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  • The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
    Question: Part A: Analyze the social and historical context of a particular poem Poem: T. S. Eliot, ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock The context of any given text whether poetry, novels or a movie is always integral to its understanding. Social and historical context of not only the given text, but the writer’s context and reader’s context play an important role in the interpretation and understanding of the major ideas, issues, values and beliefs within the text. T.S (Thomas Stearns)...
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  • The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
    Prufrock Paralysis The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, written by T.S. Eliot, is a truly depressing poem. The poem concerns with a character (Prufrock) that can see and understand the values in life – love, joy, companionship, and courageousness – but is unable to act on his longings. The poem shows constant struggles of Prufrock’s uselessness. The worst part about his uselessness is that he is conscious of it. T.S. Eliot uses the theme of Paralysis, the incapacity to act, throughout the...
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  • The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
    In The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, T.S. Elliot employs both pessimistic and mundane descriptions to portray the feeling of alienation and dysfunction facing many city dwellers at the beginning of the twentieth century. This style of writing was in direct opposition to the optimism and happy outlook popular to the previous Victorian Era. Modernism and the development of a city culture brought with it feelings of losing ones self, and many writers began to question the previous ideas of a...
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  • The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock
    T. S. Eliot uses irony and symbolism to capture the reader's attention in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. The poem has a dramatic discourse. The percipience of life's emptiness is the main theme of the poem. Eliot exhorts the spiritual decomposition by exploring a type of life in death. T. S. Eliot, who in the Clark Lectures notes, "Real Irony is an expression of suffering"(Lobb, 53), uses irony and symbolism throughout the poem to exemplify the suffering of J. Alfred Prufrock who...
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  • Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock
    In "The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock," by T.S. Elliot, the speaker is Prufrock himself. He is debating with the two conflicting sides of his personality. One wants him to propose love, the other wants him to hold back. The setting is most likely in the early 1920s or so, taking into consideration the afternoon tea, the shawls the ladies wear, and "the skirts that trail along the floor"(102). The situation is fairly straightforward in some respects. Alfred Prufrock is on his way to a tea in the...
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  • The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock
    Prufrock Essay In T.S. Eliot’s poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, Prufrock who is the narrator speaks with an unconfident tone towards finding love. Throughout the poem Prufrock has an unmotivated attitude in which he is regretful about being insecure with himself, especially, in front of women. The reader may notice that Prufrock is very self conscious of himself when he is in the presence of a woman. He also has no drive or motivation to go after them. Prufrock’s lack of confidence...
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  • The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
    Passive Lovers T. S. Eliot was the dominant force in twentieth-century British and American poetry. With poems such as The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, he introduced an edgy, disenchanted, utterly contemporary version of French Symbolism to the English-speaking world. Most poets recognize that in producing a sensational poetic work, many concerns arise with the use of various literary tools to convey ideas, opinions or simply an observation. Through vivid imagery and metaphors, TS Elliot...
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  • The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock
    “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” T.S. Eliot's “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, is a dramatic monologue in which the speaker recalls his insecurities in dealing with the opposite sex and the choices he made in general in his life. He wonders if he should have done things differently. Prufrock starts in a city-scape “Like a patient etherised upon a table;/ Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets” and ends on a beach “I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the...
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  • The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
    "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" By T.S Eliot Who among us has not been to a social event or in a situation where they have felt uncomfortable or self conscience, perhaps at family events or at a party where the you are unfamiliar with the guest or even the host . However for some people this problem goes far beyond social events and seeps into daily life taking away happiness before it is even gained. In T.S. Eliot's poem "The Love Song of Alfred Prufrock" the persona is so...
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  • The Love Songs of J. Alfred Prufrock Themes
    Tracing ‘The Uncanny in Eliot’s ‘The Love Song Of J.Alfred Prufrock’ Freud’s theory of ‘The Uncanny’ reveals much about his understanding of human beings who take form of either repressed beliefs or desires brought up from the unconscious into the conscious mind. Thus is very much related to the poem written by T.S.Eliot’s ‘The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock’, which highlights a vision on society that represents the familiar and the unfamiliar. Freud defines the uncanny as, “that species of...
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  • The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock by T.S. Eliot
    “The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock” is a poem written by T.S. Eliot, who introduces to the readers an overwhelming question, which pertains to whether the main character, Alfred Prufrock, should overcome his indecisiveness and fear or continue in his comfortable and dull existence. Prufrock is not happy with the decisions he has made in life, and that fact is very clear, as he tortures himself with internal conflict throughout the poem. In the beginning lines of the poem, he enthusiastically...
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  • "The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock" by T.S. Eliot
    In the poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by T. S. Eliot, the main character, J. Alfred Prufrock is seen as an anti-hero. His character and identity comes through strongly in the poem as a shy and introverted man who is socially inept, extremely self conscious, lacking in self confidence and wallowing in self-pity, yet desiring for people to notice him. The composer shows this through his use of allusions, powerful imagery to create vignettes of Prufrock's life and the form of the poem...
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  • The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and Preludes
    Eliot challenges his audience to consider the state of his character’s subconscious living within a corrupted society. Thomas Stearns Eliot’s poems, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock published in 1915, and Preludes published in 1917, resonate the decay and alienation of Eliot’s characters and civilization. Eliot employs various poetic techniques to challenge the reader to explore social fragmentation of the human psyche and the futility of an industrialization society. Eliot explores...
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  • Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock - Analysis
    "The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock" has some incredible and magical imagery, yet the individual images are not the guiding force or theme of the poem. The theme of the poem is Prufrock, split between two worlds, between a world of beauty and art, and one clear, cold, and calculated, "measured out… with coffeespoons," and his indecision to reveal this split to another person. He begins by describing an evening, "like a patient etherized upon a table." This is his way of pointing out the beauty...
