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  • The Train Station - 300 Words
    Travelling by trains is cheap and comfortable compared to buses and planes. So we find a railway station a place of great hustle and bustle. We come across people from different parts of the country, in different fashions and colours in the station. Once I happened to be at the Old Delhi Railway Station to see off my friend. He was going to Kolkata by the Kalka Mail. The waiting hall was fully crowded with passengers. There was a long queue in front of the booking window. Everyone seemed...
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  • orient train station - 308 Words
     Gare do Oriente Structure is one of the most essential elements in the development of an architectural form. There needs to be the right amount of tension, compression, and all of the gravitational forces have to equal to zero. Tension is the act of stretching or the state or degree of being stretched and compression is a force squashing, squeezing, or pressing down on an object. Gravitational force is the force due to gravity. Gare do Oriente or Lisbon Orient Station is one of the world’s...
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  • The Train Station ( Creative Writing )
    It was the cold seemingly endless winter of 1947 in Paris , Latin Quarter. . Sheets of snow put the rest of the district in almost complete obscurity; all but steeples and tall spires were invisible, on such a bleak day as this. The railway station was a vast cavity made to look smaller by the hoards of hagglers, travellers, tourists, natives and locals. Beggar boys being whisked from sight and hidden by wardens with preying eyes and superstition written all over them.The wonderful smell of the...
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  • Transport: Train Station and Passengers
    The Problems of Using Public Transport The public transportation system in Malaysia is well-developed. Train, bus, light rail transit are public transport that used by a lots of people. Public transport brings advantages to the public. It provides accessible transport for the people who need it. Besides, it helps in reducing the air pollution too. Although public transport us benefits but there is some problem in public transportation. The main problems are unpunctuality of the public...
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  • Train Station Passenger Flow Study
    Proceedings of the 2000 Winter Simulation Conference J. A . Joines, R. R. Barton, K. Kang, and P. A. Fishwick, eds. TRAIN STATION PASSENGER FLOW STUDY Janice P. Li Booz-Allen & Hamilton Three Gateway Center, Suite 1625 Newark, NJ 07102, U.S.A. ABSTRACT With the increasing demand for public transportation due to congested highways, trains have become one of the most viable alternatives, especially for daily commuting. While transit agencies are excited with the increasing ridership, they...
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  • Central Station - 955 Words
    Central Station Walter Salles, Central Station is a touching, well made motion picture that has very few flaws. The movie centers around a Brazilian woman named Dora and a little boy, Josué. This is a story of a cynical woman and a little boy's adventure to find his father of whom he has never seen before. Through the film there is a bonding of the two main characters and each of them greatly transforms each other for the rest of their lives. The script of this movie has a compelling...
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  • Train Delays - 346 Words
    Train delays Abstract: We have all at one point experienced a time when the train was delayed. Living next to the train station gave me an opportunity and advantage to collect data in a short period. Over five days I was able to collect the number of times the train was late going eastbound and vice versa. I was able to conclude that average time for trains going westbound was greater than eastbound. In the future I would like to consider the time it was delayed due to the snow because...
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  • A Journey By Train - 461 Words
    A Journey By Train(Monday) Life is a continuous journey. Journey is a source of pleasure. Some journeys are short and some long. They are sweet and pleasant. A journey by train is an interesting experience. During the last winter/ summer vacation, I went to Puri with my family members. We reached Howrah Station at about 7 p.m. to catch the Jagannath Express. A railway platform is a world in itself. At the platform, there was a big crowd. Groups of people, sitting around with their belongings,...
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  • railway station - 998 Words
    Great white pillars guard the entrance to the railway which hold hand crafted iron gates, that have been there since the place has been built, now rusting under the attack from rain. Chaotic noises fill the inside: the quick paced footsteps of travelers searching for their train or train times and the frantic voice of the tannoy alerting people where to go. Ammoungst the myriad of confused people, there stands a frail old lady, her hair a delecate grey colour like when, on a cloudless...
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  • A Railway Station - 303 Words
    Rabindranath has said in one of his later poems that the railway icon show that this our world is the handiwork of a painter, not that of a blacksmith or artisan. A railway station is one of the features of modern civilisation. Here passengers as well as goods and luggages are booked. Every railway station is provided with a time-chart for the arrival and departure of trains. It has its staff or officers including the station-master. The porters help passengers with their luggages. The railway...
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  • Trains in Gb - 734 Words
    TRAVELING BY TRAIN The history of the railway began way back in 1765 when James Watt built the first steam engine, actually it didn’t move and was used in a coal mine, and the first movable locomotive was invented in 1804 and was capable of transporting passengers. However the big name in British railways was George Stephenson who established in 1830 the first railway line between Liverpool and Manchester. From 1920s onwards steam locomotives began to be replaced by diesel and electric...
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  • Missing the Train - 369 Words
    In my story “Missing the train” I used foreshadowing to show that I was late to school by missing the train, to support the fact that whenever you don’t be on time for the first part then you will not be on time for the next part. I was sleeping peacefully under the warm covers until my annoying alarm clock started ringing its annoying tone. I got up and turn off the alarm and that’s when I realized how cold the floor was. I quickly ran to the bathroom when I realized I left the window open last...
