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  • Hobbit - 484 Words
    I will be talking about Gandalf’s role in the story and how he is like a father figure to Bilbo. The Hobbit was wrote by J. R. R. Tolkien. We first see Gandalf at the beginning of the story when he meets Bilbo at his hobbit hole. The first impression the story gives us about Gandalf is he is wise and every time he visits he tells adventourus stories. Gandalf is a old wise wizard, who isn’t interested in the gold the dwarves were looking for but to push Bilbo into a new life style. Gandalf’s...
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  • The Hobbit - 1976 Words
    The Racial Divide in The Hobbit In The Hobbit J.R.R Tolkien is criticized at times for his racist and race-based elements that he uses in this historic novel. Tolkien uses the characters in The Hobbit and symbolism of the good versus evil to depict that racism in society is destructive. Tolkien was known for his legendarium, which is Tolkien’s imagined world of Arda. Tolkien, throughout the story, references topics related to racism, such as superiority and bloodlines. While Tolkien thought...
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  • The Hobbit - 407 Words
    The Hobbit, By J.R.R Tolkien is definitely one of history’s most important fantasy novels. It was written in the Great Depression, a time of grief and distress, and Tolkien gave the novel’s readers what they lacked, hope, courage and a light at the end of the tunnel. The book alludes mythical and medieval themes and beliefs. The hobbit shows many great examples of courage. For example, when the main character, Bilbo Baggins’ comfortably quiet life is interrupted by Gandalf, a wizard who is...
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  • Hobbit - 441 Words
    Throughout The Hobbit there are several different themes. The main theme in The Hobbit is to “always face your fears”. Bilbo faces his fears many times during the adventure. That is the main theme because Bilbo and other hobbits are known to not like adventures, or do anything unusual. In the beginning, Bilbo was afraid to even go on the adventure, but by going on the adventure he faced many of his fears. He thinks about not doing many things during the adventure, but yet he faces his fears by...
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  • The Hobbit - 582 Words
    The Hobbit was originally published in September of 1937. When the book was first published, as a children’s novel, hopes for the book were not very high. The first print was only 1500 copies however, the novel has sold 100 million since. It brings up a very important question, what is the underlying reason the story has endured over generations of readers? Some people would argue it is the quest, or the journey. Other people argue that the idea of overcoming obstacles, loyalty, friendship, and...
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  • hobbit - 611 Words
    Lamar Booker Hobbit 1. The difference and similarities among leadership, leader, and leading are that leadership is a function, which can be fulfilled by a person but also shared by a group. In the movie, The Hobbit, Thorin showed examples of leadership. Thorin exerted his leadership by fighting the pale orc that beheaded his father in battle. As the dwarf army retreated after seeing the king die, Thorin stayed and fought cutting off the hand of the orc. This showed leadership by stepping up...
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  • The Hobbit - 523 Words
    Bilbo Baggins Bilbo Baggins is my favorite character for The Hobbit. What I like about him is how he becomes courageous and overcomes obstacles many times in many different ways. He does this when he saves the dwarves from the spiders and when he goes into the cave with Smaug. Also he thinks through all of his situations and figures out how to solve them the best way. Bilbo is in my opinion the most important character because none of this could be done without him. Bilbo Baggins is a small...
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  • The Hobbit - 644 Words
    Chapter 2- Roast Mutton 1. When Bilbo woke up in the morning and the dwarves were gone he was relieved that they had left without him but he was also a little up set that they had left a big mess that he would have to clean. Plus they didn’t even bother to wake him up and say thank you. Bilbo surprising felt a little disappointed for missing out on a great adventure. 2. Bilbo finds out that the dwarves are waiting for him when Gandalf shows up at his door and directs him to the letter...
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  • The Hobbit - 1183 Words
    The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien The main character is Bilbo Baggins. He is a small little hobbit. He really likes adventures, but doesn't like to show that he does. He is a quite person. He likes to have his privacy. Now Gandalf the big gray wizard is very tall and is The Hobbit is a book that shows that even the most unlikely person, or hobbit can turn out to be a real hero. In the book, Bilbo gets caught up in an adventure that will later change his life. In the beginning Bilbo Baggins ran...
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  • The Hobbit - 1087 Words
    Personal Reading Response The novel “The Hobbit,” written by J.R.R Tolkien is about Bilbo Baggins, a normal Hobbit, who had never asked for an adventure until 13 dwarves and Gandalf The Wizard show up at his doorstep for tea. They want to use Bilbo as a thief for their quest to reclaim the treasure from the fearsome dragon, Smaug. Bilbo reluctantly joins the company of the dwarves as they set off on their journey to cross the Misty Mountains, which is troll and golbin country and the untamed...
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  • the hobbit - 357 Words
    The hobbit thesis statement:Tolkien wrote a thrilling story. The name of the hobbit.We can see Bilbo has an important position in the team. His luck and courage, sacrifices himself to protect others, and not a lover of money. These qualities to create a great hero. Point1: Bilbo's courage and talent -”To the end of his days Bilbo could never remember how he found himself outside,without a hat,a walking-stick.....and then on for a mile or more.(page 29) -”When he came to his senses. The...
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  • Hobbit - 298 Words
    The novel takes place in the fictional land of Middle Earth, following the lead characters as they travel from the small village of Hobbiton through wild forests and goblin infested and dragon inhabited mountains. Main Characters Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit and the protagonist of the story. Gandalf, a wizard who initiates Bilbo’s journey with the dwarves. Gandalf causes Bilbo to set aside his reputation for cautious respectability to go on an adventure that will change the hobbit forever....
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  • The Hobbit. - 1022 Words
    Sophie Bledsoe Mrs. Whitlock English IV 25 February 2013 The Hobbit: Symbolism, Themes, and Character Development In fairy tales, the battle between good and evil is evident. Fairy tales are known to have morals. Narnia is an example of a classic and popular fantasy series with morals and symbolism. Like Narnia, The Hobbit has symbolism. The Hobbit's symbolism is more subtle, but when looking it's not difficult to find. There are morals in the story that follow christian...
