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  • The Guest - 723 Words
    Sandra Newton Dr.Kay English 102 22 April 2013 The Guest “The Guest” is a short story about a schoolteacher who refuses to take sides in the colonial conflict in Algeria. The short story was written by Albert Camus, winning author, journalist and philosopher. The short story was first published in 1957. The story takes place in Algeria with two men climbing a rocky slope. Daru is a schoolmaster, who also lives in the school house. There is no school when it is a blizzard; all...
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  • The Guest - 2090 Words
    9-912-019 REV: MARCH 28, 2012 BENJAMIN EDELMAN MICHAEL LUCA Airbnb (A) In just four years, Airbnb had become a premier online marketplace where home owners and would-be bed-and-breakfast owners could turn vacant rooms into nightly rentals. Potential guests could simply log on and search for available rooms, transforming any house into a possible hotel. By July 2011, Airbnb was valued at $1 billion and had rented over 2 billion rooms since operations began in 2007. Airbnb created an online...
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  • Guest Relations - 956 Words
    Guest Relations In Hospitality Industry The Proposal Warren Hakel Management 005 Introduction Guest relations evolve around the Hospitality sector. Guest relation can be simply identified as providing goods and services to it’s guests and making sure the guests will want to use it’s services again. The hospitality industry is one of the oldest businesses in history. People have always gone out to eat sometimes and travelled...
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  • Hotel: the Guest - 788 Words
    Room and revenue management Utmost Hotel, similar to its name, the hotel aims to serve our guests with our five-star services which let the guests indulge in this utmost experience during their stay in the hotel. This luxurious hotel is located on a hilltop where this strategic location enables our guests to enjoy spectacular night view of the whole city, feeling as if the city is just under their feet. Our hotel is also a great place for bird-watching and this attracts many bird-lovers to...
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  • The Guest by Camus - 699 Words
    There are very few people who would argue that life is fair. Some might say that this unfairness comes from God's wrath at Adam's rebellion, some say it's the fact that human beings are so greedy that no matter what happens to them they believe it underwhelming compared to what they deserve. Albert Camus, in The Guest, proposes that there is a free choice that goes along with life and if the result seems unfair, it is because humans are out of synch with each other. Daru, the schoolmaster...
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  • The Guest and Reservation - 3741 Words
    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPE Rationale Computer nowadays makes work processes more efficient and reliable from manual operations of different firms. With the power of technology nowadays, people get interested with computers. They try to indulge themselves on it to have a productive result in a more efficient and time saving process. It is highly valued in institutions like business enterprises schools, hospitals, government and non-government services. Reservation and Billing...
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  • Guest Satisfaction - 3397 Words
    Introduction Guest satisfaction within the Hospitality Industry is very important and essential. Only when a restaurant exhibit satisfactory guest it can be successful for a longer period of time. Guests will only come back and spend more money when the particular establishment supplies their wants and needs. Many aspects can influence the satisfaction of guests. However one main aspect which can influence the satisfaction is the quality of staff members. They represent the restaurant and when...
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  • The Guest House - 3939 Words
    Xavier Cuevas Cuevas-1 of 11 LA 110, Narrative Storytelling, Mon/Fri, section 03 Instructor: James Sidel Class Time 12:00-2:50 Class Location: Northpoint Date of Submission: 7/26/2013 Short Story: The Guest House (Draft 4, word count 3,891) I closed my eyes and fell into an abyss of dreams and nightmares crafted by painful memories. I found myself walking through a golden field of crops in Northern Mississippi; at my side was my childhood crush, but before...
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  • Guest Cycle - 2273 Words
    Guest Cycle I- Guest Cycle: Introduction • The guest cycle describes the activities that each guest passes by from the moment he/she calls to communicate a reservation inquiry till he/she departs from the hotel. In fact, the guest cycle encompasses 4 different stages, which are depicted in the underneath, diagram: Pre-Arrival Þ Arrival Þ Occupancy Þ Departure • Each stage of the guest cycle is associated guest service, and guest accounting activity. 1. Guest services:...
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  • The Guest Questions - 469 Words
    The Guest #3) I think there are several reasons that Daru gave the prisoner freedom. First of all, Daru was very discontentedly about the policeman Balducci gave him the Arab prisoner and told him to take him to police headquarters at Tinguit. The journey is about twelve miles away. Because Daru is not willing to take the Arab, he could release him just because psychological rebellious of himself. Also there is a possibility that he release him because he does not like the violence at that...
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  • Guest Cycle - 674 Words
    Managing the Guest Cycle The guest cycle describes the activities that each guest passes by from the moment he/she calls to communicate a reservation inquiry until he/she departs from the hotel. The hotel guest stay cycle can be divided into four main stages. Within these four stages there are important task related to guest services and guest accounting. The Four Stages of Guest Cycle: 1. Pre-Arrival 2. Arrival 3. Occupancy 4. Departure Below is a description of the...
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  • Providing Impeccable guest Service
    PROVIDING IMPECCABLE GUEST SERVICES Providing impeccable guest services to hotel guest Claborn A. Young Columbia Southern University PROVIDING IMPECCABLE GUEST SERVICES When we define guest services, we think about the impeccable services that are provided to guest when they come to a limited or full service hotel. Guest services are important for it is the driving source of revenue for a hotel establishment. If the guest feels like they...
