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  • Father and Son - 2486 Words
    Father and Son Bernard MacLaverty Analysis Contents Title Setting 2 Belfast 2 The Home 3 Themes 3 Plot 4 Characters 4 The Father 4 The Son 4 Parallels between the two characters 5 Differences between the generations 5 The Mother 5 Style 6 Narration 6 Thought/Language 6 A sense of foreboding 6 Imagery 7 Symbolism 7...
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  • Sons and Lovers - 1175 Words
    D.H. Lawrence: Son and Lover "Bildungsroman, a form of fiction which allows the novelist to recreate through the maturing of his protagonist some of his own remembered intensity of experience" (Nivin, Alastair; pg. 34) D.H. Lawrence re-created his own life experience through the writing of Son's and Lovers, an intensely realistic novel set in a small English mining town, much akin to the town in which he was raised. The son of a miner, Lawrence grew up with a father much like the...
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  • Prodical Son - 438 Words
    Prodigal Son Open with scripture reading luke 15:15-24 Pray for the class time and the devotional Background info: Earlier in the story the son left the family with his inheritance and here’s what he said to his father: “I wish you were dead” The father obliges and the son leaves and goes and spends his money in “wild living” and nothing else is said about it He gets a job feeding pigs which was the worst job for a jewish boy, especially one of the father He comes to his senses and goes...
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  • Mother To Son - 304 Words
    BY HYPERLINK http// LANGSTON HUGHES Well, son, Ill tell you Life for me aint been no crystal stair. Its had tacks in it, And splinters, And boards torn up, And places with no carpet on the floor Bare. But all the time Ise been a-climbin on, And reachin landins, And turnin corners, And sometimes goin in the dark Where there aint been no light. So boy, dont you turn back. Dont you set down on the steps Cause you finds its kinder hard. Dont you fall now...
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  • the sons veto - 1863 Words
    The Son’s Veto The mother in this short story sacrifices everything for a son who doesn’t even care about her. ‘Women today would not behave like this.’ Do you agree with this statement? You should explain how you feel about the characters and their relationship with each other. Remember to refer closely to the text. Hardy opens the story with a very detailed description of a woman’s hair. He is commenting on fashion of the time, he says ‘One could understand such weaving...
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  • Family and Son - 1061 Words
    SUCCESS Success can be a rather abstract term and it can mean very different things to different people. Trying to define what success is is not easy. To most people, success means achieving a goal. In order to achieve a goal, a person usually has to work hard and believe in himself. Being successful at what you do can also be very motivating. People who are successful in one project, tend to be more successful in other projects. This is because they get the feeling that their hard work pays...
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  • Father and Son - 806 Words
    Father and son. 1. Find out as much as possible about the father and the son. The father: * He lives in a small house with his son in Toome. * His main concern must be his son. He is afraid that his son is using drugs, and that he have gotten in trouble with someone. And that he never knows where he is going. Sometimes it goes days before his son comes home. * The fond memories he has is when he thought his son how to tie a blood-knot, how to cast a fly, how to strike so...
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  • Unlike Father, Unlike Son
    Unlike Father, Unlike Sons Troy Maxson is a father who has a hard time connecting with his sons. Like most parents, he only wants the best for them, and for them to not repeat the same mistakes he made. Troy Maxson refuses to open his eyes to what is around him these day and that puts a barrier between him and his sons. Troy’s personal experience makes him reluctant to accept and recognize the way society is changing around him. The incomplete fence connects to Troy because of his past which...
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  • Sons Veto Themes - 690 Words
    The Son’s Veto-Themes. Thomas Hardy is concerned with prejudice and inequality. The story begins telling us of a young woman called Sophy who was unfortunately in a wheelchair. Nobody really knows anything about her; she was a mystery to people. 'She was generally believed to be a woman with a story - an innocent one, but a story of some sort or another.' 'She was the second wife of the incumbent of a neighbouring parish'. She has one child, a son. Sadly for her, although he is young, he has...
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  • Analyse of "My Son the Fanatic"
    My son the fanatic Summary: The story is about a man who called Parvez. He is from Pakistan and he live in England with his family, he work as taxi driver for twenty years and half the time with same firm. Parvez have done everything to give Ali a good education, paying everything to the school stuff like computer and books, and wanted him to find a right girl he can marry with and starting good family. Parvez and his son have a conflict about, Parvez suspects that Ali is starting to take...
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  • My Son, My Executioner
    “My Son, My Executioner” In the Donald Hall poem,” My Son, My Executioner, “Hall depicted a father who has grown old, holding their young child in their arms. Hall portrayed strong imagery of a fatherly figure giving up everything to care for his young child. The tone of the poem is both happy and dark. Hall’s theme showed that once a person has a child, the parent’s life is completely changed. “My Son, My Executioner” is a very well written poem with a deep, true meaning that readers could...
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  • Paper of Son and Lovers - 1176 Words
    The characters in "Sons and Lovers" ——Tragedy of Paul's Love 郁彩霞 Abstract: As the main character in this novel, Paul, shows the most struggle in his love: the love for hs mom, for Miriam and for Clara. My work is to analyze the complicated relationships among the women and the man. Due to the Oedipus complex of Paul, he always can't balance his love between his lovers and mother. A pure pilgrim of Miriam and a feminist of Clara, Paul finds himself in love with both of the two....
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  • Father-Son Relationship - 1225 Words
    In many literary works, family relationships are the key to the plot. Through a family's interaction with one another, the reader is able decipher the conflicts of the story. Within a literary family, various characters play different roles in each other's lives. These are usually people that are emotionally and physically connected in one way or another. They can be brother and sister, mother and daughter, or in this case, father and son. In the Arthur Miller's novel, Death of A Salesman, the...