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  • The Hobbit - 349 Words
    Advanced Language Arts 7 Mrs. Jorgenson * Students are expected to read the novel assigned to their appropriate grade. In addition to the reading, students are required to respond in short-answer format to a set of study questions specific to that book, and use citations when applicable. Teachers will integrate the summer reading and responses to study questions into the beginning of the course, so students should bring their book and responses to class when they begin in August....
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  • The Hobbit - 747 Words
    Throughout the course of a novel a theme of growth and maturation within characters can often be seen. J.R.R. Tolkien uses the theme of maturation within his novel, The Hobbit. This theme is the key point to the development of the character, Bilbo Baggins. In The Hobbit, Tolkien uses Bilbo to represent growth and maturation through the idea that during the course of his quest he turns from an unlikely hero into something that is much larger than life. In the first chapter of the novel Bilbo...
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  • The Hobbit - 1351 Words
    Keep The Hobbit in School “Fantasy is escapist and that is glory. If a soldier is imprisoned by the enemy, don’t we consider it his duty to escape? If we value the freedom of mind and soul if we’re partisans of liberty, then it’s our plain duty to escape, and to take as many people with us as we can!” This quote is by J.R.R. Tolkien, the author and creator of the middle-earth themed novel, the Hobbit. Tolkien explains the innocence of fantasy fiction novels. The Hobbit wasn’t written as a way...
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  • THE HOBBIT - 1521 Words
    Summer Reading Essay The Hobbit: A Discussion on Setting In J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, readers are introduced to an imaginary world of dwarves, elves, hobbits and wizards who battle dragons, orcs, and other dark entities. There are two kinds of settings that Tolkien expresses in his masterpiece: the physical setting of Middle Earth that changes as the travellers trek from one region to the next, and the interior setting happening in the protagonist Bilbo Baggins’s mind as he ventures out...
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  • The Hobbit - 1012 Words
    The Hobbit Question 1 In every fantasy novel, there is always a protagonist and an antagonist with other characters that are either good or bad. The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien is a novel about a rich, small and timid hobbit, called Bilbo Baggins, who was chosen by a wizard, Gandalf to join thirteen other dwarves on a nighly impossible adventure to retrieve the treasure that was stolen by Smaug the dragon. Throughout the novel, the races Tolkien invented in The Hobbit are either good or evil, and...
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  • hobbit - 726 Words
    The hobbit What does the novel's bravest character suggest about the nature of bravery ? Bravery means courageous behavior or character. In the novel, “The Hobbit” by J. R. R. Tolkien, Bilbo is by far the most important and bravest character. However, Bilbo is not portrayed as a brave hero in the beginning. Rather, he is a timid, comfortable, and complacent homebody like all the other hobbits. As Thorin’s group progresses in its quest for the treasure under the mountain, Bilbo also...
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  • The hobbit - 1098 Words
    In J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins is presented as a hero, however does not posses the stereotypical qualities of this persona. Throughout the novel Bilbo is faced with immense challenges, defying all odds in order to survive. These challenges allow him to gain wisdom and compassion, ultimately helping him achieve status as a hero. However, his clear preference for simple domestic pleasures, over such adventures, is an obvious defiance of a classic hero. In addition, it is made...
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  • Hobbit Essay - 690 Words
    Life has its challenges, and savior figures are here to make those challenges easier. In The Hobbit, J. R. R. Tolkien puts in savior figures to show that if one is lucky enough to get saved, they must learn from their experiences and be prepared to help others. Gandalf, Elrond, and Bard are all savior figures because, among other attributes, they are compassionate, courageous, and wise and because of them, Bilbo becomes faithful and unselfish. Gandalf, Elrond, and Bard are savior figures...
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  • Hobbit Overview - 888 Words
    Bilbo Baggins lives a quiet, peaceful life in his comfortable hole at Bag End. Bilbo lives in a hole because he is a hobbit—one of a race of small, plump people about half the size of humans, with furry toes and a great love of good food and drink. Bilbo is quite content at Bag End, near the bustling hobbit village of Hobbiton, but one day his comfort is shattered by the arrival of the old wizard Gandalf, who persuades Bilbo to set out on an adventure with a group of thirteen militant dwarves....
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  • The Hobbit Review - 862 Words
    Alexandria Coates 4th Period Honors English 10 September 25, 2012 Adventures of a Hobbit: Understanding how and why Bilbo changes throughout The Hobbit. In The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins goes on many adventures and learns many new things. Bilbo fights Trolls, Goblins, Wargs, dragons, and a creature named Gollum. In J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit Bilbo has to learn how to figure a way out of challenges, Bilbo goes through many hardships in order for him to transform into a hero, how desirable...
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  • Hobbit Essay - 1486 Words
    The Hobbit 5 paragraph essay “Soon the goblins had a ring of smoke and flame all round the dwarves, a ring which they kept from spreading outwards; but it closed slowly until the running fire was licking the fuel piled under the trees. Smoke was in Bilbo’s eyes, he could feel the heat of the flames( even though he was so high up in the trees); and through the reek he could see the goblins dancing round and round in a circle like people round a midsummer bonfire. Outside the ring of dancing...
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  • Wealth in The Hobbit - 660 Words
     It seems that greed never allows you to think you have enough, and in the case of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien it demonstrates how corruptive it can truly be. From the surface one may not think of a half sized person as the usual hero. However, by looking into the personalities of the characters from The Hobbit it is obvious that heroes come in many different shapes and sizes. By comparing the various cases of greed and selflessness exhibited by Smaug, Thorin, and Bilbo, it becomes...
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  • The Hobbit Essay - 1588 Words
    The Hobbit: Movies Are Better Than The Book Over time, it has become more and more desirable for movie makers to create movies from globally popular novels. JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit is no exception. In 2012, the world had the opportunity to watch the story of Bilbo Baggins unfold on the big screen with the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. In 2013, the story continued with the release of The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug. Since the release of these two additions to the Lord Of...
