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  • Swimming Pool - 456 Words
    As we saw previously, the water in a swimming pool needs to circulate through a filtration system to remove dirt and debris. During normal operation, water flows to the filtration system through the main drains at the bottom of the pool and the skimmers around the top of the pool. Minimum 70% of the water should be taken through the skimmers. New European requirements are 100% if water is injected from bottom inlets. Diagram of a swimming pool system The main drains are usually located on...
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  • Swimming Pool - 594 Words
    XE4B Miffy Li 1098300109 Descriptive Final Draft Swimming Pool Many people make connections between swimming pools and hot weather. Some never go there except for the swimming class they take in school. Thus they cannot even imagine how irreplaceable it is to me. For me, the swimming pool is not just a space for exercising but a meaningful place. The swimming pool is a place I am very familiar with because I spent a great deal of my childhood there. My father has been a swimming coach for...
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  • The Swimming Pool - 763 Words
    In the middle of summer the heat was so miserable that our family had decided to go and cool off at the local swimming pool. It was so hot that day, when you stepped outside you instantly felt the heat and started to drip sweat. The sun was so hot you could feel the heat on your skin trying to turn it red. When we got to the swimming pool you could hear the children laughing and splashing in the water. You could smell the chlorine in the water from the parking lot. Walking up to the red brick...
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  • Swimming Pool - 1949 Words
    Quotation For - Swimming Pool Area |Water – Proofing Work Flow Details of Swimming Pool Area | |SR. # |D E S C R I P T I O N |QTY |Unit |Rate |AMOUNT | |A. |Breaking/dismantling and Removal Work |1708 Cu. Ft. |Cu. Ft....
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  • maintaining a swimming pool - 668 Words
     Jonathan swimming pools I. (To begin, let’s look at how to clean the pool) I. There are several important steps to cleaning a swimming pool. A. (1)The VGB Pool and Spa Safety Act passed in 2007; states that you must have 2 separate main drains not allowing someone to get stuck to them. (2) The number of return inlets shall be based on two inlets per six hundred square feet of pool surface area; you want to begin by removing and clearing any debris from those baskets. Next...
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  • Swimming Pool Safety Alert
    Consumer Product Safety Alert FROM THE U.S. CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION, WASHINGTON, D.C. 20207 Swimming Pool Safety Alert Each year, about 260 children under 5 drown in swimming pools. In addition, the suction from drains in swimming pools and spas, under certain conditions, can entrap swimmers underwater. To help protect your family, be sure to take the following steps. Use Layers of Protection To prevent swimming pool drownings, layers of protection are essential. Place...
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  • Swimming Pool and Article - 1291 Words
    Ms. McCoy Science Current Events Homework Writing Assignment Keep in your folder – one due per month by the 15th NOTE: If you do not have a printer, handwrite your summary, fill out overview paper, and find a current article in the newspaper or a science magazine. Many teachers get newspapers delivered to their class. Cut out a science related article. Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to encourage students to connect what we are learning about in science class to the bigger...
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  • E. Coli in Swimming Pools
    This article is about public and private swimming pools being contaminated with E. coli. Chlorine is not doing its job in sanitizing the human waste in the swimming pool. Human waste seems to refuse being sanitized. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) concluded that the E. coli came from one major primary source; swimmers pooping in the swimming pool. Researchers say such contamination is due to swimmers not rinsing themselves off before going in the pool. Scientists say a person carries...
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  • Swimming Pool Construction and Design
    B.C. Guidelines for Swimming Pool Design V1.0 Health Protection Branch Population Health and Wellness Division Ministry of Health April 2011 B.C. Guidelines for Swimming Pool Design INTRODUCTION The B.C. Pool Regulation, B.C. Reg. 296/2010 replaced the existing Swimming Pool, Spray Pool and Wading Pool Regulation, B.C. Reg. 289/72, and the Pool Exemption Regulation, B.C. Reg. 256/98. The regulation came into effect on October 8, 2010. The regulation modernizes the requirements for the...
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  • Pest for Swimming Pool - 623 Words
    PEST Analysis A tool to determine a business standpoint in access of its challenges, opportunity, obstacles, and competitor which fully focus on the external environment. Political Factor Stable political situation in country creates a path to successful operation of a business. Political changes in sense of Government law enforcement give an impact in whatsoever business. Company requires more physical work which needs many workmen at job site to construct swimming pool. Government...
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  • The Differences Between Swimming in a Pool and Swimming at the Beach
    Farrukh Aliyev English 08 The Differences between Swimming in a Pool and Swimming at the Beach During the hot days in summer, there is nothing better than a refreshing swim. But it is crucial to decide where people want to swim. Some people prefer swimming in a pool however, others want to swim at the beach. Anyway, swimming in a pool and at the beach has many differences. For instance, the environment is different. Of course, a swimming pool is smaller than any sea. But when feel...
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  • Swimming pool medical expense deduction
    To: Diane M. Comi, J.D., LL.M. From: Sam Smith Date: September 14, 2014 Re: Medical Expense Deduction under IRC 213 for Swimming Pool FACTS The taxpayer, Susan, suffers from severe osteoarthritis in both knees and has a hard time living comfortably. Susan has taken many precautions to better her health including: cortisone injections, painkillers, physical therapy, and arthroscopic surgery. Being that this is a hereditary disease, the doctors predict that it’s only going to get worse. The key...
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  • Swimming Pool and Signature Check-in Time
    ***RACK *** B O O K I N G Date Name of Guest(s) Arrival Date No. of Room(s)/Type No. of Adults/Children : : : : : C O N F I R M A T I O N Email : Departure Date : Length of Stay : Rate : F O R M January 8, 2013 Raymond Jove 01/16/13 1/Grand Room w/ Pool Access Good for 2 Adults raymondjove@yahoo.com 01/18/13 2 nights Php 10,528.00 /room/night Roundtrip Transfers : *Transfer rates are inclusive of environmental & terminal fees *Non-inclusive of Porter Fee *Free of...