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  • How to be a good son or daughter
     In Vietnam, children are considered God’s gifts. A mother gives birth, but children’s characters come from God. Also their personalities are influenced by the society around them. That fact is why some nice parents don’t have good children, or some people are good sons or daughters even though their parents are bad. A good son or daughter should have certain qualities. Being hard working, sympathetic, and respectful of parents are the most important qualities of a good son or daughter....
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  • Parent relationship in "Sons and Lovers"
     David Herbert Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers is considered as one of the most innovative novels of the twentieth century. In this novel, though Lawrence mainly deals with the relationship between men and women, he also informs us that the relationship between parents and children with the influence of the disharmonious relationship between the special man and woman—father and mother is very significant to children, family and even society. Sons and Lovers is an autobiographical...
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  • My Son the Fanatic - 1034 Words
    My son the fanatic The generation gap is a dilemma which frequently occurs among immigrants, and in his short story My son the fanatic, Hanif Kureishi brings up the issue concerned. Kureishi introduces us to a father, who’s alarmed and puzzled by his sons’ strange behavior, which proves out to be against his own values. During this, Kureishi touches on the topics fanaticism and religion, and how these can change ones behavior towards ones family. Kureishi also focuses on how people relate to...
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  • Rubens Helena and Son - 741 Words
    Rubens, His Wife Helena Fourment, and One of Their Children (circa 1635) Rubens’ painting “Rubens, His Wife Helena Fourment, and One of Their Children” is a very large, measuring 80¼ x 62¼ in., oil painting on a wood. It’s a family portrait of Rubens himself with his wife and their son. When Rubens married his second wife Helena Fourment, on December 6, 1630, she was only sixteen years old. He was already fifty-three at that time. Helena became the model and the inspiration for many paintings...
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  • Fences: Family and Troy S Son
    Outlining Father/Son Relationships Based on the Play Fences by August Wilson August Wilson was an influential 20th-century playwright and the most prominent African American of that craft. Born on April 27, 1945, August Wilson grew up in the Hill district of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His childhood experiences in this black slum community would later become part of his dramatic writings. Though he lived much of his adult life in St. Paul, Minnesota, and in Seattle, the characters and plots of...
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  • Dear Dads: Save Your Sons
     DON W. Keck, COMBATE ENGINIER for the oklahoma project don w. Keck worked in the combate engenire and a medical persnale in iraq, in response to the first man mad 3.5 rocket launcher ever by his age group in history,in iraq.he 39 at the time. By dennis turk Globe Correspondent / september 1, 2010Top of Form 1 Bottom of Form 1 don w. Keck, a noted enginer, was as passionate about his vegetable garden as he was about thermodynamics. An affectionate husband and doting father, Dr....
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  • Flanney O Connor and the Prodigal Son
    Flannery O’Connor and the Prodigal Son Flannery O’Connor, author of the short story “Revelation”, writes about characters that discover their world is not as they believe and that things are truly the opposite of how they appear. There are many moments of enlightenment in her story “Revelation”, as well as in the parable of the Prodigal Son. I will attempt to interpret this story as I think O’Connor would. In the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32), there is a man with...
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  • Literary Analysis of My Son the Fanatic
    Literary Analysis of My Son the Fanatic Written by Hanif Kureishi, the short story My Son the Fanatic develops through the conflict between a father and his son. In the story, the father Parvez who works as a taxi driver immigrated from Pakistan to England with his family twenty years ago. His son Ali is a college student in England. When Ali was behaving abnormally, Parvez’s suspicion led him to discover that Ali had turned into a religious Muslim. Parvez, although born as a Muslim, does not...
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  • Dear Dads: Save Your Sons
    After Reading "Dear Dads: Save Your Sons" by Christopher N. Bacorn, found on page 558 in your Evergreen text, answer the following questions. 1.) At both the beginning and end of this persuasive essay, Bacorn describes a mother and her 15-year-old son. Why does he focus on their story? Would the argument be as effective if he had begun with paragraph 4 and ended with paragraph 10? 2.) The author does not press to see the angry 15-year-old boy again, claiming that professional...
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  • The American Dream In Arthur Miller's All My Sons
    Americans are just recovering from the affects of the great depression and the Second World War. Everyone is gripped with the desire to lead a comfortable and urban life. Joe Keller is one such pioneer. He is sixty-one years old and heads a business, which supplies engine parts to the military planes. His love for his family and the need to be prosperous makes him sacrifice his image and reputation. He knowingly supplies faulty engine parts to the military planes against the advice of...
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  • Review of the Return of the Prodigal Son, a Story of Homecoming
    Bryce Skinner Chapel Makeup Paper #1 The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Story of Homecoming The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Story of Homecoming is a wonderful book written by Henri J. Nouwen in 1992. It is a story that intertwines the parable of the prodigal sons with one man’s, Nouwen, faith and obsession with Rembrandt’s painting, Return of the Prodigal Son, that was inspired by the parable. Rembrandt’s intentions for the painting were to tell three stories, his own, Humanity’s, and...
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  • Lord Chesterfield S Letter To His Son
    2004 AP Language Exam: Lord Chesterfield’s letter to his son Teacher Overview Skill Focus Critical Thinking Remember Understand Apply Analyze Evaluate Create Close Reading Grammar Composition Reading Strategies Annotation Determining Audience Determining Author’s Purpose Generalization Inference Literary Elements Detail Diction Imagery Style Tone tone determined through...
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  • American Son A Love between a mother and her
    American Son A Love between a mother and her child can be so strong that sometimes it is hard for one to express how they feel. A mother¡¯s love for her child is unconditional and so is the child¡¯s love for their mother. However, everybody expresses their love in different ways and sometimes the way one person expresses their love can hurt the other person¡¯s feeling even though it is not intentionally meant to hurt the person. Jonathan Kirsch from the Los Angeles Times writes about the...