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  • Hobbit Symbolism - 619 Words
    "The Hobbit" By Arthur Chen In The Hobbit, names are more than just coincidences or appellations - they are symbolic of characteristics embodied by the characters to whom they belong. Not only do their names portray their characteristic, but their actions do as well. Some characters supporting this idea are Gandalf and Gollum. Gandalf literally means " wand-elf." A "wand-elf" is an elf who is using a magical device to enhance his magical powers, bringing him to a higher echelon....
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  • Themes of Hobbit - 1311 Words
    ‘The Hobbit’ Essay By Abhi Menon Essay Question: Write an essay in which you show how, through the use of evidence from the novel, a major character is used to bring across a theme and shape your response to it. By definition, a hero is a person of great strength, valor and swordsmanship who fights evil even in the face of insurmountable odds to defend the lives of the innocent, and those who cannot protect themselves. In J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy tale ‘The Hobbit’, highlights the...
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  • Reflection on the Hobbit . - 1377 Words
    Journal Response– Activity #6 The final sense that I understood from the novel is that even if someone doesn’t seem like they are capable to complete something or act a certain way there is always hope or room for someone to grow. I say that this is a big part of the final part of the book is because Bilbo changes so much and grows so much as a hobbit then you would have expected him to. Another big thing that I took from the book is that if you were working together and not scared to ask for...
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  • The Hobbit and Bilbo - 323 Words
    Lust Lust has an major role in the plot as Gollum lust for the ring. The ring, Gollum called “my precious” , gave him many advantages in life. Through many years of influence from the ring, Gollum had learned to love and hate the ring as he also did with himself. In the Hobbit Gollum fought his lust for the ring and his aspiration to be free from it. Then when Bilbo found the ring and keep it. Gollum chased after it for the rest of his life. This quote shows that Gollums lust for the ring....
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  • Themes of the Hobbit - 508 Words
    Themes of the Hobbit The Hobbit, by Jr Tolkien has two main themes throughout the book: Greed, and Generosity. This essay explains how greed can change anybody, no matter how heroic or brave they are. In the hobbit, Bilbo is portrayed as a fat middle-aged man, and that “He looks more like a grocer than a burglar.” Thorin Oakenshield seems like a hero in the book, yet, unlike Thorin and the dwarves, Bilbo isn’t affected by greed at all in the book. This essay describes moments where both,...
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  • Th Hobbit - 499 Words
    Amos 1 Alexandra Amos English 1 Mrs. Crosby 9 January 2013 The Hobbit In The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien there is this Hobbit names Bilbo Baggins whose life has changed forever when he stumbles upon a wizard named Gandalf and a bunch of dwarves. In this book Bilbo has a set way of doing things eats breakfast twice a day and has a routine. One adventure changed his life forever when he got offered to be a burglar for the dwarves at the lonely mountain. He had to endure a treacherous...
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  • Hobbit Essay - 819 Words
    The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien is set in a fantasy world that has differences, as well as similarities, to our own world. The author has created the novel's world, Middle Earth, not only by using imagination, but by also adding details from the modern world. Realistic elements in the book enable readers to relate to the setting, yet have the ability to "imagine" exciting events and organisms not found on Earth.

    The majority of differences between Middle Earth and today's world are found in...
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  • Gandalf, the Hobbit - 705 Words
    Q: How might Gandalf be considered a father figure in the novel? This means how does Gandalf guide the company, most importantly Bilbo, in a way like a father would to his children. A: Gandalf plays a huge role in the story, as we all know, but a major part of his role is how much like a father he acts to Bilbo as well as the rest of the company. He guides them for much of their journey, teaching them tips and tricks as well as how to use their brains a little bit to get them out of trouble....
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  • Luck in the hobbit - 612 Words
     “Luck” in the hobbit Luck plays a huge role in this novel because without luck Bilbo wouldn’t have survived many of the situations he got into. In my opinion, I think that Bilbo’s greatest weapon is luck and it proves very useful throughout his journey but it was not always good luck. Many of the situations that Bilbo and his friends got into would not have happened had it have not been for bad luck The first incident that I think was really impacted by luck, which in this case happened to...
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  • Hobbit Answers - 582 Words
    The Hobbit Questions Chapters 1-3 1. The first three chapters reveal Bilbo’s “ordinary world”, how he is comfortable and relaxed with his same old life, then the “call to adventure”, when Gandalf shows up and asks Bilbo for his help and Bilbo’s “refusal of the call”, and “meeting with the mentor” was when all the dwarves and Gandalf took over Bilbo’s house, then the morning after the “crossing the first threshold” is revealed when Bilbo leaves his house and town accompanying the dwarves...
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  • Hobbit Summary - 725 Words
    The Hobbit In the book The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, published in 1937, Bilbo Baggins lives a low key comfortable life as a hobbit. Hobbits are short plump people with furry toes and a great lust for tasty food and cozy comfortable holes they call home. Bilbo is satisfied with his mellow life and wishes nothing of adventure. But one day Gandalf the Wizard pays him a visit and proposes an adventure with 13 dwarves to recover lost treasure from the dragon Smaug. Bilbo is hesitant and...
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  • Hobbit Essay - 1105 Words
    In ‘The Hobbit’, the classic novel by J. R. R. Tolkien, Bilbo Baggins appears to be a timid and little hobbit with an extremely unambitious lifestyle in his town, The Shire. This is until a wise wizard; named Gandalf, and a company of ambitious dwarves, show up on the doorstep of his hobbit-hole. They whisk poor Bilbo on a journey that develops Bilbo’s qualities as he becomes wiser and more courageous. This essay will demonstrate those changes, as well as what occurred along the journey to make...
