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  • Faces of Evil - The Dark Knight trilogy
    Faces of Evil in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy In the past 8 years Christopher Nolan directed three movies about the story of Bruce Wayne. He is a billionaire disguised as Batman, who decided to fight the evil in Gotham. Consecutive movies of the Trilogy introduce new villains: Ra’s Al Ghul, Joker and Bane, all of them with similar intention – to unleash chaos and anarchy upon Gotham city. Batman struggle to stop them from doing so, and has to adapt to their differing approaches....
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  • ‘Man Is Not Truly One, but Truly Two’. Discuss This Observation on Human Nature
    ‘Man is not truly one, but truly two’. Discuss this observation on human nature in relation to the literature you have studied this term. For many centuries now many people as well as philosophers have wondered what factors make up human nature and the human mind along with its thinking. Man is truly a complex ‘individual’, as every man has their own reasons for living, and the many reasons they have for doing what it is that they do. Has human beings we posses certain characteristics,...
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  • Analysis of the Joker - 667 Words
    The Joker “I believe whatever doesn’t kill you, simply makes you…stranger.” This quote was said by The Joker in the movie The Dark Knight. In The Dark Knight, a superhero is fighting against an evil villain in an attempt to save Gotham City and the citizens that live there. The evil villain, The Joker, is a character who is severely emotionally damaged. He views everything as a game and the citizens of Gotham are the players. The name Joker can be seen as a serpent, which signifies his...
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  • Batman's choice with regards to harvey dent
    Group project Batman’s Choice with regards to Harvey Dent “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Harvey Dent did just that. Harvy lied and claimed to be batman to protect batman’s true identity. The Joker overturned Harvey’s plan to stop corruption in the city of Gotham and to put the mob leaders in prison. A mob boss and a crooked cop help the Joker capture Harvey and Rachel; they were placed in separate buildings filled with explosives. The...
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  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns; Themes and Analysis
     The main conflicts in the world of The Dark Knight Returns revolve around escalating crime in Gotham city and forces of the authority attempting to control it. The authority should be a moral force and represent justice. The figures that represent the authority should be selfless and work only to promote the integrity of law and order. Authority proves to be contradictory in Miller’s novel as the authoritative figures express qualities of vigilantism and overall moral ambiguity. The first...
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  • Good vs. Evil in Batman
    Alexis Hamlett Good and Evil Essay 9/29/12 Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight is a reflection of how the good responds to the nature of evil. The Joker is the ultimate evil character and throughout the film he puts other characters in a tough situations that force them to choose between right and wrong and ultimately good and evil. Examples of this are seen with the characters Harvey Dent, Batman, and in the lifeboat scenario scene. The Joker’s main goal is to prove that people are...
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  • Existentialism in the Dark Knight - 862 Words
    Existentialism in The Dark Knight By: Cassidy Bannan Teacher: Mrs.Conlon Course Code: ENG4U Due Date: March 8, 2012 “When you take charge of your life, there is no longer need to ask permission of other people or society at large. When you ask permission, you give someone veto power over your life”. The 2008 film, The Dark Knight, directed by Christopher Nolan, demonstrates the actions and choices being made while still being true to one self. The film represents one’s interior motives...
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  • Batman Character Study - 689 Words
    Batman is often referred to as an emotionless and inhuman character that does not have any significant relationships in his life. On the surface it may seem like that, but in reality Batman does have relationships with people. Examples of these relationships are shown in the graphic novel, Batman Year One, and the movie, The Dark Knight. The first person that Batman has a relationship with is Lieutenant Jim Gordon. Batman and Gordon share a common goal of getting crime off the streets. At the...
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  • BATMAN - 716 Words
    Batman: the Dark Knight Batman, the Dark Knight is full of underlying philosophy on society and life in many ways; I will focus on three of them: good versus evil, order versus chaos, and the theme of corruption. This film masterfully portrays a philosophic insight into selfish human behavior as a whole in society, while also giving an alternative perspective on the evil that lies in people just under a thin veneer of good ethics. The Dark Knight marvellously explores how very close to...
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  • Power and Influence in Batman - 1195 Words
    Power and Influence in Batman – the Dark Knight Power is the capacity of a person, team or organization to influence others. In this superheroic story, the main characters– Batman (Bruce Wayne) and The Joker are very powerful in Gotham city. The relationship among characters can be pertinently depicted using theories under the power and influence topic. Batman – a superhero in the city, he has sufficient wealth, superior physical strength and familiarity of the criminal underworld, making him...
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  • Order vs. Chaos - 424 Words
    Megan Galbreath Writing 12-18-11 Interpretive essays Order vs. Chaos The hallways during a switching period in our school are crazy! Teachers try to put order in the hallways and try to keep them safe, while students are wild and create chaos in the hallways. The hallways in my school are chaotic but have order. Likewise, Gotham city also has order and chaos. In Gotham city, the Joker creates chaos, while batman tries to put order in Gotham City....
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  • Evaluation the Dark Knight - 1951 Words
    Evaluation of The Dark Knight The Dark Knight is one of the greatest movies of our time. Laremy Legel called Christopher Nolan’s, The Dark Knight, a masterwork (Dillon Michell, "The Dark Knight"). The Dark Knight won plenty of awards: Best Achievement in Sound Editing, Cinematography, Film Editing in Oscar; Movie of the Year in AFI Award; Top Box Office Film in ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, and so on. The Dark Knight is a film that was so popular and all around loved that it merits...
