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  • Subway - 443 Words
    The first thing one thinks of after hearing the name “Subway” is healthy food. The Subway brand has brought a revolution in the food industry with its healthy sandwiches & salads. Brand History: The founder Fred DeLuca in partnership with Dr. Peter Buck opened a submarine sandwich store in 1965 to fund his education as he wanted to be a doctor. Little did he know that he was destined to create a brand which today has 34218 restaurants spread across 95 countries. Brand Name: The...
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  • Subway - 1923 Words
    ASSIGNMENT I have chosen SUBWAY® as an Multi-National Company for my assignment. Subway was opened by Fred DeLuca at the age of seventeen in 1965 with the help of a friend, Dr.Peter Buck, who invested $1000 in his first sandwich shop which was named Pete’s Super Submarine which was located in Bridgeport, Connecticut which was meant to fund his dreams of becoming a doctor. He set a goal of having 32 stores in 10 years but by 1964, they had only 16 stores. They realized that they would not be...
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  • Subway - 265 Words
    The Subway® is mainly selling submarine sandwiches (subs) and salads to their customer. It is a strong and growing brand which is known for fresh and healthy made-to-order sandwiches. It provides low fat menu and allows their customer to mix-and-match the ingredients into their subs according to their preferences. Besides, Subway® also offers other products such as soft drinks, snacks and cookies. Customers are allowed to combine their subs, drinks and snacks in order to getting a cheaper offer....
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  • Marketing and Subway Restaurants Subway
    Introduction The heart concepts of marketing are customers wants, values, communications and relationships. Marketing is strategically concerned with the direction and scope of the long-term activities performed by a company to obtain a competitive advantage. The organization applies its resources within a changing environment to satisfy customer needs while meeting stakeholder expectations. If I were a business owner wanting to market my product and services, I know that I would first need...
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  • The Subway Franchise - 459 Words
    The Subway Franchise The Subway story started in 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut during the summer of 1965. 17 year old Fred DeLuca was trying to earn enough money to pay for his college tuition by working in a hardware store. He wanted a way to add money to his minimum wage salary. He got the solution at a backyard barbecue in a conversation with a family friend, nuclear physicist Dr. Peter Buck. With a $1000 loan from Buck, DeLuca opened Pete’s Super Submarine on August 28,...
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  • Subway Analysis - 788 Words
    Subway and The Challenges of Franchising in China Subway's History Subway's first appear was in 1965, Connecticut, United States[1]. This company was found by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck in Bridgeport[2]. And it is famous by its foot long and 6 inch submarines sandwiches. Right now, Subway become the world largest submarines sandwich franchise operation mechanism. End of January 1st 2011, Subway have 33,749 branches which exceed McDonald's 32,737 branches became the world largest single...
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  • Subway Analysis - 3661 Words
    Abstract Currently, franchisee is one of the most popular business models in Australia. In 1965, an American university student formed the SUBWAY, a submarine sandwich restaurant. After 30 years development, Subway creates a sandwich empire through franchisee model and fast extent to 90 countries with more than 300000 restaurants in global range. Currently, economic crisis is impacted Australia and deeply bring the negative influence to Australia economic system. The data indicate Australia is...
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  • Subway History - 730 Words
    HISTORY The story begins in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA during the summer of 1965. Fred DeLuca, an ambitious 17-year-old high school graduate, was looking for a way to make enough money to pay for his university tuition. The solution came at a BBQ during a conversation with a family friend, Dr. Peter Buck. Dr. Buck suggested to Fred that he open a submarine sandwich shop - having seen a sandwich shop in his hometown become a huge success. With a $1,000 loan from Dr. Buck, the partnership was...
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  • swot subway - 3182 Words
    Table of Content Tittle Page Number 1.0 Executive Summary 2 2.0 Background of the company 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Company History 2.3 Products and services 3 4 5 3.0 SWOT diagram 6 4.0 Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats 7-8 9-10 11 12 5.0 Conclusion 13 References 14 1.0 Executive Summary For this assignment, I will choose Subway for my food business organization. This assignment...
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  • Subway Diet - 17652 Words
    “Considering the Competitive Landscape of the UK Fast Food Sector, To What Extent was the Subway Diet Effective as a Strategic Ploy?” Gene Allen Vega Institute of Business and Law (IBAL) Bournemouth University BA (Hons) Accounting and Business Date of submission: 19th April 2007 TABLE OF CONTENTS Summary…………………………………………………………………………. 1 Chapter 1: Introduction…………………………………………………………... 2 1. Background…………………………………………………………... 3 2. General Research...
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  • Subway Assignment - 973 Words
    Subway Profile Subway “Eat Fresh, Live Green”. That mission statement right away tells everyone what Subway is all about. Most people would probably consider Subway to be a fast food sandwich shop but as signs in the shop say “The only fast thing about us is our queue”. Subway wants to delight every customer so that they tell their friends. The first Subway was opened by Fred DeLuca, who had set out to fulfil a dream of becoming a medical doctor and decided thanks to a friend to open a...
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  • Franchise of Subway - 3398 Words
    1- Introduction 4 1-1 Over View of Subway 4 1-2 Franchise in Subway 6 1-3 Subway Mission 6 1-4 Subway Core Value 6 2- Organization Structure 7 2-1 Shareholders 7 2-2 Management Team 7 2-3 Employees 7 3- Markweting Strategy 7 3-1 Target Market 8 3-2 Market Size 8 3-2 Market Growth 10...
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  • Subway Sandwiches - 934 Words
    Subway Sandwiches Although sub and sandwich shops offer some of the best growth opportunities in fast food today, there are signs that the category is not what is use to be. Subway's rapid growth in recent years put sub sandwiches on the fast-food map and served to attract tremendous attention as well as investment dollars into this category. In part due to the increased competition, fewer operations and franchise prospects today view that name-brand sub shop as the easy way to success,...
