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  • Climax and Anticlimax - 1678 Words
    1.The meaning of climax and anticlimax The Greek word climax means “ladder”; the Latin gradatio means “ascent, climbing up”. In climax we deal with strings of synonyms or at least semantically related words belonging to the same thematic group.[4, p. 155] According to Efimov L. P., climax (or Gradation) – is the figure of unequality, which consists in arranging the utterance so that each subsequent component of it increases significance, importance or emotional tension of narration.[1, p. 69]...
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  • How does Tennessee Williams build up dramatic tension between Blanche DuBois and Stanley Kowalski in Scene 10 to make it a theatrical climax of A Streetcar named Desire?
    Tennessee Williams achieves dramatic tension in the play through the interactions between characters, symbolism of characters, effective use of music and sound effects, words and setting. He does not use Acts, but divides the play into eleven scenes, as with all other scenes, Scene 10 naturally leads to a dramatic climax. He creates dramatic tension in “A Streetcar Named Desire” through the antagonism between Blanche and Stanley. Blanche’s dislike and condescending opinion towards Stanley are...
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  • How I Learned to Drive Analysis
    How I Learned To Drive Analysis Paper In Paula Vogel’s “How I Learned to Drive”, we follow our protagonist nicknamed “Lil Bit” on a gut wrenching, and downright disturbing journey through her adolescence, told as a series of narrations, monologues, and flashbacks with the occasional interjection of a PSA like voice over. The play recounts the physical and emotional abuse Lil Bit encountered from the ages of eleven to eighteen at the hands of her uncle Peck, while he teaches her to drive....
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  • From a Game of Polo with a Headless Goat Notes
    Note Summary Form/ Text type & Purpose: Travel writing, to inform the reader of unknown tradition and concepts and introducing various issues. Levine chooses to explore this using sports and other traditional forms of entertainment. Audience: Emma Levine does not specify her targeted audience although she hopes to appeal to travelers. Not only does she write to inform travelers, her writing style suggests that she attempts to fulfill her reader’s general interests, promoting her travels and...
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  • English Home Reading Project
    English project Apt Pupil Plot Todd Bowden is a boy who wants to be a detective when he gets older. He has been doing good in school and in his free time he runs background checks on people he sees. His neighbor Mr. Dussander was one of the people he did this too. He found out that he was using a fake name and was once referred to as the blood fiend of patin the only true thing about his life was that he was very old. When Todd confronts him about it he realizes that this secret is bigger...
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  • I Had a Job I Liked Once by Guy Vanderhaeghe
    I Had a Job I liked. Once. Guy Vanderhaegh takes us back a few decades in the retelling of a court case in small town, Saskatchewan in the play, “I Had a Job I liked. Once.” Using elements of style, staging and developing characters throughout the play Vanderhaegh portrays to the audience the theme of the biases and prejudices that come with living in a small town. The story is set in small town Saskatchewan in a police station office, on the night of August of 1957. Corporal Heasman has...
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  • Analysis of the Rocking-Horse Winner
    The conflict in the story involves the mother not feeling content, because she believes she married into an unlucky family. This feeling of unhappiness led her to believe that she feels no love towards her children. The conflict of the story helped to develop the theme: her son Paul can sense the tension in the house and can hear the house whisper “there must be more money”; because of this, he rides his rocking-horse until he goes into a clairvoyant phase where he sees the winning horse of the...
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  • A Game of Polo with a Headless Goat
    A Game of Polo with a Headless Goat Background This extract comes from a book which was written as a spin-off from Emma Levine’s television series about strange and unusual sports. It is a travelogue (a book which describes travel in a foreign country) in which she describes these sports, the people involved and her experiences of filming them. In doing so, she gives an insight not just into the sports themselves, but into the lives and culture of the people who take part in (and watch)...
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  • Questions on Twilight's New Moon
     Rylee Campbell 1/4/14 P.4 Reading Counts Chapters 6-10 A) Jacob’s best friends, show up in the garage as Jacob is working on the bikes with Bella. They tease him about Bella, which makes Jacob nervous. For the first time since Edward’s departure, Bella sleeps without dreaming or screaming. Bella and Jacob spend the day together looking for motorcycle parts. Again, Bella is surprised by how much she enjoys herself in his company. Yet, despite...
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  • Love - 796 Words
    “A & P” Questions 1. Updike arranges details artfully in order to set the story in a perfectly ordinary supermarket. His description of the appearance of the supermarket itself offers a vivid image. Updike talks about a girl in a bathing suit “in the cool of the A & P, under the fluorescent lights, against all those stacked packages, with her feet padding along naked over our checkerboard green-and-cream rubber-tile floor” (14). This offers the perfect description of a modern...
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  • A View from the Bridge: the Final Scene
    A view from the bridge- The final scene of act one is important because Eddie loses his power to Marco who is an immigrant. In this scene it is the highest point of tension. It is the climax. This play is a tragedy and a traditional tragedy always has climax in the middle which this play has, because it has its turning point in the middle, it fits into the structure of ‘tragedy.’ The audience may feel tension and start questioning about Eddie’s further steps. Arthur Miller uses dramatic...
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  • An Analysis of the Play A Streetcar Named Desire
    The story deals around Stella, who is pushed around by the other main characters. I The first scene really evaluates the key characters in the stories and shows how they are, by using them in situations. It demonstrates the characters’ personalities with key interactions of the characters amongst themselves. It really opens up by showing how passive and non-aggressive Stella is about her surroundings and how she deals with everyday life. It shows how she has almost no will in dealing with...