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  • Guest Service Paper - 740 Words
    Guest Service Paper Gregory Palmer University Of Phoenix Food and Beverage Management MGT/372 Jesus Vazquez May 13, 2013 Guest Service Paper The most recent dining experience was at the local Red Lobster restaurant. The first thing that happened was we were greeted well by the host or greeter. They asked us how many people are in our party. Once they found if a table was available they sat us down and said enjoy your meal and who will be out server. That was very nice because they were...
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  • The Guest and Eastern Manila Hotel
    Training Reflection I started my On-the-Job-Training at Eastern manila hotel last April 12, 2012. Actually, it was my first time to go there not knowing that after having my orientation about the things that they do in their office, I can already start working. At first, I was really nervous because I don’t have any working experience and also, it’s a new environment for me because I have to deal with people who are a lot older than I am. I was really shy for the first few...
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  • Guest Check Accountability - 343 Words
    Alec Sandra G. Alim Food and Beverage BSHRM 3-1D Prof. Torreon Guest Check Accountability A Guest Check is a form used in a food services establishment to record the customer orders and is presented afterwards for payment; also called check Accountability. Make your servers responsible for accounting all of their guest checks, at the end of the night, when they return these over to the manager duty. Rather than keeping a stack of guest checks for servers to pick up as they...
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  • Anchoring: the Convocation and Chief Guest
    Pravin: Ladies and Gentlemen, may I request you to please stand/rise as the Academic Procession consisting of Smt. Aarthy Sampathy, Chairperson, S.P. Sampathy’s **** ****** Educational Society and President and Chief Executive , S.P.Sampathy’s **** ****** Group of Institutions, the Presiding Officer of the 16th Convocation, the Chief Guest Sri D.K.Jain, President & Chairman, Luxor Group, and Guest of Hounour , Padmashri. Dr. Pritam Singh, Professor of Eminence, Management Development...
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  • With the Guest by Andrew Camus: Daru
    With the Guest by Andrew Camus: Daru We have had the opportunity in the last month to read many short story selections, giving us examples of many different things. When asked to pick a character to analyze it was a tough decision but I would have to go with the story that most interested me to choose my character. This story would be "With the Guest", written by Albert Camus. With the main character of this story is Daru. In the following paragraphs I will analyze the type of character...
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  • Practicum: the Guest and Dining Area
    PRACTICUM REPORT On CHOWKING 3RD Floor 186 Food Court. Soler, Recto Sta Elena. April 16, 2013 – May 13, 2014 In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course HRM – RESTAURANT PRACTICUM The University of Manila College of Hotel and Restaurant Management Samploc, Manila Submitted to: BENJAMIN S. JARAMILLA Submitted by: ELDRYN D. CABAL 1925 F. Varona St. Tondo Manila Submitted on: MAY 2014 Table of Content I. Introduction a. Name and General...
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  • Hotel Guest D - 3371 Words
    Guest Information Directory Design Workbook HOTEL SUPPLIER of the YEAR 2008 90 Day Promise We thank you for choosing RGI Publications, Inc. as the supplier of your in-room guest service directories. As your supplier, we want the production process of your directories to be a pleasant experience. We believe the timely delivery of the finished product will help build a strong business relationship, promote community support and ensure the continued sponsorship of your local business...
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  • Feben Traveller's Inn Guest Registration and Billing System
    FE-BEN TRAVELLER’S INN GUEST REGISTRATION AND BILLING SYSTEM __________________________________________ A System Development Project Presented to: Ms.Via Mae Enrile Colegio de Sta Rita San Carlos City, Negros Occidental ___________________________________________________________ In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Subject System Analysis and Design ______________________________________ By: Jorgia Hoshida BSIT III Joseph Mark Dante Magbanua BSIT III 2012 Table of...
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  • Solving Complain and Walk Away Guest Senario
    Title: Solving complain and walk away guest Characters: • Ms An, the guest. She just gets off the plane, she is tired. • Miss Eva, the assistant manager of front office. She worked in the hotel for 5 years. She is kind and willing to solve problems and complains. • Miss Diane, the receptionist. She is kind and has enthusiasms towards the work, but don’t have much experience in hospitality industry. Problem: Ms An comes to the hotel reception in the afternoon, she has guaranteed...
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  • Using Multi-Channel Marketing to Increase Guest Satisfaction and Awareness with the Pfresh Brand
    | 2013 | | Target Competition Proposal The Consultants | [Using multi-channel marketing to increase guest satisfaction and awareness with the pfresh brand] | [Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document.] | 1.0 Executive Summary Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN target is a large, multi-national...
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  • Stay Fit Housing Partners with Soothe Massage Service to Enhance Guest Wellness
    PressReleasePing Stay Fit Housing Partners with Soothe Massage Service to Enhance Guest Wellness Stay Fit Housing teams up with Soothe to be the official massage service for Stay Fit Housing guests. LOS ANGELES, CA, August 18, 2014 /PressReleasePing/ – Stay Fit Housing LLC, a corporate housing and wellness company based in Los Angeles and New York City, announces a partnership with Soothe to be the official massage service for Stay Fit Housing guests. Soothe makes it easy and...
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  • Case Diagram - 412 Words
    Executive Summary Overview The purpose of the Stonebrook Resort Survey Project (SRSP) is to improve the current guest satisfaction survey process. The scope of the project is to improve the way the guest survey responses are captured, stored and tracked. Additionally, it will help the Marketing department identify “happy” guests in order to provide these guests with resort promotions. The purposed solution is to install the Survey Management Application (SMA) on hotel computers....