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  • Mother to Son and the Coora Flower: a Poetry Analysis
    Mother to Son and The Coora Flower: A Poetry Analysis In poetry, more so than any other form of literature, understanding sound, meaning and theme are key to understanding the work itself. In the case of the poems “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes and “The Coora Flower” by Gwendolyn Brooks these elements, when heavily focused upon, allow the reader to discover the message that these writers were attempting to convey. Thought both writers use these elements to their fullest to communicate their...
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  • Reasons It Is Difficult for Single Mothers to Raise Sons
    According to statistics recorded at Princess Margret Hospital, one out of three Bahamian babies is born to single mothers. Fewer women are waiting on the commitment of marriage and having unprotected sex. Some women are making bold decisions to become single mothers because they don’t need the support of a man they feel it’s not necessary because their fathers weren’t there and had no impact on their lives. On the other hand some women think that babies are tools to mend broken relationships and...
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  • Compare and Contrast the Poem "Father and Son" by Mary Nagy and the Excerpt "Father and Son" from the Odessey by Homer
    Ben Cooke 10-1-12 Period 7 For as long as fathers have had sons the bond has been a strong and awesome one. Its no wonder two authors from totally different periods of time have chosen this bond as their topic. After reading “Father and Son,” by both Homer and Mary Nagy the reader would be able to pick out a lot of differences and some similarities. The two stories tell about a father and son's relationship towards each other. The stories are very different from one another yet some what...
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  • The Woman Who Speaks to the Man Who Employrs Her Son
    The Woman Speaks to the Man Who Has Employed Her Son Summary: The persona in this poem is telling the story of a mother who loved her son. The mother became aware of the child's presence when she experienced morning sickness. She placed all her hopes in the child and raised him as a single parent because his father was indifferent to the child's existence. The mother had set no barriers on what the child could become, but he grows up to work for some criminal who drags him into a war and gives...
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  • How Far Is It True to Say That All Fathers Betray Their Sons in Regeration ( Pat Barker)
    How far is it true to say that all fathers betray their sons in Regeneration ? Pat Barker’s Regeneration introduces us into the world of one of World War One’s mental institutions. Between the walls of the somewhat “gloomy” Craiglockhart hospital, Dr Rivers attempts to treat men returning from war in a state of shell- shock. As the doctor deals with his many patients, bonds inadvertently form between them. However unconscious these may be, they soon adopt the form of father and son...
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  • Probation - 783 Words
    Determining Conditions of Probation Conditions of probation and parole are primary factors that have an effect on an offender’s post-prison life. When determining conditions of probation and parole, the offenders’ background plays a very important part of the determination. The history of the offenses that the offender committed is extremely important of determining the condition of probation or parole. Probation and parole conditions consist of drug/alcohol treatment, psychiatric...
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  • Theme Analysis: "The Fly"
    Wytney Dorvilus Dr. James Honors English 31 October 2013 Theme Analysis: “The Fly” Death is something most people would want to avoid. Mankind has always been and will continue to be victims of this tragic event. In the short story “The Fly,” Katherine Mansfield explores many different themes. Such themes center on the struggles that death of loved ones presents to a person’s life. The death of a loved one is not easy to cope with. It may cause one to be trapped by grief, wanting to...
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  • The Fly by Katherine Mansfield - 1190 Words
    “The Fly” Having read many pieces of literature through short stories, it is evident that each story has its own unique use of symbolism. Diverse characters in each work of literature are used to demonstrate these forms of symbolism. The boss and his inner conflict illustrate a great deal of symbolism in “The Fly” by Katherine Mansfield. The boss’s perception of the actions of the fly creates an interesting view of the comparison of his father-son, father-fly relationship. Katherine...
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  • Hunger Games Diary Entry
    March 29th, 2090 4am The reaping I can’t sleep. I’ve got to be up in an hour anyway to start work downstairs in the bakery mixing and kneading the dough for the bread before baking it. I could have tried to lie in bed for another hour but my head is swimming with thoughts and I think the only way to make sense of them is to just write them down. Yesterday was an exceptionally terrible day. Reaping days are always terrible; it is the one day of the year that makes you live...
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  • Ugolino - 530 Words
    Megan Wilkerson Andrea Moudarres Italian 110 4 November 2012 Midterm: Ugolino In Canto 33 of Dante’s Inferno, the Pilgrim enters Antenora and sees the sinner, Ugolino, frozen in a hole and feasting on the head of his nemesis, Ruggieri. Although the reason for his damnation in the realm of Antenora is the sin of political treachery against Pisa, there seems to be something else he grieves and feels the need to explain to Dante: while Ruggieri locks Ugolino and his sons in a tower with no...
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  • Lord Chesterfield - 407 Words
    Chesterfield's purpose of the letter to his son was to confess his doubts. Chesterfield compared the advice to parents as ascribed to the moroseness, the imperiousness, or the garrulity of age. It signifies that Chesterfield didn't really want to give advice, but wanted to let his son know how he felt. Lord Chesterfield talks about his views on life and how his son could use them in his own life experiences and to “act right, upon more noble and generous principles”. By using this rhetorical...
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  • What I Have Noticed
    Tagaro, Jomel C. III- Platinum What I Have Noticed Last Saturday, November 24, 2012, we have watched the play entitled “4C4”, that was performed by the Philippine stagers foundation and it was directed by Atty. Vincent M. Tanada. The play entitled “4C4” because it is a four contemporary play in one price and it is for the fourth times that they will perform it. The first play was entitled “Stars”. It is about 2 neighborhood which has different idols. The one idolizes Nora Aunor and the...