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  • The Love – Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by: T.S Eliot
    When we first read “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” I expected a poem somewhat remotely related to what the title is called – a love song. Instead, the word ‘love’ is never used or is referred to as a typical romanticism you would normally find in a love poem. This poem is about a man, Alfred Frufrock, reflecting on what he was doing in his life and questioning what he should have done. The depressing thing is that he is an old man and still has not gone out with a women more then once. I...
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  • Analysis of "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"
    “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T. S. Eliot is a poem I would not recommend anyone still trying to hang on to his or her youth. T. S. Eliot’s poem, about a man named J. Alfred Prufrock, is a pessimistic poem looking at the seemingly wasted life of an aging man. The poem is told from the viewpoint of a very sad man named J. Alfred Prufrock. The poem takes place in the city of St. Louis, which T. S. Eliot does not portray in a very good light. T. S Eliot’s creation of a depressing mood,...
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  • Use of Allusions in the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
    Use of Allusions in ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’: A Note Arpan Adhikary T.S. Eliot’s poem ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’ evokes a modernist sensibility in its rendition of the existential crisis and agony of the self through a strategic subversion of the romantic associations of the genre of ‘love song’. Eliot’s astute use of literary allusions aptly serves his purpose of questioning the ontological integrity of the self as well as that of undermining the viability of the...
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  • The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Allusion Analysis
    The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Allusion Analysis Eliot opens "The Love Song" with this quotation from Dante's epic poem. The speaker, Guido da Montefeltro, imprisoned in a flame in Hell, relates his shameful, evil life to Dante only because he thinks Dante will never go back to earth and repeat it (Teddy). This suggests that Prufrock is in hell. But Prufrock is in a hell on earth; a hell in the form of a modern city with smoky skies (Cummings). The quotation also points out that...
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  • The Pitiful Prufrock of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S Eliot
    Phuong Nguyen EH 216-2E Professor: Nichole Lariscy Sep/30/2014 The Pitiful Prufrock of “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S Eliot "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by T.S Elliot is the lifetime of an old age man remembers, which consist of his past failures. Then, he puts them into the context of his meaningless life to try to comprehend the significance and compensate for his loneliness. Through Eliot's rich imagery and excellent use of poetic language, Prufrock's...
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  • The Love Song J Alfred Prufolk
    The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock is a beautifully written, but yet somewhat sad poem by poet T. S. Eliot. It tells the inner thoughts of a lonely man who is seeking love of a woman, but his own fear of rejection causes him to stray from following through with the action. The poem title itself is very ironic because the character himself is fearful, anti-heroic and unromantic. For someone who is in love, wants to find love, or wants to be in love they have to be courageous and willing to take...
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  • Interpretation of the Love Song of J. Alfred
    Interpretation of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock The Love Song Of J. ALfred Prufrock is about an older, intellectual man, who takes us on a journey with him through the city streets. This dramatic dialogue describes the feelings and emotions about Prufrock. It follows him through the street scene and notes a social gathering of women discussing Michelangelo. He describes yellow smoke and fog outside the house of the gathering, and keeps insisting that there will be time to do many...
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  • Comparison of "The Arrival of the Beebox" and "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"
    In Sylvia Plath's "The Arrival of the Bee Box" and T. S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" both speakers are burdened by great mental anguish caused by their feeling of insignificance and powerlessness in the world. They both fear and accept the prospect of death, while acknowledging life as its opposite. These are the two sides of the human experience. Through an internal monologue, Prufrock explores his feeling of uselessness and displacement in society, while in "The Arrival of...
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  • Landscape in "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T. S. Eliot
    Landscape in “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T. S. Eliot Although the full meaning within T. S. Eliot’s dense poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” proves difficult to grasp, the deep meaning packed into every word makes the pursuit to understanding this poem a never-ending adventure. Scenery in “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” represents an intensely psychological account which should never, in any instance, by taken literally. The loss of time, the confusion of past,...
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  • Describe How Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock Could Be a Modernist Poem?
    describe, how song of j. Alfred prufrock could be a modernist poem? As with many other works of the Modern period in English literature, T. S. Eliot utilizes fragmentation, allusion, and symbolism to show J. Alfred Prufrock's inability to act towards the outside world. Prufrock appears, in the poem, to be a middle-aged balding man who has a very pressing question to ask someone (presumably a woman); however, he finds it hard to vocalize his feelings to other people. Instead, he spends his time...
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  • An Analysis of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S Eliot
    Afnan Ghazi 10303011 Sharlene Nisha Alam ENG 319 Modernism 23rd July 2013 New criticism of “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S Eliot is a narrative poem which portrays the life of the title character, i.e. Prufrock. The origination of the name ‘Prufrock’ is vague; on the other hand it can be seen to be very much similar to his own name ‘T. S Eliot’ which he used to write it as T. Stearns Eliot and hence J. Alfred Prufrock can be seen as a...
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  • A Clean Well-Lighted Place and the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
    When our lives begin, we are innocent and life is beautiful, but as we grow older and time slowly and quickly passes we discover that not everything about life is quite so pleasing. Along with the joys and happiness we experience there is also pain, sadness and loneliness. Hemingway's "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place," and Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" both tell us about older men who are experiencing these dreadful emotions.

    In Hemingway's short story there are three...
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  • Analysis of T.S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
    T.S. Eliot was a literary and social critic, play writer, and publisher. The poem that made him well known was called “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”. It was started in 1910, and was finally published in 1915. When poems are written, they typically reflect the emotional state that the author is in at the time. Due to the tone of “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, the reader can interpret that T.S. Eliot may have been in a dark stage of his life. As every author has his or her own...