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  • The Soul of the Great Bell Lafcadio Hearn (China)
    The Soul of the Great Bell Lafcadio Hearn (China) v Plot * Nearly five hundred years ago, the Celestial August and Yung- Lo commanded the worthy official Kouan- Yu to make a bell that the sound thereof might be heard for one hundred Li. He therefore called the master moulders and renowned bellsmiths and all men of great repute and cunning in foundry work to began the labor. But when the metal had been cast, it was discovered that the result was void of worth; for the metals had...
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  • Lullaby - 690 Words
    Leslie Silko la "Canción de cuna" es una conmovedora historia escrita en primera persona desde el punto de vista del personaje principal, Ayah. Ayah is a Navajo woman who lives with her husband, Chato. Ayah navajo es una mujer que vive con su esposo, el Chato. In the story, Ayah does not understand English, and fears the white men who yell and point at documents for her to sign. En la historia, Ayah no entiende Inglés, y los temores de los hombres blancos que gritar y el punto en sus documentos...
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  • A Doll's House Act 1
    The exposition is setup in Act 1 where the characters are introduced and Nora getting a loan to help with his illness that he is not aware of. The inciting incident is when Torvald talks of becoming the bank president and the raise he will receive has Nora thinking she will be able to pay the loan off early. The rising action starts when Korgstad tries to blackmail Nora to help him keep his job at the bank by saying he would not let her husband know about the loan she had if she would help him...
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  • 2 Igcse English Anthology Texts
    1. The title of the article itself straight away emphasises on the fact how immature the explorers were, by calling them boys and showing how their childishness inevitably affects the reader – “taxpayer get’s rescue bill” – which straight away arouses a negative opinion towards the subject. The third paragraph uses a pattern of three to describe the forces involved: “the Royal Navy, the RAF and the British Coastguards”, implying that the rescue cost a lot of money and unnecessary trouble....
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  • How Does Steinbeck Create Tension in of Mice and Men in Chapter 6?
    The tension that Steinbeck creates in chapter six is very prominent; there are moments of peace and moments of despair. The first case in which Steinbeck creates tension is at the very beginning of the first chapter where the reader can hear peace. It is only after reading chapter six that the reader on hindsight can compare the peacefulness in the first chapter to the tension in the last chapter, this creates tension as the reader is now well aware that one of Steinbeck’s narrative techniques...
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  • How Does Steinbecks Writing Make the Fight, a Powerful and Significant Moment in the Novel
    How does Steinbeck’s writing make the fight, a powerful and significant moment in the novel? Steinbeck uses many ways to make the fight powerful and significant; he makes things in the scene fast paced, from where Curley sees George smiling, to him starting the fight and Lennie getting beaten up, to Lennie crushing his hand. Yet Steinbeck stretches the fight over 2 pages and a bit, where as it would have probably lasted less than 30 seconds which shows it’s a significant piece and amongst it...
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  • Hard to Swallow Drama Exam Evaluation
    ‘Hard to Swallow’ is an adaptation of an award winning book (and film) “Catherine” which is written by Maureen Dunbar. The book is based upon her daughter’s battle with anorexia and her families struggle in coping and adapting their lifestyle to the illness. Although I knew the main symptoms and effects of anorexia well, the play helped me to see the illness in a different light. The characters in the play were easy to relate to as it was a typical family household, so it was easy for me to see...
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  • A Rose for Emily: An Example of Regionalism
    1. Emily Grierson: She is the old lady that lives at the house, she is a town legend and is respected because she is a lady. 2. Colonel Sartoris: He was the former mayor of the town who absolved Miss Emily of any taxes after the death of her father. 3. Tobe: He is Miss Emily’s servant and the only connection to the outside world. 4. Judge Stevens: he was very respectful to Miss Emily and to save her pride had several men sprinkle lime on her property. 5. Homer Barron: The man who...
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  • That Was Then This Is Now!
    Title: The title of my book is That was Then, This is Now. Author: The author of my book is S. E. Hinton. Main Characters: The Main Characters in my book are Brian, Mark, Charlie, Eminem, Cathy, Angela, Chepard, and Also the Mom. Setting: The setting in my book is a lot of different places, the main place was at the Inner City. It also took place at the Bar and in Mark and Brian's house. Most of the time it took place at the house. Conflict: The conflict is that the two best friends Mark and...
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  • Notes on Anil - 766 Words
    Anil by Ridjal Noor Themes Dreams of the future Relationships/ Family – the role of each member of the family Culture Childhood Violence Guilt Repression Fear Love Shame Superstitions: Lack of Education? Morality – what is right/wrong Treatment of women Justice Plot A boy, Anil, lives in Malaysia with his mother & father, who is a bully to his family, but timid & respectful to his employer, the Headman. It is night-time and he is asleep in a hut with his parents. He needs the toilet but doesn’t...
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  • The Knife thrower - 1472 Words
    The Knife Thrower Essay The Knife Thrower is a short story written by Steven Millhauser and appeared in Harper’s Magazine for the first time, in 1997. The story is about a well-known knife thrower, named Hensch, who is visiting a small town for a single Saturday night. There are a lot of rumours about Hensch and the people in town are excited to see if they are true. Young women want to bear the knife masters wounds proudly, and rumour is that he once wounded an assistant badly. At...