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  • my idol - 466 Words
    African child By: SEM Contributor on July 15, 2010. I am an African child Born with a skin the colour of chocolate Bright, brilliant and articulate Strong and bold; I’m gifted Talented enough to be the best I am an African child Often the target of pity My future is not confined to charity Give me the gift of a lifetime; Give me a dream, a door of opportunity; I will thrive I am an African child Do not hide my fault Show me my wrong I am like any other; Teach me to dream And...
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     ELEMENT OF “RIDERS TO THE SEA” Suzanne Ewert ENG 125: Introduction to Literature Prof. Melissa Eidson May 19, 2014 The drama “Riders to the Sea” by John Millington Synge touched me as a mother of sons. Maurya, whose very name means bitter, loses her husband and her sons to the sea (She Knows, 2013-2014). The sea becomes the antagonist that she battles for her loved ones. The tone is that all hope is lost with no comic relief, utter...
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  • Okonkwo’s Relationship with Nwoye and Ezinma
    a) Discuss Okonkwo’s relationship with Nwoye and Ezinma. Okonkwo treated his son and daughter very differently. The child-father relationship between Okonkwo and Nwoye was a distant and strained one while Okonkwo exhibited another type of feeling towards Ezinma which is filled with care and concern. This was due to the fact that Nwoye “was already causing his father great anxiety for his incipient laziness” whereas Ezinma was thought to have the “right spirit” and “alone understood...
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  • The Foolish Old Man Removes the Mountains
    The Foolish Old Man Removes the Mountains The Taihang and Wangwu Mountains, which had a periphery of seven hundred li (1) and were a hundred thousand feet high, originally lay south of Jizhou and north of Heyang. The Foolish Old Man of the North Mountain, nearly ninety years of age, lived behind these mountains. He was unhappy about the fact that the mountains blocked his way to the south and he had to walk round them whenever he went our or came back, so he called the whole family together...
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  • War by Luigi Pirandello - 1642 Words
    WAR Luigi Pirandello The passengers who had left Rome by the night express had to stop until dawn at the small station of Fabriano in order to continue their journey by the small old-fashioned local joining the main line with Sulmona. At dawn, in a stuffy and smoky second-class carriage in which five people had already spent the night, a bulky woman in deep mourning was hoisted in – almost like a shapeless bundle. Behind her – puffing and moaning, followed her husband – a tiny man, thin...
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  • Lord Chesterfield Rhetorical Analysis
    Lord Chesterfield used litotes (understatement), a pedantic tone, and a hint of a condescending tone in an attempt to convince his son to follow the advice that Chesterfield provides in the letter. When concluding his letter he warns his son that failure is not an option due to the humiliation it will bring. Lord Chesterfield used litotes to make it seem as if he was not forcing his advice upon his son, but rather offering it in a kind matter. Litotes were primarily used within lines three...
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  • all over but the shoutin - 270 Words
    9 September 2013 All Over but the Shoutin’ In the excerpt from the memoir All Over but the Shoutin’ , the author Rick Bragg highlights the moment when he paid a final visit to his father's deathbed. In the excerpt, Bragg briefly described his childhood, saying his father abandoned his wife and sons, and left them to beg, and scrap for food and money. He saw his father as a drunken monster, not caring for anyone but himself. Initially when Bragg arrived he was hesitant. He did not know...
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  • Literature: Metaphor and Nicolas Vidal
    This story is about a man named Nicholas Vidal would lose his life for a woman. Soon, his reputation for cunning bandit ran the ends of the village. He was the son of Juana sad, a prostitute. But Nicholas did not want it because he had abandoned. Casilda was an inconspicuous woman was the wife of Judge Hidalgo. One day the judge Hidalgo arrived with his wife and the people were getting married. Judge Juana Hidalgo Sad locked in a cage in the square. This cage had a vase of water so that when...
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  • Analysis of Refugee mother and Child
    The title of the poem gives off the initial impression that the poem may focus on refugees: one who flees to seek refuge, The lives of refugee children, their parents, their feelings, their emotions and their pain. 'For a son she soon would have to forget'. This foreshadows the idea that her son is dying, and she would have to forget him to adapt to her tragic loss. 2 The metaphor in the fist stanza, 'No Madonna and Child could touch that picture...', relates to the idea of Mary and her child,...
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  • Millard Fillmore - 1179 Words
    FILLMORE, Millard, thirteenth president of the United States, born in the township of Locke (now Summerhill), Cayuga County, New York, 7 February 1800; died in Buffalo, New York, 7 March 1874. The name of Fillmore is of English origin, and at different periods has been variously written. Including the son of the ex-president, the family can be traced through six generations, and, as has been said of that of Washington, its history gives proof "of the lineal and enduring worth of race." The first...
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  • CORONATION NIGHT - 775 Words
    CORONATION NIGHT March 30,2011 INTRODUCTION Good evening Camalanda-an! Sa aton mga bisita halin sa nagkalainlain nga sitio kag barangay, members of the barangay council, fellow teachers, distinguished guests, friends mayong gab-I sa inyo tanan. Welcome to the HilayHilay Festival Coronation Night 2011. Tonight is the celebration of thanksgiving for the natures gift of bountiful harvest, for the blessings of wellness to all camalanda-anons and to the human empowerment brought by love, unity...
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  • English Drama Script - 1274 Words
    English drama script Narrator(N) :Felicia Mr. Adolf() : Tammi Daughter(Mary--D) : Mr Adolf’s Mother(M): Flora Kwong Mrs Adolf (Mrs): Old soldier(John) : Hoyaee Scene 1: Narrator: It’s 1914 in Germany. A war is about to break out in Germany. The Adolf family is having a family meeting about Mr. Adolf is going to join the war due to the mobilization of Germany. Mr. Adolf: Hey. (bitter smile) I have something to tell. Stop playing, can all of...