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  • Outline of the Hobbit - 1289 Words
    Outline I. Christian symbolism has always been a way for a writer to express his religious belief in his writings. A. Catholicism was very influential in Tolkien’s time period and in writing the Hobbit brought many of his biblical perspectives to light. B. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, through Bilbo’s adventure, symbolically shows the life of Jesus Christ. 1. Thorin travels with 12 dwarves just as Jesus travels with 12 disciples. 2. Gandalf can be seen as an...
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  • The Hobbit Response - 501 Words
     Bilbo Baggins, the unexpected hero in a story of an incredible adventure of misfortune, to retrieve the family treasure of the dwarf Thorin. This story really shows how Bilbo matures into the hero he becomes as they take this somewhat unbelievable adventure. One of my favorite quotes is “Somehow the killing of this giant spider, all alone by himself in the dark without the help of the wizard or the dwarves or of anyone else, made a great difference to Mr. Baggins. He felt a different person,...
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  • Comparison and Contrast of The Hobbit Novel and The Hobbit Films
    Comparison and Contrast of The Hobbit and The Hobbit Films The Hobbit: An unexpected journey and The Hobbit: The desolation of Smaug had a great director; Peter Jackson to keep every original concept that J.R.R. Tolkien would have in mind if he was the one to direct these movies. They kept that it's not only about getting Dwarves their homeland back, but the development of a quiet, stay at home and stay safe Hobbit. Most of the characters were well interpreted into the movie like...
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  • The Hobbit Book Review - 1703 Words
     The Hobbit is a fantasy novel written by J.R.R Tolkien in the between the years of 1929 and 1936. The Hobbit tells the story of Bilbo Baggins, and his adventures with Gandalf the Gray and a group of Dwarves. The book was released 21. September 1937. This is a story about Bilbo Baggins, who started out as a very cautious little hobbit from a very nice place called the shire; He never did nor even think of doing anything unexpected or go on some crazy adventures. Bilbo just wanted to be at...
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  • The Hobbit Persuasive Essay - 478 Words
    Persuasive Essay The Hobbit Book Report The Hobbit was one of the best stories I have read. Therefore, I think it should stay in the current high school curriculum. This story of adventure is about a benign, ignorant creature called a hobbit. This hobbit’s name is Bilbo Baggins. One day, Bilbo gets an unexpected party in his hobbit- hole from twelve dwarves and the wizard, Gandalf the Gray. He is then recruited to be their burglar on their way to the Lonely Mountain to...
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  • The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolken - 866 Words
    The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolken Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit, one of a race of short, timid creatures who live in cozy tunnels and who prefer to keep their lives ordered and predictable. One day, he unexpectedly finds himself playing host to Gandalf the wizard and thirteen dwarves. The dwarves, with Gandalf's help, plan to travel to the Lonely Mountain to recover the treasure that a dragon named Smaug stole from their people long ago. Gandalf has selected Bilbo to be their burglar. The dwarves are...
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  • The Hobbit Novel Review - 1115 Words
    I enjoyed the novel The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. I believe that this novel presents important themes that are relevant in today’s society, just as much as they make up an entertaining plot. Themes such as Heroism, Race and Lineage, Good vs. Evil, Loyalty and Home are discussed in novels written in recent times. They give the reader a strong sense of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in the plot. This allows the audience to distinguish between good and evil. Tolkien uses an enormous vocabulary of words that...
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  • The Hobbit: Greed Thesis Statement
    Victor Quijano Elizabeth DiGennaro English IV Monday, April 23, 2012 The Truth about The Hobbit The world we live in is full of heroes that are different shapes and sizes that people don't remember who they are a month after they do something. The story The Hobbit may make you think of a half sized person as an no everyday hero, but his actions will touch your heart and make you think that it's really possible to change the world around you no matter what size you are. The half sized...
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  • Essay of Evaluation - The Hobbit
    Essay of Evaluation - The Hobbit Over 100 million copies of The Hobbit have been sold nationwide, making it one of the most popular high fantasy novels in history. J.R.R. Tolkien does a magnificent job defining the characters and developing the plot, giving his style of writing a distinct feel. With its perilous journeys through Middle Earth, mysterious magic, mythical creatures, and intense battle scenes, this exciting adventure is sure to intrigue any reader. The main...
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  • The Hobbit Study Questions - 648 Words
    The Hobbit Study Questions Top of Form Scroll through the page to review your answers. The correct answer is highlighted in green. Your incorrect answers (if any) are highlighted in red. If you'd like to take the test over again, click the reset button at the end of the test. 1. What is the name of Bilbo’s hillside home? (A) Bag End (B) Crookhollow Bend (C) Brandywine End (D) Lothlorien 2. What happens to trolls when they are exposed to daylight? (A) They explode. (B) Their...
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  • The Hobbit Hero's Journey - 901 Words
    “A hero ventures forth from the world of the common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from the mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man” (Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces). Joseph Campbell, an expert on mythology has outlined a standard form for heroic stories. He identifies ten stages in a hero’s journey, noting that all of the stages have to occur in every...
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  • The Hobbit Book Report - 1171 Words
    This summer I read the book, “The Hobbit”, by J.R.R. Tolkien. It was a really interesting book with ups and downs just like any other. It was an adventure about a little hobbit named Bilbo who slowly discovers how brave and courageous he is. He is accompanied by 13 dwarves and occasionally a wizard named Gandalf. Together they face Goblins, Trolls, giant Spiders, Elves and even a dragon. There were things that I really enjoyed watching lay out and things that I felt brought the story line down....
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  • Hobbit Shake Guide - 6602 Words
    The Hobbit Chapter Guides Chapter One: "An Unexpected Party" Summary We are introduced to hobbits and to Bilbo Baggins, a stay-at-home, utterly respectable hobbit with a secret desire for adventure. Bilbo receives a visit from Gandalf the wizard. The next Wednesday Gandalf returns for tea, bringing with him a party of thirteen dwarves led by Thorin Oakenshield. Despite misgivings on both sides, on Gandalf's recommendation the dwarves hire Bilbo as Burglar on an expedition to the Lonely...