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  • Information System - 1228 Words
    3.0 INFORMATION SYSTEM 3.1 Information System In Hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar Hotel Seri Malaysia Kangar is currently using the Guest Centrix system. Being the first Hotel Seri Malaysia branch and the earlier hotel amongst hotels in Malaysia that using and implement the Guest Centrix system in their management. Guest Centrix system has built integration with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, e-mail and many other. It offers a stable and friendly user-interface, improved by the wary use of...
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  • Rewarding Loyalty - 821 Words
    Cabo San Viejo guests are looking for wellness vacation and will spare no expense to get just that. Hailing from all over the world, over 70% of guests are women with household incomes greater than $150K. Located in the majestic San Bernardino Mountains, guests experience spa and wellness services, outdoor activities, pampering, and tranquility. With accommodations and services averaging over $600 a day, the expectations of Cabo San Viejo guests have increased over time. To keep them...
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  • Service Sequence - 3426 Words
    Т НС Hospitality Training Consultant in a Fine Dining Restaurant Learning Objectives Т НС Hospitality Training Consultant On the completion of this chapter, you will have a good understanding of the following:  The sequence of dining room table service from welcoming to bidding guest goodbye  The bussing service Introduction Т НС Hospitality Training Consultant The objective of food service procedure is to meet the needs of the guests and to...
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  • wedding - 407 Words
    Toilet Paper and Stick This is a great game for those who don't mind a little risqué fun! Divide the guests into teams and have the teams appoint captains. Then, give each captain a broomstick or pole and ask them to stand against a wall, holding the pole between their legs. Give the other team members rolls of toilet paper. The goal of the game is for each team member to cross the room to their team's pole with the roll of toilet paper between their legs (no hands!). The first team with all...
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  • ritz carlton - 471 Words
     Case Study 2, The Ritz Carlton: Using Information System to Page 1 of 2 Better Serve the Customer In order to win customer’s loyalty, service company providers nowadays need not only to simply meet the customers’ requirements. To satisfy customers’ and win their loyalty, exceptional services should be given by the service providers. Keeping in tract of the personal preferences of the customers, dealing with them warmly and satisfying their needs would make them a patron of your company...
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  • Summary of Inturnship Experience - 623 Words
    There are many approaches, strategies, techniques, methods, or styles floating in the internship atmosphere but there is no such thing as perfect approach, perfect strategy, perfect method, perfect technique, or perfect style because at the end of the day it is all about how the intern delivers his skills and how they cater pressure. In my 31 days of internship I have learned that everything should start on a plan, I started with the visualization on how I will make my task easier yet...
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  • System Analysis - 3287 Words
    CROSS COLLEGE ASSIGNMENT BRIEF COURSE NAME / CODE|BTEC National Extended Diploma in IT (Software) / NV402| UNIT / MODULE / K/F SKILL / CODE|3 – Information Systems| LEVEL|3| ASSIGNMENT TITLE|Assignment 2 – The case study| LECTURER/ASSESSOR|Ziad Bouji| ISSUE DATE|15/03/2013| DEADLINE DATE|15/05/2013| RETURN MARKED WORK TO STUDENT DATE|| Student declaration I declare that this assignment is all my own work and the sources of information and material I have used (including the...
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  • Sample of an Internship Report - 2966 Words
    [pic] BHTM 450: Internship in Hospitality& tourism Summer 9.10- Beirut campus Prepared by: …………………………. Presented to: Dr. Baghdadi Ibrahim [pic] Training at the F&B department Summer 9/10 Dedication ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Table of content Introduction Fact sheet Outlet summary sheet Daily service duties Practical techniques Job breakdown Conclusion List of...
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  • The Importance of Punctuality - 326 Words
    Today I will talk about doing the right thing, being in the right place, at the right time. Punctuality is one of the many ways to show professionalism. My goals in the army are high and in to days army you have to be perceived as a high speed soldier. Perception is the key to success, now that I have missed formation people look down on me. Trying and doing, unprofessional soldier say things like "I will try to complete the mission sergeant." While professional soldier make statements like...
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  • Gfdhf - 17920 Words
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  • 1. Airbnb and Ebay Are Similar in That Both Companies Run Online Marketplaces That ‘Match’ Buyers with Sellers. How Should Airbnb’s Reputation System Differ from That of Ebay?
    1. Airbnb and eBay are similar in that both companies run online marketplaces that ‘match’ buyers with sellers. How should Airbnb’s reputation system differ from that of eBay? Although both Airbnb and eBay provide online marketplaces to match buyers and sellers, Airbnb focuses on one specific area: online marketplace for accommodations whereas eBay runs online marketplaces in a much broader scope, from Fashion items electronics all the way to collectibles, in other words, the transactions...
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  • the wolf - 368 Words
    EXERCISE A.3 Name:__Matthew gordon_____________________________ Date:___2/18/14_____________ Revise these sentences, putting the modifiers where they belong. 1. Sometimes it is profitable to buy an older home that needs a lot of repairs in a nice neighborhood. Sometimes it is profitable to buy an older home that needs a lot of repairs in a nice neighborhood. 2. Hector wrote his report at the last minute, in the back of his notebook while riding the bus to campus. Hector...