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  • subway analysis - 1844 Words
    1.0 INTRODUCTION Subway was established in 1965 when 17 year-old Fred DeLuca collaborated with Dr. Peter Buck and opened the first Pete's Subway in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Subway didn't start franchising until 1974, when its first franchise place situated in Wallingford, Connecticut. The international headquarters for Subway Sandwich restaurants and franchises are located in Milford, Connecticut ( , 1965) Presently, the SUBWAY® brand is the well-known submarine...
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  • Subway Franchise - 512 Words
    Subway Franchise DF July 28, 2012 Subway was founded by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1965. At the time the name was Pete’s Super Submarines. The loan that Deluca received from Buck was for the sum of $1000.00. Having the submarine shop open for a few years the founders changed the name to Subway this is when they began the franchise in 1974. To begin in the Subway franchise the fee is $15,000.00. There is an ongoing royalty fee of 8% and the term of the...
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  • Introduction of Subway - 333 Words
    Introduction of subway The goal at each SUBWAY restaurant is to offer a quality product that is made specific to each individual customers taste. Your SUBWAY sandwich is made-to-order, exactly the way you want it. Subway the fast-food market of submarine sandwiches and salads has more 32000 stores in ninety-one countries and generates some $12 billion in annual revenues. The franchising chain opened its first international restaurant in Bahrain in 1984. Since then subway has expanded...
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  • subway CRM Project - 4626 Words
     Subway CRM Project 1.0 Executive Summary: Subway is a sandwich fast food restaurants which has 260 stores in New Zealand. Application of CRM can facilitate the management, CRM project including ICDC model, identify the touch points , Servqual level analysis, Gap Theory analysis, suggestions and recommendations. The CRM strategy properly executed, it will help Subway to better understand the customer and manage customers, improve the ability of its competition ability and...
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  • Subway Franchise Case Study
    Subway Restaurant Overview Our organisational analysis focuses on Subway Corporation, a submarine sandwich Franchise which is the fastest growing fast food franchise in the world. The Subway headquarters is registered and operates in Connecticut USA. In 1965 Subway a private company owned by Fred Deluca set a goal of having 32 stores in 10 years. With only16 submarine sandwich shops operating in 1974, Mr. Delica realized that his goals were unachievable and decided to Franchise his...
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  • Criticle Analysis: Subway - 1145 Words
    Subway is entering the highly competitive fast food breakfast market. The overall market sales for breakfast was approximately $25.3 billion in 2009 and in 2004, the fast-food portion outpaced non-fast food breakfast sales. In 2009, fast-food breakfast sales represented 55 percent of the total market, however, the breakfast market suffered a 2.8 percent drop from 2008 to 2009. (1) Despite recent decline, market research firm Mintel, expects a 2.1 percent increase in for the coming year. (2) The...
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  • Subway Innovation Report - 2003 Words
    Subway Innovation Report Subway is the name of a franchise fast food restaurant that mainly sells sandwiches and salads. It was founded in 1965 by Fred De Luca and Peter Buck. The corporation that owns the trademarked name of Subway is Doctor's Associates, Inc. (DAI). The company has over 28,400 franchised units in 87 countries as of September 2007 and is the fastest growing franchise in the world. It is currently the third largest fast food chain globally after YUM! Brands (34,000 sites) and...
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  • Marketing Audit Subway - 2709 Words
    Subway Restaurants Marketing Situational Analysis Case Study Executive Summary Subway Restaurants is the leading submarine sandwich franchise in the United States and the world with 20,532 restaurants worldwide located in 72 countries. Restaurant locations continue to increase year over year from an annual rate of 4 percent in 1999 to 14 percent in 2003. Brand recognition grows as market geographically expands. The new Tuscany Décor reinforces the idea of a fresh, healthy and great tasting...
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  • Subway-- Operations Management - 1883 Words
    The Subway sandwich chain is the largest restaurant operation in the world, as determined by the number of locations. Subway has been gaining on other fast-food restaurants such as McDonald's for years. It’s smaller format costs less to open and operate than other chain restaurants and lets it squeeze into heavily trafficked locations places such as McDonald's might bypass. In its clarity, simplicity, and achievability, the Subway restaurants have one of the best mission statements in the U.S....
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  • Italian Bmt Subway - 1730 Words
    THE HISTORY OF SUBWAY In 1965, Fred DeLuca set out to fulfill his dream of becoming a medical doctor. Searching for a way to help pay his education, a family friend suggested him to open a submarine sandwich shop. Dr. Peter Buck has made a loan of $1000 to become Fred’s partner, and a business relationship was forged that would change the landscape of the fast food industry. The first stores was opened in Bridgeport , Connecticut in August, 1965. After that Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck...
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  • Fast Food and Subway - 2120 Words
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  • Why Subway Is Not Popular in China
    1. Introduction 2.1 Relevant background Since the Subway restaurant chain started in 1965, it has opened more than 30,000 stores in 87 countries during the past 40 years. In Western countries, Subway is very popular and famous for its “stylish and nutritious” concept. More importantly, Subway brings the idea of health into the fast food industry. Because of the nutritious sandwiches and low fat ingredients, Subway receives considerable acclaim in Europe and America. Moreover, some...
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  • subway research paper - 3916 Words
     Executive Summary I have chosen to do my Multi-National profile on Subway because I am fascinated on how young people become so successful in the field I am currently in. Also in my last assignment I have chosen Subway’s number one competitor “Quizno’s” and how they failed miserably against Subway during the great recession. After acquiring a little bit of knowledge about Subway, I wanted to go into greater depth to learn more about the franchise. I will explain the history of Subway,...
