563 Words | 4 Pages
  • Online Education vs. Face to Face Education
    Online vs. Face to Face Education Kenya Armstrong CSS 101.87 10/07/2012 Elona Bala Abstract Keywords: [Insert Paper Title Here] * Paper should be printed on 8.5 X 11 inch white paper. * Entire paper should be double-spaced. * The paper should be clean. The printer should produce letters that are dark enough and clear enough to be easily read. * Margins should be 1 inch at the top, bottom, left, and right of every page. Do not justify the right margin,...
    286 Words | 1 Page
  • My Last Weekend - 1395 Words
    Features in Akruti Marathi Multifont Engine (For Marathi Software Tools MCIT - Date 09-01-2007) The Akruti Marathi Multifont Engine has the facility to install in any directory. This has low memory requirement. The space needed is about 8 MB. Installation 1. Start the Computer. 2. Insert the Marathi Software Tools CD and run SETUP.EXE from the CD. 3. The Serial Number is AKMFENGINE (all capitals) 4. This will install the software to the computer in AKMARENG...
    1,395 Words | 10 Pages
  • Typography and Formal Recommendation Report
    Course Project: Formal Recommendation Report or Proposal Objectives Given information on a technology or business-related issue presented in a case study, evaluate and integrate outside research to create a well-organized and documented formal analytical report or proposal using at least six sources, including books, articles, interviews with subject matter experts, and websites or databases, and prepare a set of presentation slides to accompany the proposal. ->8- to 10-page Formal...
    831 Words | 3 Pages
  • Magazine Evaluation - 704 Words
    Magazine Evaluation I was asked to design and make a magazine, which includes the following: ✓ Front cover ✓ Contents page ✓ Editor’s letter ✓ Double page spread article First I had to do some research which mostly I done by looking at magazines such as ‘HELLO’ ‘OK’ ‘TOP GEAR’ as I was looking through the magazines I was comparing the layouts of the magazines. I also did some internet research looking at what type of articles which would go in a magazine and...
    704 Words | 3 Pages
  • Fairies - 3479 Words
     Response to Questions Name Institution Date Explain how the ‘truth’ of photographic images has always been a contested idea. Cite one example from the ‘pre-digital’ era, and one from contemporary culture to illustrate your argument. The images of the photographic in the pre-digital era were taken as the proof and evidence of reality. However, today this belief might not hold because of the technology that might aid the editing of the photographic to assume content and the...
    3,479 Words | 10 Pages
  • Assignment 201502 1 - 368 Words
    ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS QUESTION 1 A company produces several products which pass through the two production departments in its factory. The two departments are concerned with cutting and bending operations. There are two services departments, maintenance and packaging, in the factory. Predetermined overhead absorptions, based on direct labour hours, are established for the two production departments. The budgeted expenditure for these departments for the period just ended, including the...
    368 Words | 3 Pages
  • Neville Brody - 596 Words
    Life of Neville Brody Neville Brody is considered one of the most influential designers in the graphic design industry. Brody grew up in London and started his career in art at the Michenden School where he studied A-level art. A level art is mainly focused on studio work emphasizing observation and analysis of the visual world. After Brody finished at Michenden School he went to Hornsey College of Art in 1975 where he took an art foundation course. Punk rock was one influence on...
    596 Words | 2 Pages
  • Recommendation Letter - 282 Words
    LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION FOR YOURSELF A letter of recommendation is a testimony to your skills and abilities that you have used in the past. You normally ask another person to write this letter for you. You will write a letter of recommendation for yourself; recommending yourself for the position you applied for in your cover letter (the entry level position). This letter is to be fact, not fiction. You will want to point out your strengths for the position you are seeking. Things to...
    282 Words | 2 Pages
  • Compare the ways in which the texts achieve their purpose
    English – Unseen practice Compare the ways in which the texts achieve their purpose Text A is an advertisement for Abernethy biscuits; it was published on 19th June 1830 in the courier, a Manchester paper. This text is trying to appeal to all ages. Text B is also an advertisement for Weston biscuits. It was published in Good Housekeeping magazine in 1943 during the Second World War. This magazine was very popular amongst the women before and during the war. Both texts have different...