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  • Lifeguarding: Swimming Pool and Associates Professional Lifeguard
    Cortny Handorf Professor Richey English 1301 December 4, 2012 Life Savers Growing up, the job title “lifeguarding” said it all to me. Swimming pools and aquatic attractions were always the most fun places to go with the family. I always looked up to lifeguards as if they were some sort of a hero. They made me feel secure and safe although I've always been an excellent swimmer. It seemed as if they had the ideal job, so when I got older I took the first opportunity to become my own...
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  • Mechanics of Swimming - 2120 Words
    Emily Chuang Mechanics of Swimming The crawl, also known as freestyle, is often regarded as the fastest swimming style. The legs perform a fluttering movement called the flutter kick to propel the body from behind while the elbows take turns moving in a semicircle movement in the swimming direction. One arm relaxes while the other is driven forward. The head is to be kept down in the water when not breathing. To breathe, the head turns sideways out of the water and air is to be taken in by the...
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  • Benefits of Swimming - 1656 Words
    Swimming Rejuvenating, the body mind and spirit…. Fitness development The fitness development of swimming can be classified into1 group and 2 sub-sections: Performing swimming regularly can help one in building cardio which is important for both weight loss and good cardiovascular health. When the workout is increased gradually by swimming strokes in the water, the heart rate and muscle activity is improved. This increases blood flow to your muscles, which results in more nutrients being...
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  • Essay on Swimming - 1572 Words
    Sylvia Sarisly. I love swimming. April 1, 2009 Finally the warm days are here! Waiting for them meant an eternity for me, because I love swimming, but I don’t like to swim in the cold weather, and finding a pool, big enough for lap swimming, that is really WARM – 80 degrees at least- is very hard to find. Here in California, just few pools have warm (more then 80 degrees) water, and needles to say, the beach is a fridge-cold water place for me. I go to enjoy the sun, but nothing like the...
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  • Pool Safety - 1052 Words
    Nationally drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in children, however it’s the number one cause of death in children under five in Florida, Arizona, and California (Hockenberry & Wilson, 2007). Steve Levitt, author of Freakonomics, states that a home with an accessible pool is more dangerous for a child than a home with a gun (Levitt & Dubne, 2005). The largest proportion of drowning occurs in private swimming pools with the preschooler population rating the highest (CDC,...
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  • Swimming Sport How Import
    Student Name: Fatma Mohamed Hany Swimming Sport Swimming sport is one of the best sports which have a lot of advantages and few disadvantages. It is useful to any one and healthy, but it needs some conditions in order to be able to reduce or avoid its disadvantages. Swimming as a sport is considered healthy which can be continued for a lifetime. It is good for heart, muscle tone, and maintain healthy joints. Any person can start learning swimming at young age and continue use this...
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  • A Good Experience of Swimming - 1049 Words
    A Good Experience of Swimming Swimming has been my favorite sport since I was a kid. The reason might be I wanted to be a mermaid living at the sea because of the mermaid tales I had read. However, I joined the swimming team when I was in high school. During that period, our team joined a lot of large-scale and famous swimming competitions by Hong Kong Swimming Association. It helped me to meet with other athletes and learn from them. We could share our experience, and discuss...
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  • Case Study Ringgold Pool and Patio
    Table of Contents Topic Page Introduction 3 John Jr.’s Plan 3 Tools 4 Cost and Profits 4 Conclusion 5 Exhibit 1: Project Scope Statement 7 Figure 2: Approach to Project 8 Figure 3: Revised Work Breakdown Structure 9 Figure 4: Required Tools Breakdown 10 Figure 5: Return of Investment (ROI) Calculations 10 Figure 6: Net Present Value (NPV) for Next 5 Years 10 Figure 7: Project Life Cycle...
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  • Compulsory swimming Lessons Australia- Persuasive
    Do you know how to swim? Unfortunately 1 in 5 Australian children who graduate from primary school have never been taught to swim, and consequently are not prepared if faced with life threatening situations in the water. By introducing compulsory swimming lessons the Government of South Australia would be benefiting all primary school children by ensuring they obtain adequate water safety skills, whilst also encouraging physical activity and the development of social skills and self-confidence....
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  • Salt Water Pool Systems vs. Liquid Chlorine Pool Systems
    1 October 2010 Salt Water Pool Systems vs. Liquid Chlorine Pool Systems I currently utilize a salt water pool system called an Aqua Rite System. If you're in the market for a pool, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose a type of system that is right for you. The salt water pool vs. chlorine pool battle has been raging over the last decade, and today, many home owners are building these systems right from the start or converting their old chlorine pools into a salt pool. But what is the...
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  • Gregory's "Shame" - 890 Words
    Prejudice has always played a strong role in history. People have been ridiculed based on race, sex, social class, physical attributes and for many other reasons. Shame is not limited to any one ?type? of person. Dick Gregory?s ?Shame? is a narration of his childhood and how shame affected his life; and, although our lives do not seem similar on the surface, he and I share the bond of humiliation experienced in our childhoods. Gregory was a poor, fatherless, black boy, who constantly strived to...
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  • Social Responsibility - 931 Words
    At last week, I read the touching news on the Apply daily website which gives an account of the public Light Bus driver never receives the fare for every old man or woman. He wants to do something for charity for helping elder man due to the high inflation. It made me realize that the company of Hong Kong has the responsibility to reward the citizen in need with the profit they earned from the market. Nowadays, many people in society expect organizations or enterprises to be socially...