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  • Ant and the Grasshopper - 368 Words
    The text can be divided into several parts: • The exposition, in which we learn about little Nicholas, his cousins and his strict aunt. Nicholas got into his aunt’s disgrace. So his cousins were to be taken to Jagborough sands that afternoon and he was to stay at home. The Aunt was absolutely sure that the boy was determined to get into the gooseberry garden because I have told him he is not to. • The complication, when Nicholas got into an unknown land of lumber-room. Forbidden fruit is sweet...
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  • A Rose for Emily Questions and Answers
    5.03 – Faulkner and Regionalism Part 1: 1. Emily Grierson ~ She was the main character since the story was about her. Her main characteristics were isolation, quiet, stubborn, selfish, and cold-hearted. 2. Colonel Sartoris ~ He was the former mayor of Jefferson. His main characteristics would be sexist, and racist. 3. Tobe ~ He was Miss Emily’s servant for years. His main characteristics were caring, loyal, and quiet. 4. Judge Stevens ~ He was the current mayor of Jefferson. His main...
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  • Desiree S Baby - 641 Words
    Nick Warner Mrs. Dietrich AP Lit 18 Sept. 2009 Setting and Atmosphere In Kate Chopin’s “Desiree’s Baby”, she describes the tragic tale of Desiree and her baby from life to death. She uses powerful imagery and symbolism to create a dark and heavy atmosphere in attempt to evoke powerful emotion from the reader. Chopin does a formidable job as she uses descriptive imagery to lay a foundation for the atmosphere to build off of. Several points in the story where she effectively creates this...
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  • Harmful Effects of Watching Television
    Harmful Effects of Watching Television In a recent cartoon, one character said to another, “When you think of the awesome power of television to educate, aren’t you glad it doesn’t?” It’s true that television has the power to educate and to entertain, but unfortunately, these benefits are outweighed by the harm it does to dedicated viewers. Television is harmful because it creates passivity, discourages communication and presents a false picture of reality. Television...
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  • Explore the methods Williams uses to create dramatic tension for an audience in 'A Streetcar Named Desire'.
    Williams creates dramatic tension in 'A Streetcar Named Desire' through the interactions between the important characters in the play, such as the conflict between Blanche and Stanley, and their contrasting styles of communication. The first instance of this occurs in the second scene. Blanche is bathing, whilst Stanley questions Stella about the loss of Belle Reve, referring to the so-called "Napoleonic code". As an audience, we sense the tension being created when he says "And I don't like to...
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  • Down a Dark Hall - 367 Words
    Down a Dark Hall written by Lois Duncan is a book about a girl named Kit Gordy, going to a boarding school miles away from the closest town, which is a small village Blackwood. She comes to her new home for the school year with her new step father Dan and her worrying mother, who are ready to go on their honeymoon. When they see the boarding school that Kit would be staying at, it looked surprisingly different from what they saw in the brochure they were given. The three of them could not at...
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  • analysis of Dinner Party - 666 Words
    The text under analysis is named The Dinner Party, written by Nicholas Monsarrat. Monsarrat is a British novelist known for his sea stories and his novels, The Tribe That Lost Its Head and its sequel, Richer Than All His Tribe. The Dinner Party is a piece of narration. It tells us about a rich man (uncle Octavian), who was a hospitable and friendly man, and liked to give parties – until January 3, 1925. It was his fifty-fifth birthday. As usually on such a day he was giving a party, a party for...
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  • CTVA 309 Devil In A Blue Dress
    Lorenzo Sacramento Professor Wynter CTVA 309 24 February 2015 Devil in a Blue Dress Summary The protagonist of Devil in a Blue Dress goes by the name of Ezekial “Easy” Rawlins. In the year 1948, this character takes the form of a young black WWII veteran living in Watts, Los Angeles. Originally from a neighborhood in Houston, Easy is not an actual detective, but he is nonetheless the protagonist of this detective novel. The goal this protagonist is trying to pursue is to find the female...
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  • Sonnys Blues - 890 Words
    Brooke Erskine 23 February 2013 Intro to English 120 Literary Analysis Essay 1 The Leading Conflicts in “Sonny’s Blues” In this Literary Analysis Essay I will be analyzing a story called “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin. This story is one that many may be able to relate to in there day to day life. Struggle, hardship, and family are all things involved in this story. There are many struggles between both characters and their family. In “Sonny’s Blues,” both the narrator and his brother,...
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  • 5.03 Regionalism: Faulkner “a Rose for Emily”
    Kathryn Kerr 04062013 5.03 Regionalism: Faulkner “A Rose for Emily” Part 1- Character Identification: 1: Emily Grierson – Emily is a mysterious character who changes from a bright and hopeful young girl to a isolated and secretive old woman. Devastated and alone after her father’s death, she is the main source of pity for the townspeople. After a life of having potential suitors rejected by her father, she spends time after his death with a newcomer, Homer Barron, although the chances of his...
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  • Eleven Seconds: Autobiography of Travis Roy - Book Report
    Travis Roy, a former collegiate hockey player, wrote his tragic story in a book called Eleven Seconds. Well, he didn't physically write it down himself; he dictated the story to E.M. Swift, who organized Travis' words into the book. This is because Travis Roy is a quadriplegic. After a mere eleven seconds of Travis' first college hockey game, his dreams of the NHL were shattered forever. Travis Roy's autobiography, Eleven Seconds, has three parts. In the first part, Travis tells about his...