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  • Portrayal of Race in the Hobbit - 2324 Words
    HOW IS RACE PORTRAYED IN THE HOBBIT BY J.R.R. TOLKIEN? J.R.R. Tolkien began writing The Hobbit in 1930 and it was published in 1937. In 1930s Europe, the political climate was turbulent. The Great Depression of the 1930s crippled the world’s economy. The rise of anti-Semitism in the 1930s emphasized its hatred of the Jews as a race and not only the Jewish religion. There were frequent pogroms of Jewish people occurring in Eastern Europe and the rise of Nazism in Germany led to the mass...
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  • The Hobbit, Chapter 1 - 347 Words
    The hobbit Chapter 1 Pre-reading: The map: Weird signs/symbols - runes Unclear landscape symbols - mountain/landscape. Lack of details. Arrows around the map Magic creatures Visualization of the story -> how far, landscape, important stuff Simplicity: Runes -> message. Authencity -> real Follows the story - Sets up the reader Sets up the quest - gives the idea of the quest. While reading: Including the reader. Setting up the whole hobbit thing. Draws you into the world....
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  • Hobbit J.R.R. Tolkien - 263 Words
    In the Hobbit J.R.R. Tolkien uses stereotypes as a way to portray the different races in his book. He starts the story off with the line “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.”(page 1), Hobbits are presented by Tolkien as small creatures who are similar to humans but roughly half their size of a regular human. This quote states that hobbits all live in a fancy hole in the ground and thats stereotyping hobbits. The hobbits are also stereotyped to have two diners, love good food, have hair...
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  • Literary Response To The Hobbit - 704 Words
    The Hobbit is a fantasy novel written by J.R.R. Tolkien. It tells the story of the journey of Bilbo Baggins, and teaches us about being courageous, confronting prejudices, and helping others. It was first published on the 21st of September 1937, and, soon after, was nominated for the Carnegie Medal and awarded a prize from the New York Herald Tribune for the best juvenile fiction. Since then, there have been six different editions of The Hobbit. The Hobbit has also recently been made into a very...
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  • The Hobbit Vs. The Alchemist
    Wouldn’t you like to be a hero in any type of situation, of course not a Superman or a Batman, but a person who falls under the role? Or to listen to something other than voices that’ll help you find treasure? Well J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”, represents a heroic theme while Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”, portrays the theme of listening to the centriole of Person Legends. However, both novels share the similar theme of perseverance. In the Hobbit, Tolkien portrays the main character,...
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  • Book Review, the Hobbit
    The Hobbit – Thorin Oakenshield In an imaginative world created by J.R.R Tolkien we share the adventure of a hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins. This on the other hand won’t be about Bilbo; instead I will present you another inspiring character from this story, Thorin Oakenshield. This story takes place in the world of Bag End. An interesting world where we encounter with many different creatures; hobbits, wizards, dwarves, elf, goblins and dragons are only a few mentioned that let us...
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  • Thye Hobbit Analitical Essay
    Symbolism in The Hobbit As famous German author, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, once said, “Character develops itself in the stream of life” (Goethe 1). Most people do not stay the same over the course of their life. Personal experiences create growth in one’s character. These experiences can create a feeling of triumph or self-confidence which can be enough to change someone over time. This can be applied to reality or fiction. In The Hobbit, character change serves as the vocal point of the...
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  • The Hobbit: Questions and Answers - 670 Words
    The Hobbit: Essay Q&A Essay Q&A 1. When, how, and why does the narrative tone of The Hobbit change? The tone of the book shifts after the death of Smaug. Before the dragon's death, the novel is a fairly light-hearted fantasy adventure; after Smaug is slain, the story takes a serious and dark turn as greed and pride ruin relationships among the various races of Middle-earth represented in Esgaroth. Tolkien effects the change in tone by giving us access to characters' inner thoughts as...
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  • The Hobbit Chapter 11 - 380 Words
    DEFINITIONS 1. Ominous: Giving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen. 2. Promontory: A point of high land that juts out into a large body of water. 3. Vagabond: A person who wanders from place to place without a home or job. 4. Enmity: The state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something. 5. Disembarked: Leave a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle. 6. Waning: (Of the moon) have a progressively smaller part of its visible...
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  • The Hobbit; Bilbo Baggins - 1863 Words
    Bilbo Baggins, a True Hero “I wish I could be a hero!” Many adults in today’s society hear small children wishing they could become heroes. Children wish to be more like heroes for the reason that heroes are the type of people who risk their lives to help others. Throughout history, children have had a positive connotation with the word “hero.” The heroes many small children talk about are the fictional ones who protect cities from villains: Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and others. However,...
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  • The Hobbit as a Fantasy Novel - 1194 Words
    The Hobbit is a fantasy novel about a peaceful hobbit that accompanies a wizard and several dwarves on a journey to steal the great treasures of the dragon Smaug and I believe it demonstrates or uses the features of the fantasy genre. The features of any genre are like a skeleton for the story of that particular genre. Different genres have different features such as different settings, characters, plot, themes and values. Features are like a list of criteria that is used to assess whether the...
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  • The Hobbit Movie Review - 512 Words
    The Hobbit movie review This past weekend, I went to see the movie ‘The Hobbit’. As a great fan of the author J.R.R Tolkien I would agree that the hobbit series are far more breathtaking than the Lord of the Rings series and that it is definitely not one to miss. This movie is mainly about the final battle between the dwarves, elves, orcs and people of laketown. The dragon Smaug escapes the dwarf’s domain and decides to destroy the town. Many unfortunate events occur until Bard slays the...
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  • The Hobbit Hero's Journey - 991 Words
    The Hobbit is about Bilbo Baggins a Hobbit going on a journey with a Company of dwarves and a wizard to kill the dragon Smaug. Bilbo is promised one fourteenth of the treasure that is guarded by the dragon. They want to kill the dragon because they want to avenge invasion and capture of the town in where the dwarves lived and Bilbo was asked to help them on the adventure. Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit, but he is not just an ordinary hobbit his mother’s side of his family is Took. The Took...