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  • Swimmer - 738 Words
    “The Swimmer” Contemporary literature has many themes. One can generalize Contemporary Literature as a mixture of nostalgia and unhappiness. John Cheever’s “The Swimmer”, symbolically demonstrates the repression of unaccepted memories and the inability to come face to face with reality with swimming pools and climate change. Cheever applied the swimming pools in the story to portray the time being passed. In “a long swim might enlarge and celebrate its beauty… …The swim was too much for his...
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  • Jrald - 302 Words
    CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTINGS INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY: A resort is a place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for holidays or vacations. These are place, towns or sometimes a commercial establishment operated by a single company. It is a living spa in the old fashioned sense of the beautiful destinations that caters to your needs and desires in a peacefully placed environment. One can’t help wonder about the history and heritage behind a resort on a...
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  • HR SUM - 1768 Words
    The First Day Experience of Adobe Illustrator Adobe Illustrator (AI) CS6 is on-screen designing software which looks simple but when it comes to using it to create a design, you lose interest in no time. However, I was patient and most importantly determined to do what I have been assigned to do. On 14th October, 2013 I started off with unimaginable excitement that I will learn the basics of AI but there were few problems I encountered in my first experience of using Adobe Illustrator...
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  • Lifeguarding - 771 Words
    For three summers I didn’t come home from my summer job smelling like grease from the local café or fresh cut mowed lawns, but I came home smelling like chlorine and tanning oil. I spent my days in a high lifeguard stand, towering over bathers enforcing rules and watching for drowning victims. I slathered on the tanning oil to get the perfect deep brown tan, and occasionally lifted my polarized sunglasses to double-check the patrons. It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it. This summer...
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  • Expository essay - 390 Words
    Hey there Bob! It’s been a long time since we did not see each other. I’ve been missing the most kind and supportive of friend of mine. I heard that you and your family move here in our place. I hope to see you soon. By the way, since you just transferred maybe you are wondering how you’re going to spend your leisure time. I have new hobby which is very exciting and fun. You will surely enjoy and never regret transferring here with this hobby of mine. My hobby is swimming. Perhaps, you are...
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  • Descriptivie Essay - 606 Words
    Thesis: My favorite place is my grandmother’s house, and I like to be there every weekend. I. Description of my grandmother house. A) Large and big house. B) Gathering every weekend. II. Description of two gardens. A) First garden near the entrance. B) Second garden in front of sea side III. Description inside house. A) Mix between modern and classic. B) Two floors IV. Summer holidays A) Swimming at the pool and sea. B) Sleep at grandmother...
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  • Compare/Contrast Essay - 715 Words
    Swimming Indoors vs. Swimming at the Beach Swimming is a fun and leisurely activity that can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. Swimming pools are generally located indoors inside of homes, hotels, recreation centers or places where people would normally go to take a load off and relax. Beaches are strewn about outdoors along many coast lines throughout the world providing a haven for swimmers and other beach goers. To enjoy a swim indoors at the pool, or outdoors at the beach, can be a...
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  • My Favorite Place - 450 Words
    Justina Theisen English II January 10, 2011 Sometimes, people need to take a break from their stressful days. Where would you go? Whether it would be at the comfort of your own home, or at a sports event, we all have a place. Sometimes, people like calm, relaxing, and peaceful places, but other times, they like loud places to have fun and enjoy where they are. My favorite place is any water park. Water parks are the place to be to see everyone having fun. No one cares how cold the water is...
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  • Tax Research - 454 Words
    Date: Nov. 19, 2014 Preparer: Karen Subject: Deductibility of Swimming Pool Cost Facts: Mr. Kirk has shortness of breath and wheezing due to lung disease. According to his doctor, Kirk decided to swim to strengthen his muscles and improve his ability to breath. However, Kirk didn’t find the fitness club which can fit his schedule. Therefore, he decided to build an enclosed swimming pool at home, costing $30,000 dollars and increasing the fair market value of his home by $25,000. Issue: Can Mr....
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  • Internal Legal Memorandum - 711 Words
    Running Head: INTERNAL LEGAL MEMORANDUM Internal Legal Memorandum PA299: Associates Capstone in Paralegal Studies Kynyatta Weaver Professor: Monica Ross Kaplan University Saturday, August 06, 2011 CONFIDENTIAL Legal Memorandum TO: Attorney Monica Ross FROM: Paralegal Kynyatta Weaver DATE: August 6, 2011 SUBJECT: Personal Injury FACTS On April 30, 2008 around 9:30 a.m. an incident involving Shayla Smith occurred at the O&D Family Campground. The question is to whether...
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  • Aquapark Wroclaw - Proffesional Desciption
    The recreational pool complex is the largest attraction for those in search of thrills, spills and active leisure. Adventure seekers will enjoy the Turbo Slide and the Fly-High Jump Slide. The former is distinguished by rides at dizzying speeds, while the latter is a taste of the ski-jumping experience. You no longer have to go all the way to the Baltic Sea in order to tackle the waves – all you need to do is enter our pool and enjoy the fun! The waves can be as high as 70 cm! After such an...
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  • Setting Essay - the Swimmer - John Cheever
    "I drank too much last night." The short story, The Swimmer, written by John Cheever, is about a man who has a fascination of swimming and decides to swim "across the country." On his journey swimming from pool to pool, the man is ignorant from the physical effects taken by alcohol and the swimming that takes a toll on him in different settings. For this man, Neddy Merrill, finds struggle between the physical effects of swimming, fellow friends, family, and alcohol during different settings...