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  • goodness - 360 Words
    Reynald Lorenzo D. Ilagan Is man by nature good or selfish? For me man by nature is good. Most of us do good things for the people we care about like our family, friends, and even people we don't know. Based on my experience, we do good things without waiting for something in return. But because of the society we become selfish and always want something in return. We become influemced by the people around us. I have been raised by my parents to do good things even there's nothing in return....
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  • Betrayal in Death of a Salesman - 1075 Words
    The Betrayal That Led to the Downfall of A Dream In Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller utilizes the theme of betrayal as a way to draw a parallel to the downfall of how the Loman family perceives “The American Dream”. Willy Loman believes in “The American Dream” and is constantly striving to live by it. Willy is a very insecure salesman who is unable to provide financial support for his family. He imagines that “The American Dream” stands on the pillars of being well liked and aesthetically...
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  • Road to Perdition - 1189 Words
    Assess the effectiveness of Sam Mendes’ portrayal of journeys in his film Road to Perdition. A journey, whether it be physical, spiritual or emotional, is a journey that many of us will encounter at one stage of our lives. 2002 film, Road to Perdition directed by Samuel Mendes, is a film that explores these journeys as well as the journeys of fathers and sons, children and men, and the inevitable trait-passing from generation to generation that some men, fear most of all. Road to...
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  • Blind Intentions - 1141 Words
    Blind Intentions Tennessee Williams said blindness to what is going on in each other’s heart…nobody sees anybody truly but all through the flaws of their own egos. That is the way we all see…each other in life. Vanity, fear, desire, competition --- all such distortion within our own egos--- condition our vision of those in relation to us. Add to those distortions to our own egos the corresponding distortions in the egos of others and you see how cloudy the glass must become through which...
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  • Love Across the Salt Desert
    Born in 1937 in Lahore, now in Pakistan, Keki N. Daruwalla has been a notable presence on the literary scene. Known more for his poetry than prose, he has established himself as an important voice in Indian English poetry. He is a poet with a powerfully developed social conscience whose humanism is expressed in form that is evocative, subtle and oblique. His poetry broadens the imaginative range of the reader and adds a new experiential dimension to his life. THE DROUGHT in Kutch had lasted...
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  • Literary Device-The son'S veto
     The Author Thomas Hardy was born in rural England where he spent his early life training as an architect. His family did not have much money and this made him acutely conscious of social inequalities in Victorian England. He moved to London when he was a young man and worked there for a time. He later returned to Dorset, becoming a fulltime writer. The decay of rural Britain, the status of women in society and social inequalities of his times and the Christian idea of God are some of the...
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  • pastor - 388 Words
    Dear Pastor, Praise the Father through the Son! Truly the blessings of the Almighty Father are pouring to all His faithful Sons and Daughters, especially here in Los Angeles. As this is the year of the meteoric rise of the millions of Sons and Daughters, the work of the Father is escalating to great heights as the hearts of all the children of the Father are being enlightened by the words of the Son. We give glory to the Father that the KLC of Los Angeles is growing by the numbers each week....
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  • Riders to the Sea Play Analysis
    Riders to the Sea Play Analysis Veronica R. Aguinaldo IV- Jose Rizal Mrs. Mallari Settings * West coast of Ireland. Characters Maurya * An old Aran fisher-women. * She is a poor victimof dark fatality as represented by the unrelenting sea. Bartley * He is the one of the two riders in the play, the other being the ghost of Maurya’s fifth son Michael. Cathleen * The elder daughter. * She is more responsible and hardworking. * She taking care of the...
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  • country lovers - 294 Words
    The farm children – the children of the white owners as well as the black children belonging to the farmhands – play together until the white children go away to school. At first, the differences are subtle, but as the children age, it is clear that they have increasingly fewer things in common and before long, the black children begin to address their former playmates with the formalities typically reserved for adults. Paulus Eysendyck, the son of the farm's owner, has always had a special...
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  • Last Map Is the Heart: the Broken Globe
    Leaving home does not mean abandoning ones traditions and beliefs. One will find new truths with their new surroundings; one may reject these truths if they so desire. Canadian author Henry Kreisel uses irony throughout his short story The Broken Globe. It is an ironic drama that demonstrates the relationship between a father and son. Nick Solchuck, geophysicist, is the son of a man who believes the Earth to be flat and still. Many immigrants who leave their native land hold strongly to...
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  • Master Harold & the Boys
    Father “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad,” says Anne Geddes. In Master Harold and the Boys, Sam is that special person. Sam has been working for Hally’s family for a long time. He troubles about Hally in ways that only a father would. He has witnessed first hand how Hally needs a father figure in his life, somebody to be responsible, to help with his homework, to give him advice, somebody to tell him the difference between right and wrong. Sam and Hally discuss...
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  • Riders in the Sea - 765 Words
    Riders in the Sea Sheri-Lyn Crump ENG 125 Introduction to Literature Instructor: Mary Lounsbury December 17, 2012 The sea is both a source of life and death. As we can see in the poem, the sea offers food, a way to the mainland and other life giving essentials. It is also the reason that Mauyra has lost all the men in her family. At the beginning of the story we realize that Mauyra’s Daughters Colleen and Nora are trying to hide some clothing that the young priest has given them,...
    765 Words | 2 Pages
  • Emperor K'Ang-Hsi - 1016 Words
    Emperor K'ang-hsi ruled China from 1661 to 1722 and his reign is captured by Jonathan D. Spence's book Emperor of China. The different chapters of the book deal with certain aspects of the Emperors life. Aspects that the history books to normally deal with. The information in Spence's book is based on Emperor K'ang-hsi's correspondence, his own writings. This writing maybe biased towards himself, but no other piece of information could provide insight into his mind. The book is...