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  • Lemon Brown - 332 Words
    Gray clouds swirling above Harlem, Greg Ridley makes his way across the street after remembering a long lecture from his dad, two nights before. Now, he stands on the curb, rumbling clouds above him, making a decision. Should he study his math or enter that abandoned building down the street? As a flash of lightning strikes the sky, he walks toward the abandoned building. There he finds a old man named Lemon Brown. Before he gets to know more about Lemon Brown, Greg and Lemon Brown get...
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  • Dil Chahta Hai Scene Analysis
     “Dil Chahta Hai” is a “coming of age” movie. It tells the story of three individuals, bonded in friendship during their years of carefree bachelorhood and how they evolve into mature individuals as time passes, to come out stronger within the bonds of friendship in adulthood than they had been in youth. The two scenes in Goa reflect the coming of age of all the three main protagonists. One comes almost at the beginning of the movie. It shows the three men perched on the wrecked...
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  • Breanna Stewart - 1472 Words
    A Rose for Emily 1. Arrange these events in the sequence in which they actually occur: Homer’s arrival in town, the aldermen’s visit, Emily’s purchase of poison, Colonel Sartoris’ decision to remit Emily’s taxes, the development of the odor around Emily’s house, Emily’s father’s death, the arrival of Emily’s relatives, Homer’s disappearance. Then, list the events in the order in which they are introduced in the story. Why do you suppose Faulkner presents these events out of their actual...
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  • The landlady - 915 Words
    Group Exercise on “The Landlady” PLOT ANALYSIS In the exposition stage of the plot, the author reveals all the pertinent details of the story. This story however does not reveal everything about the landlady until the climax of the story. 1. What clues did the author give the reader regarding the sinister plan of the landlady that was about to unfold? Animals were usually a good sign in a place like this, Billy told himself. But both animals were stuffed. He was in the act of stepping...
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  • Death by Landscape - 374 Words
    The climax of the story occurs when the girls participate in a week-long excursion in the wilderness. They set out by canoe after a ceremonious departure. On the second day of the trip, the two girls separate from the other campers to climb a trail to a lookout point; it is a sheer cliff that overlooks the lake. Lucy says she is going to go urinate, yet she does not return. Instead, Lois hears a scream, although she cannot identify it. The campers head back to camp without Lucy; even the police...
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  • Vertigo Paper - 508 Words
    Vertigo Paper The movie Vertigo, by Alfred Hitchcock is a very dark, twisted film about a man falling in love with the wrong woman. The movie beings with a chase across rooftops to catch a criminal. When the police officer falls, Scotty, the detective, must face is newly discovered vertigo. This is when I began to think that he was dead and didn’t survive the fall and didn’t know he was actually dead (a Sixth Sense type of thing). But I realized quickly that that wasn’t the case because he...
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  • The Veldt - 684 Words
    “The Veldt” Questions Setting 1. The setting of “The Veldt” is decisive for the story to progress. The story takes place in a futuristic age in which machines have taken over jobs originally done by humans. This meant the children (Wendy and Peter) felt distanced from their parents because machines helped them develop instead of their parents. It led them to believe that the machines were the ones that cared for them, and the machines were the things that they cannot live without. “I wish...
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  • Good Bye Lenin - 458 Words
    Film Reflection Good Bye, Lenin! I had mixed feelings about the movie Good Bye, Lenin! While I enjoyed watching Alex run into new challenges and come up with new solutions in scene after scene I felt the movie became too long and repetitive. I do however think the movie succeeded as a comedy, and as a glimpse into the history of Germany. I liked how the Becker used comedy to tell a sad story because it made it easier for the audience to watch. There were also many funny characters that...
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  • Salvation - 577 Words
    Salvation In “Salvation,” Langston Hughes says that adults shouldn’t pressure children with unrealistic expectations because it will backfire, using narration and description modes to prove his point. Hughes narrates an autobiographical story about being a twelve year old, African-American boy, who is told about being saved and joins the rest of the children of the congregation to “see and hear Jesus.” He faces an external conflict between with the congregation of the church and his Auntie...
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  • godfather - 1170 Words
    The Appointment in Samarra Maugham’s retelling of this fable has in common with the Grimm tale”Godfather Death” not only the appearance of Death as a character, but also the moral or lesson that Death can not be defied. Godfather Death This tale is stronger for having an omniscient narrator. A young man’s attentions to a beautiful princess bring about his own destruction. In a fairy tale it is dangerous to defy some arbitrary law; an in doing so here the doctor breaks a binding contract....
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  • How Is Suspense Created in Turn of the Screw?
    “How is suspense created in The Turn of the Screw?” The Turn of the Screw is a very suggestive and highly ambiguous story. Its suspense and horror is generated primarily by what is not said and what isn’t shown. Because of the vague and very mysterious story, the viewer is compelled to fill in the blanks from his/her own personal fears. The audience ultimately conjures up a more horrifying set of images and circumstances. The story is set in the 1840’s, in a country home in Essex,...
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  • Analysis. “Three Men in the Boat”.
    analysis. “Three men in the boat”. I’d like to tell you about my analysis of the story “Three men in the boat”. It is a very interesting story written by Jerome K. Jerome. He is one of the popular and well-known English authors. He is famous for writing essays, short stories, and novels. Especially, he is famous for his special humor, all his stories are based on that sparkling manner of writing. The story "Three men in the boat" by Jerome K.Jerome presents that three men with a dog stayed...
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  • Essay about Gryphon by charles baxter Intitied "Gryphon".