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  • Plunging Into the Blue - 867 Words
    Plunging Into the Blue “Help!” my brother screamed from the deep end of the swimming pool. He was struggling to swim and appeared to be drowning! We could not believe our eyes. On scorching hot summer days, I knew I could always count on it being there, still, unmoving, glistening beautifully under the hot, blazing summer sun, waiting for someone to take a dip into its vast light blue water; it lay there in the middle of my backyard always guaranteeing me relief after a long, sizzling day and...
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  • my dream house - 1231 Words
    MY DREAM HOUSE I have a dream, you have a dream, she has a dream, he has a dream, they have a dream, and we have a dream because everyone on this planet has their own dreams. But we have one dream in common. We insist to achieve that one dream yet we know we cannot. It is because we know only the selected people can have or those who tries their best to achieve their dreams. We are a dreamer, we dream big. We have...
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  • Naked evening - 466 Words
    It was 15 July 2005 and i was 12, my brother was 15. My name is Larson and my brother's name is Roan. Our parents allowed us to use he pool after 8 p.m but they wanted us in the house by 22:20. Our trunks had lost that piece of string last year but it had never came off. That night me and my brother jumped so fast that our bathing suits came off and we didn't know it! When we were underwater I could see my brother's 6 inch dick and he saw my 4.5 inch dick but we never told each other that so I...
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  • Skyview Manor - 1172 Words
    Skyview Manor This case study is set in 1962 in rural Vermont. The Skyview Manor is an old, but well-maintained property that has changed ownership several times over the years. It has no restaurant or bar. It is positioned as a mid-price, good quality “destination” resort hotel. The Skyview Manor is open only during the skiing season. It opens on December 2 and closes the last day of March. The ski mountain that it serves operates on a permit from the state which allows only...
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  • Majestic Mombasa - 771 Words
    "Majestic Mombassa" As I lay in the comfort of the large, elegant hotel room, the bright morning sunlight streams effortlessly through the spotless sliding glass doors. The white sheets lay gently over me as I begin to stretch and blink as the sun finally finds its way to my eyes and awakens me with the feeling of a large warm hand brushing against my face. I lay there feeling the room heat up as though it were a small pot of water sitting on a blazing furnace. The only thing to do is get...
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  • Managers Ore Born Not Made Discuss
    [pic] [pic] | | |NSW | |u | | | | | | | 13 September 2008...
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  • Example of school report for facilities
    Dear Sir, I am writing regarding an article published in your magazine last week entitiled ...... I strongly disagree with the writer for a number of reasons. Firstly, as Socrates wrote, work makes the man. However, in Plato's Dialectics he argued that, on the contrary, one must have sufficient rest to Secondly, I believe that we need to 'recharge our batteries' in order to have the energy to work efficiently. For example, as an IB student I have so much work to do with CAS, ToK, Extended...
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  • Invention - 1231 Words
    My Invention would be a way to keep children and surfers completely safe in water activities in the pool and the ocean. My product name is the magic bubble. What the target market is parents and experienced surfers. The product also has much potential to be marketed not only in the US but throughout the entire world. The Magic Bubble is built within a wet suit that is linked to a tube with string that can pulled at anytime that fills the back of the suit with a pocket of air that would...
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  • The Swimmer - 712 Words
    Inevitable Passage of Time Within John Cheerver’s, The Swimmer we can learn a lot about life choices and priorities. Cheerver demonstrates the effect of social standing in the novel through the eyes of the main character Needy. Needy has let his social standing overpower him, which eventually leads him to a life without social activity. Cheerver effectively communicates his message to the reader by combining a wide variety of symbolism and excitement. Throughout the novel the author uses a...
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  • Duynn - 4030 Words
    GUIDELINES FOR SAFETY AND SECURITY REQUIREMENTS OF COASTAL AND BEACH RESORTS, AND VESSELS WITH POOL FACILITIES INCLUDING QUALIFICATION AND REQUIREMENTS OF LIFEGUARDS FOR THE PROMOTION OF SAFETY OF LIFE AT SEA | | | | I. AUTHORITY: A. Republic Act No. 9993 known as “The PCG Law of 2009” B. Rule 3 (e) 1.l of the Implementing Rules and Regulations R.A. 9993 II. REFERENCES: A. IRR of Republic Act No. 9593 known as “The Tourism Act of 2009” B. Department of...
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  • Dystopian High Rise - 521 Words
    Dystopian High Rise The novel ‘High Rise’ written by J. G. Ballard focuses on a massive forty story apartment building that houses thousands of people. Anthony Royal, who is the architect of the apartment, designed the building with shops, a school, swimming pools, and enough space to accommodate an overwhelming amount of people. Ballard does not write the plot of ‘High Rise’ in an attempt to illustrate the urban possibilities of modern innovations or future novelties of our evolving...
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  • F&N Trip - 818 Words
    Foods and Nutrition Excursion to Eko Hotel & Suites All the 17 SS1 and SS2 students of foods and nutrition as well as Mrs.Obi and Mrs.Linda leave school at around 9:20 am . We arrive at Eko hotel and suites at around 9:45 and were welcomed by Mr.Mawoye Bolorundur , the senior personnel officer of Eko Hotel and suites . Mr.Mawoye told us a brief history about Eko hotel and suites . It is a worldwide 5 star hotel located in one of the finest areas in Lagos , that is , Victoria Island . The...
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  • HSC unit 65 - 449 Words
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  • Background of the Study - 328 Words
    CHAPTER 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND/OVERVIEW Being one of the most tropical places in Asia, beaches, water sports complexes, swimming pools has been one of our main check lists during the hotter days and people, local or foreign alike visit the country for our most splendid water destinations. Aqua Park according to the Wikipedia is an amusement park that features water play areas such as water slides, splash pads, spraygrounds, lazy rivers and other recreational bathing, swimming and...