    1,016 Words | 6 Pages
  • Compare and Contrast - 703 Words
    Compare and Contrast The relationship between a father and son stems from an unspoken competition in many countries. Whether it is a physical or mental rivalry the superior role slowly transcends on to the son as he grows into a man. In Brad Manning's short story "Arm Wrestling With My Father," and Itabari Njeri's "When Morpheus Held Him," both contain admiring sons and impassive fathers. Despite both stories similarities in unspoken emotions they differ in the aspect of their physical...
    703 Words | 2 Pages
  • The Girl Next Door - 739 Words
    In “The Girl Next Door” there are several relationships explored. The contrasting themes of intimacy and distance as well as closeness and separation are depicted through the characters portrayed in the story. One relationship is between the protaganist and his mother, which appears to be close and intimate but also seems dysfunctional. Another relationship is between Brandi and her mother, which is distant and separate. The last relationship is between the protagonist and Brandi, a nine year...
    739 Words | 2 Pages
  • Family Secrets - 427 Words
    Every Family Has Its Secrets Locked Away Where No One Else Can See Them In many families there is some sort of dysfunction. In some families it might be abuse while in others it might just be a secret that no one in the family wants to tell. The poem “Commitments” by Essex Hemphill shows a prime example of the latter situation. This poem is a good example of a secret that the family does not want to tell because it is about the son being gay. It is unclear throughout the poem if the...
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  • This is a creative writing letter to King Creon persuading him against the death of his daughter Antigone.
    Dear King Creon, As you are well aware of the fact that your daughter Antigone has gone against your ruling and buried Polyneices, and that you have condemned her to death. I am writing this letter to strongly urge against the death of your daughter. Antigone is your daughter, and Polyneices is your son. Although Polyneices has killed your son Etocles, you have to remember that Etocles has also killed your son Polyneices. They are both at fault in this massacre, so why should you only punish,...
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  • Anxiety and Mythology Lucy - 1436 Words
    Mythology Lucy was the name of a powerful goddess. Her hair was long and straight, it was long enough to touch the ground. The color of her hair was unique. It was baby blue in the sun, but it was silver when the moon shone on it. She also had the most beautiful blue eyes. They looked like the deep sea. When she smiled, we saw her even and white teeth. She was naïve and charming. Her friendly and sweet smiles got others’ praise. Lucy had a characteristic. She easily believed others. She...
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  • 3 Idiots Reaction Paper
    INTRODUCTION The movie “3 Idiots” is an Indian film about the life of three engineering students who went to study at one of the best colleges in India, the Imperial College of Engineering. Coming from different walks of life, the three “idiots”, Farhan Qureshi, Raju Rastogi , and Rancchoddas "Rancho" Shyamaldas Chanchad, will become best of friends. But the movie will circle on how the wisdom and ideals of Rancho will influence the life of his two friends and other characters in the story....
    1,722 Words | 5 Pages
  • My Lord the Baby - a Story by Rabindra Nath Tagore on the Case of Rai Charann
    STORIES BY RABINDRANATH TAGORE 1. Title: My Lord, The Baby I Raicharan was twelve years old when he came as a servant to his master's house. He belonged to the same caste as his master, and was given his master's little son to nurse. As time went on the boy left Raicharan's arms to go to school. From school he went on to college, and after college he entered the judicial service. Always, until he married, Raicharan was his sole attendant. But, when a mistress came into the house,...
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  • King Lear, Comparison of Gloucester and King Lear
    Compare the contrast between Gloucester and Lear. In Shakespeare’s play, King Lear, we see the contrast between the characters King Lear and Gloucester, explored through several key themes. The contrast between characters is explored through the betrayal of their children, the love of their children and blindness of reality. In the way that these 2 characters must face the difficult situations that are dealt to them, King Lear is in every confrontation a fighter, and desperate to have the...
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  • "Vendetta" and "The Schoolteachers Guest"
    How do the writers show the cultural and personal forces that leas the characters to taking their revenge? In both "Vendetta" and "The Schoolteachers Guest", both stories show that the cultural forces did lead to them taking their revenge, in the most different ways possible, this being affected by their culture and communities as both stories were set in different time scales and different surroundings, vendetta being set in Italy in the 1900's and the schoolteachers guest being set in the...
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  • What's Eating Gilbert Grape
    In My Father’s House The story/play was just amazing and the actors acted like a boss. I have been watching plays since I was in high school, so far this is the best play I have watched. Well, besides from that the content of the story is very interesting. So the play started with Santamaria’s family in Negros Oriental. The Santamria family has 3 sons, the eldest joined the guerilla movement, the youngest to the USAFFE, and the middle son to collaboration with the Japanese. In...
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  • Reading "Signs and Symbols" by Vladimir Nabokov
    "Signs and Symbols" by Vladimir Nabokov, has been read in many different ways by many different readers. The story depicts a day in the life of Russian immigrants on the birthday of their mentally ill son. Critics may say it is a simple short story, a collage of signs and symbols or just a good author playing tricks on the reader. But in actuality this story is purposely filled with signs and symbols that the author randomly places to toy with those who overanalyze the text. Early in the text...
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  • King Lear - 660 Words
    King Lear Act 1 King Lear is a play written by William Shakespeare in the early 1600’s. It is a well known tragedy. Throughout Act 1, there are many mistakes made by the key characters. This essay will introduce a few of these and throughout will demonstrate how poor judgements and jealousies in families can have such detrimental and tragic consequences. A wise ruler that has held a kingdom together for so long is about to create irreversible chaos, either through complete ignorance of his...