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  • nha trang station - 368 Words
    Unfortunately, at the time when the train came at nha trang station, its machinery was damaged. All of passengers on board received notice from the commander of the train is to stay in this city 2 days for them to repair machinery because no train to replace. Staffs at station guided passengers on board to the hotel to rest. Fortunately, I was visited one more a beautiful beach city on my travelling. First day, I woke up early and explored this city on the map. My family decided to travel by...
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  • A Journey by Train: Summary - 463 Words
    The last train journey during the last Durga Puja vacation remains fresh in my mind. The journey remained important for the reason that it was a rare opportunity for me in student life. The half yearly examination was to be held after the holidays as per the notification. The news brought cheer and I eagerly waited for the opportunity to have a trek to Delhi, the capital of India. The prospect of visiting Delhi with my parents filled my heart with joy. I went with other family members from...
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  • night train at deoli - 600 Words
    Night train at Deoli written by Ruskin Bond is a story about infatuation; it’s about those years of our lives. Story about an eighteen year old who goes through surreal experience. A experience he chooses to enjoy and till this day not stop hoping. Ruskin Bond narrates a story about one of his journeys to Dhera as an eighteen year old. He tells us how he spent most of his vacation at his grandmother’s. To get to Dhera he had to pass through a small lonely station, Deoli. This station seems...
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  • Impact of European train - 1688 Words
    Impact of Europe’s Rail Network to the Tourism Industry According to the geographic of Europe Continent, it is very suitable to build the cross-countries rail network. Most of the countries in Europe Continent are in the same land, only Great Britain, Ireland, and Ice land that don’t have any part of their area connect with the main land as they are islands. Europe’s rail network provides both a lot of advantage and disadvantage for the travelers and tourism industry. Advantage 1....
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  • Questionnaire for Customer in Petrol Station
    QUESTIONNAIRE FOR CUSTOMERS We are from Uitm Arau, Perlis and currently are carrying out a research for our project paper regarding petrol station. We would be grateful if you could spare some time to answer a few questions. Name of the Visitor : _____________________________ Date of visit : _____________________________ Sex of the visitor : _____________________________ Age of the visitor : ...
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  • Ningbo Railway Station - 481 Words
    Ningbo Railway Station is located at the prime area in Haishu district , its construction exerts fundamental influences on Ningbo city since it brings multitudes of positive changes to the city and the citizens, including improving the city’s image, boosting the city’s economy and offering the convenience for the passengers. The new Ningbo Station improves the city’s image which acts as the “name card" of this city, its magnificent appearance may become the “window” for nonlocal people to...
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  • Essay on a Railway Train Journey
    Now, on reaching the station the problem of purchasing the tickets seemed to be a difficult one. In order to have an idea of the difficulties of a second class journey, we intended to travel by second class. We found line , two of us stood in the line and it was with great difficulty that ten tickets were purchased. Then we went to the platform and found that the train was above half-an-hour late. We had to wait for the train on the platform. This long wait was very tiresome. I passed the time...
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  • Travelling: Locomotive and Train - 594 Words
    Modern life is impossible without travelling. Thousands of people travel every day either business or for pleasure. They can travel by air, by sea, by train, by road. For some people there is nothing so exciting as traveling, and I'm not an exception. I hate seeing people off, I prefer being seen off myself. Hardly anyone can positively enjoy sitting in a train for more than a few hours. Train compartments soon get cramped and stuffy. During the journey, you can take a nap, but at night when...
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  • Traveling by Bus or Train - 411 Words
    Traveling by Bus or Train First of all, let us see the similarities. The compatibilities for the bus and train are distinguished by their services, in general nearly all people know them by public transportation, and both are community transportation. Having said that, they both have different directions in route the course meant for the bus is called route, while the path for the train is called transit. The next similarity is money. When we are traveling by bus or train, the amount of money...
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  • Travel: Public Transport and Train
     Traveling is a great and inspiring experience. It is at once instructive and interesting. If we travel second class, a railway journey gives us a true picture of India for the majority of its people travel second class. I had a great desire to go to Shimla. Imagine my joy when I received a letter from my cousin to visit him during the summer vacation! My father gladly allowed me to go. It was the sticky month of July. The day at last arrived. Our school was closed for two months. I reached...
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  • Article; Train Fares Essay
    Train fares go off the rails. Are train fares becoming affordable for only the rich? Travel is ridiculously expensive: bus train or taxi, but especially the train. As trains are used by many people for various reasons to travel: to and from work; to and from school; to and from visiting family or holidays. They are used daily, and can be used by anyone any age, to anywhere they need, and this is why trains shouldn't be so expensive. Trains are know as being the quickest,most...
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  • Comparing Trains And Planes As Means Of
    Comparing Trains and Planes as Means of Transportation From the dawn of time, man has followed his urge to travel; sometimes neglecting the enjoyment of the journey in pursuit of the destination. Although two of the favorable means of passenger transportation - the plane and the train - accomplish the task of arriving at a destination, there are distinct differences in their capacity for comfort, time, scenic value, and safety. To entice the weary traveler, accustomed and outraged by the...
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  • Gps Based Train Tracking
    GPS/GSM based train tracking system – utilizing mobile networks to support public transportation. Dileepa Jayakody, Mananu Gunawardana, Nipuna Wicrama Surendra, Dayan Gayasri Jayasekara, Chanaka Upendra, Supervisor, Rangana De Silva Abstract : The paper presents a solution implemented at Sri Lanka, to provide an intelligent train tracking and management system to improve the existing railway transport service. The solution is based on powerful combination of mobile computing, Global System for...