    682 Words | 2 Pages
  • Assignment Brief - 487 Words
    Module Outline Semester 5: June 2013– August 2013 INTERNSHIP BMC 3006 1. INDUSTRY TRAINING REPORT 2. INTERNSHIP LOG BOOK 3. STUDENT’S EVALUATION FORM (Employers Evaluation) ASSIGNMENT 1.0 INTERNSHIP REPORT ASSIGNMENT BRIEF DESCRIPTION Format of Report, Organization, Structure, Quality of Production, Binding, Language, Clarity, Timeliness Task Performed, Work Process, Networking, New Skill Learned Personal Qualities, Work Knowledge and Abilities, Work Discipline, Work Attitude, Work...
    487 Words | 3 Pages
  • Helvetica - 387 Words
    Gary Hustwit’s film “Helvetica” is about typography, design and how the typeface affected people everyday life. The film shows us how the typeface became universally used and became a part of communication, psychology, designing, and history. The film is so interesting but long, in the beginning of the film, an very detailed history of the typeface was presented. Some facts and details about the typeface in the following. Originally this type face was designed developed by Max Miediger and...
    387 Words | 1 Page
  • History of Typography - 277 Words
    HISTORY OF TYPOGRAPHY First of all, what is typography? Typography is the art of letter forms being organized into certain words or sentences. Typography came from the Greek word typos which means form and graphe which means writing. Most people would agree that a German man named Johannes Guttenberg was the one who invented typography. Before Guttenberg, everything had to be scribed by hand which was very time consuming. Guttenberg also created blackletter, the first ever typeface....
    277 Words | 1 Page
  • luke lucas - 879 Words
    Structure Intro Who is Luke Lucas? Talk about him and his education, his work, his achievements. Talk about his most famous pieces of work Body The first section to my body of text I will be talking about what it really is luke lucas tries to achieve when creating his typography work. I'm also going to try and explain what it is that drew my attention to his work. For the second part of my body of text i will discuss what my favourite style is that he uses when creating his...
    879 Words | 3 Pages
  • Industrial Attachment - 560 Words
    UNIVERSITY OF CAPE COAST [school logo here] SCHOOL OF PHYSICAL SCIENCES DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY UNIT REPORT ON INDUSTRIAL ATTACHMENT WITH [NAME OF COMPANY] PREPARED BY [YOUR NAME] [INDEX NUMBER] [ACADEMIC YEAR] Acknowledgement This should occupy one page and must not be more than four (4) lines. Table of content This is the next step after writing your acknowledgement. The table of content should follow the standard formatting style...
    560 Words | 3 Pages
  • Helvetica - 673 Words
    FA YSDN 1101 3.0 Critical Issues In Design Shelby Dasent 211194347 Tuesday 28th September 2010 Helvetica critical review assignment Helvetica is a documentary film released in 2007 by Gary Hustwit about the creation of the most-used typeface in history and the ways in which type on the whole has an effect on our lives. The audience is made aware of the universal use of the typeface Helvetica, pointing out the beauty and uniqueness of the type. After interviews with many...
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  • Master degree - 484 Words
     Service Encounter Journal Individual assignment, accounts for 20 % of the grade in GRA 6419 Service Marketing Deadline: November 14th, 2014 at 12:00 (noon) Assignment: This is an individual assignment, which you are required to do alone. We all have a number of service encounters each week, including (but not limited to) restaurants, banks, airlines, dry cleaners, doctors, dentists, libraries, photographers, tutors, travel agencies, theaters, pest control agencies, phone companies,...
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  • Math - 880 Words
    DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT STUDIES (FULL-TIME) BUS001: ENGLISH FOR BUSINESS CA 1 OCTOBER, 2012 Instructions to Students Please follow these instructions carefully: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. There are two sections altogether. Answer ALL questions. Submit your assignment online via Blackboard. Submit your assignment answers only. Type your answers using font size 12 (Arial or Times New Roman) with 1.5line spacing. Number your answers accurately. Justify the margins of the assignment. CA1 submission is due...