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  • The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock
    The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock 1. List of characteristics: * Romantic * Curious * Discouraged * Mysterious * Infertility * Desperate for love and women * Eloquent * Isolated / Alienated * Hopeless * Easily influenced * Chaotic * Suicidal * Neurotic * Descriptive The narrator is a pathetic man whose anxieties and obsessions have isolated him from society. “Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels” Prufrock is tired of...
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  • J Alfred Prufrock - 1468 Words
    Love, Lust or Lackluster Lifestyle? "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" demonstrates the effects of social and economic pressure in the life of a Victorian man. T.S. Eliot shows us, in an ironic monologue, how the reality of age and social position paralyzes his character with fear. The poem opens with six lines from Dante's "Infernio". This particular stanza explains that the speaker is in hell and the message can only be told to someone else in hell. The speaker tells us that...
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  • J Alfred Prufrock - 555 Words
    Comment on the significance of the title “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” First look at the title of the poem and there is an arousal of an expectation in the mind of every reader of it being a love narrative. Indeed the poem begins with a typical invitation to the reader to come and join the narrator. “Let us go then, you and I, When the evening is spread out against the sky” What follows is an image which assassinates the...
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  • J. Alfred Prufrock Essay
    Kenneth Davis EN 454 Dr. Zheng, Professor February 9, 2012 Analysis of T.S. Eliot’s Poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock This poem is set in a big, dirty city, and its speaker is a very unhappy man who is afraid of living and therefore bored all the time. The epigraph of this poem is a six-line quotation from Canto 27 of the Inferno by the Renaissance Italian poet Dante Alighieri. The Inferno tells the story of how a guy (Dante) who has messed up his life badly...
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  • J. Alfred Prufrock - 1026 Words
    T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Story of J. Alfred Prufrock” “The Love Story of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot is an ironically titled poem that centers on a middle-aged man that question if love exists, and if so, if he is able to find it or even begin to look for it. The poem is not a love poem in the sense that it lacks the traditional image of love. J. Alfred Prufrock is an older man facing a mid-life crisis which is powered by his reluctance and uncertainties of others. Instead of love, the...
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  • The love song of alfred j prufock analysis
    The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufock Analysis Love is a powerful emotional drive that many authors write about. Many seek to obtain love, but never do. In the poem The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufock by T.S Elliot, this is true of Alfred Prufock. The meaning gathered from this poem is that, Prufock isn’t skilled at engaging in social intimacy because of his negative perceptions of the world. Three shifts in the poem amplify this meaning are shown in his dark descriptions of his surroundings,...
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  • The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock
    The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock T. S. ELIOT Questions for Discussion 1. How does the epigraph from Dante’s Inferno help Eliot comment on the modern world in“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”? What does it tell us about the setting of this poem? How is Montefeltro’s miscalculation related to the poem? Prufrock laments that the mermaids will not sing to him. Prufrock's dilemma represents the inability to live a meaningful existence in the modern world.[24] McCoy and Harlan wrote "For...
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  • The Love Song Of J - 387 Words
    Avery Moyler The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock As I read the poem, I believed strongly that it was speaking of the 1920’s as a gilded age. There are many examples that led me to believe this. When Eliot spoke of the yellow fog I thought that was a great symbol of a gilded age. He said, “The yellow fog that rubs its back upon the window-panes…Let fall upon its back the soot that falls from chimneys…” I interpreted this to mean that the people in the house can see the yellow fog in their...
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  • The Love Song Of J - 924 Words
    Q. Attempt a critical appreciation of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prtlfrock Ans:- Introduction:- The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock was published in the 1917 volume of poems Prufrock and Other Observations. It is one of the best known of Eliot’s poems. It is a revolutionary poem, one of the best specimens of T.S. Eliot’s style, diction, technique and versification. The poem marks a complete break with the nineteenth century poetic tradition. The setting and the theme is urban, which reveals...
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  • The Unlived Life of J. Alfred Prufrock
    Logan Wilson February 10, 2012 Period 3 The Unlived Life of J. Alfred Prufrock As people look back to past experiences in their life what do they want to remember? Do they want to remember a wonderful life full of expieriences, or a life where they never really lived? The theme of the unlived life in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock manifests through the narrator as he truly embodies the realistic fact that some people out there are introverted, living in fear, and worrying...
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  • Vasile Elena Cristina Psychoanalytic Perspective Of T S Eliot The Love Song Of Alfred J Prufrock
    Vasile Elena-Cristina Twentieth-Century English Literature 2nd Year Seminar tutor: Andreea Paris Group: II Languages: English-German Psychoanalytical perspective of T.S. Eliot’s Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock Psychoanalytic criticism originated in the work of Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, who pioneered the technique of psychoanalysis. Freud developed a language that described, a model that...
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  • Prufrock is presented as ‘an awkward and emasculated character’. To what extent do the metaphors in ‘The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock’ create this view of the character?
    Prufrock is presented as ‘an awkward and emasculated character’. To what extent do the metaphors in ‘The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock’ create this view of the character? TS Eliot’s 20th Century poem ‘The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock’ is widely seen as a modernist work that Eliot employs to make the reader of the poem actually create their own opinion of what is actually meant by the poem. The modernist movement happened mainly in the late 19th to early 20th Century and started with the...
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  • Love Song of J.Alfrrd Prufrock Notes
    The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock “A reader’s response to a text is influenced by that responder’s social, cultural and historical context” Choosing one of T.S Eliot’s poems set for study, consider to what extent your personal response to your chosen poem has been shaped by the enduring power of its intellectual and artistic qualities. (Quote) “There will be time, there will be time To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet;” Good morning /Afternoon Ms and fellow classmates. A...