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  • A Scene at the Railway Station - 854 Words
    A Scene at the Railway Station Railway Station is that place from where trains go and come. India has the largest network of railway stations spread through the length and breadth of the country. Most of the big towns and cities are linked with each other and quite a few villages that fall in the way of the rail tracks are connected for movement by rail. A train is the most convenient and affordable mode of travel for the majority of people of the country that is India. When we have to go...
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  • Report on South West Trains' Services
    Summary This report is designed to identify which facilities at the South West Trains’ stations need improvement and how they can be made better for their customers. The report indicates that the quality of most facilities goes down during the Peakˡ time. With facilities/services, overall environment and car parking facility being affected the most bringing down the customer experience by 13%, 10% and 12% respectively in comparison to 2011. Training of the staff and constant monitoring of...
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  • Talk about a slow train journey.
    There is only train plying from X to Y, I had no other choice. The line is a narrow gauge. It passed through farming country and it mainly carried farm produce, although passengers were often using it too. At every station on the way to be loaded and unloaded involving much shunting which took a lot of time. It took nearly four hours for a distance of 60 km. I traveled once by that train. At first I could not believe that a train (in this age) could go so slowly. I had to put up with it. The...
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  • Questionnaire: Railway Station Development Across India
    QUESTIONNAIRE Dear Sir / Madam, this is a research cum investigative study being conducted on railway station development across India to study the changing perspectives of service industry. The study is meant solely for academic research purposes and complete confidentiality will be maintained. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire. Kindly extend your cooperation in filling up this questionnaire. Your participation in this study is completely voluntary. There are...
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  • 19th Century English Architecture of Prisons and Railway Stations
    Essay Topic Topic 15 Introduction * The 19th century heralded the arrival of the Industrial Revolution, which wrought unprecedented socioeconomic and technological changes in England, transforming it into a modern industrial society. This essay examines the impact that these changes have had on the design and construction of two new building types, namely the railway station and prison. * This essay argues that the design and construction of railway stations in England had to be...
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  • Shell Gas Station Kalaw Facilities Analysis
    Canopy: Shell Kalaw’s canapy is well-lighted and its height clearance is high enough to be seen at a distance and accommodate vertical clearance of large vehicles such as cargo trucks. The material used help in the illumination of the station. However, the material used for the canopy is hardiflex. Since the Philippines is within the typhoon belt and is often visited by storms, spandrels, which is a stronger material, may be used. APPROACH: City ordinance sets the distance of the road...
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  • Why Are New York City Subway Trains and Buses so Unsanitary?
    Newspapers, gum on the seat, and the smell of urine. This probably describes your daily public transportation ride to work or school. The subway and buses are most of the time so unsanitary that it’s unbearable. Many times when we are on the train we find ourselves switching the cart we are in, and with all hope, searching for a better one. As it turns out, we are always stuck with the same old dirt. This is a New York City phenomenon. Why should we travel to work surrounded by piles of filth...
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  • Art Gallery - 506 Words
    Leroy Burton Art Gallery Essay In completion of this assignment the art gallery that I chose to visit was Mark Gallery in Englewood New Jersey. When you walk up to the establishment there are floor to ceiling glass windows that allow you to see everything inside. Facing the gallery there were so many colors that enticed you to enter. The arrangements and art work was spaced out nicely not causing clutter. This allowed you to individually take in each piece on by itself. All of the...
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  • NYC in Transit - 1209 Words
    Han Sung Kim Madison Priest New York City Transit System Ever since high school, my one and only dream is to become a professional dancer. I practiced hours every day after coming home from school, and it is without a doubt my strongest passion. It was not until my senior year however, until I realized how improbable my chances were of succeeding as a dancer due to the competitive nature of it. With this in mind, I finished my academic career in high school on a strong note, which was...
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  • Symbolism in "Hills Like White Elephants"
    Symbolism in "Hills Like White Elephants" What is symbolism and what is the use of it? Is it simply created to confuse the reader or is it dedicated to make the reader think about the meaning of the story? What is the symbol? Is it a person, object, or event? Those are the questions we should ask ourselves before we start reading a short story "Hills Like White Elephants," written by Ernest Hemingway. "Hills Like White Elephants" is a perfect example of a wide use of literary symbols...
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  • Listening Experience - 579 Words
    Rachel Acrich MUSIC 3 Mike Crain 9/9/10 Listening Experience 0. 1. I chose to sit in a train station so I chose the sound of the wheels of the train. The sound of the wheels of the trains running over the tracks is a very steady rhythm. It is constant and calming in its certainty. After sitting for a while, it is a sound that fades into the background if I do not focus on it. This is surprising because it is such a loud, dominant sound. 0. 2. My sound is heard fairly...
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  • Public Transport - 382 Words
    Public Transport People use public transportation for a mixture of reasons. Some take public transportation because it gives them back the time that they were once spending. They use the commute time to work or engage in a favorite hobby. Others use public transportation to save on the costs of fuel and car maintenance associated with private transportation. Despite these and other benefits enjoyed by those who use their city's public transportation system, there are a number of disadvantages...
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  • the lunch date - 1215 Words
     Afraid or Made to Look Prejudice Sarah Schwartz Baker College Comp 101 Afraid or Made to Look Prejudice “The Lunch Date”, written and directed by Adam Davidson in 1989, is a short film based on an older woman whose main goal is to catch a train. As she goes through the train station she has a series of encounters with black men (homeless and not homeless) to which she seems prejudice towards. But, she could in fact be afraid because they are strangers and/or homeless. A...