    "Gryphon" is a short story by Charles Baxter that was published in 1985. The first person point of view Baxter chose allows us to understand the story better. It also allows Tommy to portray his personal feelings toward his substitute teacher, Miss Ferenczi. The diction Baxter uses for Miss Ferenczi is rather interesting. Sometimes, when she talks to the children, she uses words that most forth grade children wouldn't understand. Our understanding of why Baxter chose her complex and confusing...
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  • flavio's home - 351 Words
    The movie Midnight Express written by William Hayes, is somehow accusatory that has shown a picture of ruthless Turkish politics at an extreme. The movie has depicted the Turkish jailors and officials as inhumane and bizarre. Hayes seems to have a dynamic personality that could be seen in the climax; where his behavior changed from a calm person to a dreadful being. Although the movie justifies the brutality of the Turkish government, yet Hayes does not sound to have guilt of the crime he has...
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  • Compare and Contrast a Remake - 533 Words
    Ocean’s Eleven 1960 vs. 2001 This last week I watched each of the Ocean’s Eleven movies. Although they share the same story, I was surprised as to how much they differed. The focus of each of these versions was the same. Eleven men set out to plan and carry out the World’s largest heist ever at a casino. The plot of this movie is unlike any other as it is original. In both versions the men were willing to sacrifice their lives and freedom in order to get ahead in life. The surface...
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  • Comparison Essay between "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and "Winter Dreams"
    Compare and Contrast Rough Draft on Winter Dreams, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The children’s book The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the adult novel Winter Draft are almost impossible to relate in obvious terms, for one character is a man coming of age, and the other is a caterpillar. Both stories however are able to be compared and contrasted when both themes are put back to back for examination. Ultimately, Winter Dreams and The Very Hungry Caterpillar are compatible to each other through...
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  • Analysis - 1240 Words
    The analysis of the abstract from the novel «Ragtime» by E.L. Doctorow “Ragtime” is a novel about the American life at the beginning of the 20th century. The extract taken for the analysis tells about the time when Coalhouse gets a good job with the Jim Europe Chief Club Orchestra and tries to bring Sarah back. The theme on the general level is “difficult relations between “white” and “black” people”; the theme on the plot level is “love story of two colored people – Sarah and Coalhouse”. The...
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  • Playwright and Playwriting - 582 Words
    Playwright and playwriting- Conversation and dialogue ---Each character must have a present objective and long term objective Dramatic Question-after the climax comes the resolution Backstory/exposition- used as a tool in dialogue to prove something, information about the character that occurs before the play starts and may be used as a tool in a monologue to achieve an objective. Can be used as a flashback depending on convention of the story Convention-style used to tell a...
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  • Litcrit Analysis - 513 Words
    MAGNIFICENCE ​​​​​​​​​ by Estrella Alfon SUMMARY ​A man who is thought to be gentle and kind comes to the house of the two children to tutor them with their schoolwork. His name is Vicente. He is a conductor. He remarks to the mother of the two children to become their private teacher when he sees them looking so smart listening to the meeting of the neighborhood association in which the mother is the president. ​The two children like Vicente so much for his...
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  • me and myself - 312 Words
    When I was 10 years old, I went to Malacca’s Safari with my beloved family members, which was my first visit to Malacca. I was so excited until my brother and I started to sing a song. It was really funny. Once, we reached there, the environment was so colourful with nature’s beauty nixed up with human’s colourful dresses. It was 10 am, but the morning fog still leaned on the shoulders of Mother Nature of Malacca. First, we went to Cowboy’s Town. The moment I entered the stadium liked brick...
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  • Story of an Hour: Questions and Analysis
    1) Chopin heavily utilizes symbolism in her story. Describe three symbols in detail, making sure you discuss their relevance to the story's themes. 2) Mrs. Mallard is described as suffering from a heart condition. How does this malady affect her character and the events in the story? 3) Analyze the plot structure of the story. Is there any foreshadowing? What would you say is the climax of the story? 4) Does this story provide a feminist theme? Why or why not? There are three main...
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  • Thomas More: Tragic Hero?
    Even though Thomas More satisfies many of the attributes of the classical definition of a tragic hero, he does not satisfy enough to be counted as such. According to the definition of a tragic hero, the protagonist must be very conspicuous. More certainly satisfies this aspect, because he was one of the most respected barristers in England. More was also the chancellor of England and the subject of much speculation among the upper class. A tragic hero must also be a human, with flaws and all....
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  • Card Report- "The Glass Menagerie"
    Card Report: “The Glass Menagerie” Conflict The major conflict in “The Glass Menagerie” is the feeling of hopelessness that each of the Wingfield’s struggles with. Amanda’s hopelessness comes from the feeling that she isn’t as important as she once was, as though her fame/glory is slowly fading away. It is this fear that causes her to push Laura to become more socially accepted and popular with others. Laura is extremely afraid of seeing Jim O’Connor, and beneath that we can see her...
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  • The Story of an Hour Plot Analysis
    The story of an hour is a classic example of literary fiction that uses symbolism and themes to tell the story. In the first sentence, Kate Chopin introduces the main character Louise Mallard as having heart trouble. Louise’s sister and friend came to tell the disturbing news that her husband died in a train wreck. They take great care to relay the news gently, so as not to upset her heart condition. Chopin does not go into detail about the heart trouble, leaving the reader to think what they...
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  • Brubaker Movie - 313 Words
    Brubaker, played by Robert Redford, goes into the Wakefield Penitentiary to become the future warden, but enters anonymously as a prisoner. Brubaker, and the viewer, get to witness the corruption first hand for the first thirty minutes of the movie. Wakefield does not have guards, but instead, trusties who basically have free reign over the prison. The trusties are allowed to carry a weapon and get time off of their sentences for shooting escapees, and this holds most of the blame for the...