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  • Intro to Psychology Exam Essay
    Essay Choice #3 Define and discuss the following compliance techniques: the foot-in-the-door technique, the-door-in-the-face technique, and the low-ball technique. Provide one real-world example of each compliance technique. The foot-in-the-door technique is a compliance strategy designed to get a favorable response to a small request at first, with the intent of making the person more likely to agree to a larger request later (pg. 448). My mom used this technique on my dad to get the...
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  • Personal Recount - 1240 Words
    It really feels bad when you are misunderstood. So there was this day, when not only was I misunderstood and accused, I was also haunted. Thinking back on the incident, the muffled cries of help and the desperate splashes of water never fail to traumatize me. The lifeless body and how much the parents cried, they were simply unforgettable. I should have been more quick-witted. I should have been calmer. “Sigh…” It seemed like I really had to make a trip to the hawker centre and the supermarket....
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  • Life of Pi - 701 Words
    Swimming in the Relaxation Venezuela has a lot of tourist places that people can fall in love easily. La Gran Sabana, Venezuela has many waterfalls, and exceeding great rocks called Tepuys, but there is a place in La Gran Sabana where many people do not know because is far away, people cannot take the car and they need to walk for hours to go there. However, when people see the place is like a paradise, the grandiose place is called The Natural Swimming Pool. This is not just a regular...
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  • Childhood Essay - 343 Words
    Childhood memories Thinking about my childhood, makes me feel like I want to go back and to watch me while I was doing unexpected crazy actions, it was the funniest days ever. My childhood, sometimes it makes me laugh other times I really cry. Remembering some crazy actions that I’ve done , like jumping in the deepest part of the swimming pool while I didn’t know how to swim yet, they rescued me but, I wasn’t scared, that really makes me laugh when I remember such an action. One...
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  • A Time That I Felt Proud Of Myself
    It was four weeks before my graduation, the day that my swimming test was appointed. I arrived at BMS Pool feeling really nervous; my heart picked up speed and I could feel my palms cold and sweaty. My aunt Jannel accompanied me because I could not imagine going there by myself. When we walked in, I saw no one was in the front desk, but across from the desk I could see the swimming pool, and my ears were greeted by splashes and squeals from a bunch of little kids taking a swimming lesson. They...
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  • A Wealthy Donor - 446 Words
    A wealthy donor Dear wealthy donor, I am writing to you today to let you know of my opinion. i think that if you are planing to build a new facility of the young, it should be a swimming pool. This whole letter will talk about reasons why it should be a swimming pool. i could of chosen a theater which is nice, a skateboard park but not all kids know how to skate, or even the art school. but i know this is the best choice of picking the swimming pool. It should be a swimming pool...
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  • Research essay for comparing ads
     Every ad is different and unique. Designers use many elements to make an ad interesting; it then makes it easy for the reader to understand or analysis the ad better. They use variety of elements of art, different styles of art and many more different techniques. The two ads that I will be comparing are “wending machine” and “Accenture”. I will be talking about the how they are different and some similarities they share as well. In the “wending machine” ad, we see a ground covered...
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  • Resort Hotel - 1052 Words
    HISTORY Chiva-Som celebrates 15 years of success this year, at the forefront of health and wellbeing. For the past 10 years, Chiva-Som is the only destination spa in the world to have consistently appeared in the top three of the Conde Nast Traveller (UK) Reader’s Travel Awards. Chosen as the “World’s Best Destination Spa” in the 2009 Travel+Leisure Reader’s Travel Awards, Chiva-Som is also a proud member of the Destination Spa Group and Healing Hotels of the World (Healing Hotels of the...
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  • If I Won the Lottery
    I’m going to talk about if I won the lottery. In the first place, If I won the lottery, I would study and improve my English to an excellent level. After that, I would like to travel all over the world and choose some interesting places such as Venice, New York ,Japan, or New Zealand, to live there two or three years. Those are my favourite places. Living in those places would give the change to make many friends. On the other hand, when I get old, I would go back to my country and I would...
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  • Childhood Drowning - 1304 Words
    Drowning Of Children 0 – 5 Years Of Age: Preventable Or Inevitable? Injury is a significant cause of illness, hospitalisation, disability and death in Australian children and adolescents. This research based report by first year nursing student, Karla McCulloch, aims to promote awareness and educate nursing students and colleagues, as well as the general public and parents, on unintentional injury. In particular, it will focus on drowning in children from birth to 5 years of age. The report...
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  • My Favorite Picture - 727 Words
    My Favorite Picture The picture that I am writing about probably the only picture that is my favorite with all my close cousins together, has more meaning than it seems. At first, it appears to be nothing more than a happy get-together party of all young adults, from the ages of eighteen to twenty four. In the background one can see a swimming pool. My cousins who are kneeling on the bottom row are Priyanka (who is affectionately known as Giraffe because she is the tallest girl in our...
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  • The Importance of Accountability, Are Being on Time and in the Right Uniform. the Main Reason We Have Formations and That We Are Trying to Keep Account of Personnel to Know Where Everybody Is at, at All Times. I Have
    The importance of accountability, are being on time and in the right uniform. The main reason we have formations and that we are trying to keep account of personnel to know where everybody is at, at all times. I have learned in the past years that I have been in that being on time is the most important thing that you need to do. For one the accountability of personnel is major, it plays a big role in the deployment and the readiness of soldiers. I would have to say that I was wrong for not...
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  • Creative Piece - Identity and Belonging
    “You ungrateful little brat, after all the money I spent on you. You quit?” Those were the exact words my mother uttered to me when she found out I quitted on Kandyan dancing. You see, I was always a disappointment in her eyes. No matter what I did, I was never good enough. Then there comes a time in your life when you just don’t give a damn to what she tells you. When did this begin? It all started with the swimsuit. Step one – Wear a one-piece swimsuit in public. I was 17 years old. It...