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  • The Brown Wasps - 1070 Words
    The Brown Wasps In Loren Eiseley's Essay The Brown Wasps, Eiseley shows that humans and animals act in similar ways. He says that humans and animals cling to the things they know very strongly. Sometimes they even act as if nothing even changed. Humans and animals tend to want to return to things that they are familiar to as they grow older. Loren Eiseley shows how humans and animals try to cling or recreate an important or favorite place. This essay is about memory, home, places in...
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  • Weekend Market Descriptive Essay Exercise Answers
    Introduction: include attention getter & explain why this place is important/ interesting Paragraph 2 Describe the location and/or the parts of this place Paragraph 3 Describe the activities & what happens here Paragraph 4 Describe the sensory details: sights, smells, tastes, sounds etc. Conclusion Summarize why this place is important or why you like it The Weekend Market Many tourists I have met have told me that one place they have to go is the weekend market. This market is...
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  • Public Transit vs Private Car
    English A July 12, 2011 Public Transit vs Private Car What are some of the differences between public transit and private car? One person doing a everyday commute between his/her job and home can pick one of the two options and both of them will get a person from A to B during a daytime commute. A person will have to look at the cost of having a car versus the cost of taking public transportation. Then a person will have to look at how much time he/she spends traveling between the two points...
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  • Lakanka - 1669 Words
    Section 1- Introduction The growth or traffic management can be a major challenge for many urban areas including Barking and also in other parts of the world. As we demand greater mobility and accessibility the number of cars have significantly increased mainly in urban areas, as has the problem of traffic congestion, along with creating other problems including noise and air pollution. This has become such a major problem that council including the Barking council have introduced a range of...
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  • English Lit - Descriptive Writing
    Describe the scene at a train station It is 8 o’clock in the morning at Liverpool train station, the busiest hour throughout the whole day, it’s also known as the rush hour. Trains of all imaginable colours gradually draw to a halt, causing a slightly burned smell from the brakes. As the automatic doors fly open, continuous flows start of people shoving and pushing, rushing to get off into the already crowded station. The noise of the tannoy is hidden beneath the murmur of the crowds of...
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  • Freedom Riders - 882 Words
    Freedom Riders Becky Delp HIS 145 July 9, 2013 John Dreier, PhD Freedom Riders (, 2013) Dear Diary, May 1961 The Freedom Riders was supposed to be a nonviolent ride for African Americans and White Americans from Washington to New Orleans. It all started with a group of students working with the Congress of Racial Equality they called themselves the Freedom Riders (Brinkley, 2012). The Freedom Riders signed up in May 1961, on a Greyhound bus, and a Trailways bus,...
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  • Terrorism and Transportation - 868 Words
    Terrorism Involving Transportation Systems Alec Proctor Instructor: Johnny Gandy School: Tidewater Community College Abstract Around the world there are over 50,000 flights per day by plane, and over 78,000 passengers on trains in the U.S. Trains stations, Airports, and Bus stations are the most vulnerable, and also a magnet for terrorist attacks because of low budget for security and public awareness. Around the world, there have been terrorist attacks that have made the...
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  • Shenzhen Subway - 705 Words
    Subway Riding In Shenzhen Twenty months ago, I left New Jersey, America, and came to a new city named Shenzhen. When I came here at first, I wasn’t sure what Shenzhen would be like, and if I would like it. I started to fall in love with Shenzhen when I first rode the Shenzhen subway. I have to admit that subway riding in New York was definitely not on my favorite list. In New Jersey, there was no subway. However I remember that when I went to my mother’s office in New York City, we would...
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  • Protective Service Officer Speech
    You are probably aware that train station offences in Victoria increased by 27.4% from 2010 to 2011. Rising to a total of 5078 incidents through the year. Victoria police’s most recent crime statistics have revealed horrible issues, forming a greater sense of fear for commuters. Despite the critics, I am here today to explain to you, representatives of the media, that Protective Service Officers are the answer in conjunction with improve infrastructure. Therefore I am suggesting that we need a...
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    THE FIRST DRAFT – MAROUBRA AND KOGARAH Sydney is the most famous and ancient city of Austrailia, other name is the habour city and nearby Sydney, Maroubra and Kogarah are ancient and beautiful suburbs. Marouba located in the south-east of the center business district, where we can visit the Maroubra Bay. From Sydney to the south, Kogarah has the combination of commercial areas, schools as well as health care services. There are some similarities and differences in population for both suburbs....
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  • The Railway Children - 510 Words
    rChap 1: The Beginning of things The Railway Children Answer the following questions 1. What did Peter get as his birthday present? 2. How did Father treat the children? 3. What was Father doing when the two gentlemen arrived? 4. Who left their family after their father went away? 5. What did Mother make the children promise to her? 6. Where did the three children and their mother move to after leaving London? 7. What did the children bring...
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  • Liège SWOT ANALYSIS - 297 Words
     Céline Creppe SWOT ANALYSIS OF LIEGE –BELGIUM Liège is located in the East part of Belgium, in Wallonia where the language is French. It is not far from borders with Germany and with Netherlands. The area is over 69.39 km2 and the population is about 195,576, which means a density of 2,800 inhabitants/km2. Swot analysis: Strengths Weaknesses Old historical city, Palais des Congrès (for business meeting), squares like “jardin botannique”, “parc de la...