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  • John Updike: a&P
    A&P: John Updike The setting of this story takes place during summer in a convenient store, A & P Store. The narrator Sammie, a young boy who works as a cashier in the store, seems to be bored with how his life is lining up. Sammie seems to have little enjoyment and with poor affect while working an ordinary job. Little did he know that today would be the day that would change his self from here on out. The name, “Queenie”, Updike uses for one of the girls is the symbol that gives Sammie...
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  • Symbolism in a Seperate Peace - 883 Words
    “A Separate Peace” Throughout the novel, many settings reveal characters and events that had great importance in the book. The tree, the Assembly Room and the White Marble Staircase revealed Finny’s accident, and how the characters reacted. At the tree, Phineas is shaken from the tree and into the Devon River. Finny breaks his leg, creating the climax of the novel and a while after, Brinker hosts a trial to discover the truth about what really happened at the tree in the Assembly Room. During...
    883 Words | 2 Pages
  • Waiting in the Dark : the Suspense in "Wait Until Dark"
    Waiting in the Dark : The Suspense in “Wait until Dark” - Aditi Bose "The blinds moving up and down…the squeaking shoes…and then the knife whistling past her ear." This slogan from one of the posters of the film “Wait Until dark”, establishes the element of suspense in the film. It released in 1967 with explicit instructions to all theatres to switch off all the lights for the last 8 minutes of the film so that the climax unfolds in complete darkness. There is no doubt that the...
    2,034 Words | 6 Pages
  • Mabel Analysis - 861 Words
    Mabel by W. S. Maugham Short story analysis At the beginning, I would like to say some things about the title of the story. It doesn‘t represent anything significant, because it is only a woman‘s name and reader can‘t forecast what is going to happen in the story. The reader can only guess that Mabel is protagonist‘s name. The title doesn‘t states the cause of the conflict. This story comprises all four mine elements of the plot. The exposition lies in the opening paragraph. It represents...
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  • Frankenstein- Volume 1, Chapter 4
    Language, form and structure of Volume 1, Chapter 4, Page 52 This section of the text is full of death and dark, gothic imagery. The first half of it demonstrates just how self-obsessed Victor is, and shows the beginning of his absorption with death and decomposition. The language of this half is very focussed on Victor, 'I became...I must...In my education my father...', showing the reader just who is most important to Victor at this point in his life. Victor is boastful as he...
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  • How Does Lee Make the Shooting of Tim Johnson Such a Tense and Exciting Moment in the Novel
    14th June 2013 How Does Lee Make the Shooting of Tim Johnson Such a Tense and Exciting Moment in the Novel? At the beginning of Chapter 10 Jem and Scout are embarrassed of Atticus as he is atypical to the other men of Maycomb. Lee writes ‘our Father didn’t do anything. He worked in an office’. Here she is establishing that Scout is ashamed as Atticus is opposite to the Fathers of Scout’s contemporaries. Lee emphasizes Scout’s remorse towards Atticus for wearing glasses, by writing, ‘besides...
    759 Words | 2 Pages
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
    With five Oscar award and thirty other wins, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is one of the most impressive movies in 1976. It is not only for entertaining, audience will laugh, but forget immediately; it contains deep meanings that will stay in their mind for a while. It is appealing from the beginning to the end, from the storyline to the characters, from the scenes to the music. No one can deny that the actors are the key in the success of the movies. Each actor fulfills his or her character,...
    558 Words | 2 Pages
  • Both Stories Bestow Us Characters for Whom the Reader Feels Sympathy for. the Statement Is Accurate in That Both Rosaura from “the Stolen Party” and Njoroge from “the Martyr”
    Both stories bestow us characters for whom the reader feels sympathy for. The statement is accurate in that both Rosaura from “The Stolen Party” and Njoroge from “The Martyr” deserve our Sympathy as they are both victims. Both characters deserve our sympathy as they are all affected by class distinction. The title, “The stolen party” itself foreshadows the ending of the story and builds up tension. Rosaura in “The Stolen Party” is affected by her simply not knowing the verity that she would...
    551 Words | 2 Pages
  • Drama Write Up 2 - 1084 Words
    Character Write up ! Sean Jones who portrayed Mickey used various techniques to show contrast throughout the stages of Mickeys life beginning at the age of seven up to dying around eighteen. !To begin with Sean was very active and typically energetic as a young child. By his tone and pitch constantly increasing we perceived how juvenile he was. Sean also used expressive and exaggerated words to show his youthful eagerness. When in trouble Sean portrayed this by dragging his feet, making slow...
    1,084 Words | 4 Pages
  • Outline for Leadership - 426 Words
    Anh’s Outline of Managing Conflict in the Workplace Group Presentation Objective * Slide 5 to explain the Rahim’s Meta Model and its role in managing conflicts. * Slide 6 to explain the case study in details by giving the overall background of the study, the problem, causes and the climax of the story. (with further analysis on contingency approach and proposed solutions by other group members: Roxanne, Fang) 1. Attention-hooker: there are many situations in the workplace that...
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  • How is suspense created and maintained in The Monkey's Paw and The Red Room?
    In The Monkey's Paw written by W.W. Jacobs and The Red Room written by H.G. Wells, there are many similarities and differences in the ways the stories are written and suspense created. For example, both stories belong to the horror genre where the supernatural appears due to human interferences, and both have a fast and frantic climax where the characters' lives are put in jeopardy. However they do differ in places, one of the key differences being that The Monkey's Paw is written in third...