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  • Complaint and Summons Capstone - 1746 Words
    1,746 Words | 6 Pages
  • out of comfort zone - 685 Words
    Tell us about an experience in which you left your comfort zone. How did this experience change you? It was a rural development project initiated by our school in the village of Onde. We had to build a bund (a small scale dam). We had to dig mud, Fill it in the sacks, stitch the sacks and then carry the sacks to the lake to build the bund. It was the first time ever that I was doing such work. We had to work for about 7 hours on the first day. The two main things I did on day 1 was carrying...
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  • Condo Sales Case - 870 Words
    PART II: Regression Analysis and Model Building (80 points) The Condo Sales Case This case involves an investigation of the factors that affect the sale price of Oceanside condominium units. It represents an extension of an analysis of the same data by Herman Kelting (1979). Although condo sale prices have increased dramatically over the past 20 years, the relationship between these factors and sale price remain about the same. Consequently, the data provide valuable insight into today’s...
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  • water safety - 215 Words
    Water safe Melissa Vallejo Drowning is the 3rd leading causes of death in the world. In 2011 nearly 1,000 people died from drowning. Children are more at risk of drowning in Australia drowning is the number one cause of death between the ages of 1­3 year old. In USA drowning is the second leading causes of death between the ages of 1­14 year old. What causes drowning not knowing how ...
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  • Two Descriptions - 557 Words
    Two Descriptions The place – the new water park Description 1: Positive The new city pool was packed with eager patrons. Some stood in line for the massive water slide they’d been waiting all winter to try. Others took turns jumping from the diving boards. Small children splashed and slapped at the water in the wading pool, their mothers never far from reach. Laughter mingled in the air with the smell of buttery popcorn. Occasionally, a surprised scream would erupt, followed by the...
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  • The Only Girl At The Boys Party Readers
    Victoria Hernandez Rodney Rather English 1302 Reader Response 1: “The Only Girl at the Boys’ Party”. Sharon Old’s “One girl at the boys’ party” deals with the reality that we live in a society that’s constantly changing and conforming to social norms. The mother of the girl learns early on that the girl is singled out at the party because of her gender and therefore is put into a situation that lacks similarity. The environment consumes the girl and she becomes overwhelmed by the boys’ who...
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  • memorable holiday - 1048 Words
    A wonderful holiday. I like traveling. I’m very thankful to god because giving me a family that loves to travel. When I go for traveling with my family, there are a lot of interesting place that we visit. Between traveling at bigger city and go traveling at Island, I will choose the Island to travel. I don’t like travel at bigger city because it was so noisy and a lot of pollution. Enough for me to live and always trapped in the traffic jam especially when I’m go back home to my own town...
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  • Man from the South - 1015 Words
    Elijah Jones Jones 1 Senior Literature Mr. Adams Man From The South The story took place in Jamaica. The narrator was at a hotel and had just bought a beer and went to go relax by the pool and smoke some cigarettes, it was around six o'clock. “There were plenty of deck chairs around the swimming pool and there were white tables and huge brightly colored umbrellas and sunburned men and women sitting around in bathing suits.”(Dahl 1) There were men and women in and surrounding the pool...
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  • sample college essay - 2422 Words
    Sample College Essay #1 The sun sleeps as the desolate city streets await the morning rush hour. Driven by an inexplicable compulsion, I enter the building along with ten other swimmers, inching my way toward the cold, dark locker room of the Esplanada Park Pool. One by one, we slip into our still-damp drag suits and make a mad dash through the chill of the morning air, stopping only to grab pull-buoys and kickboards on our way to the pool. Nighttime temperatures in coastal California dip into...
    2,422 Words | 6 Pages
  • Alcoholism and Its Presence in "The Swimmer"
    Alcoholism and its presence in “The Swimmer” Arvella Sutton ENG 356 Grand Canyon University August 19, 2012 Alcoholism and its presence in “The Swimmer” “The Swimmer” brings to mind the wealthy and privileged, those that can afford luxury as opposed to work. The story also gives a glimpse into the empty life of the character, whose zest for alcohol has ultimately taken his wife (as well as an affair), his friends and the years he thought he had from him. “The Swimmer” is a story about...
    1,382 Words | 4 Pages
  • Community Profile - 530 Words
    Community Profile: City of Kelsey ETH/316 Adrienne Ross Duhancik 3/29/12 The City of Kelsey, located in the Northwest Valley consists of a diverse group of citizens. The people who live in the community of Kelsey work together within various companies. This community also has a large array of events and meeting places for the citizens. Being a part of the community of Kelsey means to me that one might be held to a higher standard. This particular community reaches out for their...
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  • The Swimmer by John Cheever - 947 Words
    Mina Hanna ENGL 2130-010 Ms. Kilgore The Swimmer by John Cheever Oct 06, 2011 The Swimmer by John Cheever Neddy’s journey home through the pools of his neighborhood turns into a journey through many years of his life, showing that passage of time is inevitable, no matter how much one might ignore it. Neddy has mastered the art of denial. At the beginning of the story, the narrator tells us that Neddy is far from young, but he does his best to act young by...
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  • Sport and the end of apartheid - 1033 Words
    Sport and Leisure Operations Risk Assessment Name: Daragh McCarthy T00135544 Introduction The leisure centre which I have chosen to carry out my risk assessment is Askeaton leisure centre. It is one of the main leisure centres in Limerick County. It has many facilities including a pool area, sauna, steam room, gym area (both machine weights and free weights) and men and women’s changing areas. I chose this leisure centre as it has a high reputation throughout...