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  • rates of reactions - 1292 Words
    Once Upon a Time by Gabriel OkaraOnce upon a time, son,they used to laugh with their heartsand laugh with their eyes:but now they only laugh with their teeth,while their ice-block-cold eyessearch behind my shadow.There was a time indeedthey used to shake hands with their hearts:but that’s gone, son.Now they shake hands without heartswhile their left hands searchmy empty pockets.‘Feel at home!’ ‘Come again’:they say, and when I comeagain and feelat home, once, twice,there will be no thrice-for...
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  • By The Water Review - 567 Words
     “Rebuild” was the main theme used in By The Water, Sharyn Rothstein’s insightful experience about the family dynamic, in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. The play revolves around an older couple, Marty and Mary, whose house was destroyed by Sandy. Unlike most of their neighbors on Staten Island, they decide to stay and rebuild their house. However, when they’re two grown sons come home, one an overall good-successful son, and the other a rebel type, tensions mount. The overall...
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  • Bonecrack Essay - 854 Words
    Julia Chen Mrs. Casey 216 Period 2 28 September 2012 A Pathetic Transformation What would happen if a father was a person with a “well-developed criminal characteristic”(206), and was “not a normal character in the first place”(206)? What if his son was special to him “in a psychological way”(206)? Perhaps the son would be well protected by the father. In one book, it starts with a kidnapping. Neil Griffon is abducted by two men, then finds out that unless he agrees with his kidnappers’...
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  • Nectar in a Sieve - 531 Words
    I read the book Nectar in a Sieve this summer. This book is about a family trying to grow with a changing village. The main characters in the book are Rukmani, a woman from a loving family, and Nathan, her arranged husband. The two of them together form a life of their own in India until everything starts changing and the world seems to fall apart. These events create themes within the book. The three themes in my book are love, family, and hope. The first theme in the book that I...
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  • The Survival of Malaysian Family Businesses
    Within the span of 100 years, the business, political and socio-economic conditions in Malaysia have changed. Each change offers a new challenge to the business entity. Family businesses that have survived a whole century, albeit few, are the ones that are willing to move with the times, the others simply slip into obscurity without even reaching the second or third generation. For example, the Royal Selangor International Sdn Bhd, maker of world renowned pewter, is one of Malaysia’s...
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  • The Story of the Aged Mother (Analysis)
    THE STORY OF THE AGED MOTHER (A Japanese folktale) SETTING: Shinano at the foot the mountain CHARACTERS: The aged mother- the main character of the story, who has the wisdom that brings to save and benefited their land The young farmer- the son of the aged mother The daimio-the despotic ruler of Shinano but later on he learned to give importance the old folks. THEME: “A mother’s love is something that no one can explain. It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain, it is...
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  • Home Reading Report - 684 Words
    HOME READING REPORT THE STORY OF THE AGED MOTHER SETTING: Shinano at the foot the mountain CHARACTERS: The aged mother- the main character of the story, who has the wisdom that brings to save and benefited their land The young farmer- the son of the aged mother The daimio-the despotic ruler of Shinano but later on he learned to give importance the old folks. CONFLICT: Man vs. Man- the only antagonist in the story was the daimio who proclaimed a law to immediately kill all...
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  • Family Members - 1546 Words
    NEPOTISM Nepotism describes a variety of practices related to favoritism; it can mean simply hiring one's own family members, or it can mean hiring and advancing unqualified or under qualified family members based simply on the familial relationship. The word nepotism stems from the Latin word for nephew, especially the "nephews" of the prelates in medieval times. While attitudes toward nepotism vary according to cultural background, nepotism is a sensitive issue in American business. Many...
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  • Blood Diamond - 545 Words
    Movie Analysis I. Description of Characters: 1. Danny Archer – The American who helped Solomon in finding his Family; He is also addicted in diamonds that’s why he help Solomon for him to have the diamond; Smuggler of diamonds. 2. Solomon Vandy – An African who were separated from his family when the rebels caught him; He has a great love for his family that’s why he’s finding them; a fisherman sierra leone. 3. Maddy Bowen – The magazine writer who helped Danny and Solomon to get...
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  • King Lear and Blindness - 711 Words
    Vision is a recurring theme throughout Shakespeare's "king Lear", which refers to the metaphorical and physical blindness of the characters. Although bonds and injustice could both be very well considered as themes, they do not alter and influence the overall meaning of the play. The "blindness" displayed by both Gloucester and Lear allow political power to fall into the incorrect hands. In order to understand the theme of Shakespeare's great tragedy, we must explore what is meant by "Vision"...
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  • Adelpia Communications Accounting Scandal
    Adelphia Communications Accounting Scandal Description In spring of 2002 Adelphia Communications reported $2.3 billion in off- balance sheet liabilities. The owner John Rigas and his two sons Timothy and Michael are said to have deliberately hid the problems. The family was borrowing/ stealing the money to buy themselves extravagant things such a 6,000 Christmas trees, expensive company cars and luxury homes. The family was also in the process of building their own golf course. This...
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  • Family and John - 2069 Words
    Wordsmith by Susan Young In my mind I call my father the Pollyfilla1 king, watch with something akin to awe as he begins the arduous process of filling in the gaps, the long winded cracks that travel down the walls of my house like run on sentences. From the sidelines I watch as he trudges up and down the stairs, carrying with nonchalance an industrial-sized bucket, shiny spatula tucked into back pocket for easy access. Over and over again with precision and grace he fills and...
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  • Narrative Essay: Once More to the Lake
    February 11th, 2010 Once more to the Lake is an essay written by E.B. in which the author tries to establish the links of his present life with his past experiences when he was a little boy. The essay starts as a father and son go to the lake, which was a favorite place for camping and fishing of the father when he was a child. The father is full of expectations as the lake symbolizes his youth ages and the most careless period of his life. So the decision to go fishing again on this lake may...