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  • The Hobbit Book Report - 411 Words
    This is a story about the adventure of a delightful little hobbit and how he found out who he was and what he really valued. At first, the little hobbit Bilbo was just a normal Baggins (a family name which stands for routineers and homebodies) who lived a peaceful life in a comfortable and quiet hobbit hole full of fine furniture, delicate ornaments and a lot of food. However, everything changed when Gandalf, an old wizard, gave him a visit and held and unexpected party in Bilbo’s hobbit hole...
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  • The Hobbit: Conflict Essay - 1163 Words
    Conflict Essay In The Hobbit the conflict is Good vs. Evil. The Characters are constantly battling evil. The conflict is highlighted in the episodes where Gandalf, the dwarves, and Bilbo fight against the many terrors of Middle Earth. Through fights with goblins, trolls, wargs and the Battle of Five Armies, it is seen that good always prevails over evil. The first encounter is with trolls. The first evil that Bilbo and the dwarves come across is the trolls. Tolkien sets the reader up by...
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  • The Hobbit: Character Analysis of Bilbo
    Have you ever had to make a change in your life and been scared about what might happen? I have gone through such a change in mine and so has a character called Bilbo. In The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien the main character, Bilbo Baggins, a simple hobbit who goes on an adventure that changed his life. Bilbo lives a simple life. He is a hobbit which Tolkien says “are inclined to be fat in the stomach, they dress in bright colors, wear no shoes because their feet grow natural leathery soles...
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  • The Hobbit vs Princess Mononoke
    Thesis paragraph Broad statement: Willingness and willpower are essential aspects of a hero. Thesis: Will is what a hero needs to be able to perform his best, if not at all. Three areas of support for the thesis: 1. Willpower is key to starting an adventure 2. Willpower is what prevents a hero from getting corrupted 3. Will in both love and obsession are what keeps the characters closer to their heroic selves Body of essay Paragraph 1 Topic sentence: Willpower enabled Ashitaka...
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  • The Hobbit Chapter One Summary
    The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien begins by describing what exactly a hobbit is. Hobbits are little people, about half our height with thick curly brown hair on their head and feet. They are inclined to be fat at the stomach and wear bright colors. They live in a land called The Shire. In this land they lived in nice comfortable holes in the ground. In one particular hole lived Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo’s father was a solid and comfortable hobbit but Bilbo’s mother was from the Took family. Belladonna...
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  • Film Summary: The Hobbit
    The Hobbit Plot Summary The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien takes place in Middle Earth during the time before the adventures of Frodo in the Lord of the Ring Trilogy. It tells the story of Bilbo Baggins, A hobbit who just wants to stay home and relax, but is dragged into the conflict of helping an old wizard by the name of Gandalf and some dwarves to kill a dragon. Bilbo must fight against Smaug, a dragon who hoards treasure. First, Gandalf and the dwarves appear at Bilbo’s house to try and...
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  • Comparisons Between the Hobbit and Beowulf
    Elizabeth Corbitt Discussion 3 What similarities have you seen between the book, The Hobbit, and Beowulf? At first I saw major differences between Beowulf and The Hobbit. One is a story that was once a simple bed time story for the author’s children and the other is a poem that is the oldest English literature that we have today. So, due to them being completely different in ways they really are completely alike. Reading...
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  • The Role of Food in Tokiens: The Hobbit
    There is no questioning the significant role that food plays in J.R.R. Tolkien’s, The Hobbit.. Whether or not this idea of food, or a meal, is directly or indirectly referenced, it plays a considerable role in tracing the development of the characters throughout this novel. Tolkien’s continuous reference to the concept behind a meal is directly connected to the notion of being a hospitable and generous individual and it highlights the ideas of a community, togetherness, and comfort....
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  • Character List: The Hobbit
    Character List – The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit, he has “a short, human-like” appearance. Rational and choosy, Bilbo leads a quiet life in his comfortable hole at Bag End and, like most hobbits wants to stay home. But Bilbo possesses a great amount of untouched energy and curiosity, and when the wizard Gandalf persuades Bilbo to join a group of dwarves on a quest to reclaim their long-lost possessions from a prowling dragon, Bilbo ends up playing a crucial role as the company’s...
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  • The Hobbit Informative Essay Assignment
    The Hobbit Informative Essay Assignment The Assignment: What does it mean to be a hero? J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit is a classic text that explore the idea of heroism, and your assignment is to write an informative essay that explains how Bilbo Baggins becomes a hero. Successful essays should 1) identify three of Bilbo’s heroic character traits, 2) explain how these traits are developed in Bilbo through the situations he faces and the ways in which he interacts with other characters, and 3)...
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  • The Hobbit - the Motivation of Lust
    Anyone who had something of great value stolen from him would try to get it back. Even if that person had to go to high risks to reclaim what was theirs. In the book The Hobbit, a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins, a wizard named Gandalf, and thirteen dwarves have to get back their lost treasure that a character named Smaug stole. To reclaim their treasure they have to travel a long distance to the Lonely Mountain where Smaug is hiding . Throughout their journey they encounter many life-hindering...
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  • The Hobbit, Conventions and Recurring Elements.
    In J.R.R Tolkien’s award-winning 1937 novel The Hobbit, it is extremely evident that there are a multitude of elements that support the conventions of the fantasy genre. Most recurring themes, events and characters support the fantasy genre. There is a continuous quest all throughout the novel to retrieve supposed stolen gold from the dragon Smaug, there are animals, certain races and characters that could not exist in reality, and there is magic, all of which are classic elements of the fantasy...