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  • ENG 225 - Week 1
    A story is the essence of the movie. It's what the characters dramatic need is. To find out, you have to ask yourself, "What is the point of the movie? What was the character trying to accomplish? In The Call, a 911 operator receives a call and tries to save young girls life while trying to find the abductor. A story can have multiple pieces going on as well. In The Dark Knight, Batman is trying to catch the Joker, Harvey Dent is trying to stop crime, the Joker is trying to play games with...
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  • Criminology, A Sociological Understanding
    Kayla Cochran 4/03/14 CrimJ 012: Criminology Theoretical Application/Video Paper The movie “The Dark Knight” portrays a large amount of criminal behavior throughout the entire plot. The movie takes place in Gotham City, which was originally described as an ominous place to live. The City is portrayed as dark and full of crime, grime, corruption, and a sense of urban decay. The plot of the movie is that The Joker, who is a deviant character and a criminal mastermind, seeks revenge for...
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  • Villains in Film - 1257 Words
    Cameron Mitchell 9/28/11 Villains in Film 2nd Draft Why So Serious? In recent years, technology in the cinema industry has become amazingly effective in creating alternate realities for us to go see for seven dollars on a Tuesday night. For a movie villain to be successful and spark emotions from its viewers they must look the part, be insanely brilliant, and push the protagonist to the edge. The first and most obvious characteristic that makes an amazing movie villain is their...
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  • Batman Analysis - 397 Words
    Batman Analysis I felt The Dark Knight was the most effective in entertaining me as an audience because it showed the collective personalities of people around us in a way that can be easily understood. For example, in this movie the main characters expressed their inner personalities in a form of a shadow. The shadow is irrational, and is the hidden side of a persona, in which it can contradict the way an individual believes himself to be. For instance, Batman assumes he is not as insane...
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  • Conflict Management in Movies - 719 Words
    Conflict Management Definition: Conflict is a process in which one party perceives that its interest are being opposed or negatively affected by another party. But conflict is ultimately based on perceptions, so it also exists whenever one party believes that another may obstruct its efforts, whether or not the other party actually intends to do so. There are lots of conflicts in this movie- The Dark Knight. Characters faced conflict once troubles or problems happened as everyone has their...
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  • the dark knight scene analysis
     SETTING Description: The chase scene is set in a tunnel and on the streets of Gotham City. There is a lot of buildings and structures surrounding the action telling us that the action is important only here. COSTUMING Description: Purple and green suit- royalty and jealous. This means that the Joker is powerful but also jealous of Batman. He also wears a suit- suggesting he is a powerful person but because of the colour, doesn’t play by the rules of society. "You either...
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  • Batman: the Dark Knight Rhetorical Analysis
    Justice vs. Terrorism “The Dark Knight,” a movie directed and produced by Christopher Nolan, depicts the way a system of justice deals with terrorism. If an archetype is defined as a symbol that exists instinctively in the collective consciousness of the human race, the terrorism in Batman The Dark Knight represents an archetype through the violence, murder of the innocent, mayhem and mass destruction. Governments often lay down laws and procedures for a country to function, and...
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  • The Dark Knight - 417 Words
    David Henry Sheehan 9th lit 7 22 September 2012 Heroes Journey: The Dark Knight Campbell’s hypothesis about the monomyth is, that there is one myth and twelve components to that myth.(Campbell 1)The Dark Knight is a story that seems to possess all twelve components of Campbell’s hypothesis, and proves that Campbell’s hypothesis is right. One of the components that fits in with The Dark Knight is “the call to adventure”. Once the joker robs the bank, Batman knows he must help in any way...
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  • The Dark Knight Film Study
    Jiggy Patel COMM3321: Critical Reading & Writing Section 103 Janet Bertsch “Why so serious?” Is the catch phrase that Joker uses from the movie The Dark Knight. (Nolan, 2008) The scene that is being analyzed is when the Joker crashes Harvey Dent fundraiser party and is looking for Harvey Dent. Prior to the scene, Harvey Dent is the District Attorney of Gotham City and was responsible for locking up half the mob in a single day. The Joker main goal was to wreak chaos in Gotham City and...
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  • The Dark Knight and The Matrix neo-noir characteristics
    The Dark Knight and The Matrix neo-noir characteristics Both movies show neo-noir characteristics though both production and story elements. Production elements such as the dark scenes throughout the movie are used to show the contrasting sides to the story. Within both movies it also shows that a friend of the main character dies, and it shows how this may be devastating to the character however they avoid showing emotion or grief as they are determined to finish their quest and do what is...
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  • Comparing Villains: Othello and The Dark Knight
    HOW ARE THE VILLAINS FROM “OTHELLO” - IAGO & “THE DARK KNIGHT” - THE JOKER SIMILAR? By Palak Gupta “Iago is a portrait of a practical joker of a peculiarly appalling kind, and perhaps the best way of approaching the play is by a general consideration of the practical joker.” A practical joker is someone who “likes to play God behind the scenes.” Was once quoted by W.H Auden. The similarities between the Joker from The Dark Knight and Iago from Othello are striking. It would seem that,...
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  • What Is Popular Culture?
    Before I define the word popular culture, I would like to breakdown both word. The word popular means liked, admired or enjoyed by many people or a particular person or group. As for the word culture means the arts and others manifestations of human intellectual achievements regarding collectively. Now to give my personal definition of the meaning “popular culture” would go like this. Many things that are liked and praised upon in the culture/generation that we currently live in. When time...