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  • The Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot
    The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock A Descriptive Paper Presented to the Faculty of College of Arts and Sciences University of the Cordilleras In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Course English 2 Writing in the Discipline 10:20 – 11:45 MWF By Juan Carlos P. Canilao April 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS TITLE PAGE 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 RESEARCH OUTLINE 3 CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION 5 CHAPTER II: DISCUSSION 6 Thomas Stearns Eliot...
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  • The analysis of the love song of prufrock by T.S. eliot
    Malek Kunbargi english 99 In his poem Eliot paints the picture of an insecure man looking for his place in society. Prufrock has fallen in with the times, and places a lot of burden on social status and class to determine his individuality. He is ashamed of his personal appearance and looks towards social advancement as a way to assure himself and those around him of his value and establish who he is. Through out the poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock", T.S. Eliot explores Prufrock's...
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  • Anaylisis of J. Edgar Prufrock
    In this poem, T.S. Eliot shows the character, J. Alfred Prufrock, as someone who second guesses all of his decisions and is afraid to change because of his fear of being judged by other people. And indeed there will be time To wonder, “Do I dare?” and, “Do I dare?” Time to turn back and descend the stair, With a bald spot in the middle of my hair— (They will say: “How his hair is growing thin!”) My morning coat, my collar mounting firmly to the chin, My necktie rich and...
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  • In the Context of Your Critical Study, How Does What You Have Listened to Either Support or Challenge Your Interpretation of the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and Eliot’s Poetry as a Whole?
    English Assessment Task 1 – Listening Task Response: In the context of your critical study, how does what you have listened to either support or challenge your interpretation of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and Eliot’s poetry as a whole? There are several aspects of the university lecture on T. S Eliot’s poetry that support my personal interpretation of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, Rhapsody on a Windy Night and Eliot’s poetry in general. My interpretation of Prufrock,...
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  • Character sketch of the narrator the poem " The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock"
    In the poem " The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock" the narrator is J.Alfred Prukrock. T.S Elliot writes this poem and in this poem he uses a combination of human sympathy and ironic wit. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" is not a poem about love, but about the thoughts of a man with a low self-esteem. The poem talk about one man's inability to love and who does not believe good things will ever happen to him, or that the world has anything to offer him. Prufrock does not love any body or does...
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  • Analysis of "The Love Song"
    The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock In the poem, The Love song, written by T.S. Elliot, J Alfred Prufrock is a man who is very lonely and insecure. He goes throughout his life wishing for a change, but never stepping up to the plate and actually making a change. The title of the poem portrays to the reader that the poem is going to be full of love and romance. The reader soon found out later that the poem is just the opposite from the title, a sad, lonesome man who is not only lacking love,...
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  • Love Song Essay - 1153 Words
    Asia Bembry English 115 Dr. Crossley December 10, 2014 All the Same Just in a Different Time What makes a classic? Classic is memorable and a good example of its kind. “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot is a classic because the thoughts the speaker is sharing, the emotions he is feeling, are transcendent. Having deep inner thoughts about the self while observing what is happening in the surroundings is an experience to which a lot of people from any time or generation could...
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  • Comparative Analysis of "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" and "The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock"
    Michelle Kfoury Professor Butterworth ENG 201 4/30/2013 Comparative Analysis of “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” and “The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock” It comes as no surprise that love poems are not a rare commodity. Whether they’re about a lovesick man pining for his soul mate or a general reflection about how one perceives love, these poems offer an analysis of one of the most innate desires of our human nature. Despite inevitable differences in writing style and point of view, there...
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  • Agamemnon, Hamlet and ALfred prufrock compasion essay
    Title: A Comparison of the Element of Hamartia in “Hamlet”, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, and “Agamemnon” Thesis: One of the elements that can be compared in the plays “Hamlet”, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, and “Agamemnon” is hamartia. Attempt has been made to analyse the main characters’ personality traits and provide the reader with specific examples that help to clarify how hamartia is present in each of the three plays. In order to analyse all the three characters’...
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  • A Love Song for Bobby Long Analysis
    “A Love Song for Bobby Long” written by Grayson Capps and “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” written by TS Eliot remind the world of men who struggle with the demons of life. The little voices in your head saying “I don’t think you can do that.” These voices cause you to doubt yourself and your talents. They take the life out of you, and cause you to wonder if you even have a purpose here on earth. Now let’s take a deeper look into these poems and closely analyze their similarities and...
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  • Hamlet to Prufrock - 1817 Words
    Tiffany Li Ms. Hall ENG 4U1 December 13th, 2010 A Life Without Love, is No Life at All As the flawed in protagonists of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and T.S Eliot’s poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, both Hamlet and Prufrock live in a times of disharmony. Feelings of passion are controlled by realistic tendencies and neither allows sensitivity to rule their order. This underlying journey or quest for female contact causes both characters to live meaningless lives eventually leading to...
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  • Song Song by Profrock Essay!
    There Is No Darkness But Ignorance As human beings, our main goal is to have a great life. In order to achieve that, we try to appreciate the true value of life. One might wonder what defines true value of life. True value of life differs from person to person but many would agree that it’s all in the perspective one chooses to look at. In the poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” written by T.S. Eliot, Prufrock fails to perceive the true value of life. His negative...
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  • Prufrock Imagination - 1147 Words
    Eliot's Views of Sexuality as Revealed in the Behavior of Prufrock and Sweeney "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" tells the story of a single character, a timid, middle-aged man. Prufrock is talking or thinking to himself. The epigraph, a dramatic speech taken from Dante's "Inferno," provides a key to Prufrock's nature. Like Dante's character Prufrock is in "hell," in this case a hell of his own feelings. He is both the "you and I" of line one, pacing the city's grimy streets on his...