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  • My Father - 514 Words
    Navid Dostzada April Smith English 101 ESl 22 August 2013 My father. First My father is the most influential person in my life. My father been in my life, from the day I first opened my eyes to the present moment. This person is the teacher a guide, and a source of strength and support. He is the one who I love and trust. I love my father because he has taken care of me since I was born. My father helped me with everything when I need his help. I cannot remember a person in my life...
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  • My Favorite Hobby - 264 Words
    My Favourite hobbies [pic] My favourite hobbies are swimming and fishing. They are sports. I like swimming because this can make me strong and I love eating small fish so I like fishing. To start with, my first favourite hobby is swimming. I started doing this when I was seven years old. I go to the swimming pool or the sea to do this. I need to bring my swimming goggles and swimming suit, and I usually do it once a week. I do this with my friends and family. Second, my second...
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  • English Dialogue - 924 Words
    D I A L O G U E Scene 1 : First Day of College. Situation 1 : In the hall. Entering an exciting new day of college, Aisyah and Sarah discusses the new subjects they will be taking. Across the hall Anis and Zazlyn are finishing a few notes and decided to have lunch. Anis : Do you want to eat lunch together at the cafeteria? Anis : Wŏmen qù cāntīng, chīfàn, hăo ma? Zazlyn : Alright. Zazlyn : Hăo ba. Situation 2 : At the cafeteria. Anis and Zazlyn are already sitting at a table at the...
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  • Paradiso Beach Resort - 120 Words
    Paradiso Beach Resort Packages and Rates Entrance Fee P35.00 per head Room Type or Capacity Peak Season or Public Holidays Lean Seasons or Week Days Lean Seasons or Week Ends Standard / 2Pax P 2, 200.00 TBA TBA Family / 4Pax P 2, 750.00 TBA TBA Cottage / 4Pax P 4, 400.00 TBA TBA Cottage Deluxe / 4Pax P 4, 950.00 TBA TBA ** Extra Bed: P100.00 ** Excess Person: P350.00 Swimming Pool (per head) Day Swimming Night Swimming Adult (over 12 years old) P 120.00 Children (3-12 years old) P 80.00 ...
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  • Design for a Multi-Functional Gymnasium
    T H E S I S R E P O R T DESIGN FOR A MULTI-FUNCTIONAL GYMNASIUM WITH SPECIAL EMPHASIS ON SOLAR VENTILATION Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of BACHELOR OF ARCHITECTURE Of NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, CALICUT. By Mr. ALAMPAT ASHISHDEEP DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY CALICUT - 673601 Blessed are those who give without remembering. And blessed are those who take...
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  • My Impressive Birthday Party
    My Impressive Birthday Party Ever since I got into my university three years ago, my family and I didn’t have much chance to spend time together because everyone was so busy with their own schedule. So last year, we all decided to go uptown to celebrate my birthday there. We chose to go to Suratthani because it was our favorite place. We left our house late in the evening on one hot summer day in April. Because of the very hot weather, we brought our hats, our sun block, and never to forget,...
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  • Topic Speaking English - 1349 Words
    FORMAT OF FINAL TEST. TADH TOEIC2 FINAL TEST FORMAT I. Listening: 20p - 5 picture description - 5 Question – response - 5 short conversations - 5 T/F I. Grammar and vocabulary: 20p - 10 grammar MCQs - 10 vocab MCQs II. Reading: 20p - 1 reading comprehension passages (5 MCQs): - 1 reading passage (5 T/F): IV. Writing : 20p - Q56- 60 : 5 sentence arrangement (5p) - Q61- 67 : 1 gap-fill passage (7 questions – 10 options) : 7p - 1 topic writing (in 50 – 70 words with guiding...
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  • I Want to Be Better
    I Want To Be Better My anger had now completely gotten out of control. Although anger is a completely normal human emotion, I would not disagree that mine had taken control of me. My temper was quick and I had a short fuse. My deeds as a result of my wrath bore consequences that are hard to bear and I still regret my actions. On this particular day that still lingers in my memories, we were to go for a road trip with my little brother and a couple of friends. All necessary preparations had...
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  • How to Write with Style
    “Me Talk Pretty One Day” David Sedaris is an essayist whose work has been published in various outlets, as well as in radio. This particular essay comes from his collection, “Me Talk Pretty One Day”. This essay recounts Sedaris and his feelings about returning to school to study the French Language. He takes himself out of his comfort zone and moves to Paris in hopes that this will help him learn the language better. On his first day he recalls being quite uncomfortable and feels to...
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  • case study - 658 Words
    Shangri-La Hotel Pool & Spa, Sydney BACK TO ARCHIVE 2011/05/09 Shangri-La Hotel Pool & Spa, Sydney Australian designed MultiCyclone filtration system the preferred choice for five-starhotel Multicyclone pre-filters up to 80% of pool’s dirt load before it reaches filter Deep filter bed filters out finer dirt particles and colloidal substances Reduced backwashing leads to significant water and power savings We have never seen the pool water clarity look so good. Russell Allom,...
    658 Words | 3 Pages
  • Boys&Girls Club - 290 Words
    The Boys & Girls Club has opened my eyes to many opportunities. This is a safe place where parents can drop off their children or child when they have to go to work. Every day after school I go the Boys & Girls and I have so many things I could do. Such as playing sports in the gym, and even swim in the indoor swimming pool. The Boys &Girls club has a teen center where I always have someone to talk to like friends, counselors, even staff members. I have been a member of the Boys & Girls club...
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  • "Trust Me" by John Updike - First Draft
    Standing shivering on the wet tile edge of the pool, aware to his white skin, his father telling him to jump; There is blue –green water all around him he can’t breath he is sinking. One event, small or big, bad or good, is enough to shape and change one life. There is one event for Harold the main character of “trust me” that changed and influenced his life. Besides not being able to swim after almost drowning in the swimming pool, it seems that Harold also had had emotionally...