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  • Marketing - 813 Words
    SWOT S * Unique, unpopular, perspective type of tour especially in Vietnam * New services, activities held up: some agricultural activities, cooking traditional foods, visiting the craft village and doing charity... * Active, enthusiatic, well-educated employees | W * New company, low reputation, small scale due to limited capital * Place: far from central area, having some difficulties in finding the suitable place * The tour may takes much time to travel among tourist...
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  • Learnings - 453 Words
    Learning’s in OJT All HRM Students have their OJT’s in different restaurants, we were assigned in Stad.We started on April 27, 2012.I together with Rhems Tugas, Andrea Sagmit, Kaydee Gracia, Jerica Sarondo.We were oriented but in the middle of last April. I started the OJT in Stad is quite enjoying but the staff are so funny because they elaborated some menu to teach us how to cook it. And we do it well; I was surprised on the proper ways of how to communicate to customers with smile. The...
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  • Code of Conduct - 595 Words
    1. All employees will report for duty a ahead of 10 minutes prior to the start time to ensure that they are on time for duty. 2. Staff is not permitted to chew gum 3. Staff is not permitted to smoke in any area of the Hotel 4. Staff are not allowed to wear any decorative or any form of costume jewelry on their uniforms at any time. Only items which are stated in the Staff Handbook, as issued by the Human Resource Dept. 5. No Jewelry will be worn at any time. The only exception...
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  • Let's Get the Party Started
    Let’s Get The Party Started Once in a while, I receive invitations from my relatives and my friends. Sometimes it’s for a birthday party, a christening, a wedding, or simply just for a get together party in someone‘s house. Many people enjoy themselves by throwing a house party for their family and friends. Some parties are simple and others are extravagant. Whatever kind of party it is, its success really depends on the host. Organizing a party is a big responsibility because you have a lot...
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  • How to Make a Surprise Party
    How to make a surprise party People always love a surprise. That makes them feel more excited than they expect. So, sometimes people celebrate a surprise party for their friends to make the party more meaningful. Arranging a surprise party is not difficult when you follow these steps: keep the secret from the guest of honor, prepare for the party and confirm the guests. The first step, you need to keep a secret from the guest of honor. We also need to finds out his schedule to make sure...
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  • Shangri La Group - 637 Words
    Vision and Mission Through the years, Shangri-La group philosophy has been “Shangri-La Hospitality from a caring family.” They always believed in the unique features captured by Asian hospitality. They promise to provide guests with distinctive Asian standards of hospitality and provide excellence service to customers to assists them to stand out among their peers. The key of the Shangri-La brand was marinated in offering customers a memorable experience by mixing local cultures, glamorous art...
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  • Thesis - 1883 Words
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  • How to Plan a Child's Birthday Party
    How to Plan a Child’s Birthday Party It is that time of year again; your child’s birthday is just around the corner. There is so much to do to get ready for their party, but where does one begin? Planning a child’s birthday party can be fun, exciting and sometimes hectic. However, the anticipation that we as parents feel waiting for our child’s reaction outweighs most of the problems that might arise. When planning a child’s birthday party there are many important details to remember: the...
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  • Front Office Management - 1680 Words
    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION TO FRONT OFFICE ▪ Explain the key features of Property Management Systems. ▪ Describe common accommodation venue structures. ▪ Identify guests and target markets. ▪ Understand the cycle of service. What is Front Office? It is the face of the hotel. It also the heart of the venue, if not physically, then certainly operationally. Property Management Systems - A system of keeping track of and controlling financial and non...
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  • Narrative Report - 868 Words
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  • hotel computerized billing system
    BOLOS LODGING HOUSE COMPUTERIZED ACCOMODATION AND BILLING SYSTEM A Capstone Project Presented to the Faculty of the College of Sciences Palawan State University In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology BY: Abdirasid, Nor-ain Attang, Ainisa M. Ariñez. Meljoy V. Hashim, Nina T. Background of the Project The management business billing of a lodging house system was...
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  • Housekeeping - 940 Words
    CORE COMPETENCIES UNIT OF COMPETENCY: PROVIDE HOUSEKEEPING SERVICES TO GUESTS UNIT CODE : TRS512307 UNIT DESCRIPTOR : This unit of competency deals with the skills and knowledge required to provide a range of general housekeeping services to guests. ELEMENT PERFORMANCE CRITERIA Italicized terms are elaborated in the Range of Variables 1. Handle housekeeping requests 1 Requests are handled in a polite and friendly manner in accordance with the...
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  • Practicum Report - 2159 Words
    DISCOVERY SHORES BORACAY ON THE JOB TRAINING REPORT FOOD AND BEVERAGE DEPARTMENT Three important characteristics of an F&B staff * Responsible- An F&B staff should always be responsible when it comes to his/her work. Should be responsible in whatever he/she do. He/she should know what is his/her responsibility once in the workplace. Responsible in taking actions if there are conflicts or complains from the guests. * Honest- An F&B staff should be honest at all times. *...
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  • No Title - 738 Words
    Anchoring Script For Annual Function Annual Function is celebrated by many organisations (school/college/institute/university etc.) for completing a successful year. In this article complete information on anchoring script for Annual Function is provided. Welcome ceremony: To start the welcome ceremony first wish to all the present audience according to time i.e. Good morning/ good afternoon/ good evening to all of you; On the behalf of the ....Organisation....Name..... I ...First...Anchor...