    880 Words | 3 Pages
  • Menu Analysis - 2389 Words
    Introduction Laying out a menu is not easy. There are creative and simple menu styles in many different F&B establishments that are known to be the most important marketing tool for the restaurant. The menu should reflect the concept as well as the selected food items that are being sold by the particular restaurant. It is one way to communicate with the customers, which is why the menu should be easy to understand to avoid confusion to those who utilizes it by reading or understanding what...
    2,389 Words | 9 Pages
  • Management - 440 Words
    Assignment Question Peter was an employer who was looking for new recruits for his company, ABC Co. Rodrigo was one of his employees who had a friend named Steve who was looking for a job. Rodrigo stated that Steve has all the qualifications suitable to the position of Senior Manager in ABC Co. Peter instructed Rodrigo to send a job offer to Steve via post on the 1st of May 2013. The letter stated that Steve would be given the post of Senior Manager and the salary would be Rs. 60,000. The...
    440 Words | 2 Pages
  • week 2 exercise - 339 Words
    Module 1 – Sequences (1 week) In Module 1 we will discuss summation notation, arithmetic sequences, geometric sequences, and factorial notation. Objectives for this week: Solve probability, combinatorial, and sequence problems. Why Am I Doing This? Sequences are a fundamental concept of mathematics and have many applications, including financials. Sequences are the building blocks of calculus, used in engineering and sciences. Hence, it is essential to have a good grasp of the concepts of...
    339 Words | 2 Pages
  • Unit 8 Assignment 1
    Unit 8 Assignment 1: Organized Cybercrimes Learning Objectives and Outcomes You will be able to review the given case scenario to analyze why information theft has become popular in organized crime. Assignment Requirements To complete this assignment, you need to access the recent case study by Verizon on data breaches, which is available at the following link: http://www.verizonbusiness.com/resources/security/reports/2009_databreach_rp.pdf (accessed July 2, 2010). One of the major findings...
    233 Words | 3 Pages
  • activity based costing - 981 Words
    Project Title (Golden Colour Arial Bold size between 18 to 24) MBA Dissertation (Golden Colour Arial 18 Bold) (Note: Black Hard Cover title written with Golden Colour) Your Name on back of Vertical binding side in the Middle and Year 2011 at the bottom Only First initial and Surname...
    981 Words | 6 Pages
  • history of pakistan - 609 Words
    ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Please fill in all details in section A and attach to the front page of your assignment. Assignments submitted without this cover sheet will not be marked. A. STUDENT TO COMPLETE NAME STUDENT NUMBER CONTACT NO: SUBJECT DAY: TIME: LECTURER DUE DATE NUMBER OF PAGES Word Count I declare that: • • The work contained in this assignment is my own and that all materials and sources used have been acknowledged. I have not copied or colluded...
    609 Words | 5 Pages
  • Business - 365 Words
    Business studies Assignment Case study This is an individual assessment. Students are required to analyze the case (Recruitment and Selection at tesco ) and submit a written report before 4th november 2012. This assignment is worth 10% of total assignment Lenth of the report 1300 to 1500 words 1. With reference of another author, define the terms recruitment and selection. How do these processes enable an organization like Tesco to get the right people to fill its posts?(10marks)...
    365 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Key to Successful Presentations - 515 Words
    The Key to Successful Presentations There are four factors that can make our presentations become interesting. The first and most important factor is delivery. In order to get attentions from audiences, we need to deliver our presentations in an attractive way. We can use body language, eye contact, voice, gesture, the wow factor, and technology. If we do all these kind of activities, the audiences would probably pay attention ...
    515 Words | 1 Page
  • jewelry business - 306 Words
    Year 2013 Exam Sitting DECEMBER Subject Consumer Behaviour Weightage 25% Submission Date 28/10/2013 Regulations A. Late Submission A 10% deduction per day of total coursework marks (excluding weekends and public holidays). Late submission between 5 to 10 days, results in a 50% deduction of total coursework marks. Late submission past 10 days results in an automatic 0% for coursework and the student will be barred from the final examination. B. Deliverables Students...