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  • Prufrock Answers - 7098 Words
    Poem Summary Lines 1-6 This epigraph is taken from Dante’s Divine Comedy. It reads: “If I thought my answer were to one who could ever return to the world, this flame would move no more; but since no one has ever returned alive from this depth, if what I hear be true, without fear of infamy I answer you.” The words are spoken by a lost soul, damned to Hell for the attempt to buy absolution in advance of committing a crime. This correlates with Prufrock’s need to know the answer to the question...
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  • Prufrock in Progress - 2187 Words
    Prufrock in Progress In A Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot, the main character, J. Alfred Prufrock battles with his identification in the world. T.S. Eliot comprises this character with traits that any human being can relate to, like fear and desire, while ironically depicting the character as a monster. This dueling monster lives within Prufrock. His desire to be accepted is bogged down by his unworthy self-esteem because of his lack of human relationships. Prufrock is a...
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  • Prufrock Analysis - 874 Words
    Angelo Margherone-Ambris Passalacqua English 2 2/11/13 Prufrock Essay Insecurities are an inevitable part of life, everyone posses their own. Similarly, in the poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by T.S Eliot, the narrator dwells on his own insecurities when trying to find his place in life. Prufrock gives any excuse so he does not have fit in with high society. Eliot's poem utilizes many repeated refrains, including: "there...
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  • Modernism in Prufrock - 739 Words
    Modernism refers to the artistic and philosophical movement that occurred in the nineteenth century; the movement challenged past ideas and concepts. T.S Eliot is considered as one of the twentieth century’s major poets; his poem ‘the love song of j. Alfred Prufrock’ has gone down as one of the major works of the Modernist movement. ‘Prufrock’ is a dramatic monologue that follows a man striving for meaning in a suddenly industrial modern road, typical themes of modernism. The isolation and...
    739 Words | 2 Pages
  • Prufrock's The Love Song and Crash Test Dummies' Afternoons and Coffeespoons: Theme of Illness
    Comparative Essay By Meggen Anderson Most people expect that all poetry should be close to the same thing if we were to have the same theme, but in fact, although there are many similarities, there can also be many differences too. Upon comparison of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S Eliot and Afternoons and Coffee Spoons by Crash Test Dummies we see just this. These two poems share similarities in theme, and reference to time but do not have similar tones. The Love Song of J Alfred...
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  • Critical Analysis: J.Alfred Prufrock
    At the beginning of T. S. Eliot' s poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, there stands an epigraph from Dante's Inferno, Canto 27. This epigraph unifies the text and brings, through its imagery and context, a deeper understanding of Eliot's poem. Prufrock represents both of the characters in this section of the Inferno, corresponding to Dante in the first section and Guido da Montefeltro in the second and third. Dante represents the antithesis of Prufrock as well as the ideal that Prufrock...
    2,195 Words | 5 Pages
  • Prufrock: a Homosexual in Hiding
    Shawn Ware Prufrock: A Homosexual in Hiding T.S Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” is a dramatic monologue in which the speaker of the poem, Prufrock, takes the reader on a journey into his inner psyche. Many literary and poetic experts have studied and dissected the persona that is Prufrock to help show the complexities that compose him. But how does one begin to shed light on this mysterious man? Before actually delving into the words spoken by Prufrock, it is beneficial to take...
    3,503 Words | 10 Pages
  • Ts Eliot's Prufrock - 1463 Words
    TS Eliot's Prufrock The ironic character of "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," an early poem by T.S. Eliot (1888-1965) in the form of a dramatic monologue, is introduced in its title. Eliot is talking, through his speaker, about the absence of love, and the poem, so far from being a "song," is a meditation on the failure of romance. The opening image of evening (traditionally the time of love making) is disquieting, rather than consoling or seductive, and the evening "becomes a patient"...
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  • Context Reflected in Preludes and Prufrock
    A composer’s context is reflected in both their concerns and the stylistic features of their texts. Consider this statement by exploring the relationship between text and context in at least two poems you studied by Eliot. Eliot’s modernist poems, Preludes and The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, depict the effects of industrialisation on societal consciousness, through lenses coloured by war and suffering. Through the eyes of two alienated individuals, Eliot suggests that life is bereft...
    710 Words | 2 Pages
     T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” is an important, multi-layered poem that has numerous interpretations. The 2 essays by Leon Waldoff and John Halverson respectively, are illustrations of how the poem can be dissected and interpreted completely differently, with both interpretations having their own unique insights into the psyche of Prufrock. Waldoff takes the stance that poem is “a dramatic monologue that presents an inner conflict between the need to be loved and the...
    745 Words | 2 Pages
  • Comparing Oedipus and Prufrock - 1022 Words
    Everyone has at least one personal flaw that somehow overcomes or defeats them in a certain place in time. In this essay, two characters of completely different fields will be put side by side to compare their own tragic flaws. On one hand, Sophocles’ Oedipus is proud, arrogant and persistent; while on the other hand, Eliot’s Prufrock is self conscious, insecure, and indecisive. While the two characters are complete polar opposites, they also share a devastating similarity: they are paranoid and...
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  • Prufrock Drowns in a Sea of Insecurity
    In "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," T. S. Eliot reveals the silent insecurity of a man, for whom the passing of time indicates the loss of virility and confidence. Throughout the poem, Prufrock struggles with his fear of inadequacy, which surfaces socially, physically and romantically. The desire to ask some "overwhelming question," of the one he wants is outweighed by his diffidence, reinforcing his belief in his shortcomings. Ultimately, this poem is the internal soliloquy of someone...