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  • Bahasa Korea - 566 Words
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  • Public Transoort - 444 Words
    The Disadvantages of Public Transportation Written by Misty Barton • • • • Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images People opt to use public transportation for a variety of reasons. Some take public transportation because it gives them back the time that they were once spending driving. They use the commute time to work or engage in a favourite hobby. Others use public transportation to save on the costs of fuel and car maintenance associated with private transportation. Despite...
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  • Hills Like White Elephants Analysis
    "The Hills Like White Elephants" by Ernest Hemingway is a short story about an American man and a girl named Jig. In the story the two are sitting in a rail station waiting for the train to Madrid. While they are waiting, they have an intense, ongoing discussion over whether or not Jig will get an abortion. At the end of the story, the train is about to arrive and the man carries the baggage to the tracks as they prepare to depart. The ending of the story leaves unclear the outcome of her...
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  • Movie Project - 281 Words
    MOVIE PRESENTATION PROJECT Presentation length: ~ 7min Tim preparing: 3 hours The name’s movie : HACHIKO – A DOG’S STORY Scene: 59:00 – 1:02:15 A. VOCABULARY: To rescue: to save someone or something from a situation of danger. Statue: an image of a person or animal that is made in solid material such as stone or metal. Loyalty: a feeling of support for someone or something. Gratefulness: a feeling that you want to thank someone. Be provoking someone emotions. B. PRESENTATION...
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  • Gulp and Gasp - 818 Words
    Introduction John Townsend A writer of over 100 children books, many of which are non-fiction covering diverse subjects. Gulp and Gasp is one of twelve "Classic Spirals", from the established series for reluctant readers. Relationship between Characters Greedy, cruel, wanted to lay a hand on Gatsby Gold Lord Septic An orphan found at New Station left with the NSL key, Lady Gatsby’s son Percy Gatsby Gold Lady Gatsby’s dead husband’s treasure, hidden in New Station’s...
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  • Railway Route Optimization System
    ssvegsrgr PROJECT DEFINITION / SPECIFICATION (EXHIBIT A) Railway Route Optimization System A TECHNOLOGY PLAIN DOCUMENT PROJECT DEFINITION AND SPECIFICATION…………….………………3 SECTION 1: SPECIFICATION DATE...….……………..……………….…………………………..….3 SECTION 2: CLIENT...............…..............................…………….......…...............…………….…...3 SECTION 3: PROJECT...
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  • Algebraic expressions - 610 Words
    A L G E B R A spells algebra. Duh. ffffffffffffffffffhjhdfjj djjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjfg ffjddddddfffffffdssslkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk fdjskkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk fdsjzkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffjffghhhhhhhh- hhh hf dvvvvvdgv dfgvvvvvhhgdjzzjgfzg fzjgfgdfkgjzf jfkjgkfjgkjgfgjfkg fg.zfgjkjgfkgjf;gjgjfkgjfgjfjg fkdgkfjgfgeuryfidfhfkjfpdfourtigf idsrfheutfgudfgufyusfyhuihfdgjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj-...
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  • Atrh 201 Week 1 Screening Notes
    ARTH 204: Week 1: Screening Notes Directions: Select and view a film from the following list [all available through Netflix Instant View]: Hugo (2011) Answer the following questions about the film and return to your instructor through private message. 1. How does this film adhere to an order? What are some narrative and stylistic elements that influence this order? The film begins with the situation of a little boy named Hugo that lost his father to a fire in the museum that he...
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  • Hard Work - 842 Words
    Palampur was a small village near Shimla. People of this village were ordinary workers and earned very little for their livelihood. There was a railway station near the village, where a small market developed in due course of time. Ramlal was a poorlabourer of this village and used to work in the market on daily wages. This was the only source of income for Ramlal and he had many liabilities to carry – children's education, food, clothes, etc. He had four children, but Bhola was the most...
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  • english literature - 281 Words
     {“Berry”}Literature question berry” 1. What was the issue that Mrs. Osborn was having with Berry, regarding his accommodations? 2. Where was Berry eventually employed? 3. What was the rumour about Mrs. Osborn's feelings towards Dr. Renfield? 4. What position did Mr. Osborn hold at the establishment? 5. Recount the discussion between Mrs. Osborn and Dr. Renfield about Berry. What decisions were made? 6. List the tasks that Berry was assigned. What was his view on the number of...
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  • Food Cart - 301 Words
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  • Symbolism in Hills Like White Elephants
    Hills Like White Elephants Ernest Hemingway’s story, “Hills Like White Elephants,” has plenty of symbolism throughout the story. Symbolisms are physical things that are important and stands for something else. In this story, the symbols are the hills, white elephants, railroad tracks, and the felt pads. Hemingway uses these symbols to produce the theme of the story. The theme is about how change will bring happiness for Jig by having the baby while the man doesn’t see what the future holds...
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  • hills like white elephants
    Hills like White Elephants: By Earnest Hemingway Reviewed By: Anh Nguyen The short story “The Hills like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway take place at a train station. There is an intense conversation between an American man and a girl he call Jig. The discussion is over whether or not Jig should have an abortion while they wait to catch a train to Madrid where the procedure would take place. Hemingway uses Jig’s abortion dilemma in comparison to three components; the hills, the...