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  • Research Report Subway - 1149 Words
    Levi Norton 1081851 Levi Norton 1081851 2012 Consumer Insight Analysis Report NOVO SERVICES 2012 Consumer Insight Analysis Report NOVO SERVICES Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 3 Strategic Findings 4 Consumer Insight Concepts 4 Consumer Insight Analysis 5 Issue 7 Conclusion 8 Reference 9 Executive Summary The purpose of this analysis report is to...
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  • Subway Market Research - 5011 Words
    1 INTRODUCTION Subway chain is the third largest fast food chain in the world after McDonald‟s and KFC. The first Subway was founded in 1965. The founder of the Subway chain, Fred De Luca, started running his restaurant business when he was only 17 years old. The first Subway restaurant was opened nine years after its foundation in Connecticut where the headquarter is now situated. (Subway Denmark) Now there are more than 30,000 Subway restaurants in 88 countries worldwide and it is the...
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  • Fast Food and Subway - 3990 Words
    General Business Description Doctor’s Associates Inc., DBA SUBWAY Overview Basic Information SUBWAY® Restaurants is a registered trademark of Doctor’s Associates Inc. (DAI) located in Milford, Connecticut., USA. Address: 325 Bic Drive Milford, Connecticut 06460 U.S.A. Telephone: (203) 877-4281 Toll Free: 800-888-4848 Fax: (203) 876-6695 Incorporated: 1965 as Pete's Super Submarines Employees: 730 NAIC: 722211 Restaurants, Fast Food Mission Statement “Delight every customer...
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  • Subway Case Analysis - 1225 Words
     College of Business and Public Policy 09/09/2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS COMPANY OVERVIEW 3 SUBWAY COMPETITION 3 TARGET CUSTOMERS 5 MARKETING TECHNOLOGIES 5 CURRENT ANCHORAGE MARKET…………………………………………………………...7 NEW SUBWAY LOCATIONS 9 COMPANY OVERVIEW Subway is the market leader in sandwich shops, and offers a healthier alternative to burgers and pizza for people looking to pick up food on the run. They...
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  • Subway Case Analysis - 1291 Words
    Case Study #1 – Subway Sandwich Shop Analysis Case Study One – Subway Sandwich Shop Situation Analysis A situation analysis is an honest valuation of the opportunities and potential problems facing a prospective or existing company. Through analysis a deeper understanding of an industry, competitor and possible options can be examined. Subway Sandwich shops early history roots can be traced back to the summer of 1965, with a $1,000 investment a new venture was born. Fred DeLuca...
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  • Subway Swot Analysis - 889 Words
    Strengths Brand Recognition: Subway Restaurants are one of the leading submarine sandwich franchises based in the United States. Today Subway has brand recognition in over ninety-two countries having over 33,246 restaurants all over the world. Subway has well established itself as a brand in the fast food industry as one of the healthiest—if not the healthiest fast food restaurants in the United States. Subway is known as a company that offers healthy sandwiches that are much better...
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  • Fast Food and Subway - 8380 Words
    ------------------------------------------------- Letter of Transmittal 24th December, 2011 Mr. Abdullah Al Mamun (AHM) Lecturer School Of Business North South University Subject: Submission of business plan on an event management company Dear Sir, It is a great pleasure for us to submit this business plan. We are pleased to inform you that we have thoroughly enjoyed working through this term paper and all of our representatives have contributed efficiently and moreover effectively to...
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  • subway brand analysis - 4171 Words
    SUBWAY BRAND ANALYSIS Analyzed by Tanay Manoj Rathod Ashvikha Lakshmi Shriraam Nan Dar Lakshmi Prathyusha Arimilli Content Page 1. Introduction 2. Company Background 3. Brand Vision 4. Brand Objectives 5. Brand Personality 6. Impact of emotional appeal on consumer behaviors and the subway brand 7. Involvement theory on consumer behavior 8. Maslow Hierarchy of Needs 9. Conclusion...
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  • Subway Case Analysis - 1335 Words
    Subway Case Analysis SUBWAY® is the market leader in sub and sandwich shops offering a healthier alternative to traditional fast foods. SUBWAY's® annual sales exceeded $6.3 billion dollars, while countless awards and accolades have been bestowed its chain over the past 40 years. SUBWAY® had 7,825 units worldwide with 7,750 units in North America whilst its rapid growth has attracted many investments and brought it many competitors such as KFC and Burger King. Recent initiatives to attract...
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  • Submarine Sandwich and Subway - 5728 Words
    Subway’s Domestic and International Marketing Plan Presented by Moses Ballenger The University of Houston – Victoria International Marketing (MKT 6377) 2011 Summer Session Table of Contents 2. - Letter of Recommendation 3. – Executive Summary 4. - Introduction, Background, Summary and update of the case study 2.1 – Target Market Analysis 2.12 – Primary Target Market 2.13 – Primary Target Market Demographics 2.14 – Secondary Target Markets...
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  • Internal and External Analysis of Subway
     Internal and External Analysis of Subway STR 581 Carlos Pineda June 9, 2014 Internal and External Analysis of Subway Subway’s mission is: “Delight every customer so they want to tell their friends – with great value through fresh, delicious, made-to-order sandwiches, and an exceptional experience.” Subway’s franchise vision is to be the number one Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) franchise in the world, while delivering fresh, delicious sandwiches and an exceptional...
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  • An Operational Analysis of Subway Restaurants
    Completed By: Olga Gomez, Nancy Guadron, Paula Clark, and Tyann Peres Completed By: Olga Gomez, Nancy Guadron, Paula Clark, and Tyann Peres An Operational Analysis of Subway Restaurants University of Houston-Downtown MGT 3332 Summer 1 Dr. Steven Coy An Operational Analysis of Subway Restaurants University of Houston-Downtown MGT...