    3,078 Words | 8 Pages
  • A Rose for Emily: the Foreshadowing of What Happened
    The Foreshadowing of What Happened To Homer Barron The story of “A Rose for Emily,” by William Faulkner, shows many examples of foreshadowing. The greatest representations of foreshadowing is the climax of Homer Baron’s discovery. Throughout the story hinting of this odd ending is addressed in the smell, the poison and the unveiling of the locked floor. These are excellent clues that leads to the unearthing of Homer Baron’s body. In the beginning of the story the town starts...
    682 Words | 2 Pages
  • Music Video and Random Embarrassing Stuff.point
    Backstory: Tyler Ward likes to rap and got the comment based song concept from Christina Grimmie.Exposition: At the start of the song the catchy beat of the song comes, making the viewers wanting to hear more of the song.Rising action: The funny lyrics start coming in and Tyler Ward and his crew starts doing random dances.Climax: The climax is not much of the chorus of the song but the lyrics of the song.Resolution: There is no resolution in this song.Theme: embarrassment Primary messaging...
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  • High School Student - 733 Words
    Karina Canas English 2323 2/15/12 Supernatural vs. Natural Ever been watching television and out of nowhere a picture frame or some other object fall without anyone moving it? Was it some supernatural power that caused it to fall like a ghost that is haunting a house or was the picture frame just placed wrong? The Castle of Otranto has many mysterious events that happen all throughout the novel, but not all of them are said to be supernatural. Some of the events can actually be explained,...
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  • Analysis of Tape by Richard Linklater
    Tape by Richard Linklater Richard Linklater shows us thatitisalsopossible to create a goodqualitymoviewithout the help of splendiddecors, costumes and stunning make-ups. From the verybeginning of the movie, the audience findthemselves in the tribune of a tennis match which in the end hasthreewinners. In the beginning of the movie, Vincent isintroduced to usas a man thatlatelyhasbroken up with his girlfriend because of hisviolenttendencies. Shortlyafter John entersthe scene, the...
    304 Words | 2 Pages
  • HOMELESS - 640 Words
    City of Bones, by Cassandra Clare The title is both literal and symbolic. In the book, there is a place called City of Bones. It is called the City of Bones because many of the old Shadowhunters are buried there. In the book, Clary and Jace go to the City of Bones to help Clary regain her memories that had been “blocked” by a warlock. The City of Bones is there to help people discover what has been lost or to know what the truth is. It is symbolic because throughout the whole book, Clary is...
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  • Gym Candy - 478 Words
    Gym Candy (Letter to a character) Dear Mick Johnson, As I was reading Gym Candy, by Carl Deuker, I chose to write you a letter because you are a very talented student athlete. I was captivated because I also am a student athlete and I know the struggles and pressures that come along with the expectations. I was amazed that you started on varsity football as a freshman which is extremely difficult and overly time consuming! You take pride in your athletic and what I was most intrigued...
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  • Enders Game - 513 Words
    Book Report Enders Game Journal Entry #1 I selected this book because I was thinking that it would keep me entertained and make it so that I will not fall asleep. This was one of those books that it did not matter about what happened before it you can just start reading it from the start, so before the book began I have now idea what happened I just started to read the book and I liked it. When the book begins it starts out with ender and his brother and sister and his brother is mean and is...
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  • The Alchemist Summer Reading - 594 Words
    “It’s a force that appears to be negative, but actually shows you how to realize your personal legend. It prepares your spirit and your will, because there is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth” (22). | This quotation is said by Melchizedek, commonly referred to as the old man. This is the passage that introduces the ideas of...
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  • Words Left Unspoken - 684 Words
    When a story is trying to influence readers of the author's way of thinking, there are several ways to convince the reader that the viewpoint is the right thing to do – capturing the reader's sympathy with detail examples and facts, and the author's tone leaving the reader teary-eyed with compassion way long after the story is finished. Leah Hager Cohen's "Words Left Unspoken" wants people to understand that being deaf may hinder a person, but it can also amplify life in an extraordinary way....
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  • Everyday Use - 706 Words
    Summary of “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker First Section-Plot Summary A mother who sees herself as a fat woman with characteristics of a man has two daughters and has provided for them the best way she could. She lives in a house that is made from old wood with windows that has holes cut into the walls and yard that is an extended outside living room. Her daughter Dee who has always hated where she came from and wanted to get out of the world of poverty gains an education and goes to...
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  • john greem - 520 Words
    John Green’s novel Looking for Alaska tells the story of Miles Halter, a shy teenager who transfers to Culver Creek Boarding School for his junior year of high school, in search of the “Great Perhaps”. His roommate, Chip “the Colonel” Martin, takes Miles under his wing, nicknames him Pudge, and introduces him to smoking, drinking, pranks, and Alaska Young. Alaska is a beautiful moody, self-destructive girl who catches Pudge’s attention. One night, after getting drunk with the Colonel and...
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  • English 9 essay - 808 Words
    Being in high school is one of the hardest things for teenagers. All the drama going on between kids, not being able to focus because of the pressure or maybe because it is a hard time in your life. The novel, Jake Reinvented by Gordon Korman, is basically about the teen life and how teens can go to the wrong path to achieve their goals. The author, Gordon comes a new look at age-old truths about the desire for popularity and acceptance, and the darker side of human nature. This book is mostly...