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  • Life Is a Continuous Journey
    Life is a continuous journey. Some journeys are short and some long. Some journeys are sweet and pleasant while some are sour. Some journeys are too memorable to be erased by the sands of time. I had one such experience. The memory of this journey continues to flicker, on and on, in my mind even after several years. We reached on 9th Dec., as our train reservation was for the following day by North- East Express. We reached the station early in the morning, the next day and boarded the train....
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  • Sociology of Technology; Disasters - 1024 Words
    Natural Disasters & Technology Hurricane Sandy affected us all in some sort of way. Whether it affected us in not being able to take our morning walk, or not being able to get to work. Whichever way that may have been, Sandy took us on for a rollercoaster ride for a couple of days. I remember waking up to emails, voicemails, and text messages from the Stony Brook Emergency Operations Center Emergency Alerts, stating that there was no school each and every day. With Sandy in place, we can...
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  • Hills Like White Elephants
    Fiction Essay “Hills like White Elephants” is a short story by Ernest Hemingway. The author starts the story by describing the setting to allow the reader to have a clear picture in their mind of what things look like. There are two main characters in this story and Hemingway only describes them as the girl and the American man, and they go through life living in the moment. It takes place in Spain at a train station. He describes the train station as, “there was no shade and no trees and the...
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  • 9 Essential English Pronunciation in the Vietnamese Context Tran Thi Lan, PhD. Senior Lecturer, Hanoi University of Foreign Studies
    B What to do on arrival at Frankfurt Airport: In case you are flying in to Frankfurt, you need to catch your train to Göttingen directly from the Fernbahnhof [long-distance train station, opposite Terminal 1] of the airport, so follow signs to it. [Note Frankfurt airport also has a Regional train station Regionalbahnhof so make sure you get to the right one]. In case you arrive in Terminal 2 you will have to first get to Terminal 1 [via Sky line or by a free coach service] where the trains...
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  • Describe a Film About the Real Event That You Have Watched
    Describe a film about a real person or event that you have watched I’v decided to talk about the movie called Hachi which is based on a true story happened in Japan,about a guy named Paker and his dog Hachi. I watched it before i had started university, actually a while ago. However i still remember it pretty well, because it left a really deep depression on me, as i’ll explain that latter. First, as for the story of the film, the storyline basically centered around a professor who,...
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  • Getting a Low GPA This Semester
    Used this to get membership The purpose of this letter is to show cause why my enrolment should not be cancelled. Due to my abysmal performance on one of my courses, I received a rather disappointingly low GPA this semester. Another issue I did not consider was the fact that I received a warning on my last semester (which dates back to 2009), it completely slipped my mind and I made the grave error of assuming that the slate will be wiped clean this semester. Nevertheless I am not making any...
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  • A Fine Balance Plot Summary
    This story takes place in an unnamed coastal city in India during 1975-1984. This novel is told in third person and is about a chain of circumstances that tosses four very different people together into one small apartment. A college student, Maneck Kohlah, rents a room in the apartment of Dina Dalal, a widowed seamstress in her forties. Dina also has two additional boarders; Ishvar Darji and his nephew Omprakash; tailors fleeing low-caste origins. They do not get along but as a series of...
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  • Governtment Money Essay - 404 Words
    In each country, government plays important role in developing their lands by improving the roads, the local transports, and the school and so on. To do so government has to spend billions of dollars on each project. In my view I think that government should spend as much as money on the basic requirement on the earth rather than spending lot of money on the outer space. First, by increasing the local transport will improve the economics of the country. Second, by reconsidering the old bridge is...
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  • Pretty Girl - Short Story
    Pretty Girl Austin Grader Year 11 2A/B English “Come on Son, we’re going to Grandma’s now.” Called the voice of my mother from the bottom of the stairs. “Okay I’m just putting my shoe on,” I replied. I loved going to my Great Grandma’s home, especially in the winter because she would always wrap me in a blanket, sit me on her lap and tell me stories about when she was younger. She had a very large and lovely home, the house was filled with old photographs, and paintings that my Great...
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  • Traveling - 542 Words
    Travelling Every day hundreds of people travel from one place to another. They travel to work, to school, or on business. Many people travel for pleasure and traveling has recently become one of the most popular hobbies. Traveling is also an interesting way of spending holidays. In every season of the year the airports, railway stations, seaports, and bus stops are full of people traveling for long or short distances. PLANE When...
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  • The Railway Children - 292 Words
    The Railway Children Sinopsys Roberta ( also known as Bobbie), Peter and Phyllis live in a comfortable home in London with a wonderful mother and father as well as a maid. One day their father leaves home with two men. He is actually taken away to prison but the children do not know this at first. When he leaves and does not come back, they have to move to a poor cottage in the country (rural area) near a railway station. The children become familiar with the passing trains, the workers at...
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  • My Short Story Essay
    Fridays and Saturdays were my least favourite days of the week. The Friday morning always started out well but then it got worse throughout the day. By lunchtime, I usually had enough homework to last me another week! That wasn’t the worst part though. At the end of the day, I had to walk to the train station, catch the 5:05 train to Castle Hill and get the bus to my employer’s house. I stayed there until the next night, enduring an earful of screaming and wailing, struggling to get the little...
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  • toefl essay - 519 Words
    Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: The government should spend money helping more people access the Internet instead of improving public transportation. In the past five decades, we came trough through the age of electricity electricity and stepped into the era of information; nowadays, internet fills in every corner of our daily lives. While everybody are crazy for this remarkable innovation and ask for the government to finance into the IT industry, I still hold the...