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  • Prufrock and Murray Essay (Human Condition)
    It is undeniably the quality of our experiences and relationships we build with people that determines our attitude to life. Memories and experiences from both positive and negative relationships play a key role in determining our approach to life. Problems such as self-esteem issues arise from negative relationships. Unhealthy self-centred relationships also narrow the mindset and do not encourage healthy thoughts and outlooks. Instead lack of empathy and high levels of indifference are...
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  • Modernism - T.S Eliot's Rhapsody on a Windy Night and Prufrock
    The 1900s was a period of increasing industrialization of which society saw a growing sense of disillusionment. TS Eliot conveys aspects of modernism through his poems Love Song by J. Alfred Prufrock and Rhapsody on a Windy Night, such as the increasing alienation of society, the loss of identity and the dismissal of functional traditional conventions. Eliot achieves this through the prevalent themes of time and memory, and the depiction of the urban environment. The isolation of individuals...
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  • Modernism Start of Essay, Prufrock and Ms Brill
    Modernists deal with issues and forms to reflect early 20th century insights into reality. (Structures i.e. a rejection of realism) * What issues and narrative strategies are adopted by modernists to represent these understandings? * Include one poem and one short story (Prufrock and Ms.brill) Through the deliberate adoption of specific forms and narrative strategies, modernists deal with the issues and practices widespread within the early 20th century. These forms and narrative...
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  • Journeys - T.S. Eliot - 641 Words
    Journeys By Kayla Serafim Journeys may offer things which may be accepted or rejected. Two poems of T.S Eliot portrays this idea very well, The Journey of the Magi and The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock. Both display either acceptance or rejection of the opportunities that journeys offer. In the poem Journey of the Magi it shows a lot of acceptance and grasping of the opportunities that journeys have to offer. The main journeys in the Journey of the Magi is a physical journey and a...
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  • English Journey Essay - 1050 Words
    English Journey Essay Journeys lead to greater understanding. They can be physical, inner or imaginative and can allow one to gain self-awareness, discover their flaws and weaknesses as well as gain spiritual enlightenment. That journeys can lead to greater understanding can be seen in TS Eliot’s poem The Love Song, Philip Otto Rouge artwork Dawn, Harwood’s poem In the Park and Victor Kellesher’s book cover Ivory trail. Journeys lead to greater understanding. This can be seen in The Love...
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  • Novels Adapted Into Films and Free Essays
     Free Essays Search: Sort By: Home Search Essays FAQs Tools Lost Essay? Contact Essay Color Key Free Essays Unrated Essays Better Essays Stronger Essays Powerful Essays Term Papers Research Papers Privacy Our Guarantee Popular Essays Excellent Essays Free Essays A-F Free Essays G-L Free Essays M-Q Free Essays R-Z Essay Topics Plagiarism Donate a Paper Search Our Free Directory...
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  • A letter to a friend preparing for their exam on TS Eliot for their critical study. The letter details my feelings about his issues and concerns.
    Dear Erica, How are you? Don't stress too much on your English exam on you'll begin to grow a 'bald spot' (if you haven't realised, that phrase is from Prufrock). Well, let me assist you by revealing my feelings and analysis on TS Eliot's issues and concerns. Since I've only studied 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock', 'Portrait of a Lady', 'Rhapsody on a Windy Night' and 'Preludes', I'll be relating my explanation to those poems. The human conditions that Eliot represents are trivial,...
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  • Sylveon - 2400 Words
    “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” Published in 1915, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” is an examination of the tortured psyche of the modern man—overeducated, eloquent, neurotic, and emotionally unstable. Prufrock addresses a potential lover, with whom he would like to “force the moment to its crisis” by amendment in marriage. Although paranoia strikes him when he knows too much of life to “dare” an approach to the woman: In his mind he hears the comments others make about his...
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  • Mr. Nick - 1730 Words
    Analysis of TS Eliot’s The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock Stanza Three Eliot attempts to sidetrack the readers train of though away from the feeling of depression due to the description of the current society by describing his surrounds in dept. This shadows the ‘overwhelming question’ of ‘what happens to society after World War 1?’ and gives the reader hope in the form of reassurance that there will be “time” for answers later, allowing them to carry on with their lives. This stanza...
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  • Personality Psychology and Renowned Psychiatrist
    What is wrong with J. Alfred Prufrock? You are a renowned psychiatrist who believes that stream of consciousness is a sure fire method of tapping into a patient’s subconscious. Your patient, J. Alfred Prufrock, has just rambled his “Love Song” during your session. It is your job to diagnose him. Using evidence from the session, make a psychological diagnosis and come up with a treatment plan. Diagnosis: (ex. Schizophrenia, Multiple Personality Disorder, Anorexia, Social Anxiety...
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  • Ap English Poetry - 654 Words
    BLAKE Chimney Sweeper Many little boys die from chimney sweeping, “Songs of Innocence” The Lamb The lamb is a common metaphor for Jesus Christ, who is also called the "The Lamb of God" in John 1:29 London The poem reflects Blake's extreme disillusionment with the suffering he saw in London The Garden of Love "The Garden of Love" is written to express Blake's beliefs on the naturalness of sexuality and how organised religion, particularly the orthodox Christian church of Blake's time...
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  • Run Lola Run - 813 Words
    Composers use distinctively visual techniques to convey distinctive experiences within our lives, such as the race against time, duties imposed by relationships and making choices. This is exemplified through the film ‘Run Lola Run! ‘ and the poem ‘The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock´ (hereafter ‘Prufrock´). Twyker conveys the experiences of time being insuperable, relationships being a burden and choices being left to chance. This is demonstrated through the use of split screens, fast...