    808 Words | 2 Pages
  • Analysis on "Behind the Veil" by Dhu’l Nun Ayyoub
    In the short story “From Behind the Veil,” written by Dhu’l Nun Ayyoub, the author changes how we feel about the main character throughout the sequencing of the plot. We as the readers learn more about how the protagonist really thinks coupled with what her motives are. The author also presents language that clearly expresses how the protagonist feels and uses examples to show an overall theme in the story. In the exposition we meet our protagonist who is a young women of Islam who wears the...
    938 Words | 3 Pages
  • The Hate List - 730 Words
    The Hate List by Jennifer Brown is about the aftermath of a school shooting. Valerie Leftman's boyfriend Nick was the shooter, she had no idea that he was going to shoot up the school but she was implicated in the crime because she made a hate list of everything her and Nick both hated. Nick had taken his victims off of the list. Valerie was wounded trying to stop him and then Nick took his own life. After the summer Valerie had to come back for her senior year and face the guilt and move on...
    730 Words | 2 Pages
  • Her First Ball(Stories of Ourselves)
    Done By: The main themes of the story 'Her First Ball are very dramatically portrayed throughout the story. The story conveys the idea of a girl's first experience of a ball. the exposition of leila illustrated that there was a novelity to everything surrounding the event. She revelled un the exictment ofeven insignificant things. Leila 's longing to attend the ball was obvious through her description. She was impressionable and felt that everything around...
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  • Dead Man's Path - 475 Words
    To emphasize the cultural conflict between modern ideas and traditional beliefs, as well as the pride and human weaknesses, namely, dogmatism and stubbornness, Achebe frequently utilizes contrast throughout the plot, characterization and themes to distinctly stress the importance of respecting the old costumes. Achebe gives the readers a picture of Obi’s personalities in the exposition of the story; as the protagonist possesses the weaknesses of mankind like ego and pride, he actually...
    475 Words | 2 Pages
  • araby - 650 Words
     “Araby” Love, adolescence, foolishness, and maturity are the words that describe James Joyce’s short story “Araby”. The narrator is a young boy living with his aunt and uncle in a dark, untidy, poor home in Dublin. During this time, this young character is facing something that opened the passage from childhood to adolescence, the feeling of being in love for the first time. This child, whose life is split between school and play with friends, now is deeply in love with his best friend’s...
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  • Annotating (Glass Castle) - 1313 Words
    Annotating (Glass Castle) Glass Castle Did you notice anything unusual about Jeannette Walls portrayal of poverty, or homelessness? * Even though they had bad times with food and other necessities, they still were happy as a family * When she was young, she viewed life as an adventure and when she got older and in West Virginia she started to see reality of her life and she didn’t want to be seen as the girl who lives in the beat up house and the family that didn’t always have food...
    1,313 Words | 4 Pages
  • Too Kill a Mocking Bird
    You never really know anyone until you step into their shoes and walk around in them. In other words, it's important to put yourself in someone else's place in order to understand them better, consider things from their perspective. Scout's greatest lesson is to recognize the validity and value of lives unlike hers and those of people she knows well. Scout describes the town of Maycomb as having several well defined class systems. There are the professional, educated white people where she and...
    391 Words | 1 Page
  • General Analysis of Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat"
    General analysis of the story entitled “Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel’s coat” I am going to analyse the story entitled “Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel’s coat”. It was written by the American writer whose name is Roald Dahl. This story was written in a matter-of-fact style by means of the third person narration. The author doesn’t participate in this story, but he knows all the events. The story combines the elements of both: narration and dialogue. The author makes ample use of dialogue in this...
    757 Words | 2 Pages
  • Die Fledermaus - 842 Words
    Die Fledermaus is an operetta about friends getting even. The antagonist, Dr. Falke, plots and fulfills his revenge against his old friend. After a costume ball, Gabriel, the protagonist, carries his good yet intoxicated friend Dr. Falke to the middle of town and leaves him passed out on a park bench. He is dressed as a bat and he is lying with his pants down. He awakes to find a large crowd laughing at him. This starts the plot the revenge of the bat. Dr. Falke then takes great...
    842 Words | 3 Pages
  • How Does Emma Levine Convey Teh Excitement in the Donkey Race
    How does the writer convey excitement of the donkey race Many aspects of the donkey race was exciting, this made it easier to convey this message. The tittle of the passage stands out. “A Game of Polo with a Headless Goat.” It is very unusual and attention grabbing due to the unexpected and shocking imagery. This intrigues the reader because it allows them to guess what this passage is about, as you can see it is very different to our expectations. The donkey race was compared to the “wacky...
    491 Words | 2 Pages
  • Imaginary Invalid - 596 Words
    Imaginary Invalid Moliere's "The Imaginary Invalid" is a play about a hypochondriac who is so obsessed with his health and money that he ends up neglecting his family's needs to better his own. Moliere sets up the exposition of the play in Act I by the apothecary bills Argon is reading aloud. After Toinette, the maid, then enters the scene she sarcastically makes a comment about all of the bills lying on the table. Toinette lets the audience know that Argon is a hypochondriac by...
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  • O Henry short novel
    The Light of Humanity in the Poor Life Reading after the short stories by O. Henry As one of the most prominent short story giants in the history of literature, O. Henry’s works possess comprehensive readers. Recently, I have finished some of his short stories. I prefer to talk about some of his short stories which are well known. O. Henry’s ending is the symbol of his short story, which is famous for its unexpected but also in the way that was expected. Once the readers get into the ending,...
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