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  • Delhi and Railway Journey - 338 Words
    A railway journey is always an interesting experience. I have travelled by train many times. But this time's Railway journey was the most memorable one. Last Sunday, I went to Lucknow by train with my friends. We hired a scooter and reached the New Delhi Railway Station. There was a long queue before the ticket windows. The people were waiting for their turn to buy the tickets. My friend brought the tickets. Then we went inside. After fifteen minutes the train came from the yard. Some people...
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  • Essay Writing Public Transport
    Essay Writing Question 1: The rising levels of congestion and air pollution found in most of the world cities is due to the rapidly increasing number of private cars in use. Do you think the use of public transport can encourage people to use their car less? Discuss possible ways to encourage public to use the public transport. Answer 1: Air pollution is one of the contribution factors to the increments of various disease to the country. One of the major contributor to the pollution is the...
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  • The Importance of Having an Identity - 276 Words
    Henry Lawson’s poem Second Class Wait Here (Second Class) shows that when an identity is forced upon an individual (an outcome of class labelling) they may struggle to feel a positive sense of belonging. Gordon Bennett’s three-panel canvas artwork Triptych: Requiem, Of Grandeur, Empire (Triptych) exemplifies how strongly accepting one’s identity under difficultcircumstances leads to a deep and enriching sense of belonging that may extend out to others. Through the shepherd Corin, Shakespeare...
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  • Belonging Narrative - 1110 Words
    Belonging/ not belonging Narrative Hard times/ difficulty and starvation was what this family had been suffering almost their entire life. This was due to the fact that job opportunities were almost flat and not enough money was available to meet the demands of this typical house. Although war wasn’t going on in the home country but most of the country’s population lived in a low standard house where there wasn’t even clean water available to the residents and crimes being committed was on the...
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  • The Invention of Hugo Cabret: the Comparing and Contrasting of the Movie and Book
    In this amazing and breath taking film about an orphan boy who goes through a series of problems that occur and creates a life changing adventure of Hugo(orphan) and Isabelle, the adopted child of a toy maker, join them as they go through a series of event .they will uncover secrets that shouldn’t have never have been discovered. Hugo has many traits in this novel that he shares with in this motion picture the following will be a couple of examples. He is the main character and is the...
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  • The Chrysalids - 791 Words
    Trash by Andy Mulligan - Book Report Characters The main characters in the book “Trash” by Andy Mulligan are introduced as Raphael Fernandez and Gardo. Gardo was born six hours ahead of Raphael. Even though they are not brothers, Gardo looks out for Raphael. He is more built with muscle while Raphael on the other hand, is skinnier and smaller. They support each other’s decisions and are there for each through thick and thin. Both their personalities are filled with courage and...
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  • Color of Water Analysis - 804 Words
    Three Step Literary Analysis The book, Color of Water, is written by James McBride and it is the story of his life and his mother’s. The book is more like two intertwining books than just a single book. It switches between two points of views, Ruth McBride and her son James McBride. In Ruth’s chapters, she chronicles out her life story beginning with her migrating to the United States when she was two years old. At a young age, Ruth’s life is filled with hardship. Her father did not love...
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  • English Descriptive Writing - 1743 Words
     Descriptive writing – Train I walked up to the main entrance from the usual route I took every morning. The walls of the Train Station were panelled with clean cut glass there was no brick to be seen only large panels of glass and the occasional clean cut white glossed plates perfectly aligned with one another and reflecting the early morning sun. The building was contemporary; full of sharp edges, corners and vertical lines cutting through the city vista. As clean and neat as the building...
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  • Problems Caused by the Golden Week
    As is known to everyone, the National Day holiday endows people with a lot of benefits, such as relaxing ourselves, expanding our outlook, as well as reuniting with our families; but it also brings about some problems which cannot be ignored. On one hand, during the seven-day holiday, innumerable traveling expeditions are flocking to the bus stations, train stations and airports, causing tedious traffic jams and thus adding some undesirable matters to the should-be-gleeful trip. Too heavy...
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  • Project - 1003 Words
     Table of Contents Background information …………………………………………… 3 Problem Statement …………………………………………… 3 Objectives …………………………………………….... 4 Justification …………………………………………… 4 Scope …………………………………………… 5 Risks and Mitigation ……………………………………………… 5 Budget ……………………………………………… 5 Expected Duration …………………………………………… 6 References ……………………………………………… 6 Project Name: Online Railway Reservations Background Information The railway corporation has its headquarters at the...
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  • Film Analysis of Deepa Metha's Water.
    In the beginning scene of Deepa Mehta’s film Water, the film begins with a long shot across the brightly sunlit lake that is littered with green leaves and sparkling water. The scene shows rolling fields of green grass. The greenery and colour in the scene illustrates life and happiness in a positive way. Chuyia is dressed in red clothing and is adorned in golden jewellery. The jewellery is a symbol suggesting that she is from a fairly affluent family. The music grows and intensifies as the...
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  • Bottleneck - 353 Words
    Bottlenecks or fail points Daily Issues Peak hour or busy stations crowded (Gap 5: expected service  perceived service) Allow stay in paid area for 2 hours cause crowded, e.g. MongKok station (Gap 2: not having the right standards, Gap 5: expected service  perceived service) Random Issues Not providing preferential fares (Gap 3: design  service delivery Outsourcing customer service center service may cause service standard fall (Gap 2: not having the right service designs and...