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  • English Lit 1302 - 1282 Words
    Homework Questions Homework 1 1. Discuss “Cathedral” in terms of James Joyce’s theory of epiphany (in the fiction section). What is the epiphany in the story? Who has it? How does the epiphany relate to the title? 2. Discuss the importance of tone in the story “Cathedral,” particularly the narrator’s tone. How does the tone affect the reader’s perception of theme? How does it enhance the epiphany? 3. Why is the meeting between Mala and Mrs. Croft in “The Third and Final Continent” a...
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  • Dramatic Monologue: This essay spells out the salient features of the dramatic monologue, with examples.
    The Dramatic Monologue is a type of a lyric poem. It was developed in the Victorian period. Robert Browning is said to have perfected the Dramatic Monologue, with poems such as My Last Duchess, and Soliloquy of a Spanish Cloister. As its name states, it is a monologue, hence it is a speech uttered by a single person. In its fullest form, the dramatic monologue has three salient features Firstly, a single person who is patently not the poet, utters the speech that makes up the whole of a poem,...
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  • T.S Elliot - 555 Words
    TS Eliot is arguably one of the greatest English poets of the 20th century. His writing style focuses on the human psyche and personal experiences of the personas in the poem derived from his own personal experiences having been affected by WWI. In each of his poems, Eliot uses the theme of human suffering to evoke and portray a bleak and melancholy setting, which acts as the motive behind the strange and peculiar actions that the characters demonstrate. The Poems “The Love Song of J. Alfred...
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  • T.S Eliot, Preludes. Analysis.
    Eliot's portrayal of urban life in the early 20th Century within his poem “Preludes” seems to paint a very bleak picture indeed, drawing to light the hopelessness of urban life in the opening years of the 20th century heavily, and with various different methods. Within Poem 1 and Poem 2 of “Preludes”, Eliot comments on the state of the setting, early 20th century London or Paris. Poem 1 is overflowing with adjectives with negative connotations such as “grimy”, “lonely”, “withered” and...
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  • Nothing - 706 Words
    =Monday | WEDNESDAY | FRIDAY | January 14Introduction to Poetry | 16Ch. 1, pp. 5-9Reading a poem, Theme | 18“The Lake Isle of Innisfree” 7 | 21MLK Holiday | 23Lyric Poetry 9“Those Winter Sundays” 9pp. 10-15, Narrative “Out, Out—“ 12 | 25Dramatic Monologue, 13-14“My Last Duchess” 14Ch. 2, pp. 19-21, Tone“My Papa’s Waltz” 19 | 28Satire, 20“For a Lady I Know”20pp. 25-26 Speaker and Persona“I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” 29“A Glass of Beer” 31 | 30“The Red Wheelbarrow” 32Irony, 33“The Golf...
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  • Essay on Purfrock, Lear, Stevens
    Sherry Cheatham British Literature Professor Donna Nixon-Walker All A Little Mad Erasmus, in his book In Praise of Folly, conjectures that there are “two types of madness”. One is destructive and creates war, lust, and thirst for riches, while the other is good and desirable and creates satisfaction and happiness without anxiety and worry (Hamilton, Adams & Co, London, 1887). These two types of madness are depicted through the actions of protagonists such as J. Alfred Prufrock, King...
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  • Let's Talk About Creativity
    Let’s Talk About Creativity, The Magnificent Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock In 1915 a controversial poem titled “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” was released by T.S. Eliot. It is a first person stream of consciousness narrative based on a man at a social gathering who is having some social anxiety. This character is an examination of the tortured psyche of the prototypical modern man; an overeducated, eloquent, neurotic, and emotionally stilted figure. The main character Alfred speaks...
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  • BELONGING - 994 Words
    5.12-5.15 Change, whether it is present or absent, is universal and an inevitable notion and it can result in positive or negative impacts- depending on the factors stimulating the change. Within the beautifully composed poems by T.S. Eliot, the related text, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, this concept of change is depicted through the use and manipulation of language devices, with the aid of the recurring communal stimulating factors- change in perspective, change in world and change in...
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  • Comparing the Unlikely - 345 Words
    In the poem, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," the narrator, Prufrock, has similarities to and can be most closely compared to the character Gatsby, from "The Great Gatsby." The main reason is that, though their fates are different, they have similar personalities centering around the phrase, "Do I dare?" They also have built up lives around the masks they wear. They are both characters that are in love with a person that they cannot openly admit this to. They both ponder and wonder...
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  • Prufrock's Melancholoy - 1938 Words
    Introduction to Poetry 20 September 2012 Prufrock’s Melancholy “For I have known them all already, known them all:” (Eliot 49). To me this line defines the mood for the entire poem, it is such a simple statement, yet at the same time a deeply powerful and complex one. What is there left to do, what great adventures left to take, or great deeds left to be done. As Prufrock becomes and old man “I grow old…I grow old” (Eliot 119) he is searching for anything left in his life, some meaning,...
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  • Poem Paragraphs - 1574 Words
    Mary Hyland 11/18/14 P.3 Poem Reaction Paragraphs Emily Dickinson: “Success Is Counted Sweetest”­ This poem brought about a reaction in me of true success. ​ The message is those who succeed, never truly appreciate success: only those who fail, or who lack something, can truly appreciate the joy if they had succeeded.​ The poet says “those who ne’er succeed” genuinely value success, or as she says, “They “count” it ...