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  • Throwing the Perfect Party - 625 Words
    Brittney Liston Professor Thomas English Comp. I September 26, 2011 Throwing the Perfect Party Throwing the perfect party requires a lot of planning because the party planner’s reputation will be put in the spotlight. Rather it being a party that goes well or if it’s a total disaster. Hosting a party can be stressful if the proper amount of time is not used wisely in planning the party. Lots of people have failed and very few have succeeded in creating the perfect party depending on the...
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  • Airbnb Case - 973 Words
    Tyler Gendron 661082631 Airbnb Case There are several key issues that Airbnb faces throughout the case. The biggest key issue that the company faces is maintaining the trust of their market participants, both hosts and guests. It became hard for hosts to trust who they were renting their room, apartment, or house to after several previous hosts had their places destroyed and valuable items stolen. It also became hard for guests to trust the room that they were renting after several...
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  • Resume Smile - 855 Words
    Ysmael M. Guzman Blk 13 Upper Boon Keng Road, #17-951 Singapore 380013 +6598105703 Objective Through my experiences, I am ready to expand my horizons and ready for the challenges I will encounter in the future Background Currently working at Raffles City Convention Center as a banquet server. Being an hotelier for the past years, enabled and given me potential to grow further. Being in the Food and Beverage service empowered me to do my passion for marketing,...
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  • Timeline and Checklist for Event Planning
    1. Operational Plan The operational plan which was created for the event was extremely beneficial and it directed the Land 2 Air event to success with minimal errors possible. During the event, each team performed their tasks and completed them efficiently and effectively. Majority of segments from operational plan went according to plan, all colleagues were presentable, and exceeding requirements and all the decorations arrived early and were set up effectively. Teamwork could really be...
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  • Tqm Hotel Escargo - 537 Words
    Please see the attachment and its four sheets. STEP 1 Check in: The examination of the charts will reveal the following improvements. The customer at the time of reservation is required to fill in the credit card details and expected check in times. These are required fields and a reservation is not booked until these details are entered. With reservation the details automatically get entered into the customer data store. The policy is to keep a segment of the rooms ready and keep the...
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  • Interaction: Sales and Ce Manager
    Front Office Interaction with Other Departments in the Hotel The front office staffs interacts with all departments of the hotel, including marketing and sales, housekeeping, food and beverage, banquet, controller, maintenance, security, and human resources. These departments view the front office as a communication liaison in providing guest services. Each of the departments has a unique communication link with the front office staff. Food and Beverage Department ...
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  • practicum report - 2060 Words
     PRACTICUM REPORT On Royale Tagaytay Country Club Inc. Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirement for the Course WILN01H - Practicum Lyceum of the Philippines University College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management General Trias Cavite Submitted to: Submitted by: Submitted on: May 31, 2012 Training Period: March 31 2012 – May 15 2012 Table of Contents I. Introduction...
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  • The Dinner Party - 282 Words
     The Dinner Party “The Dinner Party” by Mona Gardner is a realistic fiction piece of writing about anyone, regardless of gender, having self-control. In India, a colonel official and his wife were having a dinner party with their guests- army officers, government attachés with their wives, and an American naturalist. Later a young girl argues that women don’t on chairs at the sight of a mouse anymore and have self-control, the colonel says that they still do jump on chairs and don’t have...
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  • marketing - 2727 Words
     Part I: Basic description of the Service Organization Part I: Basic description of the Service Organization The first thing I did for this project was contacted Alys Beach. I told them I would be doing a project on them, and they were more than willing to answer any questions I had. Brief History: Alys Beach is located in Panama City, Florida, six miles east of Seaside. Two sisters and two brothers started it in the early...
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  • Importance of Place in Rime of the Ancient Mariner
    fWrite about the importance of place in the telling of the story in parts one to four of the ‘Rime of the ancient mariner’. In the beginning, the poem is set outside of a church just before the wedding guest is about to cross the threshold into the church to witness the wedding. This is also a pivotal part of the poem as this is where the mariner tells his story to the guest. This creates a joyous atmosphere at the beginning, ‘The guests are met, the feast is set, may’st you hear the merry...
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  • Service Quilt - 357 Words
    Service Philosophy Everyone can provide service, but few can provide exceptional service. It all begins with putting your guest and their needs as your priorities. You have to be willing to give your guest the attention and respect they deserve. It is essential to always remember that you have the power to change their day and mood. “Miss no single opportunity of making some small sacrifice, here by a smiling look, there by a kindly word; always doing the smallest right and doing it all for...
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  • Role of a Butler - 540 Words
    ROLE OF A BUTLER Throughout history, the word “butler” has always been associated with service. The dictionary defines a butler as "The principal manservant of a household." This definition remains true even when the butler is employed in a hotel. When a guest checks in and has occupied his suite, then this becomes his household. The butler caring for him becomes the "manager" of the suite (household) and in effect an employee of the guest. Services butlers offer differ from place to place,...
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  • current tourism issues in jamaica
     Name: sabrina platt knox community college school of hospitality and tourism September 25, 2013 mrs thompson A. Review comments and create strategies to capitalize on two of the positive comments. “The transformation has been incredible to watch as the renovations have been completed. Although they are still remodelling, any inconvenience that may occur is at a minimal. The entire staffs have excellent customer service no matter what your need or want may be.” This was...