    306 Words | 2 Pages
  • Typography and American Intellectual Union
    Using our data set from Unit 1, compose a 3-page e-mail to the head of the American Intellectual Union, which includes the following: Begin your e-mail to AIU by first providing an overview of the database, that is, a story about the characteristics that may include types of variables, etc. Be sure to include information about where statistics are being used in the workplace. Explain the value of statistics and its contribution to the success of an organization. Then, discuss the following...
    297 Words | 1 Page
  • technology experiences - 429 Words
    Project #1: Technological Literacy Narrative As we know and have read, technology is everywhere; it permeates our lives, even when we don’t want it to. Apparently, “what’s wrong with kids these days,” is that they are too connected. However, others point out that adults, too, are rather focused on their technological lives. But does this make us literate in technology? As an educator, I’ve seen students use certain programs and applications to supplement their projects, yet many do not know...
    429 Words | 2 Pages
  • Learning Latex - 7538 Words
    A Writing a Paper with L TEX Joe Struss Jan. 28, 2011 Contents 1 Creating a Paper— The Basics 1.1 Getting Started . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.2 The Document Wrapper . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.3 The Document . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 3 3 4 2 Making Changes to a Paper 2.1 Common Documentclass Options . . 2.2 Style Alterations to a Documentclass 2.3 Helpful Document Commands . . . . A 2.4 Additional L...
    7,538 Words | 52 Pages
  • Neutraface - 348 Words
    NEUTRAFACE Nicolas Cherlet Architect Richard Neutra coined the term biorealism to describe what he considered to be the inherent and inseparable relationship between man and nature. With the institute for survival through design, he sought to bring these two into greater harmony. In fact, his many residential commissions, professional buildings, and housing estates ingeniously figure natural elements into their formation; water-covered rooftops become upper-level reflecting pools and...
    348 Words | 2 Pages
  • Our Iceberg Is Melting
    [pic] CSC2114 E-Commerce Theory and Applications Individual Assignment Questions Compare and contrast traditional markets with digital markets. Write a report. (Work on the topic you are assigned with and elaborate on it. Write a report of the topic, which includes the following :) 1. Introduction (Define traditional markets, define digital markets) 2. Content (When is it used, why is it used, how is it used and etc.) 3. Advantages and Disadvantages (for each...
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  • Xcdz - 303 Words
    ENGL A211F Structure of Modern English Assignment Due Date: 20 Dec, 2012 (Thursday, @ 5pm) Notes to students Please submit your assignment to the ENGL A211F Assignment Collection Box located near the General Office of the School of Arts and Social Sciences. For late submissions, 5 marks will be deducted per day late. Your assignment will not be marked if it is more than 3 days late. Please observe the word limit. You must give a word count for each of your answers. Marks will be deducted if you...
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  • Itgs Ia - 432 Words
    Criterion D: Product design—Overall structure Overall structure of …………. Internal structure List of resources and techniques Resources|Details| Publisher |Makes cards, flyers, posters, fancy reports, invitations and more. It contains fancy fonts, lots of clipart, borders, and other creative ways to make your project unique and pleasing to view.| Word Document|Is for creating documents such as letters, brochures, learning activities,...
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  • My Cgs1000 - 392 Words
    * * * * * * * Adopting a pet? Let us help you! You can provide a loving home for your dog, cat, bird or any other small animals. Our experts will teach you how to feed and groom your pet. * Classses are $10 per session. * Sessions last 4 weeks. * Classes meet in the Shelter Meeting center twice a week. Call 555-7387 or stop by to sign up today! * * SC_ * * Center the headline “Adopting a pet?”, and center the signature line...
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  • Catalysts of Growth in China and India
    Assignment One: Individual Essay Summary Guidance: This essay is worth 35% of your overall module mark. You need to choose one of the essay topics shown in the box on the next page. * The main body of your essay should be five sides in length and written in Arial font size 11 (single spacing). * You must have an additional cover page (available from the Student Advice Centre) that clearly states the name of your tutor (the person that takes you for tutorials) on the front....
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  • Cssk D - 635 Words