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  • The Hobbit Final Writing Assignment
    Macy Turnbough Period 2 The Hobbit Final Writing Assignment 1. Thesis Statement: Within the pages of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien there is courage, adventure, and a great change of character in Mr. Bilbo Baggins. The Hobbit starts off with the description of what sort of creatures’ hobbits are and the introduction of Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo is just like any other regular hobbit; he enjoys food, doesn’t like adventure, and right at the beginning says, “We are plain...
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  • Dark and Light Imagery Within the Hobbit
    The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien is said to be one of the greatest children's novels of all time. The novel, due to its use of such characters as goblins, elves, trolls, giants, and others is in tradition, a fairy tale. The tale centers on a small hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins. It follows the journey of a band of dwarves, a wizard named Gandalf, and their robber, Bilbo on their way to retrieving treasure that had long been taken away from them. The hobbit traveled all over Middle-Earth,...
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  • The Hobbit Double Entry Journal Prompts
    Nicholas Gangone Ms. Sottas Double Entry Journal Prompts March 20, 2013 “But men remembered little of all that, though some still sang old songs of the dwarf-kings of the Mountain, Thror and Dragon, and the fall of the lords of Dale.” (Tolkien 176) “I hope I never smell the smell of apples again.” (Tolkien 179) “But the Master was not sorry at all to let them go. They were expensive to keep, and their arrival had turned things into a long holiday in which business was a standstill.”...
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  • Epic Hero Comparison(Beowulf and The hobbit)
    The Epic Hero Tradition An epic hero is a larger than life character who has legendary skill and prowess. An epic hero has to perform heroic deeds. An epic hero is thought of having traditional charm and charisma. He has very strong ethics morals and a code of conduct. The epic hero is always thought of as a male as the tradition of the epic hero originated in the Anglo Saxon culture which was a male dominant society. A perfect example of an epic hero is Beowulf. He kills Grendel, Grendel’s...
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  • The Hobbit Summary Chapters 11-15
    Summary: Chapter 11 At the beginning of chapter 11 of the novel “The Hobbit“ when the group reaches the foot of the mountain they decide to search out the secret door described on their map. After hours of searching, Bilbo finally locates a narrow passage along a cliff that leads to a patch on the mountain’s side. Though the patch must be the door, the dwarves cannot find a way to open it. One evening the hobbit suddenly the riddle on the map. He quickly gathers the other dwarves by the door,...
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  • Thorin Oakenshield Character Analysis in The Hobbit
    Thorin Oakenshield Thorin Oakenshield He brings out the best in others but the worst in himself, and his contradicting traits come through in the end. Some may find him useless to the plot, others might see him as essential to the growth of other characters. His position may be challenged, but his history will forever remain the same. He is Thorin Oakenshield, the greedy, arrogant, first leader of the expedition, who gains wisdom only in his death. Thorin has penchant for money and...
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  • The Hobbit Summary Chapters 6-10
    Summary: Chapter 6 Fleeing from the goblins, Bilbo looks back and realizes that he has made it to the other side of the Misty Mountains. Walking along, he stumbles upon Gandalf and the dwarves, who have just been wondering whether they should leave without him. The hobbit slips off the ring and surprises them and then explains how he made his way out of the mountain. However, he refrains from mentioning his discovery of the magic ring and the role it played in his escape from Gollum and the...
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  • Hobbit to Hero: Transformation of Bilbo Baggins
    Courtney English 12 Mr. Smith Hobbit to Hero In the beginning of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, Gandalf, a supporting character, describes Bilbo, the protagonist, as a great thief and the perfect member a team of dwarves require for their expedition. During the start of their adventure we see that Bilbo is not very keen on going, but as he embarks on these adventures, he gradually begins to rely on his own abilities and starts to take initiative. In The Hobbit, the protagonist, Bilbo...
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  • The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien (chapter 13)
    The Hobbit – Chapter 13: Not at home Situation of the excerpt After Bilbo’s discovered Smaug’s weak spot and the group is trapped inside the secret passage in the mountain. Before Smaug attacks lake town and before his death. What happens in this excerpt: The dwarves and Bilbo wait in silence after Smaug’s attack. They are trapped inside the mountain and there is no way out. The door they came in from can’t be used. The dwarves despair, but Bilbo proposes that they all go down the...
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  • The Hobbit Summary Chapters 16-19
    The Hobbit Summary Chapter 16-19 Sarah Schmidt At the beginning of chapter 16, Thorin continues to search for the Arkenstone and as the rest of the dwarves worry about the armies camped on their doorstep, Bilbo decides that he must take matters into his own hands. With the help of the ring, he sneaks away from the mountain at night and into the camp of the lake men and the wood elves. They are suspicious of him, of course, but they relax when Bilbo...
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  • How Bilbo in the hobbit influences the story
     How Bilbo Influences The Story In the book, “The Hobbit”, by J.R.R. Tolkien, there are many ways the author shows how the character, Bilbo, influences the story. Bilbo is very clever and intelligent. He always saves the dwarves from trouble. His risk-taking personality helped him become one of the most important characters in the story. Bilbo’s intelligence shows in Chapter 5 when he wins the battle between him and Gollum. Bilbo’s intelligence helped him win the battle and...
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  • Tolkien's "The Hobbit" compared to Homer's "The Odyssey"
    The Odyssey is an epic poem written by Homer and passed down the centuries by the oral tradition. The Hobbit is a fantasy novel authored by J.R.R. Tolkien introducing the world-renowned Lord of the Rings series. At first glance, the similarities might seem vague, but the veil opens when examined closely. There are many similarities between The Odyssey and The Hobbit. The basis of The Odyssey and The Hobbit is the heroic journey. The Odyssey is told in the tradition of an epic journey while The...
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  • Hobbit Essay; Bilbo Baggins, a Hero
    The Hobbit Essay Many science fiction fantasy novels have a hero or heroine. In J.R.R Tolkien’s novel the hobbit Bilbo Baggins is a hero, Even though he finds a ring of invisibility that allows him to preform surprising feats. Some of his acts of heroism are when Bilbo make his first attempt at burglary when he steals from the trolls, when he creates a plan to free his friends from the ElvenKing and follows it through and when he goes down to visit Smaug for the first time to fulfill a promise....