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  • Htt 250 - Checkpoint - Pos Front Office
    The front office plays a key role in promoting other hotel services as they are a main and considerable point of communication with the guests. Guests must go through the front office for check-in and check-out; this is the greatest opportunity for front office staff to engage the guests and inform them of other services the hotel offers; for instance, food and beverage, spa services, guest shop, room upgrades, and more. For a brainstorming session for an effective point-of-sale front office I...
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  • quinceanera planning - 574 Words
     1 to 2 Years Before Your Quinceanera: Determine your budget. Set the date for your Quinceanera. Book the church. (Don't forget to book a rehearsal so that the quinceanera, her court of honor and her family can have a walk-through before the big day.) Book the priest/minister. (if applicable.) Book the reception site. Book caterer if reception location does not offer on site catering. Book the entertainment for the party: DJ, mariachi, and/or band. Book transportation for the...
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  • my BABY BOY - 658 Words
    Andrew Benedict A. Montilla PRACTI01-Midterm Reaction Paper 11063645 GREEN CUISINE Section- HH1 Chef Mae Montalban My experience at the Green Cuisine has been fun yet hard at the same time. We have been taught how to work together as a team. At first, I didn’t even know my co-workers until now we treat each other like brothers and sisters. At first, I am not really in...
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  • My book - 2079 Words
    Social. Life is possible only when we have friends and family around us all the time ;late night parties and gossiping on phone, but did you ever thought about animated or fictitious n-dead people (zombies) rose by magical.means ,has a wonderful social life of their own. I like.zombies.the most. However they are frightening and dangerous too. But.I will always like to meet them once. Zombies are meeting after 1000 years .for a reunion party. Some of them died recently and some died 500 years...
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  • Dining room operational report
    2,032 Words | 15 Pages
  • dasfasf - 274 Words
    Summary To be a house-guest there are many responsibilities such as schedule which, a perfect house-guest would call ahead that they are coming and commit to the time they are arriving and leaving. Guests should know how long to stay at someone else’s place and not stay too long to make the person who owns the house annoyed of them. Another responsibility is that a guest should come with gifts to show appreciation. The gift does not have to be something expensive, just to show that you respect...
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  • Hospitality Management - 1092 Words
     Definition of Hospitality Management University of Phoenix Definition of Hospitality Management What is Hospitality Management? Simply defined, Hospitality Management is the administration of policies and procedures relating to aspects of the hospitality industry/ industries such as hotels, motels, tourist attractions so on and so forth. Managing such categories may include indirect or direct supervision, administrative duties, critical thinking and a willingness to do what needs...
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  • Scripts - 758 Words
    Before Introduction Good evening ladies & gentlemen. As event will be beginning shortly, may we invite everyone to kindly take your seats. Thank you. Introduction Good evening [_____________, ____________] ladies and gentlemen. I’m ___________ and I’m __________ we will be your emcees for this evening. On behalf of Linglingay Association, we would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to grace this blissful occasion. So relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. Opening...
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  • none - 311 Words
     August , 2013 Mrs. Mernita V. Bandoy School Director PWU-CDCEC Calamba Dear Madam, As Supreme Student Council, we are tasked to organize and coordinate activities based on the clamor of all the students. In line with this, we would like to seek your approval for the proposed activities for the first semester, S.Y. 2013-2014: Battle of the Band When: September 27, 2013 (Friday) Who: For all students who are willing to participate. Why: To promote unity by expressing oneself...
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  • The Landlady - 613 Words
    1.0 The Landlady Summary The story is about a traveler, Billy Weaver who had never been to Bath. As he tried to find a place to stay, a porter suggested him The Bell and Dragon. As he walked down the road, a strange thing happened and he found himself ringing the bell of Bed and Breakfast. A woman was standing in front of the door with a warm welcoming smile. He agreed to stay for five and sixpence a night. The place was seldom visited but the landlady seemed to be ready for a visitor. She...
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  • online reservation and billing - 873 Words
    Chapter 1 I. Introduction 1. Project Rationale Computer today is a vital tool for the management of information within the organization. Today, most of the hotels and resorts provide goods and services using computer system. It helps to perform task in an easy way with less time consumed. Some companies become fully automated while others strive for the similar setting. Today, many systems have used an automation process like using computer system, due to the efficient and accuracy. Hotel...
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  • Curriculum Vitae - 444 Words
    Mount Edgecombe Runaway Bay P.O St Ann Jamaica September 23, 2013 Royalton White Sands Resort & Spa Cooper’s Pen Falmouth Jamaica Dear Mr Richards, I am hereby applying for the position of Laundry Supervisor which was advertised in the Sunday Gleaner on September 22, 2013. I would consider myself an excellent candidate for the position. I am a competent communicator, able to work on my own initiative or as a part of a team while adhering to your organization’s policies and stipulations. I...
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  • The Welcome Speech - 505 Words
    The Welcome Speech is must in a formal meeting. It is normally the president who delivers the welcome speech or the welcome address as it is formally known. Some guidelines : 1. Salutation : This is the first formal speech in a meeting. It is the duty of the speechmaker to start building a bridge between the audience and the people on the dais (Incidentally, the stage is called Dais pronounced dayis and not dayas) and so, his salutation will include the names and designations of all the...