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  • Batman Graphic Novel - 2172 Words
    Professor Kinter English 11011 20 March 2013 Graphic Novel What is a graphic novel? That is such a broad statement and most people answer the question with, it is just like a comic book, but more pages. This is actually not exactly true as a graphic novel has more to it than a comic book, and has a bigger variety of works. Firstly, a graphic novel is a story that is presented in a comic-strip format and published as a book. Graphics novels are typically written for older audiences, and...
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  • batman the dark night essay
    Final Draft A Hero for All The book Batman the Dark Night tells a story about the crime fighter the batman and how he comes out of retirement to fight crime again. He does not have to start fighting crime again but after hearing how bad the city has become ridden with crime he makes a decision to come back. The book flashes back to him as a boy when he falls down a hole and is surrounded by bats and is scared out of his mind from this adventure. He then is burdened by watching his...
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  • Batman vs. Dark Knight
    Batman vs. The Dark Knight Literary Analysis Essay Details Compare and contrast the two different styles of directors in Batman and The Dark Knight □ Include the use of the terms: author purpose, tone, and mood □ Choose two characters who appear in both films □ Use events and dialogue from each movie as evidence □ Use MLA format (Headers, Double spaced, 12 pt font, etc.) □ 1200 – 1600 words □ Follow this order for your paragraphs: o...
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  • Grendel vs. Joker Villain Essay
    Tarik Babar Beowulf Essay Why so serious? A question asked by one of our favorite crazy, insane, psychopathic villain. Grendel would never ask this question. These two villains use very different methods of attack. Grendel is the horrid creature that lives in the lake near Heorot Hall. Heorot is a mead hall of King Hrothgar. Citizens go there do drink, eat, laugh, tell stories, and do whatever they please. The creature (Grendel) is known to be the descendant of Cain, which is...
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  • The Dark Knight - 399 Words
    Writing Exercise - Summary - The Dark Knight: Over the last decade cinemagoers, world-wide have been witnesses to a blossoming new trend in cinematography. This new craze has taken over theatres on a global scale, and the body of work put into production as a result of this now stands for some of the highest grossing films of all time. Starring as an actor in one of these movies equals instant fame and for companies that produce them it means a substantial economic boost. I am of course...
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  • The Dark Knight of a Postmodern World
    “The Dark Knight of a Postmodern World” “The Dark Knight” is a film based on DC comic book character Batman and his fight to protect his home, Gotham City, from the antagonist, the Joker. Director Chris Nolan provides the viewer with not only an action film, but also a thought-provoking masterpiece. The film focuses on the thin line between sanity (Batman) and madness (Joker) and how anyone can easily turn from good to evil, the example being Harvey Dent becoming Two-Face in such a short...
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  • The Dark Knight - the Joker
    The Joker In the film, The Dark Knight directed by Christopher Nolan, The Joker, one of Batman's most dangerous enemies whose aim is too push Batman to his ultimate limits, to break his personal rules and strict moral code. This, being the Jokers only reason to live, he has no fear of death and pain. The Joker is characterised as a calculating and logical criminal, a rebel with minimal empathy or moral and a nemesis who commits purposeless crime. Together these characteristics are developed...
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  • R&G are dead outline
     Catherina Li 12/13/13 p.5 critical outline Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead is a work that focuses on how everything can mean nothing and how nothing can mean everything. Autobiography: Tom Stoppard is Sir Tom Stoppard is a Czech-born playwright. He began his career in England in 1954 as a journalist, soon moving to London in 1960 to start work as a playwright A Walk on the Water Enter a Free Man Every Good Boy Deserves Favour CHARACTER LIST...
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  • Batman - 1339 Words
    THE JOKER AND HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH BATMAN The Joker is a supervillain and the archenemy of Batman. He was first introduced in Batman #1 (Spring 1940) and has remained consistently popular. The Joker is a master criminal with a clown-like appearance. Initially portrayed as a violent sociopath who murders people for his own amusement, the Joker later in the 1940s began to be written as a goofy trickster-thief. That characterization continued through the late-1950s and 1960s before the...
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  • The Dark Night Theory Paper
    The Dark Knight presents an apparent connection of communication through media’s influence. The movie is an example of a remake of the Batman comic book series, which most adults today were either a big fan of or were at least familiar with in their adolescent years. The unique quality of the Dark Knight is the popularity in both the adult age group as well as in the youth. Also one interesting facet of the movie, as well as in most popular films today, is the presence of strong violence and...
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  • Favorite Movie - 424 Words
    My Favorite Movie It’s always hard to pick a single favorite movie, because there are so many good ones. Sometimes people have different opinions whether a particular movie is good or not. The movie I like the most is “Batman: The Dark Knight” by Christopher Nolan. The whole movie is action packed, while still retaining drama, a love story, and even a little bit of comedy. The best thing about this movie is the great performances we get to see by the actors and actresses. Already, you can begin...
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  • Epigraphs - 663 Words
    Throughout the entire novel of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, everyone is inquiring or investigating about something. The characters are either meddling in someone else’s business or they become curious about something scientific. Because of this curiosity, different people get in trouble in some way. In the first chapter, Mr. Utterson’s friend Mr. Enfield says, “You start a question, and it’s like starting a stone. You sit quietly on the top of a hill; and away the stone goes, starting others; and...
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  • Mythological Themes in the Dark Night
    Mythological Themes in The Dark Night Modern day films have recycled ancient mythological symbols and themes that pre-existed many years ago. Themes in today’s films may appear different than those of ancient Greece, but in many ways these themes remain prevalent. One example of a movie that contains mythological and archetypal themes is “The Dark Knight” by Christopher Nolan. This film is about the character Batman or also known as Bruce Wayne, who is in a battle to protect Gotham city from...