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  • Customer Satisfaction reasearch ''Subway''
    Conclusion In today’s world customer satisfaction is one of the most important elements in doing business. It is important for a manager to recognise the weak points, so that these can be improved. This report exemplifies the most important variables which influence the customer satisfaction of Subway. Field research has been done in the form of a questionnaire. Consequently, the data was analysed and the research question was answered. The variables used for this research are: Age, gender,...
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  • Subway Marketing Strategy - 3414 Words
    1) Industry analysis a. Definition of the industry The industry is the fast food industry (“la restauration rapide”). I would define this industry as a mean of eating food where the aim is to eat quickly and to have the possibility to take away. It is often affordable. The most served food is Burgers, sandwiches, fries, soft drink but also hot dog, pizza, taco or sushi. The turnover of the market increased for 66% in 7 years and reach 32,7 billion euros in 2011. This turnover still...
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  • Competative Advantages and Disadvantages of Subway
    Subway: Competitive Advantages and Disadvantages Subway prides themselves on their sandwiches -- custom-made on freshly baked breads, Subway sandwich shops provide fresh, great-tasting 'made to order' subs, salads and wraps, with extraordinary customer service and value. Millions of customers think of Subway shops sandwich options (including '8 under 6' grams of fat) along with spokesman Jared Fogle -- as their preferred fast food choice for intelligent eating habits. The Subway chain...
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  • Submarine Sandwich and Subway - 7939 Words
    SUBWAY Business Type: Private Industry Type: Fast Food Founded In: Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S. (1965) Founders: Fred De Luca and Peter Buck Headquarters: Milford, Connecticut, USA Key people: Fred De Luca (President) Mille Shin (EVP) David Worroll (Controller) Products: Subs Burgers Salads Pizzas and other food items. Revenue: ▲ $ 9.0305 Billion USD P.A Owners: Doctor’s Associate Inc. Website: Subway is an American food...
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  • Product Evaluation: Subway - 1773 Words
    Product Evaluation: SUBWAY Chao Zhao College of Business and Publics Management University of La Verne Abstract The Subway® restaurant chain has been named "Brand of the Year" in the "Quick Service Restaurant" category according to the 2013 Harris Poll EquiTrend® study. ("Subway® named "brand," 2013). So I focus on the Subway with product evaluation. And this research includes three parts. First, I will introduce the Subway Company. Second, I will analyses and evaluate it with...
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  • Subway Marketing Plan - 1397 Words
    SUBWAY MARKETING PLAN 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: SUBWAY (restaurants) is an American fast-food franchise owned by Doctor’s Associates, Inc. Subway was founded by Peter Buck and Fred Deluca, with its first restaurant being set up in Bridgeport, U.S in 1965. The franchise runs 38,813 restaurants in 99 countries. Today, the SUBWAY brand is the world's largest submarine sandwich chain. The SUBWAY franchise provides variety of great testing and healthier foods and the third largest fast food chain....
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  • Subway Sandwich, Business Marketing
    � SUBWAY SANDWICH PHASE 1: IDENTIFYING PROBLEM Subway is a franchise sandwich store that has been established in the market since 1965. They have been famous for their classic sandwich combinations and also their customization of sandwiches that meets customer's specific needs. Currently Subway is the largest Sandwich franchise in the world and has a total of 30,272 Stores in 87 countries around the world. Thailand is one of the countries that hold a Subway Sandwich franchise license. In...
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  • Subway task and mega environment
    Subway is an American fast food franchise that sells submarine sandwiches and salads and it was founded in Connecticut, USA, in 1965 by Fred Deluca and Peter Buck. It was originally called “Pete’s Super Submarines” and in 1968, the SUBWAY® name is used for the first time. Since then, the popularity of Subway has been expanding internationally. Subway is now owned by Doctors Associates and there are now 40,438 Subway restaurants in 103 countries all over the world. New Subway restaurants are...
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  • Subway Value Chain Analysis
    Subway-Porter Value Chain Introduction: SUBWAY was started 47 years ago in the year of 1965 by Fred Deluca. Subway is the market leader in the sub and sandwich shops offering a healthier alternative to traditional fast foods. Subway’s annual sales exceeded $ 6.3 billion, while countless awards and accolades have been bestowed its chain over the past 47 years. Subway has more than 33,500 units worldwide whilst its rapid growth has attracted many investments and brought it many...
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  • SUBWAY Marketing Plan - 5489 Words
     Table of Contents 1.0 Executive Summary……………………………………………………………2 1.1 Introduction……………………………………………………………..2 2.0 Situation Analysis……………………………………………………………...3 2.1 Competitive Analysis…………………………………………………...3 2.2 SWOT Analysis………………………………………………………4-6 2.3 P.E.S.T. Analysis………………………………………………………7. 2.4 Five Forces Analysis …………………………………………………..8 3.0 Marketing Strategy……………………………………………………………9. 3.1 Mission………………………………………………………………..10. 3.2 Core Values and Philosophy…………………………………………..10 3.3...
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  • An Ethnographic Study of a Subway Resturant
    Introduction Globalisation is a force that became the buzzword of the 1990s. Various countries around the world have experienced a thrilling increase in trade, innovation transfer and cross-border investment flows in recent years. The effects of globalisation and the evolution of the most developed economies are difficult to separate and a few authors believe the effects of multinational enterprise to be a defining feature of globalisation (Strange, 1986). In this essay, I am going to deliver...