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  • Btec 3 Hospitality: Reception and Accommodation Management
    Course Title: BTEC Level 3 Cert. In Hospitality Study Unit Title: Reception and Accommodation Management Test Paper: 40252/03 Student Reg. No: 20901513 Name: Maria Dellaporta Date: 01 October 2012 1. What roles might you find within the rooms division of a hotel? Under the umbrella of the room division one might find: • Housekeeping (maids, housekeepers etc) • Front office personnel (receptionist, guest service managers, night auditors etc) • Concierge and porters • Maintenance...
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  • practicum report - 3720 Words
    TRINITYUNIVERSITY OF ASIA COLLEGE OF HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM MANAGEMENT PRACTICUM REPORT ON Robinson’s Magnolia Branch Training Period: December 09, 2013 to January 22, 2014 (line 17) As partial fulfillment of the requirements of the course HRM 125 AND HRM 126- Practicum For the completion of the program Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management Submitted by: March 2014 I. INTRODUCTION Max's of...
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  • Front Office Management paper
    Question: Discuss the need for clear procedures to be set for the pre- arrival stage of the guest cycle By: xxxx For: xxxx Unit: xxxx Submission Date: xxxx Abstract: This report is aimed to discuss the need for clear procedures to be set for the pre-arrival stage of the guest cycle. The pre arrival stages in a guest cycle entail services that are executed by people or other relevant systems (like software) to deliver the best to the guests. Reservations are an...
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  • narrative report boracay - 3911 Words
    Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas City College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management Narrative Report on Food and Beverage Best Western Boracay Tropics Resort Hotel Boracay Island Malay, Aklan February 3-14 2015 In Partial fulfillment of the requirement for the course TOUR 10A For the degree in Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management Specialized in Hotel and Restaurant Administration Submitted by: Rodriguez, Angelica D. Submitted to:...
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  • Filipino Hospitality - 268 Words
    HOSPITALITY— A common trait Filipinos are very known for. Foreigners who have experienced traveling around the country can verify it. It is said that Filipinos are much friendlier and welcoming than other people in the world. They make sure that their visitors are treated well and entertained even they just met at the first time. They always tend to pleased them in the best way they can. They sometimes forget themselves for they want to give the best for their visitors. These are some aspects...
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  • Business Research Project Part 5 Week 6
     Business Research Project Part 5: Research Report and Presentation Robert Robinson, Valerye Rogers, Troy Fountain QNT/561- Applied Business Research & Statistics October 13, 2014 Dr. Robert Kalle, Instructor Business Research Project Part 5: Research and Presentation In the following, the learning team will revise the Business Research Project. The team will collect all the individual papers from week 5 and will incorporate the best elements into one team inferential...
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  • Ojt Narative Report - 842 Words
    Description of the Area Thai me up and Fil me up is one of the best restaurants offering great Thai foods and Filipino foods in one location. It has two cuisines, the one is exclusive for Filipino foods and the other is exclusive for Thai foods. It is located in Capistrano-Mabini St., Cagayan de Oro City in front of the Skills Mastery Institute (SMI) School. It is the most convenient place to have a family event, birthday party, wedding receptions and business meetings. Specific Task Done As...
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  • The Job I Like the Most
    Why I Like Working At Clementon Park and Splash World In the summer time college students need a job. I got a job at Clementon Park and Splash World as a security guard. I enjoy myself working there. Clementon Park and Splash World is more than just a workplace. It’s like your home. The guest and employees are your family. I like working at Clementon Park and Splash World because it is friendly, flexible hours and easy. It’s easy with being a security guard because my post is at the...
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  • Assignment Questions: Cabo San Viejo, Harvard Business Case
    Harvard Business Case Cabo San Viejo: Rewarding Loyalty 1. What are the characteristics of Cabo San Viejo‘s customer base? In general the customer base in summer differs slightly from the one rest of the year due to reductions in price to maintain optimum occupancy levels. 70% to 80% of the guest are female, affluent and middle-aged. 82% of the guests base have a household income of over $150K, however, in winter the percentage of guests with HHI > 150K drops to 59%. Palm Springs...
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  • Practicum Narrative Report - 1516 Words
    -A "ONE-STEP HIGHER" AT MAX'S RESTAURANT, QUEZON AVE.,QUEZON CITY- I am very happy that I had my practicum at Max's Restaurant, Quezon Avenue. Being part of the lovable people of Max's is really great and it was very memorable for me. I applied at Max's through online so I was surprised that it only took me one day waiting for their confirmation if I'm hired or not but thanks God- it's positive. :) Specifically, I applied for CSA (Customer Sevice Attendant) for I know that it could really...
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  • Final Solution by Mahesh Dattani
    The Guest Summary The Guest follows the story of Daru, who is a schoolteacher in a remote plateau region. The area has gone through a draught, but recently a blizzard has passed through, leaving everything covered in snow. This has kept away Daru's pupils. The narrative opens as Daru watches two men approach his schoolhouse. He watches them climb the hill. One of the men, a gendarme named Balducci, is very familiar to Daru. He leads an Arab prisoner who has been accused of murdering his...
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  • jabba jig johg swahile fredswt yuiop,
    ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE OF NEW HOTEL INTRODUCTION This operations manual is made for the work process and culture of Zafike Royal Hotel, Eyean. The aim and objective of the document are to streamline how the hotel’s processing of its activities are to be carried out and their control and it is without any prejudice to any other known work culture but designed to meet the particular circumstances of Zafike Royal Hotel....