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  • Batman Year One - 1060 Words
    Kasie Olds Analysis Paper #1 January 25, 2013 Introduction to Research Writing   Batman: Year One is about Bruce Wayne’s beginning as becoming Batman. In the beginning of the comic book, Bruce has always known violence all of his life since he was a child. In the very beginning of the comic book, he witnessed a brutal cold violent act, his parents’ death that happened in front of his very eyes (21). That is one of the biggest contributing factors of who he is today as Bruce...
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  • Archetypes in Mythology - 659 Words
    Baughn 1 Jonathan Baughn Professor Spencer English 123 1 March 2012 Archetypes in Mythological Stories An archetype is defined as an original model on which similar things are patterned (Archetypes). They are reoccurring themes that represent experiences. The power of the archetype comes from their ability to evoke themes that a mast majority of people can relate to (Archetypes). Myths and other stories that have been told for generations have had a significant impact...
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  • Heros and Villains - Batman and Joker
    Who are Batman and the Joker Unlike most teenage girls who love Romantic movies like Twilight and music by One Direction, I prefer watching movies that have connotative meanings (e.g. Shutter Island) and gaming is an essential condition for me to live. Some people call me a tomboy, but I hate this title with no reason. People who don’t know me well won’t even believe my personality and interests are like that. A bit similar to Bruce Wayne, he also hides his secrets behind his...
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  • The Dark Knight Rises: a Review
    It’s tempting to read a sign of the times in superhero movies where good always, always does triumph over evil. It's especially tempting to do so in the case of Batman, a conflicted superhero who is really an ordinary human with no real superpowers except dedicated co-workers and scientists, an ability to slip into a figure-clenching leather suit and the fearlessness to look staring down at Gotham city perched dangerously on the tallest tower available. In Nolan's hands, he has also developed...
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  • Dark Knight the Guardian - 987 Words
    The Secret Guardian of Gotham The Dark Knight portrays Batman well enough for the audience to easily analyze Batman’s characteristics and personality. Batman is one of the most crucial characters in the movie. Bruce Wayne, or Batman, is portrayed as a billionaire and an owner of a gigantic industry, who actually at night works as a vigilante fighting criminals with his bare hands. Batman’s sense of morality, self-righteousness, and self-sacrificial attitude in his actions allow effortless...
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  • The Dark Knight Trilogy Hero's Journey
    The Dark Knight Trilogy 1. Call To Adventure A key part of the Batman movies is that when Bruce was young, he fell into an empty well filled with bats and developed a major phobia of them. Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents get murdered by a mugger by the name of Joe Chill when he was young. After years of being raised by his butler, Alfred, he decides that he is going to kill Joe Chill before he testifies against Mob Boss Falcone. At the courthouse, Bruce stands and waits, gun in...
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  • The Dark Knight - 689 Words
    The Dark Knight came out in 2008, when George W. Bush was President, so I was 14 at the time and Emily was 12. I remember going to the theater the day it came out because I was never more excited for a movie. I have been a fan of the Batman franchise since I was a kid; my older sister and I would constantly watch the Batman VHS's that we had until they were too scratched up from use. Emily watched the film with all of her boy cousins because they wanted her to see it with them. I was so...
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  • Theme of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" Good Vs. Evil
    The book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde made the biggest impact on me. This book was written in the late 1800's and the theme still has deep meaning today. In my opinion, the theme of the story is based on the idea that we all have a good side and an evil side. I believe that there are life lessons to this idea. I also enjoyed the theme because I could relate to it in some ways. Dr. Jekyll was a very kind and friendly man, unsuspected to be the cause of any evil. However Dr. Jekyll had a dark side...
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  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Book vs Movie
    Luka Stojanovic Mr. Horner 9/13/2010 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Film vs. Book The book and the movie Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde weren’t too different. The 1920 silent film, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” wasn’t too different from the book. Even though this film version of the book was silent, I could still tell what was happening in the movie due to the fact that I watched the movie as I read the book to be able to compare and interpret what was going on. The...
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  • Sat Essay - 413 Words
    For the characters in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, maintaining one’s reputation emerges as a vital activity. The prevalence of this system of self-worth is evident in the way that upright men such as Utterson and Enfield avoid gossip at all costs; they see gossip as a great demolisher of reputation. Similarly, when Utterson suspects Jekyll first of being blackmailed and then of sheltering Hyde from the police, he does not make his suspicions known; part of being Jekyll’s good friend is a...
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  • Dark Knight Film Notes
    Notes Quotes Idea of masked identity established immediately. “I don’t need help!” batman imposter “Not by my diagnosis” batman Passing over city – over their heads when they being crimey. “What’s the difference between you and me?” batman imposter “I’m not wearing hockey pads” batman Discussing Joker from the very beginning. “Criminals in this town used to believe in things, honour, and respect. What do you believe in? Huh?” dying civilian who fought back “I believe that what doesn’t kill...
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  • Batman - 353 Words
    Eight year after events of The Dark Knight, Gotham City is in a state of peace. Under powers granted by the Dent Act-legislation inspired by the late Harvey Dent –the Gotham City Police Department has nearly eradicated organized crime. Batman has disappeared and Bruce Wayne has become a recluse. Police Commissioner James Gordon fells guilty about the truth; however, he decides that the city is not ready to hear it. While searching for a missing congressman, Gordon is captured and his speech...