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  • Subway: Quiznos and Fastest Growing Franchises
    Subway is an American fast food restaurant franchise that primarily sells submarine sandwiches (subs) and salads. It is owned and operated by Doctor's Associates, Inc. Subway is one of the fastest growing franchises in the world with 40,229 restaurants in 102 countries and territories as of 11 September 2013.[1] It is the largest single-brand restaurant chain and the largest restaurant operator globally.[3][4][5] Subway's main operations office is in Milford, Connecticut; five regional centers...
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  • Analysis of Subways internal and external environments
    Introduction This essay will analyse the organisation Subway’s internal and external environments and their impacts on this organisation. This will include a swot analysis on resources and capabilities which are a part of the internal environment and on customers, suppliers, competitors, pressure groups, economic, political, technological, natural environment and emerging trends in the external environment. “A SWOT Analysis is a useful technique for understanding your Strengths and...
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  • 4 P's of Subway Restaurants: Promotion
    Subway’s Promotional Methods Subway, the largest franchise in the world, uses various promotion methods. Subway uses mass selling as their primary way of advertising. Since the target market is large and scattered over 98 countries, this is the easiest way for Subway to target their products. They announce their promotions using TV ads, radio ads, newspapers, and online ads. Subway also uses publicity as a form of advertising. Jared Fogle, Billy Blanks, and Michael Phelps are all great...
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  • Natural & Technological Environment of Subway Sandwich
    Natural Environment Subway restaurant is the restaurant that sells the most largest submarine sandwich chain and have more than 37,000 franchise in all around the world are on a running to make their restaurant to operations as environmentally and socially responsible as possible to aim to improve the health of the earth in the same time. Last few years, subway started to switch their products and business practices that use less energy and resources, and generate less waste. By the process,...
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  • Questionnaire: Fast Food and Subway Eating Joint
    QUESTIONNAIRE Respected sir/madam, I am_____________; student of ____________________is conducting the survey on ‘THE PEOPLE’S OPINION TOWARDS NON-VEG AS FAST FOOD IN ACCORDANCE WITH SUBWAY EATING JOINT IN SURAT’. So kindly spend few minutes to give your opinion on this. This survey is only for the educational purpose. I assure you that your personal information will be confidential. 1. DO YOU ENJOY FAST-FOODING? [ ] a) YES b) NO 2. WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE NON-VEG AS YOUR FAST FOOD...
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  • How Subway Restaurant Can Avoid Marketing Myopia
    “In 1965 seventeen year old Fred Deluca borrowed $1,000 from a friend Pete Buck and suggested an idea of starting Pete’s Super Submarines in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This franchise was started to help get through college to study medicine, and in the following year they formed Doctor’s Associates Inc. to oversee operations of the restaurants as that franchise expanded. The first Subway franchised unit opened in Wallingford, Connecticut.” ( Fred Deluca and Pete Buck...
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  • Title: Criticize Me! Subway and the Crossed-Off Cross Promotion
    The Subway restaurant chain likes to tell its customers to “eat fresh”. But in 2004 Subway had to eat something different: a controversial cross-promotional campaign launched by its’ German franchises. Cross-promotions occur when two organisations agree to promote each other’s products or goals. In the Subway case, the restaurant chain’s 100 German franchises contacted the company handling German distribution of Super Size Me, a documentary harshly critical of McDonald’s Subway...
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  • Case Number One - Subway Sandwich Shops Situation Analysis
    Case Number One - Subway Sandwich Shops Situation Analysis Subway Sandwich, as presented in the Case Study presented in the Marketing Management MGT 551 class, is an undisputed market leader in a segment that is “firmly established as a nationwide food item for which there is plenty of room in all areas” (University of Phoenix, 2008). However, with a growing competition, changing consumer trends and increased product specialization, Subway’s real strategic marketing challenge is to be able to...
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  • Interview with Business Owner
    Nilima Rawal BMGT110 University of Maryland University College September 23, 2012 Abstract For my interview I decided to choose the owner of 6 different Subway Restaurants in Maryland. It was an honor to interview my friend "Mr. Sharad Doshi". He has been in this industry for past five years. I chose him because he has been an inspiration to everyone. Looking at his accomplishments, makes us feel very proud and I knew for sure, for me, the best person to interview...
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  • Mkt 271 Marketing - 478 Words
    A Value Proposition is possibly one of the most important decisions companies make. A company must summarize how is will serve targeted customers, how it will differentiate its products from the offerings of competitors and position it self in the marketplace. A companies Value Proposition is a set of benefits or values it promises to deliver to consumers to satisfy their needs (text page 9). We will discuss what Value Propositions differentiate McDonalds, Subway and Pizza Hut. Why would a...
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  • IMC - 1165 Words
    Introduction This following paper outline an Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) plan for Subway restaurants. The plan will discuss the promotion of Subways’ 50th anniversary of operation. Advertising and internet marketing strategies will be used to raise awareness towards the target market of health conscience adults from the age 18 - 32. Subway is the second largest franchise quick-service restaurant globally, aside by Mcdonalds. It offers a while selection of submarine sandwiches,...
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  • Evaluation of Subway's Branding and its SWOT analysis.
    EVALUATION OF BRAND NAMEA brand is a combination of name, term, sign, symbol and design intended to identify the goods or services of one seller, which helps him/her to differentiate from those of competitors (Kotler 2006, 269). Subway is first known as Pete's Super Submarine in 1965. The name was shortened to Subway and it is also then, the first franchised unit was opened in 1974 in Connecticut (Subway 2008). Perhaps, the founder of subway - Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck - realized the...
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  • Marketing Management Case Analysis
    Marketing Management Case Analysis Subway® Sandwich Shops Abstract Subway® Sandwich Shops was founded in 1965, and has been franchised into the hearts and stomachs of families all around the world. This highly successful sandwich shop was the dream of high-school graduate Fred DeLuca. With the financial help of long-time friend Dr. Peter Buck, Fred opened the first Subway ™ Sandwich Shop in Bridgeport Connecticut in 1965. By 1974, the pair had opened over 16 shops around...