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  • Fy. Bba(H) Unit 4. Reservation & Information
    UNIT 4 – Reservation & Information Definition of Reservation ‘Reservation is a process of booking or blocking of room (s) for future guest for particular period of time’. Reservation is the process of booking a room prior to the arrival of the guest so that the room is available at the time the guest checks in. The Reservation process involves taking the guest’s requests for a particular room if any, at an agreed price and recording such request precisely before confirming the reservation....
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  • Gym Rules - 813 Words
    ------------------------------------------------- Gym Rules and Regulations Gold’s Gym Rules & Regulations In order to make our facilities clean, safe, and enjoyable for all members, it is necessary for us to provide certain rules and regulations and to uniformly enforce them. Gold's Gym reserves the right to alter and/or add to the rules in order to maintain the best possible exercising environment. Please familiarize yourself with the following rules: Check-In Procedures On every...
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  • How to Plan a Party - 995 Words
    How to plan a Party When planning any kind of party you need to follow some simple steps to have a perfect party. A couple things you will need to get started is to determine what the party is for. Then you can determine where the party is going to take place you will also need to determine the time and date, guest list, invitations, food, drinks, decorations and of course entertainment. First you need to decide what your party is for and where it’s going to take place. For example...
    995 Words | 3 Pages
    FOOD & BEVERAGE PROCEDURES Table of Contents Procedures Page Restaurant 2 Bars 4 Conference & Banquets 5 Room Service 6 Key Performance Indicators 7 1|P a g e FOOD & BEVERAGE PROCEDURES DEPARTMENT PROCEDURE SCOPE PURPOSE FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE Restaurant Restaurant service Ensure efficient performance in the restaurant BREAKFAST After Dinner service  Change the dirty table cloths in the restaurant.  Set the basic mise-en-place on the tables - clean linen, cutlery and...
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  • The factors which influence to TESCO AND COCA-COLA company to recruit, including internal and external sources
    Introduction Dear Uncle and Aunt In this project , I will be preparing the documents used in selection and recruitment activities in order to construct a job description ,person specification and job advertisement for a graduate trainee manager , a letter inviting the candidate to interview and my CV Job Description Trainee managers have to be a young member of staff who of trained thoroughly to take responsibility of a management position . Most of the businesses want to recruit...
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  • Hotel Personnel - 1223 Words
    PERSONNEL: DUTIES, FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES HOTEL DIRECTOR The Hotel Director is responsible for all hotel departments onboard and supervises all "hotel" department heads to ensure company standards and procedures are being upheld, in an effort to maximize guest service and satisfaction. The Hotel Director oversees crew morale onboard and allocates crew cabins. They are directly involved in the maximization of onboard revenues and will monitor and control expenses and requisitions...
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  • Fully Automated Package Plan Accounting
    Fully Automated Package Plan Accounting How to maximize revenues and accurately account for revenue spent in your outlets by guests on a package plan. By: Tim Yellak President, CSS Hotels Systems June 2012 Fully Automated Package Plan Accounting The practice of selling package plans has been utilized in the hospitality industry to increase occupancy and revenue. Accounting for a package however, creates complicated accounting issues. This paper will not only look at some of the...
    1,874 Words | 5 Pages
  • Quality of Hospitality Service - 1232 Words
    QUALITY OF HOSPITALITY SERVICE A CHALLENGE Delivering quality service will be one of the major challenges facing hospitality managers in the opening years of the next millennium. It will be an essential condition for success in the emerging, keenly competitive, global hospitality markets. While the future importance of delivering quality hospitality service is easy to discern and to agree on, doing so presents some difficult and intriguing management issues. Since the delivery of hospitality...
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  • The Top 4 Challenges Facing Hospitality Today
    Top 4 Hospitality Challenges Today 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Hospitality business model is characterized by high fixed-costs and variable income. Fluctuations in occupancy and room-rate demand tight cost control. Yet the increasing expectations of Gen-Y Guests won’t tolerate less than excellent service. A hard equation to balance. In some parts of the world, the competitive bar is raised higher by the condensed proximity of the finest and most attractive destinations. And – it’s...
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  • Favorite Restuarant - 677 Words
    My Favorite Restaurant Every year for my birthday we go out as a family to my favorite restaurant, Benihana! For those of you that are ready to have a good time with family or friends this place is definitely the place to go, but it is best to book a reservation ahead of time it isn’t a secret to society. Benihana is an all-time favorite restaurant of mine, with great location, unforgettable entertainment and an excellent menu choice. Benihana is an all-time favorite restaurant of mine...
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  • Anchoring Script for Convocation Ceremony
    Anchoring Script For PRIZE DISTRIBUTION I: Ladies and Gentlemen, may I request you to please stand/rise as chief guest have just entered the hall. (AFTER THE MEMBERS OF THE PROCESSION HAVE TAKEN THEIR SEATS) Thank you ladies and Gentlemen, you may please be seated. (if needed) II: Ladies and Gentlemen, a very good afternoon to one and all. It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the prize distribution ceremony of the……………... This is a much awaited event in every...
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  • E-Mail Writing Sample
    Management responses from Daydream Island Resort Dear Mr. Mahon, Thank you very much for the feedback with regard to your recent stay on Daydream Island. It is certainly disappointing to hear that Daydream did not meet with your expectations on your visit. As you can appreciate your visit coincided with the traditional school holiday period, which is a time when families choose to holiday and spend time with their children. Daydream Island does cater to all travelers including...
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