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  • psychoanalysis of the joker - 411 Words
    The character I decided to pschoanlayze was “ The Joker” from the movie “ The Dark Knight” played by Heath Ledger. The Joker was a very strange character who sometimes showed no reasom to his actions. He had an sense of humor that nobody understands and his appeareacne is quite frightening. His face is painted in order to have some sort of appearence related to a clown. His hair is dyed green. Despite his appearence he proved to be very intelligent and strategic. The movie never gave any...
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  • Epic Hero Essay - 1068 Words
    A hero is a person of distinguished courage who has outstanding qualities and abilities, and who is admired for brave and noble acts. An Anglo-Saxon hero is a person who has good leadership qualities, is able and willing to provide people with a sense of security, and is willing to go into danger despite possible harm to them. Beowulf, Roy Hobbs, and the Dark Knight are all three heroes that exhibit Anglo-Saxon qualities that have allowed them to evolve into something bigger than itself. All...
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  • Moral dilemmas - 868 Words
    March 22, 2014 1st Period Moral Dilemma's In any situation, a dilemma never has a positive conclusion because, unlike most problems, the twist to a dilemma is that there is no real happy ending, only a decision between bad and worse. It isn't black and white, but more like a thousand different shades of grey and we can only pick one and hope it turns out okay. There are different types of dilemmas such as; physical and moral. The difference between the two is that a moral dilemma is...
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  • Scott McCloud Believes That Highly Abstract Or Cartoonish Images In Persepolis Helps Readers Easy To Identify Themselves With The Characters
     1. Scott McCloud believes that highly abstract or cartoonish images in Persepolis helps readers easy to identify themselves with the characters. In Persepolis, as an international student, I found myself in Marjane Satrapi in some scenes and situations. The reason why I think it connected me is because it's one personal’s story of growing up and finding identity during a time when few people understood what was going on especially those who were living in the United States. Another way I...
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  • The Dark Knight - 421 Words
    Text: The Dark Knight Director: Christopher Nolan Text Type: Film Gotham City is rapidly becoming a better place. Under the guard of Batman and with the help of Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent, the popular new district attorney, organised crime is being eradicated. In desperation the mob turns to a psychotic mastermind called only ‘The Joker’ and Gotham rapidly descends into chaos. As Bruce Wayne tries to deal with his toughest adversary yet he must deal also with his internal conflicts and the...
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  • Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde
    Part 1 Title: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Author: Robert Louis Stevenson Genre: Science Fiction/Gothic Mystery Published: 1886 during the Victorian time period Protagonist: Henry Jekyll Antagonist: Edward Hyde Summary: Henry "Harry" Jekyll is a well respected member of London society. In his personal life, he is pre-engaged to Muriel Carew, the daughter of a brigadier general. In his professional life, he is a medical doctor, scientist and academician. He theorizes that...
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  • The 1931 Film Version of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is an English film which was classed as a horror when it was released. Now more of a comedy when you watch it, the special effects are nothing compared to the new effects of today. The film is about an English gentleman who wants to releases his inner desires and do all the things he longs to do, so he makes a potion and changes into another character (the evil side of himself - Hyde) The plot is hard to understand and it's not very exciting either. It doesn't have the...
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  • Rear Window Sample - 1498 Words
    REAR WINDOW Sample Essay Successful crime writer's know how to realise their intentions of keeping the responder's mind constantly busy trying to work out ‘who dunnit', often feeling as though they are working side by side with the detective to solve the crime and find the murderer. As well as effective characterisation, character motivation, and settings, crime writers must know the conventions of their chosen sub genre and more importantly how to use and subvert these conventions to...
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  • Henry Jekyll's Full Statement of the Case
    I was born in the year 18-- to a large fortune, endowed besides with excellent parts, inclined by nature to industry, fond of the respect of the wise and good among my fellowmen, and thus, as might have been supposed, with every guarantee of an honorurable and distinguished future. And indeed the worst of my faults was a certain impatient gaiety of disposition, such as has made the happiness of many, but such as I found it hard to reconcile with my imperious desire to carry my head high,...
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  • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
    How Does Stevenson’s writing here make London sound so sinister? The first fog of the season straight away makes London sound bad because when you think of fog it’s not a great weather to have and it contributes to London sounding sinister. Also the streets are dingy which make the area sound like it’s in poverty like ‘’ like a district of some city in a nightmare’’. The streets are also show a lack of light and people not really able to see where there going ‘’ the cab crawled from street to...
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  • Jekyll and Hyde - 1564 Words
    Themes Duality is the central theme that binds together all the intricately plotted themes within the both the novel and the film Duality- Book The duality of man is a key theme in the novel, “The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde”. The separation of Jekyll into two beings, Jekyll and Hyde, is an allegory for humankind's conflicting forces of good and evil. These characters bring to life the inner struggle between the two powers of the soul. Jekyll, the protagonist, portrays the good...
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  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Theme Essay
    In Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the theme is that giving way to too much curiosity would lead to regret, and possibly even death. Doctor Henry Jekyll, the novel’s protagonist, is a curious scientist whose experimentation on the “thorough and primitive duality of man” gave rise to his dark and threatening alter-ego, Mr. Hyde. It all started with Jekyll’s interest in the possibility that man may have two personalities within him. This caused him to produce a formula which...
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  • Duality in Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde - 408 Words
    In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Louis Stevenson uses duality to prove the theory that two polar opposites can balance out one another. Generally, human beings are “dual creatures”. Dr. Jekyll explains in his “moral” state “that [he] learned to recognize the thorough and primitive duality of man…even if [he] could rightly be said to be either, it was only because [he] was radically both.” Dr. Jekyll argues there is a more primitive, darker side of every individual. This “darker side” is more...