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  • Market Research - 980 Words
    Foreword This following report was assigned to conduct a research on how to get international brands into Cambodian market. In order to compile this report, researchers have chosen one of the famous fast food restaurants, SUBWAY, as an example. Besides, researchers have done the fast food market analysis in order to ensure the success of SUBWAY in Cambodia. Meanwhile, we would like to show our appreciation to our lecture, Mr. Gael Campan, who has provided the guidance to conduct this...
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  • Analysis on Successful and Failed Company
    Analysis on Failed Company 1. Kodak Kodak founded in 1880 by George Eastman. Eastman Kodak, the 131-year-old film pioneer that has been struggling for years to adapt to an increasingly digital world, filed for bankruptcy protection on January 2012. (Merced, January 2012) Example: In 1996, Kodak introduces Advantix Preview film and camera system, which Kodak spent more than $500M to develop and launch. One of the key features of the Advantix system was that it allowed users to preview...
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  • Global Communication Gap Analysis
    Subway Introduction Subway is the largest restaurant franchise in the United States. The Subway chain has been established for about 38 years and it has reached number one in increased percent sales and consumer awareness over time. Subway's accomplishments are mainly due to its brand awareness, product image and diversity in the fast food industry. However, in the presence of strong competitive pressure from its rivals, Subway has to make some strategic changes in order to prosper in the...
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  • how to get good mark
    Interview with a Franchisee Professor: Ronaldo DeVilla Student Name: Lixing, Bai. Student Number: 300209837 1. Company Profile Subway In 1965, Subway opened its first store. In 1974, the franchisee business started. Today, the SUBWAY® brand is the world's largest sandwich chain with more than 37,000 locations around the world. For franchise business, the applicant must have general business experience, absentee ownership not allowed. The total investment in a shop is...
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  • Big Mac - 1247 Words
    Haley Spencer Professor Flood English 101 20 October 2014 Big Mac with a Side of Apples and a Diet Coke For decades the fast-food industry has supplied Americans with tasty, comforting food, quickly and for a low cost. It was not until recently, when the health craze first hit America in the late 1980’s that corporations developed a new approach to marketing health food products to fit their customer’s wants. Fast Food companies trick their costumers into believing the fast-food is healthier by...
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  • Com155 - 464 Words
    Associate Program Material Appendix F Outline and Thesis Statement Guide What is your thesis statement? Taking your time deciding a healthy meal instead of looking for convenience is the most important choice ____________________________________________________ I. Introduction I know that McDonalds is very convenient with having a drive-thru and having quick menu items to order but taking your time to figure out a healthier meal choice is a lot more important. It will benefit...
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  • Yeah - 298 Words
    Aim G2 started work with Subway at a time when initial steps were being taken towards rapid expansion of the store base. The aim was to introduce Subway into the Korean market as a fresh meal offer and to differentiate the fast food chain from its competitors. Subway’s customer base comprises of college students and young office workers and therefore, the campaign leveraged on targeted platforms to appeal to this discerning audience. Execution An important aspect of building up the momentum...
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  • Supplay Chain Management - 5036 Words Chain Leader: Subway franchisees have found a way to ensure a safe and consistent supply chain by using an Internet-based supply-management system. Subway's Independent Purchasing Cooperative, which is owned by the chain's North American franchisees, has been using supply-chain software since the end of 2001 and rolled out the food-quality component, called Qualitynet, in 2004. Miami-based IPC manages the...
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  • Sky Resume - 198 Words
    16592 W, SHeffield ST  Delhi Ca  95315 (209) 450-7520  Sky Singh objective To perform my very best in every job that I do with professionalism and use my skills wisely. Summary of qualifications Certification ROP Computer Application Skills Delhi CA -Certificate of Completion with excellence from ROP Course -Food handling experience -Great Customer Service experience -Stalking/loading experience Employment Subway Livingston, CA Crew Member Among the major...
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  • Marketing Mix - 651 Words
    ASSESSMENT Task 2 BSBMKG502B ESTABLISH AND ADJUST THE MARKETING MIX PROCEDURES 1- SUBWAY Fred DeLuca founded the SUBWAY® chain in Connecticut, USA, in 1965. The company has since grown into a multi-billion dollar business, with more than 30,000 outlets in 87 countries. In March 2011, there were 1254 open SUBWAY® restaurants in Australia. With the popularity of the brand at an all time high, there are ambitious plans to continually open more SUBWAY® restaurants in Australia in the...
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  • business Assignment 2 - 1022 Words
    Business Assignment 2 Task 1: Subway- is an American fast food restaurant franchise that sell sandwiches and salads. It is one of the fastest growing franchises in the world 42,777 restaurants in 108 countries. It is the largest single brand restaurant in the world and the largest restaurant operator on the globe. The SUBWAY® Brand was co-founded by Fred DeLuca, a 17-year-old college freshman, and Dr Peter Buck. The first outlet opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut on August 28, 1965 and was...
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  • Developing Good Business Sense
    Developing Good Business Sense: Why Do Operating Systems Differ? Shawna Storm BUS/210 January 27, 2013 Justin Philipp Abstract This paper will identify the nature of three different company’s operating systems and explore how differently their employees are organized. I personally worked for these companies, therefore, I have an inside view of the way they operate. It will also define the main OMM (operations, materials, and management) costs of companies and how it...