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  • Amelie- the Movie Analysis
    The movie Amelie, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, uses mise-en scene which in French means “having a good frame”. This is unmistakably obvious right through Amelie. In the introduction there is a breath taking shot of her skipping stones, her favorite thing to do. While standing on a bridge, the shot revolves around her. The director refers back to the theme of skipping rocks in and out of various scenes. Everywhere Amelie goes she picks rocks up and places them in her pocket, to skip later. In...
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  • If Dory Had Gone Against Maria's Wishes and Told Emma About "The Lady at the Trainstation" Would It Have Affected the Outcome of the Story?
    If Dory had gone against Maria’s wishes and told Emma about “the lady at the train station”, would that have made a difference to her relationship to her husband and changed the outcome of the story? Discuss the preceeding question by making references to the story. In the short story’ Emma’, Dorian, the narrator learns through her best friend, Maria, that Jack, her father, is frequenting a “lady at the train station”. Maria makes Dory promise not to tell Emma about the lady, for fear of...
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  • Railroad essay - 410 Words
    At approximately 7:50 p.m., bells at the train station rang and red lights flashed, signaling an express train’s approach. David Harris walked onto the tracks, ignoring a yellow line painted on the platform instructing people to stand back. Two men shouted to Harris, warning him to get off the tracks. The train’s engineer saw him too late to stop the train, which was traveling at approximately 66 mph. The train struck and killed Harris as it passed through the station. Harris’s widow sued...
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  • Governments Should Spend Money on Improving Public Transportation
    Public Transport Letting someone else concentrate on the driving means individuals can work or rest en-route and arrive fresher and better prepared. In this section, find out more about the benefits of using public transport and how to encourage greater use of buses and trains. Scotland's Public Transport network Scotland's public transport network is improving all the time, with dedicated bus lanes, express intercity bus services and new and improved rail services offering fast, reliable...
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  • Public Transportation - 676 Words
    Compare and contrast essay Using public transportation vs. driving your own car What kind of transport do you think is the most appropriate for you? Nowadays, people seem to be always in a hurry, just enough to be part of the unbearable traffic every morning in Lima, to realize this. There are two elements that are accurate to mention before establishing a comparison in terms of means used, time and money. As I could see, these days people prefer using their own cars instead of public...
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  • Traffic jam - 395 Words
    1/Cause of traffic jam Cities like Hanoi have all had to deal with thousands of cars running through their streets each day. Traffic congestion is a big problem for everyone within the city. The main reasons why traffic congestion occurs are more cars, poor road management, and poor practices on behalf of employers. One of the main reasons why there’s more congestion is due to more cars on the road. The adult population is increasing and therefore more people want their own personal...
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  • Traffic Conditions - 316 Words
    Transport situation (p. 116) Nowadays hundreds of people travel from one place to another. They travel (commute) to work, to school, or go on business trips. Many people travel for pleasure because traveling has recently become one of the most popular hobbies. In every season the airports, railway stations, seaports, and bus stops are full of people traveling for long or short distances. Nevertheless travelling has the wrong side which contains high prices, polluting, laying low and...
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  • Situation Reaction Test - 1400 Words
    INSTRUCTION 1. You will be given an illustration set followed by practice set. 2. Fill up tour particulars in the answer sheet provided to you. 3. This is again a test of imagination { Idea writing test } most commonly known as SRT. 4. You have to write your answers in page No. 10, 11, 12 and 13 of your answer sheet. 5. Write your answer in English / Hindi in space provided in your answer sheet. 6. Do not turn over the page until you are told to do so. 7. In this test a number of...
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  • Summary of Hemingway's "The Hills Like White Elephants"
    Module 1 Response Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” is set in the Spanish country side. The opening scene introduces our two main characters, the American man, and “Jig”, as the girl will become known. The two are at a bar waiting for a train. The two are obviously a couple, and have been traveling together, for what has been an obvious period of time. The American does most of the talking, and like most Hemingway male characters, is domineering. The girl remarks that the “hills...
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  • Private Transport Versus Public
    Public Transportation Versus Private There are some people that prefer to use private transportation when getting around, others prefer using the public, which one is better? In this following essay I will bring up three arguments of the other side and rebut them with my opinion. The arguments are as follows: using private transportation is convenient, unlimited and environmental. First, I will argue the convenience issue. What it more convenient than waking up in the morning,...
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  • Business Decision Making - 1424 Words
    Coursework 1 BA 5001 Business Decision Making This coursework is due in by Friday of week 13 [ 11th January 2013] The coursework is in 2 parts: 1. Analysing the results of the Travel Newton & Oldingham survey 2. Modelling Record Sales This coursework contributes 30% of the total marks for the module; 20% for part 1 and 10% for part 2. Part 1. Analysing the results of the Travel Newton & Oldingham survey Background Travel Newtown & Oldingham is a...
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  • Hotel Competitors - 576 Words
    Top Three Competitors. When looking for competitors of hotels, there are many different things to consider, like price, amenities, the history of the hotel, star rating, and more. I mainly focused on price amenities and the history of the hotels. To start The Grand Hotel was the cheapest of the all the hotels which is nice if you are trying to save a few dollars but still stay in a very nice place. The Grand Hotel was anywhere from 130-190 a night. The Depot was the second cheapest at a price...
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