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  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
     Jaylen Hunter P.3 2/11/15 Prompt #1 The good and evil of man's character is shown throughout this novel. You can tell by reading this novel that it’s a story that contains a constant battle between good and falling into evil’s clutches. In the novel Dr. Jekyll portrays the "good"...
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  • dark knight - 1058 Words
    The Dark Knight Film Analysis Kevin Franklin The Dark Knight is a 2008 action hero film co-written, produced, and directed by Christopher Nolan. It is Nolan’s second film based around the DC Comics character Batman, and the film is the sequel to the 2005 film, Batman Begins. Christian Bale returns to play the role of Bruce Wayne, the billionaire who defends Gotham City as Batman. Other returning cast members include Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, and...
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  • Discuss How Robert Louis Stevenson Explores the Topic of Duality in His Gothic Fiction Novel 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'
    English Coursework The Gothic fiction novel “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde”, written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1886, is a novel about a man torn by the desire to separate the good and evil inside people. The plot beholds a scientist who finds a way to literally separate his good from his evil by drinking a potion. The plot picks up on the Victorian hypocrisy that crippled people into being society’s idea of ‘good’ and the shallow nature of the Victorians and how they judged character by...
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  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a non-fictional book and were written by Robert Louis Stevenson. The characters in the book are Mr. Gabriel John Utterson, who is a prominent and upstanding lawyer; Mr. Enfield is a distant cousin and lifelong friend of Utterson. Mr. Guest is Utterson’s clerk and confidant. Sir Danvers Carew is a Member of Parliament, and a client of Utterson, Dr. Hastie Lanyon is a reputable London doctor. Dr. Henry Jekyll is a doctor and a friend of Lanyon and Utterson. Mr....
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  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde By: Robert Louis Stevenson Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a tale of Good vs. Evil, Stevenson’s tells us about a conflict between dual personalities, one good, losing hold of his original and slowly becoming incorporated with his second and worse. In this novel we follow the lawyer Mr. Utterson as he works on a case involving his old friend Dr. Henry Jekyll and this mysterious man who showed up in London called Mr. Edward Hyde. Dr. Jekyll is a good guy who plays by...
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  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Good @Evil
    Dr. Henry Jekyll - A respected doctor and friend of both Lanyon, a fellow physician, and Utterson, a lawyer. Jekyll is a seemingly prosperous man, well established in the community, and known for his decency and charitable works. Since his youth, however, he has secretly engaged in unspecified dissolute and corrupt behavior. Jekyll finds this dark side a burden and undertakes experiments intended to separate his good and evil selves from one another. Through these experiments, he brings Mr. Hyde...
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  • strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde One said that everything has two sides, then so do human natures. As we cannot separate darkness from brightness, since wherever there is a light, there always is a shadow. We too cannot distinct goodness from badness, because underneath our sober and respectable appearances and actions, there lies down a hidden instinct of our own Mr. or Mrs. Hyde. “Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” of Robert Stevenson tells the story of the well-mannered Dr....
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  • Black Swan vs. Jekyll and Hyde
    The concept of duality is seen in various novels and works of art. Humans are considered to have different sides and personalities. Many people do not realize there multiple thoughts can not only have an effect on them but others as well. In Victorian times, the concept of duality was explored in the novel ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ by Robert Stevenson. In present-day United States this idea is seen in the film “Black Swan” directed by Darren Aronofsky. A major theme in Stevenson’s piece,...
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  • dark knight - 312 Words
     In the film the dark knight and the book Macbeth there are many comparisons such as the influence of many dark supernatural forces that predict confusion, also the hero to antihero idea and the tragic past and advantaged lives both Macbeth and Batman had. In the Macbeth there are many dark supernatural forces we see early in the play for example the three witches that Macbeth and Banquo encounter on the battlefield in act 1, scene 3, the witches represent evil and darkness in the book...
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  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Tragic Hero
    In the novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll was a scientist who felt constrained by the social expectations. He created a potion that he hoped would split the good half from the evil half in him. The potion backfired and created Mr. Hyde - a second, evil, personality to share Dr. Jekyll’s body. This second personality eventually drives him to take his (and Mr. Hyde’s) life. A tragic hero is an essentially noble or admirable person who causes his own downfall due to some...
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  • Avengers vs The dark knight
    “Go go power rangers” should be the theme song of The Avengers…. for the $220 million budget was a complete waste when the result are cheap Halloween like costumes, The Dark Knight on the other hand used it $250 million budget wisely. It’s hard to compare these two movies, for it’s a shame to compare such a great movie to such a waste of time (The Avengers). The Dark Knight follows Harvey Dent; Gotham’s new district attorney as he tries to take on the mob who is led by the Joker, Gotham has a...
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  • Dr Jekyll As A Tragic Hero
    Dr Jekyll as a tragic hero Dr Henry Jekyll is a complex character in Robert Louis Stevensons novel “dr Jekyll and Mr hyde”. He shows many aspects of a tragic hero. But to link him to the aspect of a tragice hero one must first decide what a tragic hero is. A tragic hero is normally a person with a lofty place in society with either heroic or potentially heroic qualities who makes an error of judgment or has a fatal flaw that, combined with fate and external forces, brings on a tragedy. This...
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  • Duality of Man in Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde
    Robert Louis Stevenson is a very elusive writer in that he both hints and broadly tells you that he believes that all man has a double side. This is self evident in the generally evil Mr. Edward Hyde and the antonym Dr. Henry Jekyll. He was not secretive in informing the reader of this dual side as seen by the physical acts and attitudes of both Mr. Hyde and Dr. Jekyll, and there are also the expressions of Dr. Jekyll in his explanation of the series of events about Mr. Hyde's origin. Mr....