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  • The Fast Food Industry of China
    The fast food industry of China is experiencing phenomenal growth and is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country, with the compounded annual growth rates of the market crossing 25%. Further, on the back of changing and busy lifestyle, fast emerging middle class population and surging disposable income, the industry will continue to grow at apace in coming years. These are the findings of our just-released research report “China Fast Food Analysis”. This report provides extensive...
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  • Junk Food - 1073 Words
    Ross Meek Mrs. Zoeller English 3A 4/23/13 Fast food , the type of food changed our lives. It’s fast, it’s easy to prepare, it’s easy to eat, and it’s cheap. It’s for everyone. It’s for the poor and the non-poor. It’s for students, for managers, for actors, for factory workers, for criminals, for priests… today it seems like fast food was always around and it is not possible to imagine a world without fast food. Even countries like Japan, which has a traditional diet of rice, fish,...
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  • Porter Analysis - 449 Words
    Porter’s Analysis February 10, 2013 MGT 210-001 Barriers to Entry Depending on the individual’s financial situation, it could be very difficult to open a “Great Steak and Potato Company” restaurant. One needs a total capital investment of approximately $180,000 to $250,000 which would include the initial franchise fee of $30,000, royalty fee of 6%, and $5000 renewal fee during the 10 year term of agreement. One would also need $100,000 to $125,000 liquid capital for the initial startup and...
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  • Subway's Marketing Strategies - 2933 Words
    SUBWAY: An Introduction The Subway brand was started in the summer of 1965 in Bridgeport, Conneticut. It was the brainchild of 17-year old Fred DeLuca and his family friend Dr. Peter Buck, with its purpose being to earn money for Fred’s college tuition. With a $1,000 loan from Dr. Buck, Fred opened up the sub shop. Currently, there are 27436 Restaurants in 85 Countries, making it the second largest fast-food franchise in the world. Approximately 5000 of these locations are non-traditional...
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  • Report on Fastfood Industry - 2740 Words
    ASSESSMENT COVER SHEET Please ensure this form is fully completed prior to submission. This page should be on the front of your assessment and needs to be easily accessible. Student ID Number: | 2129767 | Date Submitted: | 14th May of 2013 | Student Name / Group Name: | Henrique Fornazier Murad Neffa | SGA Unit Code: | SGA 1233 | SGA Unit Title: | Market Evaluation | Course: | Diploma of Business | Trainer’s Name: | Martin Howells | Received by Academic Dept: | | Assessment No: |...
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  • Fast Food Chains - 284 Words
    Fast Food Chains: Friend or Foe? The fast food chains are an industry that has led to an economic wonder. The leading fast food centers circle their marketing strategies on the convenient location, changing preferences, quality of food and pricing, potential customers, age of consumers, menu selection and diversification. The fulfillment of these pre-requisites ensures the success of the fast food chains. The fast food chains include restaurants which are practically located...
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  • Daimler - 448 Words
    Aleksandar Kolev-20977 Ivelina Nikolova-21156 Viktor Dimitrov-20777 Home Work SUBWAY Subway is an American restaurant franchise that primarily sells submarine sandwiches (subs) and salads. It is owned and operated by Doctor's Associates, Inc. (DAI). Subway is...
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  • Fast Food Nation Rhetorical Analysts
    Fast Food Nation Rhetorical Analysis In the film “Fast Food Nation” there are some obvious goals here. This film gives you an insight of what a fast food corporation is really like, and how they aren’t as great as they seem to be, as well as the problem with illegal immigrants coming over to America, being token advantage of, and mistreated. This film tries to make you more conscientious of what is going on behind the closed doors of America’s fast food industry. Don, who is Mickey's...
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  • Quiznos Summary - 875 Words
    Sandwich chain Quiznos made its name selling hot subs at premium prices, but a leveraged buyout at the top of the market and the recession helped turn that strategy to toast. Now the company finds itself on the brink of default, also thanks to sour relations with franchise owners, costly rents and stepped-up competition from rivals like Subway. The chain now has about 3,500 stores, down from nearly 5,000 before the recession. With sales sliding, Denverbased Quiznos told lenders...
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  • Fast Food Nation - 1347 Words
    "Fast Food Nation:" A Rhetorical Analysis In Eric Schlosser's book, "Fast Food Nation", the author presents an in depth analysis of the fast food industry, from its origin of Southern California to its ubiquitous manifestation of today's culture. Schlosser argues that the fast food industry has used its political influence as a way of circumventing issues of health and working conditions, while greatly increasing profits and expansion. The intent of Schlosser's book is to impact the reader...
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  • Fast Food - 667 Words
     A fast food restaurant is on every corner, but is actually good for you? Fast food became popular in the early 1900’s but it didn’t just take off. Fast food has made quite a journey in its development opening opportunities along the way. It has its advantages and disadvantages but being aware of them is very important. Fast food has made a huge impact on our nation’s health and economy. How was fast food developed? Burgers made at fairs, carnivals, and events were known as low...
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  • Subway's Problem for Breakfast Market
    Fast-food restaurants wage a breakfast food war Subway has entered into the breakfast food war. They are no longer just serving five dollar subs, but breakfast sandwiches. They will be facing both threats and opportunities in the future. They will have to continue to use different strategies to compete with other businesses. Their key performance indicators are effective, but they will need to improve them. Subway entered into the fast-food breakfast market hoping to bring up sales....
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  • Strategic Choices--Mcdonalds - 1106 Words
    INTRODUCTION So as to understand the structure and culture of the fast food giant known as McDonald’s and why they are the world’s largest restaurant franchise, one would need to look at their strategically point of view . By doing this, it would allow anyone to reveal each measurement in the business, corporate and global level strategies. McDonald greatest strengths are introducing fast food into people minds and becoming part of the American culture. Corporations like Wal-Mart who has...