    680 Words | 2 Pages
  • Golf-Course: Teeing Up a New Strategic Direction
    MBA506- FINAL EXAM GOLF-COURSE: TEEING UP A NEW STRATEGIC DIRECTION ANNA GIVEN THE RESEARCH QUESTIONS INFERRED FROM THE ABOVE (SEE BELOW), HOW APPROPRIATE WERE THOSE MEASUREMENT QUESTIONS? In, My opinion Questions are not as appropriate as it should be. Since the first priority of every golf-club is to provide better Golf service. However MGCC service was not meeting the expectations of members for golf-club and also dining services. Questions were very general and can't make any profitable...
    1,545 Words | 6 Pages
  • Lifeguard - 1171 Words
    Assessment 1 Q1) To avoid emergencies, the following procedures are put in place. Good Practices- which involves, making sure that rubbish is stored in the outside waste storage area. When cleaning watching out for combustible materials such as paint scrapings, oily rags and unextinguished cigarettes. Completing all check lists accurately and monitoring suspicious characters and alerting the duty manager to any potential risks. Communication Radio- ensuring that staffs are wearing radios,...
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  • test On a hot summer day
    English test 9/2/2011 ee Reading comprehension Read the text and the questions. Circle the answer or the answers* (*only if it says « 2 answers ») that best complete the sentence. 1. The main idea of this text is (a) being hot is a bad thing. (b) being cold is a good thing. (c) it’s fun to play in the water. (d) there are things to do when it’s hot. 2. The writer of this text probably (a) knows nothing about hot days. (b) hates hot days. (c) knows a lot about...
    1,177 Words | 5 Pages
  • Hotel and Paris - 511 Words
     A terrible holiday Last week I went to Paris and Rome with my wife. These places are my dream travel places since 6 years old. I always image that if I can go to Paris to take lots of beautiful photo and eat fresh see food also visit Paris Tower one day. And now, my dream came true. However, this trip was terrible and destroys the good image of Paris and Rome in my mind. When the first day to fly to Paris, the travel agency was planning to buy the plane...
    511 Words | 2 Pages
  • Dream house - 631 Words
    DREAM HOUSE By Avantika “A house is made of bricks and beams, a home is built with love and dreams” - Unknown. Both house and home have the same construction start base, what differentiates them is what you make them from, or how much effort you put into them. Everyone have their dream house, picture perfect in their heads, and I do too. Some dreams are small but some are big. I've some big fancy ones for mine. If I were to choose how to renovate or built my own dream house...
    631 Words | 2 Pages
  • Urbanisation - 326 Words
    141 Writing Assignment 2 – Compare and Contrast Essay Outline Introduction General statement Hangzhou is the capital city of Zhejiang Province, and it is also a famous scenic spots in China. Many tourists are attracted to Hangzhou every year. Thesis statement At the mention of travel, almost every one will think about the hotel in the destination. Preview The comparisons and contrasts below are among Dragon Hotel, Heaven Hotel, Happy Inn. Body Paragraph 1 Aspect...
    326 Words | 3 Pages
  • My Dream House - 388 Words
    My dream house Every person has its own dream place where he/she would like to live. Somebody wants to live in a small house while somebody’s willing to live in a huge villa, somebody wants to live somewhere in the forest without people living nearby while others would like to live in a crowded city, somebody wants to live in a desert while others want to live somewhere in tropics. All people are different and have their own opinions and dreams. Now I’m going to describe my own dream house....
    388 Words | 1 Page
  • Analisis of Human Exposure to Chloroform in a Hot Tub
    Abstract Hot tubs are very popular across America due to their relaxation as well as health benefits. Hot tubs have been attributed health benefits ranging from relief of muscle and joint pain, to help in treatment of HIV and other viral infections. Because of this, many people own hot tubs and many more go to health spas where they can use them. On the other hand, hot tubs are not that easy to maintain. A consistent disinfectant level must be maintained in order to inhibit the growth...
    4,916 Words | 16 Pages
  • Documentation - 405 Words
    COMPUTERIZED ONLINE RESERVATION HOTEL PAVILION AT ST. AGATHA RESORT For Hotel Pavilion at St. Agatha Resort In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology By: Santiago, Ronel Roldan, Allen Jozer Lazaro, Rochelyn Herrera, Marycar Ms. Regina Mape Mr. Jessie Verano Project Adviser October 2013 1.0 Introduction 21st century was strike with modern technologies and as time passed by or as days rolled by...
    405 Words | 2 Pages
  • Daily Routine - 306 Words
    Joshua’s routine In the morning I get up at a quarter past seven when I have classes. On Saturdays and Sundays I don’t have classes, so I wake up at nine o’clock. I always go to the bathroom, I have a shower, brush my teeth, comb my hair and get dressed. I usually have breakfast at home. I usually go to school by bus. I never walk to school and when it’s raining my father drives me. At half past eight I sometimes have English and at ten o’clock I have a break. I have a sandwich and a...
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  • St.Agatha Resort - 813 Words
    St.Agatha Resort And Hotel Inspired by the theme Birds of Paradise , St. Agatha Resort is your Haven to Experience a Unique Relaxing and Fun Vacation with your Friends & Family. Indulge yourself with our 11 Waves Wave Pool ,25 Meter Lap Pool & Kiddie Pool, Plus our Licensed and Skilled Lifeguards which are very happy to assist you. Entice in our Traditional and Authentic Dishes which will surely turn on your Palate , with the Staff’s Great and Warm Service at the Bistro (Bistro Ambrosio...
    813 Words | 4 Pages

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