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  • Strange Cas of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Essay
    Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in 1886. The novel is about a brilliant scientist who tries to suppress his evil side with a potion he created. Instead of destroying his evil side, it emerges as another person within Dr. Jekyll; Edward Hyde. Mr. Hyde slowly gets stronger over time and Dr. Jekyll tries to fight Hyde within himself. The theme of the novel is mans’ animal, savage or immoral nature; and the struggle to...
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  • Sympathy in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    The story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has been read and critiqued for 127 years. One of the most debatable aspects of the story is the identity of the two men, while at the end of the book you can clearly tell the two men share one body, the immorality of Mr. Hyde differs immensely from that of Dr. Jekyll who participates in charity work and has an upstanding role in society. Mr. Hyde creates a great amount of sympathy in the book. The first feelings of sympathy come within the first chapter....
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  • The Conscious and Unconscious: Analysis on the Life of Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Edward Hyde
    The Conscious and Unconscious: Analysis on the Life of Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Edward Hyde By Bernadine SyTiong March 16 2010 “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson originated from a dream that the author once had and he described it as “a fine bogy tale” when he awoke from it. Stevenson was first inspired from the city’s low life and the bizarre characters that he came across with and that his Calvinistic upbringing and his constant fight against...
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  • Dark Knight Gothic Essay
    JP In Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight gothic elements such as suspenseful violence, mysterious heroic outsiders, and freakish villains are used in order to catch the attention of society. The use of suspenseful violence in Nolan’s production is a significant contribution for the overall mood of the movie. For example, the Joker sets up a social experiment in which two ferries, one full of passengers and the other full of prisoners, each have a bomb rigged. The detonator for each bomb...
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  • Batman: the One Percenter
    Ivan Johnson 996772728 Eng235H1 – The Graphic Novel Prof. A. Lesk Due: December 6th 2012 Batman: The One Percenter In Frank Miller’s graphic novel Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, there an underlying theme of class struggle between the 1 percent and the general populous; 99 percent. By detailing what the 1 percent ruling class consists of, in Batman and later on the Sons of Batman (S.O.B), and their use of fear, which is presented to the 99 percent, via the medium of news, as well as what...
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  • The Dark Knight - 1055 Words
    Jake O’Leary Paper 1 The Hero’s story that I am going to write about is the ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in this story you will see how Bruce Wayne (batman) will come from being known as a villain in Gotham city to be coming the city’s biggest hero they ever had. In the last move of the Dark knight Bruce Wayne defeated the joker but lost what he though was most important to him his love Rachel, Bruane Wayne (Batman) took the fall for Harvey Dent murder so that the city would have an icon and...
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  • Jekyll and Hyde Newspaper Article
    Last night London was startled by a crime of incredible ferocity and rendered all the more notable by the high position of the victim. Sir Danvers Carew, a MP, was murdered not far from the Thames River on the alleyway close to the Billy Goat Tavern. This happened at around eleven until two in the night. He was clubbed to death with a heavy cane. There is no apparent motive for Sir Carew’s murder. An eyewitness is the maidservant, which sustains to have seen the whole scene from her...
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  • Batman Film Anaylsis - 1071 Words
    Jessica Jackson Film Review (Batman) 13 November 2012 Batman rated PG-13, released in 1989 was directed by Tim Burton and stars Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jack Nicholson as Jack/The Joker, and Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale. The movie’s dark theme and so-so effects and stunt left me less than impressed. Throughout this summary, I’ll go over the plot, key character roles, and film techniques. Although I did not particularly enjoy the film, I’ll leave my opinions until the end....
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  • Portrail of Mr Hyde - 480 Words
    PORTRAIL OF HYDE Stevenson makes sure the reader knows what a disturbed character Hyde is. He does this by using some horrific phrases in which to describe Hyde’s appearance and actions. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was written in the 19th century. Around this time there were a lot of scientific advances. At the time people where still thinking about the book by Darwin, ‘’Origin of Species’’. This said that humans had originally come from apes. Stevenson portrays Hyde’s character is through his...
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  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde- Renunciation of a Deviant
    Introduction Considering the fact that literature is a creative style of language for the cause of conveying certain content and the content´s correspondence is to be found in creative means, I will approach the idea of what constitutes the appeal of good literature in Robert Louis Stevenson´s “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. Since the beginnings of literature the concept of the Doppelganger greatly works as means of following up questions of the self-discovery, the individuality as well as the...
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  • Good vs Evil Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    The world as we know it is constantly moving and changing; events occur that can affect people’s lives even if they are thousands of miles away. Whether or not these happenings are good or evil can shape one’s mindset and outlook on the actions they take themselves. Both have distinct strengths and weaknesses; however, the real question one must ask is which side of the spectrum is more capable of influencing humanity. In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde written by Robert Louis Stevenson, a wealthy...
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  • The Carew Murder Case - 410 Words
    London Evening Post Vol. XVII No. CCIIX OCTOBER 31, 1886 ONE PENNY 3643630248285 Killer Loose In London Police Are Investigating The Homicide Of Sir Danvers Carew Early hours this morning, London detectives were called out to the horrific scene of a murder. A maid servant who witnessed the whole event from her bedroom window stated “I went upstairs to bed and I looked out of the window, the lane was brilliantly lit by the full moon. Never had I felt more at peace with all men or thought...
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  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde protrays the culture of the Victorian Era.