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  • Five Trends in the Restaurant Industry
    Five Trends in the Restaurant Industry The number one growing trend in the restaurant industry is the idea of fresh, healthy meal options. According to the NRA a growing number of consumers are becoming more health conscious, and therefore looking better their diets. Restaurant owner have taken note of this and are trying to provide a healthy selection of food for its consumers. In fact forty percent of restaurant owners had budgeted more spending in 2010 compared to 2009. They are willing...
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  • Stretegic Management Report - 1708 Words
    Strategic Management Report 1. Introduction 1.1. Background of the Company – SUBWAY® It started when co-founder Fred DeLuca, then 17 years old, opened his first store called Peter’s Super Submarine. The business started from the idea of Fred DeLuca needing to find ways to settle his education fees to accomplish his dream of becoming a medical doctor. A friend of his family, Dr. Peter Buck, offered him a loan of $1,000 and became his business partner to open a sandwich shop. They started...
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  • Fast Food Nation Chapter 4
    Fast Food Nation: Chapter Four “Becoming a franchisee is an odd combination of starting your own business and going to work for someone else” (Schlosser 94).In Eric Schlosser’s Non-fiction book, Fast Food Nation, Schlosser reasons that fast food has widened the gap between the rich and the poor, started an obesity epidemic and propelled American cultural imperialism abroad. While the idea of a franchiser/ franchisee relationship appears to be nothing but beneficial, it has a serious drawback,...
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  • Business organisation - 2453 Words
    M2 The limitation of marketing research used to contribute to the development of selected organisations marketing plans. Subway In this assignment, I will be looking at the limitation of marketing research. This will involves looking out how marketing research can help develop a marketing plan. Furthermore, I will be looking at the weaknesses of development in marketing plan. One reason can be that Subways research including questionnaire might be asked badly towards customers which...
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  • Fast Food Nation - 669 Words
    The Big One Top executives for major fast food industry are some of the highest paid executives in the world today. To most of the public we have no idea as to what goes on behind the doors in the fast food industry, other than what we order at the restaurant. These executives are part of a major problem our society is having with this industry. Are they to blame, maybe, but besides the executives there are many others that play a major role in this industry that is considered to be a...
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  • Behind the Counter - 492 Words
    Around the world, restaurant industry has been growing much faster than the population. Fast-food restaurants, which the easiest way to overcome long-term and presto working hours with short-term lunctimes, lead. However, in addition to opportunity of “easy-eating” for workers, we have to think of these restaurants’ own workers. About two-thirds of the fast food workers are under the age of twenty. It’s an informed choice because teenagers accept to work longer with low wages and, because of...
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  • The Effects The Fast Food Industru Has had on Are society.
    In the book, "Fast Food Nation" Eric Schlosser, gives abundance on information about the Dark- side of an all American Meal. Scholsser views the fast food industry from a Functionalist perspective and in some points and conflict perspective also. I chose both because the functionalist had a lot to do with the way these Corporations should operate. The employee's don't feel like there being treated equal. Schlosser gives details on how The Fast Food industry embodies the best and the worst...
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  • Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser
    Being the world’s busiest and most successful nation, America and the people of America need to be kept constantly fueled. Now the country can run on electricity and petroleum but the people need to be kept fed with food and of course with a busy schedule, food needs to be readily available, be efficiently cheap, delightfully tasteful and be hunger-relieving. The fast food industry manages to accomplish the task quite successfully until and unless it’s long term side effects on the body and the...
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  • 7eleven - 1418 Words
    Case Study Marketing Case: 7-Eleven Marketing Management Introduction 7-Eleven experienced years of success both home and abroad. In North America they were successful as a ‘typical’ convenience store selling gasoline, convenience items and their flagship ‘Big Gulps’ and ‘Slurppees’. While there were many 7-Eleven stores in North America, the dispersion of stores was not dense like they were in Japan. As the economy worsened in the 1980’s and competition increased, due to more...
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  • Case 3 - 1023 Words
     Name________________Chris Vesta__________________________ Case_____________Wrap ItUp______________________ In the US health foods have been trendy in the past decade. It is no surprise that such Wrap It Up, a health food alternative to traditional greasy fast food was created in California. If necessity is the mother of invention then Shawn Jackson and Simon Sethi were needy graduate students looking to fill the void of healthy eating options in their lives. The two men out of...
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  • Summary Essay Chapter 3-" Behind the Counter"
    English Composition 1 10 September 2009 Summary Essay Chapter 3-“Behind the Counter” In his unforgettable, yet disturbing truths in Fast Food Nation, Eric Scholosser explicitly illustrates the damaging effects that the Fast Food industry has on our society. According to Scholosser, during a visit to Colorado Springs, the fast food joints have forever altered the majestic beauty of the land into a “whole new world” (60). It’s a world where the Fast Food industry is exploiting school-aged...
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  • fast food nation - 1910 Words
    Amanda Dang English 1B Barry Kenyon 4 June 2013 Fast Food Nation The fast food industry has been growing in America rapidly in the past decades. In “Fast Food Nation”, Eric Schlosser talks about the dangers of the fast food industry. Schlosser also explains the “distinctively American way” Americans view the world because of the fast food industry. I think the “distinctively American way” people view the world that Schlosser is trying to explain is that Americans care about money and...
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  • Effects of Fast Foods on Diets
    On a recent afternoon at Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton, Calif., students sat at picnic tables and bit into McDonald’s cheeseburgers, Subway sandwiches and Quiznos flatbreads. They didn’t have to travel far to get their fast-food fix for lunch. In fact, they didn’t even have to leave campus. The burgers and sandwiches were available right inside their school cafeteria. As they try to keep pace with student taste, lunchrooms across the country have given up meatloaf and mashed...
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