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  • Compare and Contrast - 446 Words
    Compare and Contrast Essay "The Father" by H. Garner and "Penny in the Dust" by E. Buckler The father and son relationships in "Penny in the Dust" by E. Buckler and ""The Father" by H. Garner, have many contrasts and similarities. There are two contrasts between the short stories. One of the two is that in "The Father" the son, Johnny, was ahamed and angry with his father, and didnt want a relationship with him. He does not respect his father. In the story, the father has a drinking...
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  • Pater Familias - 2076 Words
    Jose Wells Prof. Van Der Meer LIT 102 Introduction to Classical Literature 2/27/14 Pater Familias In Roman society, the authority of the pater familias was an important aspect of everyday life, especially during the 160’s BC in Rome Carthage, which is the time period Publius Terentius Afer lived in, who hailed from Carthage. Author of the comedy The Brothers, Terence criticizes the Roman institution of the pater familias in The Brothers” by using social dichotomies such as father and...
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  • A Blow A kiss analysis chart
    A Blow, A Kiss – By Tim Winton Literary Analysis Chart Short story fiction narrative Key idea -> Growing up, a moment in time, a right of passage, gender, parental influence, masculinity and Australian culture Conventions Quotation Response Point of View -> Third person limited to the eyes of the child. -> It directs us though his naive innocent perspective “Just the smell of his Father” ->It appeals to the senses and most children are tactile beings and live through their senses, Winton has...
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  • God and Dr. Lazaro - 2072 Words
    I. Summary Dr. Lazaro was called by Esteban over the phone, the father of a week-old child who had a high fever, a bluish skin and its mouth would not open to suckle—tetanus of the newborn, a hopeless case for Dr. Lazaro. Out of his profession and duty he said he would go. Ben drove for him, in their way to meet Esteban at the station Dr. Lazaro tried to open a conversation with him. He asked Ben what was the book he was reading. Ben told him about it, and he mocked Ben of becoming a regular...
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  • Powerlessness in The Charge of the Light Brigade
    Looking at Tennyson’s ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ and ‘If’ by Kipling, power is presented in various and conflicting ways within each poem. One thing is clear in both poems however; the speaker or narrator in each poem has the power over the subject of the poem. In Tennyson, the speaker merely commentates on the event itself with hindsight and takes it upon himself to decide what honour is and distributes it to the soldiers. Kipling’s speaker, in similar fashion, dictates what honour is...
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  • Riders to the Sea - 366 Words
    What makes drama unique is that it is mimetic. It tries to imitate ordinary life and events as they occur. Drama is meant to be performed on a stage live and it is not as easily understood in other forms. (Clugston, 2010). Short stories and poems are meant to make the reader feel emotions but dramas do it even more so. Riders to the Sea is about an old lady Maurya and her daughters. Maurya has lost her sons to the sea and is terrified her son Michael has just washed up on shore. Maurya has...
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  • reservation system - 306 Words
    1 Background of the Study History Few years ago, Jhona’s Boutique was only a small store containing second-hand amerikana which we commonly known as Ukay-Ukay. The store was owned before by one of her friends and Mrs. Lani is their vendor. Time came that the owner decided to sell the store and Mrs. Lani is the one who bought. Mrs. Lani manages the store with her full effort with her family. Her husband is a tricycle driver and she had a three handsome and loving sons. Time goes by the store...
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  • Discipline: “the Way to Success”
    Job 5:17 “Blessed is the man whom God corrects; so do not despise the discipline of the Almighty”. What is discipline? Webster Dictionary defines discipline as training that develops self-control and character which results in an orderly and efficient life. Where there is no discipline, there will be no character Character is what you are when nobody’s around. Character is the real you which only you and God knows. And it is important to building a meaningful, purposeful fruitful and...
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  • Fly in the ointment - 700 Words
    A younger man visits his bankrupt father, who is depressed following the collapse of his business. The son is a disappointment to the father due to his choice of career. The father seems strong until, during their conversation, a fly enters the room, with the father overreacting in an attempt to get rid of this simple fly. This overreaction is perceived as weakness by the son, and driven by pity, he offers his father some money. Immediately the passion and vigor returns to his father, and the...
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  • Reconciliation Inside a Family - 1563 Words
    Reconciliation inside a family In Raymond Carver’s short story “Elephant”, the narrator accepts the family members’ flaws and wishes them the best of their lives. This process is called reconciliation. In contrast, Hanif Kureishi’s story “My Son the Fanatic” develops through the conflict between a father and his son. The story focuses on the relationship between them, it’s pretty clear to see a relationship which gradually worsens and is broken down bit by bit. Reconciliation is the...
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  • King Lear - 829 Words
    By: Abdifitah Mohamud CC: ENG 4U Teacher: Harleen Banga Date: Aug, 23, 13 King Lear: Parallel Plots William Shakespeare wrote one of his tragedies, ‘King Lear,’ a play which focuses on the betrayal within families and the effects it has on those surrounded – whether they be direct family members or just people who have been associated alongside them for a very long time. Whilst the play is set within the context of a king, his earls, his daughters and the sons of the...
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  • Luis Bourges - 365 Words
    Luis Borges “The Keeper of the Books” Here they stand: gardens and temples and the reason for temples; exact music and exact words; the sixty-four hexagrams; ceremonies, which are the only wisdom that the Firmament accords to men; the conduct of that emperor whose perfect rule was reflected in the world, which mirrored him, so that rivers held their banks and fields gave up their fruit; the wounded unicorn that’s glimpsed again, marking an era’s close; the secret and eternal...
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