    Culture variations around the world bring uniqueness and identification to each individual. Culture is the totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other products of human work and thought, and through history, the Victorian Era has been one of the most influential times in English history. In the book "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" by Robert Louis Stevenson, the author uses images of crime, urban life, and in heritance to portray the culture of the...
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  • Gothic Horror Brainstorming - 601 Words
    Similarities Differences Both have sophisticated language Jekyll and Hyde Is a novella while Medea is a play Both use many language techniques Jekyll and Hyde is horror while Medea is fantasy Both are engaging Jekyll and Hyde is very mysterious and very suspenseful while Medea is very planned out. Both written long ago Jekyll and Mr Hyde ended with the bad guy dying while Medea finishes with the bad person walking away alive. Both contain moral messages Medea has unhappy ending while Dr...
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  • Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: A Synopsis
    Dr Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde The dual title character is a doctor who has covered up a secret life full of cruel deeds. He feels as if he is constantly battling within himself between what is good and what is evil, and is pushing away people dear to him. After drinking a potion of his own creation, Jekyll is transformed into the smaller, younger, cruel, remorseless, evil Edward Hyde, representing the hidden side of Dr Jekyll's nature brought to the fore. Dr Jekyll has many friends and has a...
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  • Charles Darwin to Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    How does Stevenson present duality in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Stevenson presents duality in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in various ways. One of these variations of the duality is among the minor characters, for example Utterson and Enfield. Their similarity is that they are both respectable Victorian gentlemen, that both like to discuss stories but they feel it is gossiping about their friend and say ‘let us make a bargain to never refer to this again’, this shows that they feel that they have...
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  • Doctor Jekyll & Mr Hyde
    Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Coursework Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was written by R.L.S and set in 19th century London. In this book we understand the conflict between the good character Dr Jekyll and the completely evil character Mr Hyde, who compete and fight for control of their shared body. R.L.S came from a time where scientist were unsure whether this could actually happen, but the idea of good and evil extremes are still relevant. The central themes of the novel are violence, human nature and...
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  • Physical Cognitive Dissonance - 653 Words
    Physical Cognitive Dissonance The story begins with two respectable men taking a stroll. One of them, a man named Enfield, relates to his relative, a prosecutor named Utterson, an encounter he had had some months ago with an evil looking man named Hyde. The man had trampled a little girl he ran into on the street. Enfield, along with several people on the street, took an immediate and overpowering dislike of Hyde’s sinister appearance. After the incident, Hyde enters a building and...
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  • The strange case of Dr - 830 Words
    Ani Misirliyan Kathryn Bellows (H) English 2A 24 November 2014 Curiosity Kills the Cat In The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, written by Robert Stevenson, curiosity becomes a prominent issue that leads people into dangerous situations that cannot be escaped. Many characters show curiosity throughout this novella, such as Mr. Utterson. Mr. Utterson obtains a job as a lawyer, which by definition makes him a curious character. He enjoys solving other people's issues, and getting into...
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  • Evolution of Cinema: Cross Media, Transmedia and Intertexuality
    The film industry has continued to evolve in many facets from genre to effects to even the very narrative that inspires films today. While not an entirely new occurrence, films today are more and more inspired by existing material ranging from text, video games, or even previous adaptations, leading to the phrase “reboot”. This new form of narrative has become immensely popular due to the wide reaching media that now accompanies these films releases, creating hype and leading to the cinema...
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  • Film Character Analysis - 1003 Words
    [pic] [pic] [pic] Film Duration: 153 minutes Name: Jane Doe Form: 11K Due Date: 06/08/09 Introduction The purpose of the following report is to critically analyse and deconstruct the character of "the Joker" within the film "the Dark Knight" and discuss the reasoning of why this character was interpreted in such a way. The Joker, played by late Heath Ledger, is a terrifying villain who will stop at nothing to manipulate and corrupt his victims. However it is...
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  • How does Stevenson create mystery and suspense throughout Jekyll and Hyde
    How does Stevenson create mystery and suspense throughout Jekyll and Hyde Stevenson uses many great sentences to try and describe what happens throughout the book. He creates suspense by describing with detail what happens so in the ‘Carew Murder Case’ he wrote that person murdered was ‘notable by the high position’ which the people in the book thing he is murdered then anyone can. It says Mr Hyde had a ‘heavy cane’, which makes us wonder why he has it and what it’s going to be used for. Right...
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  • Why Do Good People Do Bad Things
    Pygmalion Effect: Good People Doing Bad Things “Mother of two kills man who earlier hurt children.” Reports like these are seen every day. These headlines often leave people thinking, “Why do good people sometimes do bad things?” This question has everyone from scientists to citizens wondering. The Pygmalion and Golem effects help answer this. These self-fulfilling prophecies tell why people do certain things to meet the standards of others. When faced with pressure, their reputation on the...
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  • Compare how the monsters in both, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", with that of Merry Shelley's "Frankenstein" are similar and different.
    For this piece of coursework I will be writing and comparing the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, with that of Merry Shelley's Frankenstein. I will be comparing how each monster came about and the relation between thenIntroduction:Victor Frankenstein is a scientist obsessed with trying to create life and stop death, to do this he collects parts of the body from corpses and charnel houses. When he has finally completed his human jigsaw he animates the creature using a powerful lightning...
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  • Art Is so Coll
    Art Wu EWRT 1B 3/24/2013 Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Research Paper Human Nature We have been very familiar with the idea——the dual nature of the human psyche, or split personality, because it has formed the basis of many novels and has been explored in many scientific works. Compared with the coin, it is not difficult to know that everyone has two sides: one is good; one is bad. Well, the book “Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” written by Robert Louis Stevenson, is just...
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