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  • Compare and Contrast Essay Between Beowulf and the Hobbit
    I just this day finished reading A COMPANION TO BEOWULF by my friend and classmate Ruth Johnson. It was remarkably clear, well written, concise, and chock full of fascinating insights and observations. Let me in particular remark on her last chapter, which concerned Tolkien and Beowulf. I had not heretofore been aware of how large a figure JRR Tolkien loomed in the scholarship of the epic poem BEOWULF, nor what a great influence his seminal essay The Monster and the Critics, had in turning...
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  • Statement of Intent Independent Study Project the Hobbit
    My topic for this ISP will be focusing on the evolution of the main character, Bilbo Baggins, in the novel, The Hobbit. Bilbo, is given many tests of strength and knowledge, throughout the novel, that help evolve him into the character he becomes at the end of his journey. At the beginning Bilbo Baggins, is nothing more than a quiet simple hobbit, but by the end he is a hobbit with a new found heroism and love for adventure. After reading, The Hobbit, it becomes clear that Bilbo Baggins, makes...
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  • How the Shoot of the Hobbit Has Affected the Nz Economy
    The adaptation of the 1937 novel The Hobbit by JR Tolkien, relate the story of Bilbo Baggins during his trip with a company of 13 dwarves led by the legendary warrior Thorin Oakenshield. The movie is definitely filming in New Zealand after some difficult negotiation between Warner bros and the New Zealand government,. The government of New Zealand offer Warner Brothers lobbying campain, which will be detailed later, to film “The Hobbit” in New Zealand. So the question that can be ask is what...
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  • The Hobbit - Riddels in the Dark. Characteristics of Bilbo and Gollum + setting
    “The Hobbit” - Riddels in the Dark the setting + characteristics of Bilbo and Gollum Bilbo Baggins is the main character in “The Hobbit”. The story is written in third person past tense from Bilbo’s point of view - this does that the reader gets an insight into Bilbo’s emotions and thoughts throughout the chapter. Bilbo is, as the title suggest, a hobbit. A hobbit is a supernatural creature that only exists in fantasy books. Hobbits are not quite like ordinary people; they are a lot...
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  • The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien: Analysis
     The Hobbit Critical Essay A novel that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed in English this year is “THE HOBBIT” by J.R.R.Tolkien, which is part of the widely known fantasy genre. The plot of the book is about a young hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins who is visited by a band of dwarves lead by the great Thorin Oakenshield and a grand wizard called Gandalf who are looking for someone to share an adventure with and reclaim the dwarven kingdom from the mighty dragon Smaug. At the beginning of the...
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  • How Loyalty and Honor Is Shown Throughout the Hobbit
    Introduction: ‘The Hobbit’ is a fictional novel, written by J.R.R.Tolkien, built upon the foundation of loyalty and honor. Without the virtues loyalty and honor, the story would not have been able to take place. Loyalty is clearly shown as Bilbo never leaves his companions. Honor is displayed by Thorin who displays this quality right from the beginning until the end. The foundation of ‘The Hobbit’ is built upon loyalty and honor. Tolkien has built his entire story line upon these virtues. To...
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  • Literary criticism of the literary elements in "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien.
    In classical children's novel, the main characters are usually unimposing individuals who are easily overlooked, but manage to have great and successful journeys. Such is the case in Bilbo Baggins from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. Mr. Baggins is a simple hobbit that is swept away into a dangerous but exciting journey. In the trip, he becomes a heroic symbol of the common man or child making a name for himself. In the children's classic, The Hobbit, Tolkien uses an unusual point of view, fantasy...
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  • The Hobbit: 3 Character Traits of Bilbo Mercedes
    The Hobbit: 3 Character Traits of Bilbo Mercedes This essay is going to discuss three characteristics of Bilbo. My first trait is courageous, then second trait is resourceful, and third trait is tentative. Firstly, Bilbo is very courageous. Examples from the text are when he rode the eagle, goes on the quest with Gandalf, and the dwarves. He is courageous when he accepts the task of leading a contingent of dwarves on a quest to reclaim the lonely Mountain He steals the guard’s...
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  • The Hobbit: What Did Bilbo Baggins Learn on His Journey
    The Hobbit: What did Bilbo Baggins Learn At the beginning of the adventure, Bilbo is a conservative, careful hobbit, blind to the adventurous side of his world. The Tookish part in him has been buried deep as a result of his community, and their narrow-minded view on life. We can see this when Gandalf arrives at his house, and begins talking to him and he says, “We don’t want any adventures here, thank-you!” thus implying that it is not directly his opinion. Throughout the journey, he...
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  • The Hobbit, by JRR. Tolkien. This is a persuasive essay designed to convince the reader to read this book.
    Living in his little hobbit-hole in Hobbiton, Bilbo Baggins is not the adventurous type. He is content with his normal life: eating good food, which a favorite past-time of hobbits, sipping piping-hot tea and serving it to his guests, and strolling through the rolling hills watching the sun set. Little did Bilbo know, that one bright morning in May, his life would change as a result of a few unexpected guests. Journey with Gandalf the Grey, a mysterious wizard, thirteen dwarves, and a hobbit...
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  • How is the Bilbo Baggins at the end of the novel different from the Bilbo Baggins in Chapter 1 in 'The Hobbit' by T.R. Tolkien?
    Everyone changes, especially in a different environment with different people. Bilbo Baggins is a good example. He changed from a timid, predictable hobbit to a clever, decisive, brave, loyal, responsible hobbit; he also gained a lot of confidence. His first change was when "something Tookish woke up inside him, and he wished to go see The Great Mountains." It was then when he realized he wanted an adventure; he really did wanted to go see the mountains, but then 'he shuddered; and very quickly...
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