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  • Capital Punishment - 343 Words
    Argumentative & Persuasive Essays - Abortion, Affirmative Action, Alcohol, Athlete, Capital Punishment, Censorship, Cloning, Drugs, Eating Disorders, Euthanasia, Genetic Engineering, Global Warming, Gay Marriage, Gun Control, Immigrants & Immigration, Internet Censorship, Internet Pornography, Internet Privacy, Marijuana, Media, Media Violence, Media and Women, Media Censorship, Military, Nutrition, Overpopulation, Racial Profiling, School Choice, Sports, Stem Cell Research, Steroids,...
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  • T.S Eliot poem - 5466 Words
    Explanation of the Title .......T. S. Stearns Eliot (1888-1965) originally entitled this poem "Prufrock Among the Women." He changed the title to "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" before publishing the poem in Poetry magazine in 1915. Love Song .......The words "Love Song" seem apt, for one of the definitions of love song is narrative poem. And, of course, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" is a narrative, presenting a moment in the life of the title character. It is also a poem. In...
    5,466 Words | 20 Pages
  • T.S. Elliot - 493 Words
    IN THIS ESSAY I WILL ARGUE THAT: It is through the literary elements of Imagery, Allusion and Monologue that the characterization of Prufrock as a nervous and obsessively introspective man living a rather insignificant life is revealed. 1. IMAGERY Elliot's vivid imagery reveals Prufrock's life to be the opposite of a heroic epic. Imagery plays a vital role in bringing out the boredom, the frustration and the indecisiveness of the main protagonist J. Alfred Prufrock. The relationship...
    493 Words | 2 Pages
  • Dedication by Czeslaw Milosz - 1268 Words
    Dedication by Czeslaw Milosz You whom I could not save pay attention to me. Try to comprehend this simple speech as I would be ashamed of another. I vow, there is in me no wizardry of words. I speak to you with silence like a cloud or a tree. What strengthened me, for you was lethal. You mixed up farewell to an epoch with the beginning of a new one, Inspiration of hatred with lyrical beauty, Blind force with accomplished shape. Here is the valley of shallow Polish rivers. And an...
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  • Mini Term Paper - 412 Words
    "I felt so depressed, you can't imagine" (Salinger 98). This was said by Holden Caulfield. Holden is a depressed kid who shows and explains many kinds of depression that he has. The theme of this essay is on depression. J.D Salinger's novel "The Catcher In The Rye" and T.S Eliot's poem"The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock" both have characters that exhibit signs of depression and loneliness. J.D Salinger uses the motive of isolation and depression in the novel because of the various...
    412 Words | 1 Page
  • T.S Eliot and Modernism - 1137 Words
    How does TS Eliot express his modernist concerns in his poems? TS Elliot represents the views of many artists of the modernist movement who encapsulate the psychological and emotional distress of WW1 and the early events of the 20th Century in his poems. Modernists believe that every individual in an industrialised city is part of a superficial society that reduces the depth and value of human relationships. The alienation and loneliness as a consequence of this superficial society are strong...
    1,137 Words | 3 Pages
  • Disillusionment and Rebellion in Modernism - 1487 Words
    “The importance of Modernism was in its ability to unite the masses by illuminating common feelings of disillusionment and rebellion through artistic forms.” Argue with reference to two poems of T.S Eliot and one additional text of you choosing. Rebellion and Disillusionment were fundamental feelings expressed by Western society in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They came about as a result of a myriad of factors including; industrialisation, urbanisation, technological advances,...
    1,487 Words | 5 Pages
  • T.S Eliot - 1155 Words
    Assessment Task: Prufrock and Magi ‘Eliot’s poetry continues to engage readers through its utilisation of evocative techniques and modernist ideas’. Explore the above statement by referring to two poems set for study. During the late nineteenth and early twentieth century many composers were influenced by the modernist movement. Writers were interested in representing the inner life of characters through their work. They were concerned with the essence which lay beneath the surface. T.S Eliot...
    1,155 Words | 3 Pages
  • Research Paper - 1289 Words
    XXXXXXX Teacher Name Academic writing II XXXX 2014 The Struggle Over the years, I’ve often wondered what is it about men and women that caused us to be so different, and to think so differently. I’ve tried to understand men, rationalize their thought processes and to be honest it seems unfathomable. Is it the hormones that flow so freely through our bodies or maybe the pheromones in the air? Or perhaps it’s an emotional thing? No one can say for sure, but these were the questions that coursed...
    1,289 Words | 3 Pages
  • Look in the Mirror - 1181 Words
    Foote1 john google Vick Acad. English 1st hour 9-19-07 Word Count: 1208 A look in the mirror Take a long look in the mirror… afraid of what’s seen? Is the person in the mirror different from the one outside of it? Is the perception of the identity not the one hoped for? Strength and approval comes from ones inner self. Without the approval of ones self a person cannot expect approval of someone else. A long look in the mirror tells people who they are. People...
    1,181 Words | 4 Pages
  • Intro to Critical Writing - 877 Words
    Haley Zitkus Essay Choice Two Dramatic monologue offers us as readers the opportunity to get inside the head of the speaker through their words and thoughts that are portrayed in the text. This offers us a glimpse at the character of the speaker without laying it all on the table. We draw inferences from the text in which we build an image of the speaker through their tone and characteristics. These inferences can be drawn from both poems, “Mother to Son” and “Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock”....
    877 Words | 3 Pages
  • Modernism Essay - 999 Words
    TS Eliot Modernism Essay “In the poetry of T. S. Eliot, the individual is often depicted within a seemingly harsh or unforgiving social landscape. Discuss how Eliot’s perspective on individual identity is conveyed in two of the poems set for study” Eliot through his poetry explores the effect of a fragmented and disillusioned society on the individual. He highlights the views of the isolated and alienated individual amongst an alienating and dysfunctional modern social setting....
    999 Words | 3 Pages

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